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An excellent little game :) !! Well done mate !

The down points for me are having only one health point (too brutal !!!) and having enemies spawn right next to the player which led to unfair deaths.

However there is A LOT to like about this game, it holds so much potential ! Being able to smash your hero into a bunch of enemies feels incredibly satisfying and juicy ! And the pixel art is awesome, it has a real downwell vibe to it ! 

In short, keep up the great work :))) !!

Hi, Thanks for playing! And also for allowing me to resubmit a game to the jam.

For the single health point, it is brutal indeed and can be also confusing. It's only because I wanted to keep the game as simple as possible.
In my previous game, I had a visual warning on the spawning spot before an enemies is spawned. But I didn't get to implement in this one. I definitely should have.

I invested most of the time to polishing visuals and control feeling. Glad if you liked it.

It's a nice point that you mentioned Downwell since this game has a lot of similar aspects from it. Including dithering light, four color palette, three button control scheme, etc.

Thanks for a great feedback!