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The second Creator Day is Friday, 7/23

Hi Community,

I was going to write a whole goofy intro to this, but instead I’m just going to play this one straight: This Friday (July 23rd) is our second ever Creator Day. This means that starting at midnight (PT) and running for 24 hours we’re giving creators 100% of sales on the site (after taxes and payment processor fees are taken out). 

That’s right, we’re not taking a cut. 

Creators are the backbone of everything we do, so Creator Days are our way of giving back to the folks that make possible. Developers, I’d encourage you to share your work to take advantage of this event, or even host a sale to get more people to see your projects. 

While it’s always a good time to support creators, this Friday is going to be even better. 

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wonder full idea 





Woooo! Just one more reason why Itch is awesome!

Amazing idea.

Great to see this become a regular thing! Thanks so much. ❤

Please please please can we have the ability to set different prices for each item in a sale?

Every time I do a sale across all my games I need to set up 3 different sales. It's a cumbersome process for developers, and it's a confusing experience for customers because they can't see all the discounts in one place.

Awesome! Thanks!


Awesome! You guys really are doing some amazing work.

Can’t wait for crEAtor day

Yay creator day :D 


Y'all are the best ✌️

Thank you!

Thank you!