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Thanks for sharing the video! Glad you enjoyed the game. I see a lot of people steadily improving the more they play, as they get more of a feel for the game. So stick with it and you'll soon be hitting sector 5 and 6. 😎

Hi again! Another OSX player found a solution to what we believe may be the same issue. Please could you try the top-voted solution in this thread?

It involves using the terminal to change the app to be executable. Not sure why this is not being set by Unity when I build it but here we are.

I'm fairly certain the game was built for 64-bit OSX too, since 32-bit is deprecated in Unity nowadays.

Please let me know whether or not that works. Thanks, and sorry!

Thanks for the kind words! 😊

Fun fact: it may not be the eighties, and Switch 'N' Shoot may not be in every arcade... but it is in SOME arcades!

Huh... That's weird. As of version 1.3.1, I changed all builds to be 64-bit.

When you say "looks like it's compiled in 32-bit", is that based on some analysis of the actual build files, or looking at the file name, or something else? I don't have a Mac to test on so I can't verify it myself, but I was fairly sure I'd built for 64-bit. I can make a new build to test if you like.

Nice! Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! And thanks for supporting the good cause.

No plans right now I'm afraid.

Ah sorry about that! Any more details you could give would be helpful.

Usually these issues are simply down to Unity, and updating the project to a newer version of Unity will fix them.

I'll give that a try when I have some free time so please keep an eye out for patches in the DevLogs (if you follow me on itch you should see it in your feed).

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! πŸ˜€

The game does loop, yes. The bosses get harder and the regular aliens spawn faster, but apart from that it's the same loop.

Around sector 6 and 7 it gets preeeeetty challenging.

Well then thank you for buying it once but playing it twice! πŸ˜ƒ


Originally I designed the TATE Mode on Switch for the FlipGrip addon, which only supports one orientation. I later added support for both modes in a PC-only update.

I've been hoping to release a patch for the Switch version to bring it up to date and add some other improvements, but unfortunately I just haven't had the time since then due to about a billion other commitments.

The code to support both orientations now exists in the project though, so if and when I do get round to updating the Switch version it will be included.

Sorry for the inconvenience there, and thanks for buying the game multiple times!

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

Wow! Thanks so much!! High praise indeed!

I can sympathise with that sentiment. πŸ˜‚

You're welcome, and thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! 😁


Did you acquire this game through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? If so, Steam keys aren't included I'm afraid.

Quote from the bundle page:

"Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page."

Thank you! I don't have any solid plans at this stage but I'd never say never. Glad you're enjoying it either way! πŸ™

Thank you for subscribing! I'll be posting some big news pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled. 😁

Awesome, glad to hear it! Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you!! I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying it! πŸ™‚

Hey! Sorry to hear about the issues you had, but I'm glad you found a way to get round them. I'll see if I can implement fixes for the next time I update it (although that might be a little while away right now).

Thanks for all the useful info! I'm glad you're enjoying the game! If you got hold of this game in the mega bundle then you will also have access to one of my other games, Ghost Grab 3000. Enjoy!

This is fantastic. Thank you for organising this.

Hmm... sorry but I'm still not sure I fully understand your problem. Perhaps it's worth noting that the tileset is intended to look like an old 8-bit game where perspective and scale may be a little distorted in some cases.

Here is how I would do a layout like that. I did add a new tile here: the two vertical wall bricks near the door in the middle.

Would something like this be useful?

Hey, thanks! Can you elaborate on what you mean by the door? Do you have an example?

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with it :)

Thanks so much for the video! I watched it with auto-translated subtitles. I love your technique of naming the faces... "Mysterious Sad Robot" XD

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Unfortunately not, I use third party plugins which I cannot share.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!  The problem here was that the face on the right is actually a 'wide oval' shaped face, whereas the target is a perfect circle. So the game code considers them to be different shapes, but at a glance they look very similar. Sorry about that!

This issue has actually been rectified in the newer version (which is available only on Steam for now: The wide oval face shape has been replaced with a different shape with more of a chin and eyebrows.

Yeah thank you Kronbits for organising this. Great result! :)

Hello! I've just loaded in some more Steam keys so you should be able to claim one now. Sorry about that! And thanks for your support :)

Hey! Thanks so much for your kind words. 😊 I'm glad my games were an inspiration to you! Are you still making games?

Unfortunately not. I use a few plugins which I can't share as it's against the T&Cs of the license. I don't really have time to clean up a version without those plugins for release I'm afraid.

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Available now for Windows, Mac and Linux!

A challenging arcade score attack with a unique mechanic...

Chain together ghosts with your energy beam, then destroy them all at once to earn points. The longer your chain, the bigger your score multiplier.

Destroy endless waves of increasing difficulty, navigate a frantic phantom bullet hell, and unlock 'Robot Mods' to help you climb the leaderboards. Each session lasts just a few minutes! It's perfect to kill some time (and ghosts) during a lunch break or to compete with friends!

Humanity is long gone, but our wretched souls still wander the Earth.

A very affordable 1.99 ✌️

Thanks Trejdi! Is that your high score? Pretty good!

Thank for sharing! Loved the video 😊

Thanks bigbird! ☺️ That's very kind of you to say so! 

Ah thank you! I hope so too, that'd be great! 

"Quick-fire Guess Who with a sniper rifle" is my elevator pitch. πŸ˜‚

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for including me in the video, much appreciated! :)

Oh wow, it's remarkable how similar they are! I hadn't even seen that game until now.

Interesting that you liked that you could miss, because I'm really not keen on that myself. I feel like it's too punishing and puts too much focus on precision aiming, not identification. It does add an extra 'only one' element though as you say. I'd be inclined to make it lock your input for a few seconds as a compromise. :)

Thanks for the review! I'll check out your game now!

Awesome, thanks! :)