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Matt Glanville

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I got it, thanks buddy! :)

Hey all!

Dungeon Deathball is a turn-based, tactical bloodsport with permadeath, and it just went live in Early Access!

Get it here: https://crowbarska.itch.io/deathball

There's a 15% launch discount for the first week of Early Access.

I have shared this game here before, but it just entered the 'proper' Early Access phase (it was a free pre-alpha before). I've built the game up to a point now where I'm very confident in its design and the direction it's going.

I owe a lot to the wonderful itch.io community for helping me get to this point, so THANK YOU to everyone who has supported it along the way, and especially to the awesome people who run the site <3

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Please post any bugs you find here and I'll do my best to prioritise and fix them as quickly as possible!

The following format is very helpful when posting bugs:

  1. Brief summary of the issue.
  2. How major was the issue: A, B or C? (A is a major show-stopper, C is a minor hiccup).
  3. What steps you took before the bug occurred.
  4. What you expected to happen.
  5. What actually happened.
  6. How frequently the bug occurs (e.g. every time I do these steps / 1 in 5 times / only saw it once).

Thank you!

Unfortunately I can't provide a link to that, because (as was the case with many RPG Maker games back in the day) it was made using unlicensed software. There has since been an official release, but these games use the old one. Some searching should bring you to the RTP translated by Don Miguel, which is the version these games use. Sorry I can't directly link to it but I hope you understand.

Awesome, thank you so much! ❀ 

I'm having trouble understanding how to play... I can't seem to get anywhere. I don't understand how to kill the bugs and I just eventually slide to my death! D: Help?

Also I couldn't play it on my phone because it was too big for my screen. It didn't fit to the screen resolution.

Hey itchipals!

Today I released a huge update to my game Switch 'N' Shoot.

Full version 1.1 details in the dev blog.

Switch 'N' Shoot is a retro shoot-em-up with just one button. It's all about shooting as many aliens as you can by timing your shots quickly and carefully (every time you shoot you also change direction).

I decided to rewrite the game's entire code base in C Sharp, as I had originally built it using a 3rd-party visual scripting plugin for Unity. In the process, I was able to make some pretty drastic optimisations and improvements, and the game runs like a million times more smoothly now (or thereabouts).

The game is currently in the Itch Summer Sale 2018 at 33% off!

  • Includes Windows, Mac and Linux versions.
  • Also includes a free Steam key.
  • AND this marks the first full Android release! (the APK is included in the purchase)

I hope you'll check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

- Matt


Awesome, thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated! :D

Is there anything you'd like to see added to the game?

I have a few ideas for ways to expand in that direction actually! :)

Hey thanks for the feedback! I agree on not feeling much like a sport. I intend to add some bells and whistles (not literally (although maybe literally)), but what do you think it's lacking for the fun factor, in your opinion?

Ohhh, gotcha! Yeah, good shout. I really just cut a corner and reused an existing effect so that serves me right for being lazy XD

Hey, thank you for this, it's super helpful! I'm glad you like the new change as well.

You'll be happy to know that I already have plans to address your first 2 points.

The 3rd one is not something anyone else has mentioned... Do you think this would still be the case if you could see the enemies' HP? My feeling is that if I put in a health bar, you might not think that you just need to hit them 1 more time any more. Not sure until I try it I guess!

Thanks again for the very constructive feedback.

A new version of the demo is up on itch! https://crowbarska.itch.io/deathball

This lets you perform 2 actions per turn, and a bunch of other balances and new stuff (including audio!).

Full details in the devlog here: https://crowbarska.itch.io/deathball/devlog/33547/double-the-action

Wait are we talking about Switch 'N' Shoot or Dungeon Deathball? XD

Wow, awesome!! Thank you so much! This has made my day :D

Ah thank you, that means a lot to me! I'm especially proud of that game. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it and that people are still playing it. I have an update coming in the near future which overhauls the codebase and makes it run a lot smoother.

Upvote for YOU

Hey everyone! I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not to make this public and in the end I just thought... heck it!

So here is the first public demo of Dungeon Deathball, a compact, tactical bloodsport with permadeath.


Check it out and please let me know what you think in the comments!

You can also find me on Twitter: @crowbarska

Thank you!! Difficulty and challenge is definitely something it needs more of. Watch this space :D

OK that's a pretty clear explanation, thanks for the link!

I'm a little unclear on how payment works. 

Let's say...

  1. I release a demo of my game with a minimum price of $0.
  2. Someone decides to donate $1 when they download it.
  3. Later, I release the full version with a minimum price of $5.
  4. That same person comes back to download the full game.

What happens?

Do they have to pay the full $5? Do they just pay the $4 difference? Do they get the full game for free because they already paid once, even though it wasn't the new minimum?

I read the FAQ page (https://itch.io/docs/creators/how-buying-works) and I think what I expect is that itch.io tracks the amount they've spent on this product to date, so the user must pay the difference. I'd just like to clarify though. Thanks! :)

Thank you! :D
This prototype is shelved for now but I may return to it one day. I'll try your idea if I do. :)

Hey, sorry for the slow response. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

I must have missed it because it's hidden until you click the "Configure settings..." link. I couldn't even find it after you told me, as I was using Ctrl + F to search.

Thanks again for the help. I'm glad this option is supported.

Thanks! That would kind of work, but it's not exactly what I'm thinking. I was imagining a public page that anyone can view, but there's no option to buy/download unless you are a patron.

Your solution would mean the page is invisible to everyone unless they have a password.

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I'm curious if it's possible to have a game available ONLY to Patreon supporters? Or does it also have to have a public purchase option to non-patrons?

So could you have, for example, a game available from itch.io for patrons only for, say, 1 month, then after that period it's available to purchase to everyone? That way you could have timed exclusives for patrons, but the games become publicly available after the exclusivity period.

Awesome! Thank you for making it :)

Neat tool, saves a lot of clicks! :)

Have you tried or found any way of simply hiding meshes on a per-object basis, without deactivating the entire gameobject? (e.g. same as when you hide a Layer; it's invisible in Scene view but the object is still active and visible in Game view).

Pretty cool vibe!

I really feel like I should be able to move while shooting. The gun feels cumbersome and restrictive as it stands. It seems like you could allow movement, and then compensate by increasing the enemy fire rate or speed or something. The whole thing might feel a lot more fluid and intense as you weave around enemy bullets while managing your heat level.

Apart from this it was really fun! Great work! :) It's awesome to see how low-fi you can get Unity games to look.

Works perfectly! Thanks for the speedy update :D

Awesome! Thank you! :)

This is an awesome little tool! It would be great if it supported Sorting Layers as well. Would that be possible with this shader?