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Hey, sorry for the long silence on this. I didn't find any solution, but I just tried it again and I'm now able to login OK. Perhaps it was something that got fixed in the GameJolt back-end? Not sure, but hopefully it works for you too now!

A cool concept for this jam's theme, and a really good idea regardless of the jam. The stress of staying on top of hitting your ball while aiming at enemies AND dodging projectiles is really intense!

One change I would like is some audio feedback when the green indicator appears, so I could just listen out for it rather than keep looking away from my crosshair.

Awesome game though, genuinely one of the best I've played in the jam.

Great game with a strong premise! 😁

Hi folks, I hope you like my entry!

To clarify the art creation: I did create all the art myself but not entirely during the jam. I used a tileset I made in the past, and reused sprites from my game Ghost Grab 3000. Then I edited all sprites to use the MSX2 colour palette.

Hello and thank you. 😊 I have decided to drop support for the Google Play version and focus on PC and Nintendo Switch. I was finding that I was struggling with too many stumbling blocks with Google Play and didn't have the time to keep at it.

Hi! 👋 Unfortunately I have no plans to do that at the moment. I'm deep in development of my next game (Dungeon Deathball) and as a solo developer I'm afraid I don't have the bandwidth to jump back and forth between projects and platforms too often. Sorry 😕

Hey, sorry for the really slow response! I've been really busy working on my next game and I took a little longer to reply than I would've liked.

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot to me. They were fun times making Legion Saga, and it's really humbling to hear how much of an impact my games had on so many people back then.

The ninja was called Shotan, but he was hired to assassinate Griffith in Legion Saga II so maybe that's where you got mixed up. 😉 And yeah Ossal was the kobold mage. Well remembered!

There seems to still be a vibrant community of RPG Maker users these days. I hope you manage to make something cool. 😁

Yes, I've been a fan of the Suikoden series since the very first game. Legion Saga was heavily inspired by those games.

Hello! This is an issue that others have experienced on Linux too. Someone posted a solution in this thread which may help you:

Please could you try that and let me know how that goes

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for purchasing the game!

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this! 🤩

I've set up 3 sales for my games, which will run for the duration of the event.

Since it's fresh in my mind, now seems like a good time to note that I would still really love the ability to set game-specific discounts within a sale. That way I wouldn't have to create multiple sales for the same event like this.

That's my only gripe here though. I love ❤

Thanks again!

Ah you're right, that was an oversight on my part. You can just copy the exe over from another RPG Maker 2000 game and it should just work. I'll fix it if I get time. Sorry about that!

Hooray! Thanks so much for including Switch 'N' Shoot and thanks for sharing the video. 😁 Hopefully this makes it a little less hidden.

Merci! 😊

Thank you 😁

Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you're having a blast with the game. 😄

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The main issue I've found here is that I'd need to add more clear definition on corners.

On a 3D object you get a lot of visual information from perspective and form of the shape. You can clearly see where corners are, and when objects are separate from one another. In 2D you need to add edge lines and differences in colour to get that same level of differentiation.

I'm also finding that there's not such a clear difference between floors and walls as they're sometimes similar values. Here's a good example of what I'm talking about:

The wall in the centre of the image is not clearly distinguished against the floors around it, mainly because they share a lot of the same colours. This isn't a problem in 3D because you can clearly see that the floors are horizontal and the walls are vertical.

That's not to say this is an unsolvable problem, but it would require redesigning the tiles quite a lot and that would take time. 😉

I tried turning these textures into a tileset yesterday. I found a lot of them didn't really have a clean read, so I think they would need more work to be suitable for a 2D tileset.

Textures for a 3D game would be a better fit I think. I'll compile them into a texture pack when I get a bit more free time. 😉

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. 😊

Thank you!

I'd like to, for sure. I just haven't found the time to do it yet. 😅

I didn't have any plans to do that but it's a good idea! Would you be looking for it as a 2D top-down tileset (all packed into one big sprite sheet) or a pack of individual textures for use in 3D games like this?

Yeah token is password.

Hmm... Just tried it myself and it's no longer working for me either, even with a password I've double-checked on the GameJolt website itself.

I'll look into this ASAP and let you know if I find a fix. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Sorry to hear about the login issue. Do you get an error message of any kind?

Thanks for playing, Jupiter! 😄 Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the kind words! The Escape key was a typo; the quit button is actually F5. Whoops!

Mouse sensitivity was something I wanted to add but sadly ran out of time.

I like those alien ideas! I'll definitely consider them if I return to this project (which I'd very much like to do after I finish my current project, Dungeon Deathball).

Thanks for cheking out my game! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

Yeah there's definitely more I could do to aid navigation. Some of the minimap functionality got squeezed in at the 11th hour.

In your video you asked whether the purple floater enemies move randomly. The answer is: kind of. They bounce off walls like a never-ending pong ball. For this game I wanted to see how much I could do without any navigation/pathfinding for enemies, so they have that simple movement and then the tentacles just move towards you once you wake them up.

I've bookmarked your game and I'll play it if I find time. 😄 Thanks again!

Oh wait, I just realised I left the help text saying "Esc" to quit. Whoops!!

Thank you for the feedback! My intention for the pistol was to have it slower to fire if you hold the button, but it will fire as quickly as you can press the button. That was how it worked in Left 4 Dead and I wanted to recapture that same mechanic.

Yeah you're right about the corridors too. I would've liked to have more control over item spawning so I could make sure it would place rewards there, but I didn't find time to go that deep with it.

Thank you so much! Instead of Esc, I made F5 the Restart button because it was the same as refreshing a website in your browser. It seemed like a good idea at the time... 🤷‍♂️

That's great feedback. Thank you. 🙂 I'd like to return to this project again in the future, so it's definitely something I'll consider and try out.

I quite like the way the tentacles can burrow while you're shooting them, so there's this tension where you try to kill them as quickly as possible. But I agree that the time to kill can feel a little high. Maybe there could just be a weaker version of the same enemy that appears in higher numbers?

Thanks for the kind words! Do you think the tentacles are too tough? Would you make them easier?

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. 😁

Thank you! 🙂 It's all pretty simple actually.

  • The characters are all simple sprites which are 'billboarded' (they face the camera at all times).
  • The scenery is all using Unlit shaders with hand-drawn pixel art textures.
  • The camera has a low-resolution PS1 pixel filter applied to it (called Flashback 94, although it's deprecated from the Asset Store now but you can find many alternatives including Unity's own Pixel Perfect package).

It's also important to set all the textures and sprites to be using Point filtering and no Compression in their import settings.

Hope that helps you achieve the look you want!

Hi! I'm afraid it's a scrappy little prototype at this stage which I would not feel comfortable charging money for directly.

It's bundled as part of my $5 Patreon rewards though, so if you'd like to chip in that way then you can access it along with all my other prototypes.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. 🙂 I'm glad you're on board with the idea!

Just posting the fix for anyone else who sees this and has the same issue. Klairm was able to resolve the issue by adding the following to the game's launch options:

-force-opengl -force-glcore42 -force-clamped -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080

Hope this helps!

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Heya Klairm, sorry to hear you're having that issue. Not too sure why it's occurring off the top of my head and I'm not a Linux user myself. However, if you're able to locate the log file then that might have some clues. You can find it here:

~/.config/unity3d/Matt Glanville/Switch 'N' Shoot/Player.log

Please send it to [REDACTED] and I'll see if I can help.

Thanks! I'd really like to make it too. My current goal is finishing Dungeon Deathball but I'd love to revisit this in the future.

I have no solid plans just yet but there's a good chance it will. I've ported all my other games to Switch. But right now I'm focused on just getting the game finished on PC. Switch will come afterwards if it happens. 😊

Thanks! 😀 I tried it but it introduced a lot of scaling issues, so I ended up removing it again. The GUI and screen setup is quite carefully laid out to fit perfectly together, and PPC just messed it all up.

I do use it in some of my recent games though, yes, although Ghost Grab 3000 is the only game with it that I've actually released. I used it with some 3D background elements in that and I really liked the result.