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I still can't believe I can run Dark Souls 3 without making any weird tweaks :') It's really incredible how far it's come. I remember the days of using PlayOnLinux for everything and spending hours on winetricks but now Proton does it all !

Very cool idea :) I think the CRT filter and the tiny pixel font made it a bit harder to parse the calculations quickly, and also learning the way to submit the answers took a little time (should I type it or hit Enter/Return or should I click the button at the top). It's a very fun interpretation of the theme though, I wonder if it could be improved :D

I understand, I would normally make a Linux executable too, but I was just playing with Godot 4.1 that I had on Windows :') So I didn't have the export templates ready. Thankfully it runs okay. Thanks for playing :D

Cute! :D

OMG that is hard, but I beat it in 37 minutes 🥴 awesome game!

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Wow, so cool! 🤩🤩🤩

Very fun! I really liked the puzzle design, I thought it was all very well-designed and at an enjoyable level of difficulty :)

Wow! 🤩 😍

Sorry to hear you couldn't beat it! ;)

Solid entry, shame about the player being invisible :') 

I played the game and managed to beat it anyway though. Fortunately I could attack and that would show me about where I am. I really liked the graphics and the audio, and it seemed to control very well from what I could gather without the player being visible :D 

Overall, quite fun! Thanks for submitting! Maybe it's worth fixing that bug? :)

It took me over an hour but I beat it! This game is extremely punishing :') 

Instant death and the stamina meter combine to create an extremely difficult and punishing experience. I thought the graphics and lighting and everything were really cool, and the stamina meter's one merit was that it forced me to stand around and take in the environment, get a mental model of the level that I'm playing, etc. Other than that, I think at least 50% of my playtime was just waiting for the stamina bar.

The final boss was very fun too, and the fact that most of it bypassed the stamina bar made it WAY more fun to play. 

Great submission! I hope more people stick with the game and attempt to beat it. Overall I enjoyed my time with it but it was very very difficult. Thanks for submitting!

Interesting :D 

This game really reminds me of the ancient days of before I was comfortable using the Godot Engine to produce sane platforming. This game was fun and enjoyable and only gave me mild brain haemorrhaging. 5/5 for theme, controls and originality. The background image and the music brought an element of sublime bliss to the user experience, which was a necessary element for the near-death experience that the platforming and many of the challenges gave me. 

Great game, thanks for submitting! :D

Very fun! I really enjoyed this! Awesome atmosphere and narrative stuff. As far as I'm concerned this is a 5/5 on all categories. I really liked the level design and the way the cave tunnels looked from the inside, it was very natural and gave a really interesting feeling. The light flashes when the gems fell into place also appeared very natural and looked amazing, including the texture effect on the nearby stone wall. Really well-designed and super enjoyable to play!

Great game, thanks for submitting! :D

Very fun! Congratz on implementing RTS controls in a game jam, I'm impressed!

I managed to beat the game in about 5 minutes on my second try. I also definitely appreciate the presence of the tutorial, I think it really helped. My only nitpick is that sometimes I tried to select an ant and it didn't select, so I thought maybe a little white outline on something you're hovering could help with the visual clarity.

Overall great submission, congrats! :D

Very fun! :) I thought the dynamic camera positioning was a very cool addition. Bouncing around with the bubblegum was also very fun. I wonder if there could be more opportunities to make effective use of the bubblegum mechanic, since a lot of the time it resulted in me running into spikes! I thought the level with the spikes coming from the ceiling was a very fun usage of it since I got to go fast and bounce around, going in/out of bubblegum mode.

The last level was also very difficult, and I felt a bit like the difficulty was punishing me for exploring, i.e the death pit and the platform leading down into the spikes. It was only a couple of obstacles and respawning doesn't have any penalty so I can't really complain that much tho. 

Thanks for submitting! :D

Sorry to hear you couldn't beat it! ;D

Sorry to hear you couldn't beat it! There are three rounds of ores to mine by hand. Good luck! :D

Very cool concept! And the generative graphics are beautiful! Also yay Godot Engine :D I'm curious tho, in the screenshots it looks like the bubble is literally just floating there without a normal window border... which is awesome if true.... did you really do that with uncustomized Godot? How did you do it? 

On Linux the window management seems a bit crazy tho :D It's got a black box overhang on the bottom/right sides, and trying to move it causes a lot of flickering all over the place, like it's not really tracking my mouse cursor. 

Cute game!! :D

Cool game! Don't shoot your hook directly up into the sky trust me :)

Interesting concept! I thought the rules were a bit hard to follow though. I wasn't always sure if placing a house or a skyscraper would increase or decrease my population because it was near another skyscraper but also near a house so it could go both ways. I also felt the imprecision in placing buildings made it a bit harder than it should have been, I wasn't sure what part of the game I was trying to beat. One last minor thing but I also found it hard to tell skyscrapers and houses apart... :D

Thanks for submitting!!

Very fun! I'd love to see a version of this with some performance fixes, since I got some *really* heavy lag on the later levels that made it unplayable... :c Still a solid entry!

Very fun! :D

Wow, very very cool! I really like how the progression was designed, it always felt easy to get to the next upgrade. Plus the graphics and sound are amazing. Great game!!

Hey, cool game!! :D It kind of reminded me of my own submission for GWJ41 which was a bit surprising. Good luck in the judging, I thought this was really cool :) 

Oh god 50 seconds :D Great game though, I really had lots of fun with it!! And especially now that it's a day later and I no longer resent the developer who put me through it lolol

"kind of difficult" 

why would you do this to me

Also is it possible to beat the boss after the final boss? I tried for way too long and now both my hands hurt

Cool game!


But for real a very fun game :D The ammo conservation aspect was very interesting, specifically that it forces the player to play quite defensively and only using violence when necessary. 5/5

very fun :D

What happened and why is the Industrial Revolution generally speaking, in a way

Pretty fun!! :D I wonder if speeding up the physics of bombs/boxes would make it feel more snappy and engaging. I don't know if that would make it less faithful to the original though. Congrats!

Cool game! The font was a bit hard to read though, and the window scaling could use some tweaking cuz when I resized I just got more of that infamous Godot void colour :D


Pig with long snout gang

awesome game :)