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Very glad you enjoyed! :D 

Yay creator day :D 

Glad you enjoyed! :D 

Glad you enjoyed! :D 

Glad you enjoyed! :D 

Glad you enjoyed! :D 

Nice game! :D It worked on Linux for me, using Arch Linux btw and the Itch client. 

I really liked the art style and the various things to do on the map, it was really charming and fun to play. Navigating the spikes in the underground parts took quite a lot of precision and I had to take a few tries to get it right :D My only criticism would be that the character felt a little bit floaty, and personally I would have turned up both the gravity and jump power to make it feel a bit more snappy.

Thanks for submitting!

I played it on Linux. I'll check it out again in a bit and let you know if anything changes 😅

So fun :O I really really really like this! 

It took a bit to get used to the controls, and I very nearly quit before figuring out you could rotate the piece with the scroll wheel. But I'm glad I stuck with it! The music is great, both the in-game and menu screen music for the appropriate atmosphere. The addition of some narrative with the old man is really fun too, you don't really see that much in jam games!

There are a lot of story levels and I haven't finished all of them already, but if I get some spare time I'll be coming back to this. It's surprisingly addictive and really satisfying to play. 

Good sound, good graphics, and good design. Great submission, thank you! :D 

Well I really love the art style and overall vibe of this :D Please develop this style somehow! It's so fun to look at!

Apart from that, I only had the chance to fight one enemy, and the controls were a little slidey and imprecise. I'm not sure if the game just bugged out though because when I tried to play it again or restart it only ever got stuck on a black screen with the text "Loading..." on it. D: 

Thanks for submitting! :)

Nice entry, congrats! :D It was fun, I really enjoyed exploring the area and figuring out how to get through the puzzles. None of them felt confusing, but they all felt rewarding to solve with my sparkle-wand thingy.

At first I felt like the level layout was a little confusing, and I thought I was missing things as I was going, but it turns out I wasn't really. I also really liked the use of the lighting/shadow effects, really fun! I think that having the light extend in front of the player based on where they're looking is a nice touch, but it makes me a little bit queasy when it's snapping back and forth. I think maybe a subtle fading effect could help to soften the contrast from looking left to right and vice versa. 

Thanks for submitting! :D 

Cool game! :) One thing though: I felt like the shield guy should maybe always have his shield up, since I keep just forgetting to hold spacebar and dying for no good reason T_T 

hideous.... 5/5

I love the buttons/menus and transition animations and just wow its so pretty :D 

Great submission!! I really had a lot of fun playing this! 

It was very well-balanced but very difficult. I definitely had to take a few tries. I think for a jam game without the resources to create a few more tower types or tower upgrades, this is an incredible submission! I really liked the concept of having to automate some of the resources to fuel the towers. 

I don't really have anything critical to say about it really, I really enjoyed it. A few times it felt like there was a strategy I was missing so a few enemies slipped by. Some just seemed to have too much health for me to do anything about them. Apart from that, thanks for submitting! May the ratings be kind to you :D

Wow that's actually really fun and unique! Congrats!

 I think that my bullets were a little slow which made it very hard to aim, and the controls on the rope were a bit sluggish so I couldn't dodge predictably either. At some point I just decided to swing around as fast as I could and shoot everything and it was surprisingly effective, until I ate like 10 asteroid fragments and died 😅

But I really like the sound design, and the art is really nice too. I think this could be made into something really cool if the controls were a little tighter. Thanks for submitting!

Fun game :D I did realize at some point that I was able to win the game very easily by spinning around and shooting as fast as i can because the bullets travel so far and the enemies don't seem to explicitly come for me. I did really like exploring multiple planets though, the viewport and controls were really nice and felt very 'action-y'.

I think with some more unique mechanics or more difficulty added to this, it could be a really fun shooter! I'm also a huge sucker for earning credits ... :D Thanks for submitting!

Interesting! A very mechanical game, and could be a really relaxing and methodical experience with a few tweaks to tighten up the controls. I think more tangibly visual indicators of some of this stuff (i.e, not just dry numbers) could benefit it a lot, bars with target regions, orbit 'goldilocks zone' type indicators, that kinda thing.

I didn't feel challenged at all, I just felt like I was being led to follow a set of commands. Maybe more opportunities for player choice could have been useful, maybe some decoration, idk.

Interesting concept either way though. I'd be interested to see how this could be developed if you were interested. Maybe also a rotatable camera could be a nice addition, since the fixed view threw me off a little. Thanks for submitting anyway! I had a fun time with it :D

Wow! Nice entry :D I am not used to inverted mouse controls though 😅 That made it a little more difficult. There's something about this style of game I find really fun though. And BIG congrats on making all the assets with Godot primitives, this game looks really good, visually clear and consistently styled. Also ... you made this in 12 hours ._. wow

Thanks for submitting!!

Neat game :D I enjoyed it a lot. The trial and error associated with trying to figure out how exactly the black holes are gonna suck me was a little bit challenging but overall, it was fun and there were a lot of well-designed and well-balanced levels. Congrats on the good entry!! :)

Really good submission, I really enjoyed this!!! Super cute style and the music integrated well. As a couple other ppl have said a visual indication while pulling could be good to line up the angles and such. Apart from that, I can't think of much else to improve! Congrats on the great game! :D

Good submission! I had fun playing this. I agree there should be something to do that's a little more challenging for the player, since at the moment it feels as though the only interactivity comes from mining resources and buying upgrades, and I never felt like I was at risk of losing after spending so much on upgrades. 

With some balancing this could be very fun. It's really interesting to see you put a resource collection minigame in a tower defense. Maybe a post-jam version? :D Thanks for submitting anyway!

Interesting start! Nice random level generation too. I populated the whole place with viruses. Thanks 😁

Surprisingly fun! :D The controls were quite slidey but ultimately usable. Sometimes I hit the side of a ring and went into a crazy spin but I was able to get out of it using the mouse controls. I wonder if it would control better if pressing S acted as more of a 'break' than a 'thrust backwards', so I can pause and then adjust my trajectory. The hardest part was accidentally moving too fast towards a ring and then not being able to turn fast enough to actually get into it and just zooming right past it 😅

Overall a good submission though, I enjoyed it. :D Plus bonus points for allowing custom seeds and randomly generated levels!!

An instruction blurb could help here 😅 But thanks to JestemStefan's helpful comment I was able to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Controlling the ship really was very difficult, it felt like that was the main challenge, and I ended up pressing the keys on my keyboard way harder than I was supposed to out of sheer desperation to make it stop spinning T_T 

But that being said, it's a neat concept and the graphics really are quite nice. Every screen looks very polished and the effects are all great. If not for the control issues I would have a really fun time with this :D Thanks for submitting!

Well, I like the graphics and the 'LOSER' screen is a charming aesthetic, but sadly, the space bar did not actually lead to any jump :( I played the HTML5 and the win64 versions, and I couldn't jump in either version. After I got hit by the first asteroid I also lost the ability to move left and right.

Just played it on Windows instead :D Good submission! Sometimes I felt a little confused that a bun had randomly snuck up on me and drained all my HP without me realizing it was even there. I love the graphics, they're really cute and charming. I would speed up the bullets since it felt a little hard to aim them though, and also sometimes I just wasn't able to shoot even when I wasn't reloading.

With a few details worked out this could be a really nice arena shooter. Thanks for submitting!

Great submission! :D It isn't super action-packed, but this makes up for it in the really nice atmosphere. I really like the simple, clear graphics and all the really lovely glow effects. Encountering a planet really does feel like a WOAH moment when it's so vibrant and nice-looking. Upgrading the movement speed felt like a nice little bit of progression. The arrow really helps orient the player too, compared to some other space exploring submissions I've played that haven't had this feature.

Congrats on the good submission! I found it very relaxing and nice to play. Good choice of ambient music too.

I'm so sad I couldn't work out how to get to the bunnies T_T I got stuck on the first level! I made it over to the switch but it didn't do anything. I tried pressing a few buttons but I couldn't work it out :(

I think some extra work on the clarity of objectives could be a good idea. Even an instruction blurb could make a really big difference. I agree with PixelMetalWolf that a ammo counter would have made a great addition. Along the same lines I also felt that the spikes on the first level were a little hard to see. At first I thought it was just a variation in a normal wall, and then I exploded when I touched them 😅

But all that being said, I like the graphics and the Authentic Zero-Gravity of the physics. The music fit well, and I might be wrong but  Beepbox Gang  . Thanks for submitting :D and congrats on your first jam!!!

Not a bad submission! I can see that you put some interesting and unique design thought into this. It almost reminds me of an incremental game, except the 'Collect Carrots' is a neat minigame. You could go a long way with that!! 

I'm not super sure about only being allowed to collect carrots by touching them with the side of the sphere. That felt a little weird, but I got used to it. I also felt that the carrot multiplier was really a waste of money unless I was gonna play for hours.

If there was a little more going on, maybe some people walking around in the room, decorations, upgrades to the minigame, basically just more 'incremental game' type mechanics, then I could sink a dangerously long amount of time into something like this and forget to rate any other games in the jam.

Congrats :D

Cool concept! I really liked how it looked and it could be made into a really nice game, but the controls are lacking in feedback and seem a bit tricky to work out. Even when I know what I'm doing from reading the other comments, I'm still not exactly sure 'where' my mouse cursor is :D 

Maybe adding an indicator to the side of the screen that shows the relative mouse position, like a 'joystick' indicator or something? Just something that responds to the mouse and shows that I am really playing the game 😅😅😅

Don't be discouraged by this problem though, I think this is really a very interesting design and I'd love to play a more refined version some day.

Thanks for submitting!

I also couldn't control my sausage :(

That being said, I really like the vibe and charm of this game. I think if I didn't have to click exactly on the hot dog every time it could be a little easier, and sometimes even if I did, it still didn't seem to go anywhere and I'm not sure why.

Also your instructions say to use Right Click to move the sausage, but my experimentation tells me that it's more to do with Left Click 😅

I managed to get out into the road and through an epic car crash and that was surprisingly fun to watch. It did remove any hopes of me taking back control of my hot dog and then I fell out of the map though. :D 

Despite the control issues, this is a really surprisingly fun submission. Congrats! :D

On Linux, the .pck is missing :( So I can't run the game.

Wow, I haven't seen an MMO submission to a game jam before! Awesome! 5/5 Originality!

Sadly there was nobody to play with me though T_T Maybe some AI placeholders would have helped to pad that out. I liked the sound design though, and the asteroid destruction physics was great! I would be interested in looking at the source code to see how you did that as well as the multiplayer stuff. Thanks for submitting! :D

Okay I LOVE that art style of the sprites. Even the way the camera moves in the intro screen is super fun and really sets the mood. This game looks and feels really great and charming, but sadly I have absolutely no idea what I was doing the entire time, and I ended up with -91 coins pressing buttons randomly to a series of probably deeply disappointed customers. If this came with a little instructions blurb this would be great 😅 

Congrats on the submission though! Again, I really really love that art style :D

Fun concept! The asteroids were definitely a menace to my peace of mind though 😅 I was never sure if I was close enough to being hit or not. My own bullets also felt a little hit-or-miss and I wasn't especially clear whether I was aiming right or not. Somehow whenever I died the game would segfault, running on Linux.

I am also a big fan of the unique viewport though. Thanks for submitting :D

Nice atmosphere o-o The music tied this together really well! And the interesting viewport worked really well too, combined with the very blunt UI makes it feel like a cryptic old video game you'd find in the 80s or something. I never made a single coin and I think eventually I got lost so I'm not sure if I actually played it but nonetheless I really enjoyed the environment. Great job :D 

Congrats on your first jam!!

Fun entry! :D It took me a minute to realize I had to right click to build the thing I wanted to build. I really liked the controls, and a few little details like the camera lingering for a moment after the player dies really helped to bring this together. Congrats on the good submission!

The audio was great for this! :D I agree with acsparks regarding the fact that the player unceremoniously pops when they touch something they don't want to. A many-lives system could be a nice addition. I would also personally make the sword a little faster so its more of a strong SWING motion, since I sorta had to step back and forth when I wasn't sure if I had timed my movement exactly with the sword.

I like the idea of the warp, but also, it didn't work for me 😅 Nothing ever happened pressing RMB. I liked the two endings I did manage though. It's not often you see a game jam game with multiple endings :D Thanks for submitting!