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Thank you for the feedback! I made the game with multiplayer in mind, so might work on that! I was gonna add music but it took too long to import! Thank you again

Wow this game is really fun! Even just bullying all the Gellis is enjoyable! This could be a really good mobile game!

Thank you! I really could’ve focused more on core fun gameplay 😀

Thank you for your kind comment! I think that I overscoped this one which is why I want to make a fuller version. I did notice the enemies being all over the place but my submission was already too late so I just had to let it be and get a late submission link. Thanks again for playing!

Wow thank you! I'm glad you found it interesting! It does have a few bugs that I hope to squash out soon!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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Thank you! That's a really good time!

I really liked your submission too!

Feels amazing! One small bug where sometimes when falling you will stall around half a Unity-Unit above the ground for 2 seconds, then fall. Other than that, it's perfecto

This is such a shame, now people won’t have trust for actual developers  :(

Thanks for your feedback! Sometimes the control schemes I use while playing is a bit weird and that can reflect on my games. I also understand that the puzzles were easy, I’m not the best at level design. Thanks again for your comment!

Thank you for your feedback! I would’ve added a removing feature but I only had a weekend left so a restart feature was quicker! 

Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely add different controls and customisation for them in a later version! Glad to see you liked the idea

I genuinely enjoyed the dialogue and challenge! You should make more like this!

It was a fun change of pace from the other tutorials that drag on! It was very surprising to see the 2nd boss, but I hadn’t fully learned the mechanics first!

Well done on your submission! Great challenge with lots of polish!

Thank you very much! I focused a lot of time on the colour  pallet as my game doesn’t have the best graphics! I will think about ways to make summoning helpers easier to learn! I will also make them have a larger mass to tackle them slipping away! Thanks once again for your comment!!!

Wow thank you for your long review! If I come to make a full version I will definitely add more visual functionality, and change the player. I will definitely check out some game engines, definitely Construct 3. But I do like Unity a whole lot! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment! You gave some nice constructive criticism :)

This was a very funny but stressful game. The music is awesome and the dialogue and story is amusing!

This was a great game with exciting music and interesting mechanics, but the second boss was much more confusing and difficult than the first one. The difficulty curve went up way too quickly for me, but apart from that it was really fun and tense

The game is stuck with a gray screen lol

Thanks for playing on twitch! I can really see how I need to improve now! Sorry for the really rushed levels.

Thank you! I was running low on time and had to decide between more levels and vital mechanics I hadn’t made yet. I’m looking forward to making a post-jam version!! 

Congrats! I'll check it out now!!!

Thank you for your kind words! I tried to keep it short because I didn’t have enough time to finish it I wanted it to keep simple! Be on the lookout for more soon!

Thank you so much! I do plan on updating it and making some much needed fixes after the jam!

wow this is really addicting and can get intense!

Wow this is awesome! I can see all the  hard work that came into this.

The art is really cartoonish and detailed, the music is catchy, and the gameplay is one of the best I've seen for a game jam! I genuinely want you to win this jam as I can see the work and dedication this took!!!! 

really entertaining! Has a lot of protentional if you work on balancing weapons more (some weapons just one-shot everything) and polishing animations! Very addicting and I like how the game plays

Wow! The graphics look amazing, the soundtrack is catchy and the gameplay is fun. My only problem was the crates not moving sometime, but your game was really addicting and impressive for a jam game!!

Thank you! I hope on making more levels soon, but the project may change! I will try and fix the enemies but plan on taking a break to learn python for school! I really appreciate the kind words!! 

Thank you! I was running out of time and I’m rubbish at level design! I’m planning on a post jam version soon!

Pretty intense gameplay! Survived 45 enemies on my best attempt. Kept me entertained for a good few minites :)

I'd go with your idea and you can change it along the way

I’d like to team up! I use Unity(preferably 2d) and specialise in programming! I’m sure we could make a great team!

Nice1 If you can click fast just cllick the hole from start! I got 950 as a high score!

So amazing and polished! Wish my PC was stong enough for it to render. I wish y'all the best in making the full version :)

Can’t wait for crEAtor day

Really cute and the music was very chill!

Please make more like this :)

Thanks for helping and hosting the jam. i intended to make a submission purely for experience and know it is very buggy, but I'm still happy with the result! I'm hoping on releasing some better games soon, watch this space...