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"There is simply too much outside"

This was a very cool experience, both charming yet eerie at times.

I really like the simple and clear drawing style as well as how there's no moonlogic to the puzzles. There's also little in the way of fluff, everything contributes to helping you advance or to build the atmosphere.

All in all I loved it, 5/5 would definitely more games by tinydiorama!

Ahh ok, I thought it was setting the uniforms that was the heavy part. My palettes are pretty small, only a 3-4 colours per row, and maybe 6 columns max.
If Vertex batche isn't a good measure then I think my issue might just be the tablet I tested it on was super weak. I've not checked what the spec is, but I can't imagine an old MS Surface is very powerful! (it did crash trying to play Sonic Mania lol)
Thanks for your help!

Hi Pixelated Pope! Sorry to bother you, I was wondering if you had any advice on how best to use this with multiple things efficiently. 

I'm making a top down game where it's (currently) possible to change the walls and floors of the Buildings you've made using your shader, but it seems to cause some slowdown on weak GPU's when there's more than a few uses of the shader happening at once.

I've tried changing to draw things in batches with setting the palette before hand, but it didn't have any effect on reducing the Vertex Batch count (I'm assuming that's what the second number in the Debug Overlay is).

Next I was going to try breaking up your shader so that the [shader_set_uniform_f] only get set at the start of each batch, but I thought I may as wall ask beforehand.

Thanks for your time, and for all the amazing work you do!

I’m so freaking proud of you! :D


Very cool!

Really cool!

Amazing work as always


Oh no, I guess I can't change that now?

Thanks! The grid and the basic black text is debug stuff, they wont be there in final release.

Thanks! I actually have game settings so you can change the HUD and text size whenever you want. I've also debug controls for zooming in and out, no reason I can't make them in-game settings too!

Woooo! Just one more reason why Itch is awesome!

This looks great! What licence are you releasing it under?


Cool, thanks for the reply!
Yea, I always try to give credit whenever possible, just wanted to make sure!

I know you say free, but what's the specific licence?

Looks great btw!

Ahh good to know. I think the way it works is if you change the name of the install file it looks in a new place for the save. I theory if you moved it over it should work, I didn't change anything that would be saved.

Thanks for your commitment!

No worries, thank you so much for letting me know!
I assume that means your save file still worked? I was worried it would look for it in a different folder.

I think I've fixed it, added a couple QoL things too, hopefully I didn't break anything. Please let me know if you spot anything else!

And thanks again for playing!

I'll have a look as soon as I get a chance, thanks for letting me know and thanks for playing!

Another game for the pile!

level151, coins296

Nooooo! must get good! Think of the poor elephants!

Damn right! Thanks for playing :)

The speed up is time based, but I think I'm planning on changing it. At the least I'm going to add in a slowdown and have it swap between them to try catch you off guard. :p

Damn that's a nice tree!

Thanks :D

I think it's fixed.

Thanks for playing!

Looks like I need to check out why the smoke isn't being cleared.
And I guess the last thing I was working on was the Bosses since they seem to infinitely spawn and have debug text displayed.

Wow this is cool!

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I'm really not working on this game, but just for you I've added Left and Right key controls (also N as an alternate attack key)! :D

BTW the graphics were made by and found on , his work is awesome!

(I've also added the map back in and an exit for the town level)

Thanks for trying it! :D

No my good man, I'm British.


You dare question my honour sir!? 

We shall settle this with fisticuffs at dawn!