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Short and sweet! Lovely art and dialogue!
(Almost missed the help button because it doesn't appear during the retry sequence.)

Very fun! It was unfortunate that my pocket was always empty :)

Got them all :)

Top notch!

Very neat and very well executed. 

Solid presentation!

Very ineteresting :) Let me go again :)

So lovely :)

Neat game! Reminds me of old days at school play wordgames with pen and paper :)

Interesting Jam!

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I released Camera Shake source file for Game Maker Studio 1.4:

Aside to being easy to use, edit and adapt to your projects; here a some other features:

  • Allows customisation for harder or smoother Camera Shakes;
  • Each shake has 2 moments, allowing for very distinct type of shakes;
  • Shakes your camera and leaves it where it is supposed to be;

Hope you find it useful!

My personal best is 1910 :) 

No Link?

Love the colors!

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In order to wish everybody an Happy New Year I built an Happy New Year Simulator Thingy
(Yep! It's that small!!!) :)

 Happy New Year Simulator Thingy

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Click, Click; or Tap, Tap: Create your own firework display. It's your job to light up the sky and put up a good show.

I enjoyed creating it, I hope you like it! In case you do, leave a rating ;)

Happy New Year - 2017 !!! :)

Widgets are great!
I like how they are already set for a good amount of customisation.

An extra layer of customisation I think it would be interesting to have on the widgets would be the ability to set for which platforms a certain game is available. Taking for instance, the large widget (not square)... this information could appear in the form of little icons just in front or behind the "Buy / Play on" button.

Thanks! That's actually working as intended. Death is an important concept for the next level.
You deserve an achievement for your effort, though :)

Hi! Thanks for playing!
What do you mean the boss didn't die? :)