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Samuel Sousa

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Courcat, Thanks for playing! I decided to give it a go too...
I can't believe I last for so long :)

My personal best is 1910 :) 

No Itch.io Link?

Love the colors!

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In order to wish everybody an Happy New Year I built an Happy New Year Simulator Thingy
(Yep! It's that small!!!) :)

 Happy New Year Simulator Thingy


9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Click, Click; or Tap, Tap: Create your own firework display. It's your job to light up the sky and put up a good show.

I enjoyed creating it, I hope you like it! In case you do, leave a rating ;)

Happy New Year - 2017 !!! :)

Quite unfortunate but will be looking forward to it all the same.

Widgets are great!
I like how they are already set for a good amount of customisation.

An extra layer of customisation I think it would be interesting to have on the widgets would be the ability to set for which platforms a certain game is available. Taking for instance, the large widget (not square)... this information could appear in the form of little icons just in front or behind the "Buy / Play on Itch.io" button.

Thanks! That's actually working as intended. Death is an important concept for the next level.
You deserve an achievement for your effort, though :)

Hi! Thanks for playing!
What do you mean the boss didn't die? :)

I find interesting wan's idea about several upvoted theme :)