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Congrats on launch!

It's great, except I've uncommented the code for simply running into the enemy, and I still run straight through them.

I've always wanted to do a concept like this. Good job!

Such fantastic art.

Too bad I only have one AO game currently up. No way for me to name it something like Too Filthy for the Courts or something like that.

I am 100000% going to pick this up soon. 

I downloaded this a whilllllllllllle back, but am now just getting around to utilizing it in a late 2022 game.

Well, I was not sure I was gonna do a third entry in my anthro animal and dragon series, but your art is so good, I just have to use it for a future game. I will be buying it very, very shortly (most likely after Steam summer sale).

Awesome! I was looking for a VN engine for GMS2! Thanks!

So, do I own one of the shirts now?


Have not found anything yet, but thinking maybe a 2022 farm thing.

Thanks! I'm sure I knew this before but forgot.

I was not aware that every update messaged all of your followers. I shall keep this in mind.

So looking forward to this! I remember backing it.

I, too, demand that the mystery buyer show themselves.

I have downloaded this. I shall make the best Kitten based RPG in all of the land. I shall credit you.

These are amazing. Not sure how or if I could use them, but I bought this set to do a few mock-ups.

..... this is honestly what I was looking for. Thank you. If/when this is utilized, you shall receive full credit.

Ah, ok, thank you.

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I had them set to Hidden. Everything is up now.

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My above response was very poor. The damage is done, and what was written in my response can't be unwritten, but I am going to be using this week to do a rewrite of the Furries script. You are right, and action will be taken to correct this in our game, and I would like to apologize to you personally for how I responded to your comment. You brought up a serious matter and I in no way should I have internalized it.

I am sorry that you were hurt by our game. That was never our intention. I do, however, feel the need to point out that Anson is not the only African American human character in the game (although your point of Anson being darker skinned than Dorothy is noted), and even the main character's race, sexuality, gender, nor ethnicity is ever identified, left up to the player. But beyond that, I do understand your concern and we will do better to gauge the content of our products for any future socially conscious bundles. 

New patch should have fixed it.

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I uploaded a new build with a clearer flag. The option should start at the beginning of the game, but if it keeps on not showing up, let me know. 

I'm glad.

Oz is canonically male, but every love interest is romancable, be they male or female. There is a coming content/patch that expands upon that.

Apple has made it super difficult for indies to work with, but Furries/Bears was made before their new policies for verification, so the Mac edition should still work. If it is not up there, that is just an error on my part, as we recently put out a new patch.

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Yeah, I had accidentally left open a DLC flag for some upcoming NSFW/Charity summer DLC (that will be included in a new patch for the UEdition). The new upload should fix it.

why not?

Gladly will submit Furries & Scalies & Bears OH MY!:


No, Steam won't let me publish the same game just with all DLC included.

Excuse me? 

No. None of my games have sex scenes, although a few do have suggestive and campy dialogue on a black screen as well as "morning after" scenes. 

This one in particular does not have either of those. 

Yeah, this is such a radical game.

This is gonna be my first Jam. Thinking of submitting Dinosaur Shakespeare, which is a project that I deleted 90% of the code and script last week due to needing to start over. So this should be a good kick in the pants for me to make the new version and finish it! Why is it horny, you may ask? It's a dinosaur shakespeare dating sim.

So, like, elevator pitch?

You're a bunch of dinosaurs and centaurs and other things putting on a version of Romeo & Juliet that may or may not go off the rails. It's 100% up to you.

Two play types: "real life" and the play itself. Six cast members to become friends (or more, this is based on R&J after all) with. 

Each character has their own endings based on your choices, but I realized way too late that it's way to easy to get most of them.

Shakespeare. Dinosaurs. It's the perfect match.