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Ever thought about a dinosaur pack?

Thwarted! I had just ordered art for combat units for my Halloween retail game, but I have some other 2023 projects in the pipeline that I think this would be great for. Will return in August, after summer sale..

I will be downloading this at a later date for purposes. This is super cool. Good work!

I am going to exploit the **** out of the Scribble Dungeon assets.

Paper Shakespere: The Legend of Rainbow Hollow. A point-and-click based on four of Shakespeare's problem players.

Thank you for putting this together!

It's really okay. I don't mind.

No problem! Your music is great!

I understood this title reference and it amuses me to no end.

Nah, I'm fine with giving you the extra dough.

I accidentally bought this twice but I don't mind giving you the extra money. I'm currently buying a few more of your packs for another game.

RenPy. I thought I put it in the description but I can now.

This is gonna be perfect for a future project. Thank you! Your music is fantastic!

Thanks! Will redownload and test it this weekend!

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I love this and that you used Ren'Py to make it and I'mma buy it when I can.

Wow, this is cool!

Awesome! Thanks!

I should get around to that next week after I'm sure it's been patched on Steam well enough. I just released this game using your pack, and am working on the itch page AS WE SPEAK.

Rachel, your work is stunning.

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This has been fixed. So sorry.

This is really cool.

Huh. That's super weird. I'll look into it.

Congrats on launch!

It's great, except I've uncommented the code for simply running into the enemy, and I still run straight through them.

I've always wanted to do a concept like this. Good job!

Such fantastic art.

Too bad I only have one AO game currently up. No way for me to name it something like Too Filthy for the Courts or something like that.

I am 100000% going to pick this up soon. 

I downloaded this a whilllllllllllle back, but am now just getting around to utilizing it in a late 2022 game.

Well, I was not sure I was gonna do a third entry in my anthro animal and dragon series, but your art is so good, I just have to use it for a future game. I will be buying it very, very shortly (most likely after Steam summer sale).

Awesome! I was looking for a VN engine for GMS2! Thanks!

So, do I own one of the shirts now?


Thanks! I'm sure I knew this before but forgot.

I was not aware that every update messaged all of your followers. I shall keep this in mind.

So looking forward to this! I remember backing it.

I, too, demand that the mystery buyer show themselves.

I have downloaded this. I shall make the best Kitten based RPG in all of the land. I shall credit you.

These are amazing. Not sure how or if I could use them, but I bought this set to do a few mock-ups.

..... this is honestly what I was looking for. Thank you. If/when this is utilized, you shall receive full credit.