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I have changed payment methods and tested it. It works now.

Can you be more specific about what is happening?

So, like, elevator pitch?

You're a bunch of dinosaurs and centaurs and other things putting on a version of Romeo & Juliet that may or may not go off the rails. It's 100% up to you.

Two play types: "real life" and the play itself. Six cast members to become friends (or more, this is based on R&J after all) with. 

Each character has their own endings based on your choices, but I realized way too late that it's way to easy to get most of them.

Shakespeare. Dinosaurs. It's the perfect match.

I'd be very interested in either that or having a conversation about how you did this in code.

Are we allowed to use these in commercial projects? You would be credited, of course.

Installed it into my paths (E:\BRYY\Work). Command Prompt tells me that it cannot find it, even when I do butler which. I am running windows 10.


I am trying to upload both of my current games on to Itch, but both require Butler to do so. I have downloaded said Butler, but it closes each time I launch it. I am but a humble peddler of wares trying to figure this out. Any help would be most appreciated.