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To be honest, I thought it was a full track of music when I downloaded it. I'll still find various uses for the SFX. They are very good.

Thank you.

Are we allowed to use these as music for a commercial product? (Not reselling the music, of course)

I would love a tutorial on how you did this, as we are just now in pre-prod for a cRPG deck builder.

Thank you.

Can these be used in commercial products?

I know this was a super long time ago, but is there any way to contact either of these people about commisions?

All of these are super good. I'd love to buy them, and most likely will. I just would need to figure out the right project for them.

oh. okay then. i assume you enjoyed the dance off election, then.

I'm sorry that it was not your cup of tea.

Valve is cracking down on AI art, so thank you for the very detailed FAQ section that I can show them if/when any of my games using your assets are pulled.

You as well! Thanks!

Oh, thanks! Because I realized I needed more, but they were out of my budget plus a huge unexpected bill just hit!

I will make it up to you at a later date. I was also wondering, have you ever thought of making a Convention Pack? Like San Diego Comic-Con, etc.?

Thanks, Rachel.

Question: your license says one time use. Does that mean one project? What if someone were to split multiple BG for multiple packs over multiple projects? Would that be okay? As long as they didn't use the SAME bg files in multiple projects?

Probably gonna use this for Dinosaur Shakespeare 2: Winter of our Discontent. Thanks!

You have no idea how much time and stress you are saving me right now by allowing access to such amazing, affordable, high quality music. Thank you.

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We found that players would "abuse" this feature in other games, so we disabled it. 

This pack is super awesome, and I may pick it up for a future game.

The art is so good.

oh my god i love it. you sadistic magnificent stallion.

This looks absolutely awesome.

Are the boss levels locked until you do all the other levels?

This art is incredible.

Is this available for commercially-sold games, too?

oh jesus I think I'm actually gonna make an RPG in this. The challenge: everything used has to be the first draft.

Think SDCC, DragonCon, Gen Con, GDC (Game Developers Conference), or any other smaller con. 

Jake from Adventure Time?

Ever thought about a dinosaur pack?

Thwarted! I had just ordered art for combat units for my Halloween retail game, but I have some other 2023 projects in the pipeline that I think this would be great for. Will return in August, after summer sale..

I will be downloading this at a later date for purposes. This is super cool. Good work!

I am going to exploit the **** out of the Scribble Dungeon assets.

Paper Shakespere: The Legend of Rainbow Hollow. A point-and-click based on four of Shakespeare's problem players.

Thank you for putting this together!

No problem! Your music is great!

I understood this title reference and it amuses me to no end.