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Short download keys for printing & bulk key viewer

A download key is a special URL that gives someone access to a project’s files. On you can either generate a single key or generate them in bulk. Download keys use very long URLs to make them hard to guess, but that's not so great if you want to print out access codes on paper to hand out.

Starting today you can now generate Short download keys when creating key is bulk. They're only 12 characters long and can be accessed from a shorter URL. The short URLs look like and they'll redirect to the full download page when visited. We only use random characters that are easily distinguishable (eg. no O and 0), so they'll be readable with whatever font you use to print.

Find the checkbox on the bottom of the bulk key tool:

Any bulk key groups that have short URLs will have a separate link to download all the short URLs into a text file.

Improved bulk download key browsing

Along with this update we've improved bulk key management by adding a new screen where you can view all the bulk keys, grab their URLs individually, see who has claimed them, and track if they have downloaded or received an external key. 


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pls see my game in this link :

what is confernce?

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It usually is a meeting where often people display what they have worked on to others to review it, mostly in a work environment. At least, that’s the most common usage, as there are other ways to define conference

Useful :D

I am not sure how to use this

use it if you have some own game in some conference

Very epic.

This is so cool! Thanks

sounds good


How do I use this?

Deleted 50 days ago


Wow! That Sound Like A Useful Feature To Use As Fastest Download Your Games

Cool and useful. Can be used in epic ways tbh.


That seems like a very handy feature!


Wow Its Awesome 

Very handy!

Do you need a key if it's a free game? Or would just the page url work in that case?

Deleted 1 year ago


nice !


how l try?


Are you having trouble creating keys?



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