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Unfortunately not, the game is only available in Dutch


Erg goed, mijn favoriet is RedCat maar AmsterDoom is ook erg leuk!

Very good, hopen dat spelers de instructies lezen en de game werkend krijgen! Game geeft echt wel Davilex vibes :)

Goed gewerkt!

Het ware verhaal achter A2 Racer & Davilex (deel 1)

Het ware verhaal achter A2 Racer & Davilex (deel 2)

Polderpioniers: Davilex

BeeldBreak Podcast #18 - Milan Pollé over Davilex, RedCat en A2 Racer

Control Gamelab #1 - Terugblik op A2 Racer met Davilex-alumnus Igor Frid


It depends on where the pivot point of your model is, that'll be the center of the block in Asset Forge

Textures aren't supported for custom blocks, they have to use materials with colors however not textures as UV maps are overwritten by Asset Forge

You'll have to disable any sort of compression or filtering in the engine you're importing the asset in. Hope that helps!

There's already a Discord though, here.

It's alright to ask here and there, it's absolutely not alright to spam literally every submission with a copy/pasted comment in a section which is meant for feedback and reviews. Sorry, it might seem harsh but I feel it's absolutely warranted in this case.

Almost every submissions we came across we noticed a message from you begging for people to check out your submission, it's common decency not to do this. We can't guarantee a fair vote on your submissions anymore and thus it has been disqualified.

Spam, you spammed the review sections of other submissions.

I couldn't find the rules, are there any? It's not possible to play this game without

Hey, rating other games isn't to promote your own game - just a FYI

Nice one, really creative!

Please remove the link from the description, people should play and judge whatever was uploaded during the jam - otherwise the entry will be disqualified unfortunately.

This is actually pretty amazing, the first jam entry I come across that goes beyond exploring an area regarding the theme. It was well put together, couldn't come across any bugs and I think the concept is really fun. Great job!

Nice job! It was a fairly simple platformer but the inclusion of a wall jump was very nice, it controlled well and the instructions were clear. Good job, well done!

I really liked this! It's simple in concept but it's fun to find out you'll have to do a different task before being able to complete the next. I'd add some sounds, music and possibly some kind of map so you can find out where you are in the world. But overall, a really nice game - well done!

Good work on this! Some feedback;

  • Add a title screen so the game doesn't automatically begin, gives players a bit more time to adjust
  • Try not to resize sprites when they're pixel art, keep everything a single pixel density
  • The music isn't great, see if you can find a track that's more on the background
  • Bug; Sometimes it doesn't capture controls, not letting me play
  • Bug; I've collected all items but it won't progress

Unfortunately submissions are closed, you can't update or edit your game anymore.

Nice work Shawn! It was fun to walk around the base and interact with all the objects. A bit of feedback; it would've been cool to unfold some kind of story, what happened at the base? That'd be exciting. Also, the glowing things would be great if they could stay on if you've ever been close to them, as sort of checkpoints. Overall, well done!

Great job on this! It was fun to see a bit of story then right into action, however the second level was already pretty difficult. Maybe you can adjust it so it raises in difficulty a bit slower to give the player time to adjust. Overall, a great job - well done!

Well done, what an absolutely great game you've created! To give a bit of feedback; it's easy to miss the instructions since they move on on their own, maybe have signs that the player can read? Just like the upgrade signs. Great job on this!

Absolutely love the visuals in this, you did a great job with the effects and day/night cycle! Feedback; the large cursor makes it hard to properly click things, instead of doing a normal raycast you can do a sphere raycast which helps a bit with misclicks. It also takes quite a while before action happens, so might want to start the game later on the day maybe? Eitherway, fantastic job - well done!

Great visuals! As a bit of feedback it'd be great to get some instructions, either in-game or on the description page. Other than that I really like it, well done!

Unfortunately not, after the submission deadline new uploads are locked until after the voting period (1 week)

Unfortunately not, submissions are closed.

So that'd be too late unfortunately, there's no way to submit it anymore. Sorry about this, however we're strictly keeping to the deadline.

According to the publish date on the entry you were 2 minutes late, sorry.