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Thank you for the kind words :) Still improving, expect a new (big) update in November.

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I'm absolutely not planning to do a subscription fee because I'm personally against such a set-up, you can bet on that because is the only platform I sell on and they don't even offer the option hah.

This is unfortunately not possible due to the reason you specified. Currently the program works by keeping the block models in the internal data and saving just block id's, position, rotation etc. to the save files. I'd recommend keeping an older version around to open older files. This is expected to be an issue only going from the 1.X release to the 2.X release.

Sorry, we don't support Apple anymore.

This request has been fulfilled in Asset Forge 2.1.2 which has been released or will release soon.
It'll feature a list of recently used blocks (reset when program closes), and a list of favorites - you can right click to favorite a block. This is saved.

You'll have to enable VSync for better results.

This request has been fulfilled in Asset Forge 2.1.2 which has been released or will release soon.

This request has been fulfilled in Asset Forge 2.1.2 which has been released or will release soon.

This is technically not possible due to the many implications, blocks can't be edited in any way.

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Did you change the configuration found in the troubleshooting section?

I should indeed add that to the clarification, however it is true that the textures have the same license as the blocks. So any creation made using elements that come with Asset Forge are yours to do with whatever you please.

You press any key on the keyboard to spawn a car, then hold that key to turn right. The car automatically drives. Please note that this is a multiplayer only game.

Hey Mike, sorry no public list is kept currently so if requesting a feature you can search the forums or look in the 'feature requests' category.

You can't click to start the game? Again, I need to know what OS you are on - Windows or Linux? Did you try pressing a key while in-game?


Could you give more information? What OS are you on? What's not working?

You're welcome! :)

Yes, please refer to the included readme.txt file which states:

All included blocks are 'Creative Commons Zero' licensed (see below).
Creations made in Asset Forge can be used in any sort of production such as personal, education or commercial.

Block/model license (Creative Commons Zero, CC0)

Yep, it's hard to give minimum requirements but if you'd like to know for sure download one of my free games first. If that works, Frick, Inc. will also work.


Nope sorry, that won't be available for technical reasons.

This issue is fixed in Asset Forge 2.1.1 which has been released or will release soon.

No plans to release on other platforms.

I'm not sure either at this point but will do some investigation into this!

Textures like this aren't compatible, this is because Asset Forge overwrite the UV channels. If you'd like a custom texture you have to put the (PNG) file in a new folder inside /Textures.

Which Linux distro are you using? That way I can check myself.

Some blocks are designed to fit together but others aren't and you'll have to use the scaling option in Asset Forge to make them fit. When duplicating blocks they should remain the same size, are you sure you didn't accidentally scale or pressed a hotkey while moving the engines?

Check the configuration of Asset Forge and either lower the visuals, or enable v-sync if it isn't enabled.

Hey, well specifically for terrain your mesh will have to adhere to a few rules that Unity set-up. One of those rules is (according to the error message you posted) that your prefab contains a mesh renderer. If it doesn't, that means your mesh is probably in a child of the prefab instead of the prefab itself. Hope that helps!

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the pivot of blocks in Asset Forge, you can however export the block (to OBJ), change the pivot in 3D modeling software like Blender, and import the block again as a custom block as per instructions. Hope that helps!

Thanks for writing this, I'm sure Linux users will find this very helpful! I've stickied the thread so it's easy to find in the future.

What are the steps you're taking to import? What file format are you exporting from Asset Forge?

The game will be available October 10th, sorry about that - seems like an issue with that it already displays a buy button :(