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Nope, unfortunately we don't develop or release games/tools for macOS anymore.

Sorry you aren't satisfied with the software I've created, if you'd like you can contact me to issue a refund.

This issue is fixed in Asset Forge 2.3.0 which has been released or will release soon.

I'm unsure where I called you a cheat? If that's what you got from my message you misunderstood, I'm trying to help you. So, is your problem solved? I'm confused.

Thanks all! I've added it to the documentation. It doesn't seem like something I can easily add as an option right now but I will keep it in mind when working on the next iteration of Asset Forge.

You didn't purchase it or aren't logged in using the account you used to purchase Asset Forge probably? This sounds like an issue you might need to solve by emailing

Unfortunately material renaming is not available.

Textures for custom blocks are not supported, you'll have to place them in the texture folder of Asset Forge and apply them in your model.

Hey, the decision is based on this screenshot showing the credits and crediting other sources. The challenge was to only use pre-made game assets by me, and thus the challenge rules were not met.

Hey, I really love this game and think it's so well made! However unfortunately the submission has been disqualified because textures (and models?) have been used or made that are not part of my pre-made game assets. Sorry!

Good to hear, thank you!

I received a message by a user named Hako that they were removed from the credits and project? If they had a hand in this, no matter how small, I'd advise to please add them to the credits again. Thank you.

The game jam is over...

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Yeah that's against the rules because you're adding to your game during the voting round. We can't or won't check whether that version is identical to the uploaded version, it could've been improved which is unfair. So those kind of submissions most likely get disqualified.

The deadline was 5PM and everyone was warned to start uploading an hour before, sorry, that's part of the game jam challenge.

Technically not, no - uploads are locked and part of the challenge is to do everything within the time limit.

Whether or not you made the assets, you're still in control of the presentation of your game.

Probably not.

No, sorry.

Search for your game on this page;

If it is on there you've submitted correctly.

I'm terribly sorry that this happened, I'm not even sure how I picked the wrong dates (maybe I left temporary ones and kept copying those everywhere?) but it's something that I will take greater care of in the future. I'm sorry to hear your team members took a day off for this :(

I got the date wrong, the jam is from Friday 5PM CEST to Sunday 5PM CEST, so over the weekend.

You can optionally use these images in your game entry.

There is not unfortunately, I'd recommend at the very least waiting until the theme has been revealed before planning on game assets.

Sure, that's fine.

The challenge is to try and use pre-made game assets released by me, try to keep to the challenge - that's the fun part!

The challenge is to use only premade game assets I've released.

Yes, you can use any engine or software.

Yes, you can use any engine or software.

At the start of the jam.

As per the FAQ on the game jam page;

  • You can edit (i.e. crop or change the color) and combine them (i.e. using one sprite in a different sprite)

According to the FAQ on the game jam page;

  • Sound files (sound effects and music) and fonts can be custom made or gathered from other sources.


See the bottom of the FAQ.

Yes you can, however not my other tools like Asset Forge or Kenney Shape.

You'll receive emails when the theme is announced and when the voting begins, you can also join our Discord where we'll announce the theme live.