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Hm, this shouldn't happen and nothing has changed regarding the mouse controls. Are you sure this happens only in 1.4.0 and not in 1.3.0? It seems unlikely that this is due to the update of the game.

It'll remain to be only Lua which should be enough.

I'd recommend using external software for creating spritesheets, like ShoeBox - they'll always offer better and more options that I could ever implement in Asset Forge.

I hope you all had fun! I'll be playing some games soon and of course highlight the "winners" (everyone that submitted is a winner in my book). 

You can use the original page, I'd recommend keeping the original file up though and calling it the "jam version" or similar so people can check the difference between the jam version and updated one.

Hey, sorry to hear this is happening - can you link to one of these comments so I can take care of it?

Absolutely, after the voting period is over you'll be able to continue working on your game.

Nice game! It's brutally hard though so if you're looking to expand in the future a good feature to add might be checkpoints. Good job though!

Really solid racing game but too bad it does nothing with the theme.

Please do, don't let your game and effort go to waste!

Feel free to upload your game to your profile anyway, it just can't be submitted to the jam but that doesn't mean you should throw it away.

Nope sorry, the deadline has passed. You can still upload your game however but it can't be submitted to this jam for ratings.

If your game doesn't work it will be removed.

Kenney Jam is yearly, so next year around August.

If it is technically possible to edit then feel free to edit it.

Great! But unfortunately it seems you didn't submit it to the jam, so it's not an accepted jam entry - I'm sorry.

Nope, sorry.

I'm not sure if this is still possible ( might have locked it) but edit your game and on the bottom you should set it to 'public'. If that's not possible anymore then I'm afraid you didn't make it in time.

Can you link your game? If it doesn't contain a download or browser playable game it'll get removed.

(2 edits)

The deadline is over, no more submissions are accepted. However it seems your game got submitted in time.

Nope, uploads are locked during the voting period.

That makes sense! Thanks for the throughout answer, I was simply a bit worried because it can have terrible consequences if it wasn't in your right to distribute these but this all seems perfectly fine. Thanks!


Colors are generally okay and so are gradients, but again - try to keep to the challenge and work around your problem.

Are you sure you've got the proper rights to sell these photographs? A quick search online lead to several sources of which none were available for licensing.

Asset Forge can only be bought, it is not free software. If you can't buy it we've released thousands of game assets you can grab for free.

The challenge is to use the pre-made game assets, work around it or adapt.

Your sound question is answered in the FAQ, for particles you have to use the sprites/textures from our packs.

That's in the FAQ.

You submitted your game perfectly fine.

Well again, try to challenge yourself and either work around the problem or by finding an asset that fits - that's the idea of the jam.

Try to challenge yourself and only use the pre-made game assets provided by the jam.

Yes you can, make sure that the sprites/textures of the particles are Kenney assets.

You can use text in your game (see the FAQ), but in any case when doing visuals try to do it using the pre-made game assets because that's the challenge after all.

I don't see why not.

Yeah that's fine.

Try to use the game assets as-is, that's the challenge.

How closely your game matches the theme will be voted on by users after you've submitted.