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Absolutely, there will be no change in model compatibility.

Hm, that's a strange problem we haven't encountered before. Have you tried saving the .model file by clicking save in the upper left corner? Does it create a file?

Sorry you've encountered this, it's a bug in the system that generates thumbnails. You can try removing the thumbnail cache by going to the settings and clicking the button to remove the cache (you might need to restart Asset Forge), if that doesn't fix it please report back so we can fix it in a future release of Asset Forge :)

Hm, possibly. Could you send me (mail[at]kenney.nl) the e-mail address you used to purchase it? That way I can look it up in the database and get you a link again. Thanks!

You can recover your purchases by entering your e-mail on this page:

After that you can link Kenney Studio to your account and access it from there. Hope that helps!

Certainly is, will publish news on the next version soon!

Absolutely! We're working on a content update which should hit soon, and the next will be a complete rendition of the whole program adding numerous of features.

That's really strange, I'll have a look into this. For now, indeed use the Itch.io app but we'll get it fixed so you don't have to install through Itch.io. Stay tuned for a fix!

Actually it's already available on the Pixeland.io website, same license as all the other assets.


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Unfortunately this entry uses graphics by other artists and thus didn't completely follow the guidelines of the jam. Still a good game, congrats!

Fixed this in the new version, once you go out of bounds you'll return to the starting position. You can now also press ESC at any point to return to the main hub.

Posted in Sun Sprite

There's a sun in here; http://kenney.nl/assets/jumper-pack - hope that'll work out! You're also allowed to piece together a sprite.

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Submissions for the jam have to be uploaded here, on Itch.io. After the jam everyone is welcome to continue working on their entry and switching the assets with custom ones, or even release it commercially.

Thanks for sharing this, will be useful for people I'm sure!

Hey, you can check out the exact jam date and time on the main page. It'll run from Friday till Sunday.

We actually decided that the most important part of the application would be the features and they are the same across all versions. Asset Forge supports importing custom blocks so in theory standard edition users can import community made blocks and end up with more blocks than the deluxe version offers.

Both standard and deluxe will receive block updates. We don't plan on changing the pricing method as we feel it's the most fair model.

There aren't any sales planned currently. The deluxe version more or less allows users to support the development of Asset Forge plus get some extra blocks which will grow with every update.

Custom textures are not yet supported but the feature will be added in future update.

That won't be a feature soon, we first want to stick the core mechanics.

Great to hear! What you're seeing is a 50% discount on Deluxe, this is not because it's on sale but that's the price you pay if you want to upgrade (so you didn't miss out on anything). Because you bought the standard version, you can upgrade to deluxe at any point for just the price difference.

Copy and pasting hasn't been added yet, it's an often requested feature so it'll be added in a future update!

We're a small indie team of developers and if you ever had a complaint about our software you could've contacted us or even asked for a refund; you didn't. Instead you started advising others not to purchase our content because based on your opinion we apparently have an history of abandoning software. Next time, I'd recommend contacting us directly as we're always open to solve any issues you have.

Hope this helps you out.

I'm sorry this has happened to you :( we already received a ton of requests for this feature, here's why it's not in yet: we're currently working on a huge update that will revamp the whole program, things like this will be included but it takes a bit longer to create 

We're also looking into some kind of auto-saving or recovery system so you won't ever lose your model.

What you might consider as a content update might not be what we intend it to be. After adding thousands of new sprites to the existing package we'll have to make the decision to keep updating (and slowly go bankrupt) or close off the package and continue with a new one – I'm sure you understand.

I'm not sure what you're missing from Kenney Studio but all features are in there, there's not a single feature that still has to be added or is missing. For the price at which Kenney Studio was sold, we feel like it was a solid piece of software. We've already informed everyone who purchased Kenney Studio that they'll receive a final update and a discount for Asset Forge (absolutely not an update of Kenney Studio, as it's a totally different application).

While a previous version of Kenney Studio did mention those features, they are not planned to be added anymore as we decided to stick to the main mechanic.

Hope these answers will help, cheers!

We never actually charged for updates. In the past we've released Kenney Game Assets which received 40 free content updates, then we released Kenney Game Assets 2 which received 20 updates and Kenney Studio which added new features for two years.

That's awesome! Is that all in working order right now? (asking because while it does technically work, I've never tried it myself). But indeed, creating groups would be better.

No worries man, happy to help!

Yep! Hit configuration on top then "Clear thumbnail cache"

Thanks for this detailed report! I'll definitely look into this since Unreal is an engine a ton of people use or will use. Adding special UE/Unity/etc. exports might be a good solution to add some details which some engines might need - thanks for that!

Heya! Not sure where you read that updates will be paid but for the time being there are no plans for paid updates, just free ones.

That's great! I know some people already asked for this, thanks for creating :)

Sorry, we can't give refunds based on your PC specs. The software runs fine on most, even older hardware. Since our application is DRM-free we can't revoke access to it which means we can't do refunds.

Please note that the asset kits released on Patreon are not Asset Forge custom collections, they're not directly compatible.

You can now also look for teams over at CrowdForge! https://crowdforge.io/jams/kenneyjam

I'm sorry it's not working out for you but I can guarantee we do our best to optimize the editor, especially for lower-end devices. The camera smoothing and transitioning does not have an effect on performance at all (otherwise they wouldn't be in there).

You might want to upgrade your CPU or GPU, I did a quick search and your CPU ends up at the bottom worst performing CPU's.

Man, that's so awesome! Would you mind sharing the .model file? This would certainly help me do stress tests and optimizing the editor.

Don't have an ETA for that unfortunately :( right now I'm working on some often requested features (block duplication, better collection browsing and HEX color values for example). It's very high on the priority list however.

That is horrible, I love it. I think it would be a good rule to go with: as long as the asset is still recognizable it's okay!

Does your PC meet the minimum requirements for running Unity games/tools? At the lowest setting, there really aren't any graphical enhancements left to disable.


  • OS: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+.
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.