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No source code will be shared, sorry. We do have a blog article about some aspects of development; http://kenney.nl/blog/making-of-techium-eclipse


Awesome, thanks for creating the video!

Yeah, certainly something that can be improved in an update! Thanks for the feedback, glad you did enjoy it :)


I've actually spend a great deal of time to make the characters and weapons 2D sprites, it's a throwback to classic FPS games. While indeed nowadays models look better, I'm trying to give the game a bit of a nostalgic sense for people who played those games back in the day.

Gameplay video 02/02/2017, temporary map.

Created a new topic Ideas & suggestions

Got ideas? Post 'em here!

Created a new topic Development blog

This thread will contain development updates by the team.

Due to the short period of development (48-hours) there isn't enough time to test the game om multiple systems, it might be that (if your CPU/GPU is not up to performance) the game might run too fast or slow.

Due to the short period of development (48-hours) there isn't enough time to test the game om multiple systems, it might be that (if your CPU/GPU is not up to performance) the game might run too fast or slow.

Hey, yes we komen allemaal uit Nederland. Thanks en groetjes!

We only had a couple of hours to balance the game, we tried our best.

If only we would've had more time than 48-hours 😉

Added a new building pop-up! This lists all details about a building plus it's requirements. In this case, a sawmill requires trees, energy and workers!

Will be implemented later, right now there's little use since all buildings are low. Your view never gets blocked by anything.

I really like this idea! I indeed want to spend some time getting the "end-game" working, since the towns are probably not going to be absolutely massive it's important to keep gaining more options to improve the town. I really like the idea of having a research facility.

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This thread is closed and will be used to keep a list of confirmed structures/buildings


  • Sawmill (requires trees, produces wood)
  • Steel Mill (requires ?, produces steel)
  • Farm (requires farmland, produces food)
  • Factory (requires resource, produces goods)

Upgrades (place near existing building to upgrade)

  • Garage (more transportation for industry)
  • Warehouse (more employees for industry)
  • Garden (residents gain bliss)
  • Swimming pool (residents gain bliss)


  • Trailer park (max. 2 residents)
  • Suburban housing (max. 4 residents)
  • Apartment complex (max. 8 residents)


  • Store (requires goods)
  • Supermarket (requires goods)
  • Car dealership (requires goods)


  • Dirt road (half speed)
  • Default road (default speed)
  • Highway (double speed)
  • Railroad


  • Wind turbine (no pollution, low energy, wind dependent)
  • Future wind turbine (no pollution, wind dependent)
  • Solar panels (no pollution, low energy, light dependent)
  • Coal power plant (high pollution, low danger)
  • Oil power plant (low pollution, low danger, requires oil?)
  • Natural gas power plant (no pollution, low energy, runs out of resources)
  • Nuclear power plant (low pollution, high danger)
  • Hydrogen power plant (no pollution, no danger)

That would mean that users would be forced to start their town at the side of the map instead of anywhere they please, don't like restrictions ;)

Townsized community · Created a new topic To-do list
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This thread is closed and will be used to keep a to-do/development list


  • Sawmill (has power, has tree in area, has employees)
  • Factory (has power, has employees)
  • Sawmill bring goods to factory


  • Vehicles should know which type of tile they're driving on


  • Optimize power plant and statue models


  • Build panel tabs coloring (selected = alternative color)

Thanks for all the ideas! They'll be taken into consideration when creating features, I haven't shown a lot of the game yet but I have a pretty good idea on how it'll play. Some of your ideas fit in, others won't. That's okay though, as you said; there's no clear vision for the game as of yet.

The game will still only be made for PC (that is Windows, Mac OSX and Linux). There will be no mobile port or 'free to play' features like the games you've mentioned. I'm creating this game to be PC-first, there are a ton of city builders for mobile devices which are made mobile-first and (in my opinion) aren't very fun to play. With this game, you pay for the full game and you'll get all the features included (no waiting, purchasing coins, inviting friends etc.).

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Progress! Citizens now look for a job, once a sawmill (new building) has employees, energy and trees around it will start producing wood. In this test version it'll ship the wood to completely random factories.

Can't see your other reply!

The building window is just a couple of non-textures transparent panels and outline/shadow effects - simple stuff :)

That's certainly the plan, while the user can choose which type of building to place it will result in a random visual style. The problems of the city will indeed be visual.

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This thread previously was the to-do/development list but instead it now contains Happycam2000's ideas 😉

Added tracks to the game, this meant having to redo a bit of the path structure. It's now possible to tell the game which types of pathway connect to each other. Roads and dirt roads connect, rails don't!

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Added a pop-up window for buildings;

Yep exactly, although I'd need to think about the actual impact of gameplay regarding the public transport. What if there's no public transport? Would citizens not be as happy, or would they not be able to go to work?

Housing in different styles won't be happening possibly, since I'd want every building to be expanded (swimming pool, garages etc.) there would be too many models meaning an impact on memory. There's a selection of different types of housing to players though (trailer park, suburban, villa etc.).

Still working on the lighting at night, while all vehicles/buildings already have lights installed they don't glow enough. Still looking for a proper bloom shader that only works using emission textures.

Seasons not sure, but because all buildings/vehicles use the same material it wouldn't be hard to write a shader that applies various color variations (like adding snow/white on flat surfaces).

I like it!

  1. Public transport: Certainly, not sure how big of a role it'll be though.
  2. Rivers/fountains: Yep! Fountains for decoration and rivers for transportation - will probably come with terrain.
  3. Outside connection: Yes, still thinking on what kind (probably a tunnel that goes underground) but it will be the source of population.
  4. People/housing: Yes, you'll have a choice what type of housing to build and each residence can be upgrades/expanded.
  5. Weather conditions: I'd love to insert some kind of gameplay with this, wind already affects energy (with wind turbines).
  6. Services: Certainly, will come with it's own disasters.

Yep! Planned is Windows, OSX and Linux.

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I'll be posting GIF/videos of progress here, you can find a small collection on my Twitter!

Video collection:

Created a new topic Documentation

Getting Started

GameGO is an application that can launch any game (executable) currently installed on your PC. Edit the easy to understand XML files using any text editor and add your own games.

Default controls


Select game: Arrow keys
Start game: Spacebar
Exit application: Escape
Switch tabs: Z and X


Select game: Axis 0 and 1 (DPAD or left joystick)
Start game: Button 4
Exit application: Button 10
Switch tabs: Button 6 and 7

Adding games

The included file (games.xml) contains all the games and their properties.

<category title='Your Title'> A category (tab on top of screen)
<game> This holds your game properties
<title> The title of the game (currently not used within GameGO)
<banner> The banner image file location (ex. banner\game.png or C:\banners\game.png)
<executable> The location of the games executable (ex. E:\Games\Game\Game.exe)
<parameters> If the executable allows it, you can add parameters (ex. -nogui -windowed)


Point to an EXE or BAT file to start a game or app. To start games using emulators you'll have to point executable to the emulator and parameters to the rom file. Instead of pointing to an executable you can also enter an URL to open, for HTML5 games and opening webpages.

Changing the configuration

The config.ini file holds all the configuration options, each option has instructions attached.


The size of the thumbnails/banners in GameGO are the same as seen in the Steam grid view. These 460 × 215 (or 920 × 430) images can be found on the following websites:


Place JPG/JPEG/PNG images in the background folder, the game will select a random image file from the folder to use as background. Make sure that the option randomBackground in config.ini is set to true.


Place MP3 files in the music folder, the game will select a random audio file from the folder to play during game selection. Make sure the option playMusic in config.ini is set to true.

The OSX version has been released, please excuse the delay - constantly working on making it less of a pain on my part.

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Hey, thanks for your suggestions!

  1. Workspace zoom; Zoom feature is planned - see development board
  2. Groups; Grouping objects isn't in the plans, but selecting/moving multiple objects is - see development board
  3. Duplicating group; Not sure if this will be added.
  4. Background; Still thinking how to incorporate, since it isn't in line with the current way sprites are build.
  5. Alien accessoires; Will keep this in mind, I like the idea!
  6. Screen resizing; Is planned - see development board
  7. Tablet/Surface pro support; Won't be happening, too little users to warrant the time.
  8. Submit templates; Good idea, will be working on some sort of online community to upload templates to.

E-mail will go out once OSX version is released, that would be fair for all OSX users.

Nope it's actually the exact same version/files etc. but to compile for OSX I have to boot up my ol' iMac which was bought specifically for compiling OSX versions. The trouble is that usually Apple has updated their operating system which forces me to upgrade, I also have to update Adobe AIR for OSX (using an older version would mean it wouldn't work with the newest OSX) and make sure all files are compiled correctly (unlike the Windows version you can't just add files to the binary file and get it going).

All in all it's a lot of work for no reason other than it being Apple and annoying.

Nope it's delayed a bit, should be next week.

Thanks for your suggestions Donni!

1. Probably not, the focus of Kenney Studio will remain at the builder part.

2. While already possible technically, there should indeed be better documentation for this.

3. Already possible, check the export tab.

4. You can place any .ken file in the /templates/ folder and it should show up on the homescreen, there's currently a maximum of just 6 templates though. Next version is going to have pages and/or folders.

5. See above :)

6. Yep, planned!