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It took me a while to make them properly work in Unity especially, so hope they're useful :)

Yep! Keep an eye on, that's where I'll post development blogs along the way. As you can read there I've lost some progress which delayed the 2.0 update unfortunately.

Heya! Thanks for the suggestions, you're indeed right most is already planned for Asset Forge 2.0;

  • Indeed, a dropdown menu has been added and will be in version 2.0.
  • We've done some optimizing which makes it possible to create bigger models, the maximum zoom will be much farther away.
  • Yep, locking and unlocking as well as hiding/unhiding are both features in 2.0
  • Grouping too, copy/paste too. Still looking into exporting options for groups.

Hey! It's indeed a planned feature for the next release, I can't give an ETA though :( I've recently lost my hard drive due to a failure inside the disks which means I lost a lot of progress. I'm working as quick as I can and I'll keep everyone updated on the progress, I can however not give an ETA.

Sorry, that's what I meant. Because the building blocks are public domain a creation using the blocks would be too, unless you decide otherwise on your own creation. I'll always compare blocks in Asset Forge to brushes in Photoshop, the art you create isn't Adobe's (me) property but your own.

Unfortunately not, they couldn't recover any idea. No worries though, I already started working on it again and making good progress - I'll keep everything updated ofcourse!

Hey! I completely agree with you, non-native file managers are the spawn of the devil.

I've got little choice though, because Asset Forge is also available on Linux which doesn't have a native file browser I have to create my own and use it across all platforms. If I'd support the native file browser on Mac and Windows it means that I'd have two code bases which would slow down development and be prone for bugs.

I will look into this however, because again, I completely agree with you and we should all blame that darn Linux.

They're not active yet in the current version, later on new features will be introduced and those buttons will get available.

Probably not, the program would never work perfectly with characters so I don't think it'll fit.

Nope, there's no built-in blocks available to create characters unfortunately.

Yep, in the future there will be both on-site and off-site back-ups.

Usually I use GitHub, although the project wasn't added to the usual GIT.

Hah for sure! I've upgraded my cloud storage to 1TB, made sure GitHub is properly set-up for all projects and once the recovery disk comes back I'll set-up a RAID with two new drives with a monthly back-up to an off-site drive.

Hey! My assets aren't directly compatible with Asset Forge yet, you'll have to edit them using Blender or other software. Asset Forge 2.0 (free update) will fix this though, and make sure they're all directly compatible. Sorry for this.

Glad to hear a restart fixed the issue!

Hey Harry, sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you tried going into the configuration of Asset Forge and setting the editor quality to 'low'? It doesn't affect exports.

This might be an issue related to the model viewer you're using, there's a large chance it might be missing functionality to display multiple textures and materials per model. We only officially support game engines.

Version 2.0 will have a brand new gizmo which allows for free rotation and scaling, as well as movement along planes.

Version 2.0 will have a dropdown list instead of swapping left/right buttons.

Currently these aren't directly compatible, working on fixing this in future versions but for now they aren't compatible without some tinkering in 3D modeling software yourself.

Nope, when using multiple textures in an Asset Forge model it'll export multiple texture files - there's no option to combine them.

So the direction is pretty clear, just like it is now it'll keep being a simple editor for assets. All assets? Certainly not, there will always be limitations especially when trying to keep the interface easy to learn and use. Characters won't be supported, animations won't be supported.

There's already a Mac OS version available, as well as Linux.

Thanks! Yeah having the development open allows me to gather feature requests from users along the way.

Yes, this is already a future. You can only make models using blocks, this is not a complete modeling tool.

Great! :D me too.

At this moment I can't confirm that this will be an option, it depends a bit on how the code will be done. It's a good idea though and I will certainly consider it.

Thanks, good to hear :)

Yeah absolutely! So in that regard there will be a brand new gizmo for quick moving, and of course the new properties pane which is very similar to how it works in Unity. I'm also working on a new "greeble" tool which will basically stick (automatically position and rotate) blocks on other block faces, this is helpful for adding smaller details.

That should be fairly easy to add! I always thought the 2D exporting didn't have enough features so that'll certainly be a big focus point for the next update.

Oh wow that's a lot of materials! Will be fixed in version 2.0 as the material pannel will then scroll, which will make sure that they never clip.


When you export your model it'll also export texture files (PNG), make sure to import them too. Then, drag your OBJ + MTL file (very important) into Unity and it should import fine.

Hope that works!

Yep absolutely, working hard on 2.0. It's taking long because it's a complete remake of the software which will ensure more frequent, and better updates in the future. Stay tuned, 2.0 should be out this year.

Heya! Asset Forge is DRM free so it's possible to transfer to other computers, we'd recommend having a single copy per user though.

Oh no :( I was thinking to actually have images for emoji instead of actual emoji since they can look different for everyone and, in your case, not even work at all.

Go for it, I just had the idea and quickly wanted to see how it'd work. This is by no means a really compelling or long game and I feel more can be made with the basic idea. Adding a proper inventory, or showing some kind of (emoji, ofcourse) prompts would allow for better gameplay.

Well, it's an adventure game so being lost is kind of part of the deal.