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Nope, you'll have to use the assets provided.

You can find top-down 2D cars here: https://kenney.nl/assets/racing-pack

or 3D ones as an exclusive in Kenney Game Assets 3: https://kenney.itch.io/kenney-game-assets-3

As a tip; as the theme is 'time travel' you might be able to replace cars with medieval siege weapons or spacecrafts.

Nope, this jam you can only use the pre-made assets. No custom ones.

Thanks for posting everyone! You can also join our Discord and go to the #gamejam channel to find other people to collaborate with. https://pixeland.io/discord

There will be a theme, it'll be announced when the jam starts.

Heya! Have you checked our guide and sample files? It's important that you place the pivot point correct.


To clear the clipboard on Windows you can click Start, enter this:

cmd /c "echo off | clip"

and hit enter.

You can find more information and stay up-to-date on the event page.

Are you looking for team members or would you like to join a team? Post a comment here!

Did you edit or remix one of the existing assets in a way that might be useful to others? Share them here!

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You can find all available game assets here (free for everyone, public domain licensed):


Optionally you can get even more by purchasing one of the bundles (includes exclusives).

All the geometry will remain, so none of the polygons 'inside' a block will be removed. No new seams will be created either, so all blocks will remain in-tact.

Yep, developments are still ongoing! We recently revealed some progress on version 2.0 here.

1. Currently this is fixed, but in the 2.0 version you'll be able to rotate freely (still to a grid, but a much finer one) or input values.

2. This is currently not possible, we're looking in completely revising the 2D rendering for 2.0.

That's weird! Are you having trouble running different Unity games or applications?  (You can check using this free game)
Did you use it using the Itch.io launcher or by downloading the executable?

These are great! I've posted on Twitter.

This is confirmed to be in the 2.0 update, see here: http://assetforge.io/#version

Just to confirm; none of the custom collections work? Even those posted in the community?

What's planned for 2.0 is that there will be a few different control styles;

  1. Exactly as you described, it'll connect to the block based on which side you're pointing at.
  2. The block will always place on the ground, but you can hold shift to move up and down (similar as in the game Parkitect

This will be extended with more control styles in the future, based on user feedback.

You can check out a feature list here, it's constantly updated :) http://assetforge.io/#version

Yep! Once you buy the standard version you'll see a 50% discount for Deluxe which is the difference in price between Standard and Deluxe. You can upgrade at any point, it doesn't expire.

That is amazing, thanks for creating this! I'll share it on Twitter so more people can check it out. :)

Did you try starting using one of our templates? https://itch.io/t/96123/creating-custom-blocks

Sure! Feel free to do any feature requests or suggestions.

Unfortunately not :(

We're working on version 2.0 which will be a huge update. The whole program is written from scratch and adds numerous new features and improves on every single option. There's no release date yet but will soon set-up a special page about that. It'll be a free update.

This is a known problem! 2D exporting is getting an overhaul in version 2.0 (free update) where it'll scan your model for size, then always export a result with the whole model in it.

Thanks for the report! You'll get more control over position, and scaling in Asset Forge 2.0 which will be released as a free update. This seems like a bit of a problem with that specific model though and we'll go ahead and fix that :)

Thanks for reporting this (obscure) bug, I would've otherwise never noticed or found it. This is definitely something I'll take note of when releasing Asset Forge 2.0, make sure everything is standard across different locales. Thanks again!

These are absolutely fantastic, great job! They really fit in with the rest of the Asset Forge models. I'm amazed!

Moving the camera up- and down will be supported in Asset Forge 2.0 (free update, no ETA).

Currently a known bug, will be fixed in the next version. Sorry!

Double thread, please see.

Custom textures will be supported in Asset Forge 2.0, there's no ETA but it'll be a free update!