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Thanks man 😁👍

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Thanks so much! Glad you liked it, and I plan to continue working on projects like this for a long time :) 

Thanks so much man! Glad you dig its challenging nature, will be sure to give this a watch as well as future parts on this playthrough, cant wait 😄👍

Hello All! I am excited to confirm that my new hybrid first person shooter - The Long Road Back, which combines classic retro-FPS elements with classic survival horror features, is now available to buy for windows PC, I've spent the last year working on this, and my previous short free titles (Ward 17, One Night Too Many, Remorse of Revelations) have been a build up of sorts towards this, for this is my most ambitious game yet! 

The Games Itch page is right here (from there you can also access to the now up-to-date free demo of containing the first two levels for FREE):

You can also watch the game trailer here:

Thanks to all the support I've received to make this possible, and remember - Every. Shot. Counts.

No worries man! Been a long road (pun not intended) to get this point, hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

Thanks! Yeah for the 96 hours we had to ensure time was managed well, glad to see that paid off :D 

Thanks! :D

Thanks 😁

Thanks for feedback, and yeah, time contraints was a major factor throughout.


Cheers :D


Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it overall!

Thanks 👍

Thanks :D 

Thanks! Kinda tried to balance the game between seriousness and cartoony, glad you found it a solid experience overall though 😁👍

Thanks 😁👍

No worries, thanks for trying it out 👍

No Problem 👍

Have you copied out the folder from the .zip? If so .exe should be there and called "mapdesign1" or something like that (its not called retrowave or anything like that, due to this being prototype) , if its not there still try redownloading it, any issues just post here 👍


Cheers 😁👍

Thanks, glad you loved it 👍

Thanks 👍

Thanks, glad you had a lot of fun playing, cheers :D 

Thanks 😀👍

Thanks, glad you had fun :D

Thanks 🤣

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Thanks 👍

Thanks man! wanted the it to feel a little diffeerent overall, glad you liked it! 😁👍

Good to know the balance was nailed, much appreciated! Hopefully my next project will be worth the wait 😁👍

Thanks man! Wanted to focus on other elements over than scares when making this game, will be sure to improve that aspect in future! Glad you had a good time playing overall,  happy you liked the style too :D 

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I appreciate the Feedback, Totally understandable points, i will look to take some of the critiques on board, thanks for trying it out regardless, Glad you liked the style though, that is something i plan to continue with, cheers   


Thanks! :D

Thanks :D

Thanks, glad you had fun playing it 👍 

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Thanks! Wanted to try and create something that would be a little different, moments of shock and twist, with a small amount of humour (with some of the notes), and also, yeah, wanted one of the conclusions a bit more unique/unexpected, thanks for playing!