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Thanks man, glad you loved it! :D

Thanks so much man!


Thanks for in depth feedback, glad you have playing it :D

You're Welcome!

Thanks :D

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks, glad you found it great overall!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks, glad you loved it!

Thanks :D

Thanks for the praise! :D


Thanks for playing, and also thanks for the in-depth feedback :)


Thanks very much! :D


Thanks! :D


Thanks very much!

Thanks! :)

Thanks so much, hope you dig those too, I've made plenty!

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Thanks! Glad the atmosphere worked for you.


Honestly have no idea how to fix at current time, my best bet would be download the game jolt version and use the game jolt launcher and see if you have better luck there:

Thanks for playing man! Glad you found this one cool as well! 

Thanks 👍

You're welcome, glad you found a solution 👍

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Not familiar with with windows 11, (I myself still use 10) although that shouldnt be an issue, I assume you've copied it out of the folder/extracted it etc. ? and when you click on it, nothing at all pops up?  As only thing I can think of may be related to your PC's security settings

Also are you on running on windows 64 bit or 32 bit?

Hi, do you mean the .exe itself is having issues?

Thanks :D


Hey all, it's KS98 here, creator of Too Far Gone, One night Too Many and more, and I've just released my latest short horror game with a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, get the game here if you dare to find more...

Thanks for playing and for in depth feedback, very helpful and always much appreciated, glad you enjoyed it overall! 

LoL, Thanks for playing man!

Thanks for the kind words!


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Do you like horror games? Like adventure? Well, Fall of Aeternum has plenty of both! 

Hey all, KS98 here, creator of Too Far Gone, One night too many, Ward 17 and more, releasing a new short horror game, but this time with an ancient twist! I've worked with several other talented developers to bring one of my most ambitious horror titles yet to release, and it's out now for FREE on windows PC! Check it out via the link below

Also feel free to give the trailer a watch...