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Ah sorry, you got stuck some of the areas were a little confusing, but thanks for playing !!

Nice game mate, loved the art style!!

Hey thanks so much for playing !!

lol it can certainly can be, thanks again man I really appreciate that!

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That's some interesting ambiance you have there nicely done, the colours were a bit too strong after a while it was a bit hard to look at especially the red level, during the yellow level it was a bit hard to see the floor, but overall it was interesting nice job.

Hey there thanks for playing and thank you for the honest feedback, I agree there are certain aspects I would have loved to improve on but with work and life in general I couldn't get everything working the way I wanted, but thanks for pointing those issues out, in the long run it will help me improve.

Hey man, thank you so much for playing I really appreciate it and thanks for the feedback!!

Nice job with the level design, I think PMC's AI could have been tweaked he seems very hard to get away from and a little inconsistent, but overall nice job!

Pretty cool, well done!!

Fantastic game, really well-made art and music!!

Thanks again for playing man, really appreciate it !!

Hey there, the widget appeared for a second, and then it just disappeared, not too sure what happened, sorry I can't give more info, I was on my lunch break at work so had to rush back. No problem at all the game was a pleasure to play.

Fantastic job mate, very creative, those environments were great. I did run into a few bugs, during the opening I pressed P and become soft-locked. Also during the multiple option colour puzzle with the heart and the suit, I died and after I loaded back into that puzzle, the wall would not collapse after all the puzzle pieces were set, I also ran into an issue near the last math puzzle area, once the ceiling killed me I just fell out of world, this was a really cool entry though aside from the issues.

Nice job, PMC was really well modeled and animated and you had some great ambiance there, well done.

Good job mate, well done!!

You are the MVP for posting this!

Interesting game, well done.

This was really well done, great job.

Hey there tried the demo out, also sent you a little donation towards the project hope it goes well, ran into a few issues when I was playing on my end.

Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to play it!!

Finally got around to playing this, I entered the Kravin Jam too, this was a really cool game man, really nice job.

Amazing idea.

That's so nice thank you for playing. 

Thanks for the feedback, i was always worried it'd be too hard to find so I tried to make it a little easy to kill, yeah my apologies for the sensitivity need to remember to look at that for the next time. 

I'm sorry man I do not, I'm on lunch break at work here now, I can try and blast through later when im done. and shoot you a video. 

Thats it my friend its a bug not a feature, its all good I forgot to tell people they could reload in my submission.

I would block off some of the areas at the beginning it was a bit awkward figuring out where to go in that beginning snow area. And there were some parts where the triggers for the camera changes were a little bit awkward especially when there are enemies around.  The mouse controls worked really well it took me a bit to get used to it but after I did I was fine, I really enjoyed playing this, the level design was nice and it was great to play a traditional tank controls horror game and the item placement was done well, nice job man.

I didn't get a chance to finish it since I fell out of world in a section, I'll add the screenshot.

Good job with this, you really did a great job capturing the slow progression of depression, without going overboard, nice job man.

Yeah thanks man, I know a few people mentioned the reload button not being shown, I just completely forgot.

Thanks very much, I really appreciate the feedback.

Ah it was a very minor issue honestly.

Cool little game, I liked the gun controls and the aesthetic.

Nice retro game, good job.

Cool game, nice job.

Ah thank you.

Fantastic job really cool game, great use of the theme too. 

Really interesting game, The voice acting was really cool and you did a great job setting up the atmosphere, I'd say the enemies could do with some tweaking, they kept pushing me around a lot and the scene where you need to get the car keys the trigger was a little bit hard to do, Overall great job and I love the Easter Egg, really nice touch. 

Thanks very much I appreciate the feedback.

Nice job, well written, and an interesting story.

Really liked the art style,  UI was really cool, very clear explanations of the game mechanics, fantastic progression throughout the levels too with the different layouts, had some issues with cultists being stuck, but overall fantastic job, well done.

I'm stuck on a loop at the main menu can't progress into the game, when i press a key it just keeps resetting the splash screen.