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[Meta] testing new tools

A topic by Amos created Nov 29, 2015 Views: 939 Replies: 13
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Admin (1 edit) (+2)

Hey there!

  • Do you like trying out new stuff that's not quite stable yet?
  • Do you have a game in early access / that you update regularly?
  • Do you want to help us make tools awesome?

Then reply to this thread & I'll make sure to ping you when we start our closed beta.

Count me in :)

Sure, why not? If nothing else, it will remind me to work on something and get it worth releasing. o.o

I like unstable software!

Sign me up!

Let's do this! It might force me to release updates more often!


I love the platform and would love to help make it better!

My games are too small for Early Access, but do love me some instability.

sign me up! :D

Yes please! :)


Gimme the stuffs that will crash so I can helps to maek better plzkthx. :)


Sign me up as well.

I don't have a game in EA but I'd be down to help test!

Sign Me up! Sounds great, is a great platform for beginners and would love to help.