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Congrats Seth! It was a really great demo! Very inspiring and nice to see a "lifelong project" like yours suddenly become alive :)

You're very talented at everything you touch and you can really sense it well already in the 20min span of the demo. And the fact that you're doing everything alone definetly adds something more to the game. It feels genuine, honest, because the vision you had for it is not altered by someone else working with you. It's something very rare and you should feel proud to have accomplished this. It's very very easy to plunge into the atmosphere of NYKRA and it calls for wander and exploration. In a way the player is like Keu, naive and inocent and eager to discover the world around him, the identification works well. I relate already a lot to the very little we know about your universe I can't wait to discover it more.

The palette and the sprites are lovely and carefuly crafted you can really feel that you put a lot of efforts into it. The sound and music are amazing and really embodies the atmosphere and strengthens it.  The maps are cleverely made and tickled my explorer side, and the small notes as rewards are  worth it. The fact that almost everything is moving and animated is a very nice touch, it helps everything to feel more alive.

The only minor thing I wasn't really found of was the dialogue sounds, it feels a bit too robotic. Pyre from Supergiant Games uses the same kind of trick but does it in a different way, you should have a look at it!

Anyway, it's really promising and I hope it brings you motiviation to finish what could be a piece of art :)
Can't wait to see more!

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I think that keeping the users settings in local should be the way to do it, but there is two problems I see.

  • First of all that means that if the user is using another computer or device he won't have his settings and will have to reconfigure all of his stuff all over again.
  • Secondly that's also may cause a problem when using Superpowers on a web browser like Chrome or Firefox since we cannot access the local storage on any web browser.

Since we apparently can't escape to the global server to keep users settings, it would be nice to have it completely optional and to have a way to store the settings locally and eventually have the possibility to sync them later on. To let the user to have the choice to, whether or not, log in to the main server and sync their user settings.

A must-play :)

Thanks for this. Definitely a great idea :)

Count me in :)