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This product is being released on Unreal Engine Market Place.

Ahhh yes good ole classic timing games, play and replay till you figure out patterns and timing sweet can't wait to try.

Get bandizip this archive does everything even iso's :)

Hi there, I know im not the guy your looking for but thought i might try to help with this. I too develop prototypes here and there and do not know much about Unity but do know of some decent character generation and animation software thats totally free. First you will need (and forgive me if you know this) A program called Fuse from Steam found here Then make an account here, once account is made make your character in Fuse them Export to Mixamo account. Then Mixamo will go through the rigging process automagically, when done rigging you can then search through there animations and animation packs (which there's a really good medieval one) and setup how you want them to work. From there download newly animated character then just import to Unity. Hopefully scalings not an issue like I said I don't use Unity I just know you can Import FBX.

Cheers :)

Awesome game would love to see more come of this. Crash bug attacking giant lizard.

Awesome game for what it is, I was able to get huge raft now i look forward to more content in future :)

It does depend but i do put graphic options in main menu to switch to lower settings before entering game, then once in you can adjust accordingly. Also this project came to a stand still due to package problems, I am learning from mistakes and have moved on until further notice. Keep an eye out for future games their only gonna get better :)

No not really and those links are old games on main page

Post likes and dislikes in this section. Please do not be vulgar or rude, constructive criticism is fine.

Post about any thing in this section.

Its a survival game where you have harnessed the powers of hell and can now perform magic abilities (such as Fireball, Life Drain and Heal; More on its way) You make your way threw the destroyed town finding resources(Very limited and weapons do not work yet) killing the Zeds that now own the town. Their 3 different spawn locations for items (will be posting pics to help) and 3 types of usable items right now; food, medical and water. Each one does some thing different and has a items details panel in Inventory. As you go around killing Zeds you gain EXP, when you hit certain levels like level 5 you gain Life Drain power which does damage over time and when you get heal at 8th level you must first use Life Drain to store a Heal value which you have 30 seconds to use.

Now main focus is the leveling (which im fixing today can't go past 5th level not enough zeds making a spawner). So far leveling up is "Supposed" to help slow the draining of Stamina, Hunger, Thirst and Mana also increase the damage done from powers. Level system is way broke as of now 1st level is pretty balanced; 2nd level is pretty hard as my math is off and not enough put into the equations and once you hit 3rd level game becomes real easy as stamina no longer applies (MATH) along with hunger and thirst depleting way to slow. If possible give feelings on system and if its kinda on right track (aside from math) if any one knows any good equations to use to help that would be great. Also how is the item spawning? Should the weapons and other non usable items be taken out for now? How do you feel about using weapons IE guns when you have magic powers?

Just really looking for some constructive criticism on overall game idea and thought on best ways to balance things. ( lots of bugs are present but I am slowly trying to weed them out and have answers for a few of them which will be in update either today or tomorrow) In the update the item spawners will nolonger be tied to every item and will have their own categories such as food/water, medical, weapons and resources. Also crafting will be coming real soon not much left to do on it(Crafting will not be minecrafty more like the Forest with smaller and less items, just minor crafting to help situations)

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank You very much for your help hope to hear from you.


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Hello all.

Here to ask for a favor, I need testers to play a little of my game and give your advice on balancing issues (Which theirs alot lol) along with any other advice would be much appreciated.

This is a game using the Unreal Engine 4.10 Downloads are 1.45GB and require a decent pc to run. I don't know the specs yet as I'm not sure how to test that also getting options in to change settings. site

64Bit Version

32Bit Version

Unreal Engine 4




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Sign Me up! Sounds great, is a great platform for beginners and would love to help.