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Ahh awesome! Thanks so much for playing :D

An interesting strategy is to defend one of the cats at the bottom, and rely on chain reactions as much as possible.

Neat little game!

Neat little toy. :) Great walking simulator, if anything!

This is stressful. :D Almost made it!

This is great! I feel like I got the gist of it after 8 points – my strategy was to backtrack from the white circle.

Neat little game. :D

Ahh, you're the best! Yeah I'd be happy to use your version. :)

Ideally, it'd be a "make me x of this egg" kind of game! But in its current state, it's just an amusing piece of interaction.

lovely little game!

i feel like it gets somewhat repetitive near the end of the game, but it is fun nonetheless.

pretty neat!

love this, really neat mood and atmosphere.

sign me up! :D