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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

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A topic by IEP_Esy created Jun 19, 2019 Views: 660 Replies: 14
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Hello everyone! Here you can post your Game play, Let's play, tutorial or other videos about the game here. I will post other videos here as well: (No particular order)


8-Bit Ryan:

Electric pegasus: 


Gamers Nation:



Flamez Plays:


Minty Breeze:

Rob Boberty:


cmod Plays:

Step Vibes:

Jokhi Gaming: 




Generic Waffle:

Fun and creepy game that actually felt like out of my nightmares. I just couldn't figure out how to finish it.


I'll make an instructions level, but for now, this will help you:

Loved it

Creepy game. The colors of the monster are a bit strange, but it's pretty cool.


Loved the game, super creepy atmosphere for not being the typical dark environment!


Backrooms as a concept is pretty neat, so it's cool to see it get made in to a game. I feel like the monster and gameplay is pretty disconnected from the concept as a whole. Could definitely be taken in some interesting directions, given enough time. I included some outside material to show the external influences on this sub-genre. There's probably lots more for this in the future.


Thanks for playing. I will change the monsters behaviour and visuals in the next update...

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hello i really enjoyed playing this but  there was issue i encounter when playing and its pretty obvious in my video that something is wrong for some reason the first time i played this (and i played on hard or nightmare difficulty) (starts at 1:44 to 4:30)   no monsters had showed up at all and i just moseyed on to the exit in after that i picked the hardest difficulty (the backrooms difficulty) and everything was working fine (i died alot which i was expecting lol) but then it happened again (starts at  22:35 to 24:49 although there was one monster that showed up but normally there should be a lot more  that just that one idk if they could possibly got stuck)  and the last was at 25:19 to 26:13) but yeah idk what happen i felt like those monster just pity me and gave me a win or two (lol) but i did enjoy playing this i hope you can figure out how to fix this problem.


Hey thanks for recording. The spawn problem will be solved in the next update and you can see it listed in the "Bugs" section of community.


i loved the concept and overall feel of this game, i had  a great time, good job!

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Really creepy and tense! Just goes to show that you don't need dark shadows and dimly lit corridors for an effective horror game! 


I think this is the hardest indie game I've ever played in my life. It's fun and scary in a good way. I love the feel of the game overall


Played this for a 4 free indie horrors, gotta say, it really wasn't that good. It was VERY slow and frustrating to play, it didn't seem like there was anything really to it besides, walk around and get "Scared" by some sort of weird floating mask? Idk. The game was just really boring and needs more to it. I give a full in-depth review in my video below.


Thanks for recording your gameplay and giving your comments. 

The "friends" will have a huge change in the Summer update, beside some other changes to the main gameplay and bug fixes.