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This game took a lot of weird turns and twists. Really interesting story and levels. I wish the parkour test wasn't so hard, maybe adding a checkpoint system would help. I feel like I have way more questions at the end of this game than I did at the start. 

Really interesting story and monster! Really scary, made me jump a ton and cry a bunch! 10/10 would never want to see the mannequin again! 

Really creepy atmosphere and monster! Looking forward to more story and gameplay! 

Not really a coffee drinker but this game showed me what its like I guess! 

This is probably the best sonic game ive ever played  10/10 

I love mindlessly destroying things in games, but this time I did feel a bit bad for our owner... 

Now I really know what it feels like to be a drunk bear 10/10. 

What an interesting game. Yep, definitely interesting... Looking forward to beating it! 

The other endings made this game so much more amazing. So much explained and so many more details . Loved it! 

What a lovely and silly game full of love, anger and passion! :P But seriously this game was really funny and awesome! 

Really wasnt expecting this kind of depth for such a short game. I was kinda confused by the first ending i got but I think getting the other ones helped me figure stuff out. 

Really awesome entry and game! Loved the counter mechanic and the art style. The environment was really cool looking, just wish it was longer!

This game was really special. Super powerful message. I loved it :)

Really interesting idea for a mini game, looking forward to the full game with this in it! Maybe the rewards will make learning math with Baldi a bit easier... 

Really fun and unique game! Interesting story and a fun twist to the normal horror game! 


Such a relaxing environment for such a somber and serious story. The build up was what gave this game such a powerful ending that I wasn't expecting. I would've liked more messages and possibly a bit longer of a game to flesh out the story a bit more but maybe the shortness added to the shock at the end. 

Really creepy experience! Some really weird things too like the bathroom lol 

Really powerful message and an interesting way to tell it! Loved how this game played out. Really opens up your view for people who haven't gone through something like this to understand what its like. 

This had really good sound and atmosphere! Made everything creepier and made me jump more at the scares! 

Really cool look at these times in your life and about the concept behind this. Everyone deals with things differently and it was nice to see how you did and how important this area is to you. Loved this!

This game is 100% amazing and I really feel like I know what its like to be a shark now. 

Really interesting puzzles and concept! So many secrets and so many doors! 

Really great atmosphere and sound effects! Made it a lot creepier. I liked the art style even though the game was a little dark but I guess that also added to the creepiness. 

Awesome game concept! Loved using my voice to get through the levels! Great idea to help people to learn pitches and such! 

Really awesome voice acting! Loved the sense of fear and paranoia from the character. For 7 days this is really good! 

Really awesome atmosphere and creepiness! Love the unsettling feel this game pulls off. 

Loved the creepiness of this game! The android/mannequin things were so terrifying. 10/10 would scream like a child again. 

Another lovely installment of paper guy! Loved how cute this was even though I can tell it has a dark side. 

Really good atmosphere and a super creepy monster! Can't wait to see more of it! :D 

Really interesting story and idea for a game! Would love to see more adventures from these two lol 

Really awesome concepts and gameplay mechanics! Loved the music and the art style too, looking forward to anything else by you! 

This game had such a great atmosphere! I love the use of folk lore in games like this, and this game did a great job with it! Really got creeped out with the voice of the lady lol Can't wait to see the other stories! 

Really lovely and calming game!  Loved the experience from the visuals to the music! 

Really awesome concept for a game! Loved the art style and the characters :) It was a great mesh of the two genres! 

Really interesting story and graphics! Loved the style of play between the puzzles and the sneaking. Combat is a cool idea but changes the mood of the game a bit so I'm looking forward to see how it plays out in the other chapters! The games got great atmosphere so I hope it keeps up with that in the other chapters! 

Only beat night 2 so far but this game is terrifying. The music, the lights and the dying batteries all make it really stressful! Looking forward to seeing what night 4 brings! 

It did not take me long to both destroy my entire house and break the game. 10/10 loved this  

Really loved the art style and the sound track of this game! The sounds made this so much creepier! 

I love all of your games but I hate Berry. Berry is a jerkface that killed me a lot. But for real its awesome to see where you've started and all the cool stuff you've made past this! Loved it! 

Really lovely story and the art style of this game! I loved the characters and how unique they felt. The puzzles were nice, not too hard and fun to work through.