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Really interesting game! Not sure what to make of the story but I had a few ideas! 

what a creepy and awesome experience! Such an interesting way to tell a story. I loved the atmosphere and the creepy noises lol 

Never have I experienced such wonders as I did when learning to be a tree. I know have knowledge I never knew existed. Thank you all for making this. 

This was a really cool and creepy game! The story seems really interesting even if I didn't get the fully story. 

Wow this was awesomely creepy and good. Everything about this worked well, the sounds, the atmosphere, the monsters, the combat. I legit was panicking at the part with all of the roaches lol it made me so uncomfortable. Loved this game. 

Really creepy game even though it was pretty simple! Well done with the atmosphere. 

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What an amazing demo. Really spooky and made me excited for the full game. The monsters look unique and well made and the environment is awesome! Can't wait!

Really cute and lovely game! Enjoyed helping out the good doggo. 10/10 

I loved this game and it showed me how unfit I am to be a murderer... I failed to hide my crimes!

What a creepy monster and game! Loved the atmosphere and the sounds. 

Really loved the idea of this game and would love to see more levels added! Great work! 

Really loved the concept of this game! Now im scared of supermarkets lol

What a beautiful game! Loved the puzzles and the story. I wish I could see more adventures of Sarah but this was amazing! 

This game was really cute and really fun! Although I felt bad though since these marshmellows are gonna die sitting in such hot coco :( 

This game was really cool and unique! Loved the idea of the mechanics. Very creepy experience! 

Loved the build up throughout the game. Really creepy game, would've loved to see more of this! Great work. 

Really interesting game! I loved how real it felt being someone who often chooses not to go to big parties or just spend time alone. Great message and beautiful game! 

what an awesome experience. Totally crazy and trippy but interesting in every way! 

An amazing update to this game! Loved the new features and research aspect! 

Great work with the models then! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff too! 

Great game! Loved the scenery and music! The artwork was so pretty too! Very relaxing 

Really creepy game between the voices and the atmosphere! Never been so scared of school! 

Really lovely game for christmas ;) loved the idea behind it and the jokes! 

Great game. Really interesting way to turn a meme into a game lol I wish Lebron was a better guest though lol 

As someone who has worked in retail for over 3 years now, this game was awesome! I loved the dialog lol C'est un bon jeu vidéo! Je suis très heureux quand j'ai giflai les gens! :) (Sorry for my bad french!) 

Really interesting concept for a game and loved the creepiness of this! Totally scared of sleeping now... 

This game looks really promising! Can't wait to see more added!

Really lovely game and story. This got a lot more emotional than I thought! 

Really cool game! Made me think and was strange but I loved it! 

Really interesting concept for a game! Loved working through the puzzle and seeing the story told in a unique way! 

Really fun game, too bad I'm not too good at chores.. Would love to see more chores/levels added to this game! 

Really fun game! Silly but scared me a bit lol loved the spooks and both endings! 

Really interesting game! Loved everything about the creature from the sound effects to the visual effects when it got close!

Really loved this lol best ending ever! Great for being so short! 

Great and super creepy atmosphere! Loved this demo and looking forward to the full thing! 

I had played the original back when it first came out and this was really cool to see more added to it! Loved the extended version and the new ending! Really creepy stuff

Really interesting game! Never been so scared by a box before. Definitely never ordering something from the deep web! 

Definitely a unique game! I almost broke my mouse I think trying to beat this game but the jumpscares got me pretty bad! Pretty fun and strange game! 

What an interesting game.. I think I became Aquaman? But I lost my eyes for a second.. I think I had fun fishing! 

What an amazing second episode! I loved the story, the characters, the setting was all so perfect! Felt like such an old style creepy horror story! Story was a bit confusing for me toward the end of exactly what happened, but I really loved this! Looking forward to everything else from the studio!