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Absolutely loved this! Felt a lot like the movie. Had a lot of fun with this, even got jumpscared by Tommy.. 

Really loved the creepy atmosphere this had the entire time! The characters played into the story really well and everything felt unsettling! Loved this 

Amazing work, Lixian! Really got me good with the scares in this... Hope to see you use more unreal engine and hope you're enjoying working with it! 

Another amazing game! Loved the atmosphere and the feeling of claustrophobia. Great work

I just wanted to eat some noodles :( really great game! Loved the hints to get the other endings, made the story feel like one continuous playthrough! This was the last game in the video

Another amazing and well done short horror game! Absolutely loved it, really creepy experience! This was the second game in the video

That jumpscare got me so good... not only that but I got scared by the light cause I walked too quickly into the hallway... Great job! This was the first game in the video!

Fantastic camp slasher vibes and story fit into a great game! Loved getting all 3 endings and finding a little bit about the story without being directly told. Great atmosphere and loved the chase lol Great work! 

Amazing update and addition to the story! Loved seeing all the details and learning more about Lamu. What a sad story, hopefully if there are more updates Lamu can be saved! 

Another amazing game! Loved the story and seeing the Vermanders again, getting all the endings is always well worth it too! Great work, looking forward to the next game!

This game scared me so bad I legit got a headache from the last jumpscare lol seriously great work for the demo! Can't wait to see more of this! This was the last game in the video

Really scary premise and done really well! Loved the small glances at the person following us throughout the game! This was the second game in the video, great job!

Loved the premise/story of this, felt like a short horror story and worked well as one. Both love and hate the jumpscare as it reminded me of like early indie horror jumpscares lol good job!

Amazing short horror game experience! Always thought the idea of these staircases was creepy and this really played out how my brain thinks of them lol Really spooky atmosphere, looking forward to your next project!

Amazing game! Loved the aesthetic and environment! Story was cool and fit well in the length of the game! Never trusting Howard again.. 

Genuinely terrifying and also sad at the same time. Great game, I wanna see more of this and learn more about the story and what its based on!  

this game got me so good with the jumpscares lol don’t think I screamed so loud before! Great work on this! 

What a great set of experiences, really captured the feeling and atmosphere well! Managed to get the good ending but had a weird glitch with the grocery store area. But this was still an amazing game! Really loved trying to figure out the story!

Great addition to the series! I love analog horror and this got the feeling down perfectly! Will there be more chapters?

Loved this just as much as the Crypt Terror! I saw where inspiration was taken from but also think this had a lot of originality and great atmosphere in it! Great work! 

I watched a lot of The Simpsons and honestly this game seems pretty on brand for like a treehouse of horror episode lol great game! 

Amazing atmosphere and setting! Super creepy and unsettling feeling throughout this. I knew not to trust random giant holes in the ground before but now I'm definitely not going near them.

this was an amazing idea for a horror game! I loved exploring with the constant fear of what I would find next! Would love to see more added! 

Great story and game! Loved the voice acting, great job to everyone who worked on this! I just wanna know how we got THAT through security lol

I love analog horror stuff and this game definitely fit the genre! Would have liked to see a second ending for the first chapter using different choices, but still looking forward to playing the second chapter! Would love to see a bit more of a unique twist added, since this felt similar to other games I've played in the genre but I haven't played chapter 2 yet so looking forward to seeing how you added to the first chapter!

this is one of my favorite analog horror games now! Truly creepy and terrifying. I loved the perspective and story! Was this inspired at all by the Tell Tale heart?

This was an amazing horror version of a classic game! The demo was simple but enjoyable. Looking forward to being able to explore more of the castle! Would love to see the AI for princess peach have more movements or actions added to make it a bit scarier. The sound design was really good, after taking some time I felt I could really get a hang of avoiding her by listening for her movement. Looking forward to more updates! Great work on this, I loved it!

Amazing job with telling a story in such a short experience while making it scary too! Loved the tapes and the setting was super well made! 

Well now I'm actually afraid of dolls lol Really great atmosphere and sound design, loved finding the notes and trying to figure out the story! Great work

As someone who didn't really watch too many of the videos before this game really made me want to! Such a creepy atmosphere and a great story! Loved this game, great work!

The atmosphere and tension build up in this game was amazing. Really made me feel like a horror story from my childhood, feeling uneasy and scared of every corner! Great work!

didn’t expect this game to be so creepy at first but it scared me pretty good lol couldn’t manage to find the new ending but did find a secret path! Great game 

This was an amazing experience! Please explain the chicken though. Please I'm begging you I just wanna know what was the chicken about I'm so scared and confused. I think the chicken took my family

This guy is pretty great!

The flashlight mechanic was a really amazing and unique addition to this! I think it played well into the atmosphere of this game which was amazing and horrifying lol. Really felt claustrophobic in it which made it even scarier, like the darkness was closing in on me. Great work!

are cats supposed to be like this I’ve never had a cat and now I’m scared of them. 

Amazing work on this! As someone with claustrophobia this was terrifying lol great atmosphere and monster design! 

I knew pizza delivery wasn't a good job for me but now I know for sure! I enjoyed the maze bit and the jumpscares got me pretty good, great game overall! 

Really amazing game with a highly enjoyable set of endings! Felt extremely worth it to go and get the good ending after I messed up the first go around since it was such a lovely ending lol Amazing work on this and all of your games! Always looking forward to playing more of them!