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Really lovely and calming game!  Loved the experience from the visuals to the music! 

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Really awesome concept for a game! Loved the art style and the characters :) It was a great mesh of the two genres! 

Really interesting story and graphics! Loved the style of play between the puzzles and the sneaking. Combat is a cool idea but changes the mood of the game a bit so I'm looking forward to see how it plays out in the other chapters! The games got great atmosphere so I hope it keeps up with that in the other chapters! 

Only beat night 2 so far but this game is terrifying. The music, the lights and the dying batteries all make it really stressful! Looking forward to seeing what night 4 brings! 

It did not take me long to both destroy my entire house and break the game. 10/10 loved this  

Really loved the art style and the sound track of this game! The sounds made this so much creepier! 

I love all of your games but I hate Berry. Berry is a jerkface that killed me a lot. But for real its awesome to see where you've started and all the cool stuff you've made past this! Loved it! 

Really lovely story and the art style of this game! I loved the characters and how unique they felt. The puzzles were nice, not too hard and fun to work through. 

Really loved the ideas behind the puzzles and i'm pretty intrigued by the story. Looking forward to learning more about it in the full game! 

Created a new topic Super Cool Idea! (Gameplay)

This game was super unique and I had to think a lot about the story and still don't think I got it lol

Really cool game, loved the little dialog after stealing one of the tanks! Almost got the high score too! 

Really neat game, loved the story (if I got any of it correct lol)! Great game for the jam! 

Not only did this game lead me into a false sense of learning, it gave me a false sense of difficulty. I didn't expect this game to be so difficult lol really interesting twist on a typical collection horror game with the different characters and items! Might try to beat it although I did get kinda close.. 

Pretty sure this was the best intro to a game I've ever played. 10/10 would stay over at Slonderman's house again. 

Really amazing game. Truly moving message and loved the voice acting/narration. I really felt for these two people I had never met before. I think we've all been separated from someone like whether it was a friend or a significant other which makes this game so emotional. Thank you for making a great game. 

Really cool idea for a dating sim! Never thought I could find love in what I eat. Loved the different kinds of personalities the bananas had lol 

Really awesome story and characters! Loved the clues and trying to piece things together and i'm looking forward to the updates with explanations as I might've tried to imprison a few innocent people... 

Another amazing game, loved the voice acting! Really unique way to mix stuff up by adding randomized monsters! Can't wait to get the other endings! The rare creatures idea is really cool too, can't wait to see some of those! 

This game was pretty fun! Really interesting concept. 

Really interesting concepts for the mechanics and they worked pretty well! I thought the trade off between seeing the candle statues and being seen by the monster worked pretty well and was pretty unique! Great background story as well! Creepy and interesting game! 

For being so strange in the movements, it was really well done! Loved the idea and mechanics. I just wish I could get myself a pillow so comfortable that I fall asleep instantly... 

Really cool monsters and mechanics! Got some spooks but survived at the end! 

I once thought of myself as the perfect gentleman... now I'm not so sure..

This game gave me hope for when my brain finally gives up on me being so dumb and I have to have a computer take over my body for me. I just hope the scientists aren't as rude! 

Really cool and interesting game! Had a bit of trouble reading some of the text, but I think I got the major parts of the story.  Also I had a ton of fun just shooting random people! And I loved the idea behind the "ending"! 

This game was so fast paced and scared me so much! Loved the graphics, the intro, and everything! I did get confused at the end after I got the 6 switches but I like to think that getting to my safety shack was a good ending for me! 

Really interesting game! Even got me on the scares! I even felt like I learned a lot about history! 

Created a new topic Really great game!

This did a great job at fitting so many ideas into each little section! Really great message! 

Really interesting game and dialog from the "narrator"! I had to try really hard to break this game and get to the button! 

I've never been so confused in a game but at the same time intrigued! 

This game was so creepy and interesting! Really good atmosphere and the credits were the best thing I've ever read (which I don't do a lot but still says something I think!) 

This game and story was so beautiful! So much was unexpected but welcomed! The puzzles were nice and rewarding and the environment was so fleshed out and just amazing! I didn't think too much about the meaning behind it all until after completing the game and i'm still thinking about it, but it obviously is very powerful. Loved it! 

Interesting idea and loved the sound effects! Got really creeped out by some of them 

Really awesome game or games I guess! I have a new love of duck and duck musicians 

Really cool game! Loved the environment and the intro was a really good setup! 

I think I found the absolutely best glitch (which I honestly would 100% call a feature) in this one, loved the game and looking forward to more of your stuff! 

Really cute game! Loved the art and the story was really cool :) 

Really loved the concept and thought it was pretty fun! I didn't expect to die so much though lol guess I'm just bad at platformers or have pretty bad eyesight :P 


Really cool game! Loved the art and the music! Excited to see what comes next :D