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Another great shot at making my childhood terrifying... really enjoying these games! This one was absolutely horrifying! 

Definitely unexpected... and I loved it! 

I just love your style of games so much! They're just extremely fun and I loved playing as Shaggy as I think I look the most like him. :P 

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Really got me on some of the scares lol pretty cool game! 

Really awesome art and music! It made for a great atmosphere :) 

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Really cool art style and music! Loved being Jeff, the greatest Jeff warrior to ever Jeff! 

Loved the chance to become the secret agent I always wanted to be! Really cool game! 

Really awesome job at displaying the concept! Each level was really cool and unique!

This game was a lot scarier and intense than I thought!

Really interesting story and really creepy monsters! I think I broke the last boss though! 

This game was really cool! I loved the mechanics and wish there was more! It got so cool at the end with the new mechanic, excited for the full game! 

Really fun game! Loved the quests and dialog!

Loved the atmosphere of this game! I now have a fear of walking home at night... 

This game taught me a lot about myself and life in general. 

Awesome game! Really fun mechanics just wish there was more :) 

Great atmosphere and cool puzzle :) 

This game had an awesome story and was pretty fun! Hope to see more stuff from all of you! 

This house was full of holiday spirit and I loved it! Really fun game! 

I loved the different levels of this game even if I wasn't the best elf I could've been... Super fun and creative :)

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This game was really good! Really creepy atmosphere and sounds. 

Really cool story/mechanics! But that ending! 

This game made me happy and cured my sickness. Thank you. 

This game is awesome and I can't wait to play more :) get atmosphere and sound! 

I thought the game was pretty funny even though we're kind of a jerk... Couldn't figure out how to unlock the second level though :( still enjoyed it! 

I thought the game was really funny and I enjoyed trapping cats under tables!

Awesome graphics and atmosphere! :D Loved the story :) 

This game looks really promising and I can't wait for more to it! Already really creepy without jumpscares.

Really enjoyed this game and the chance to relax and chase some birds :) 

I loved exposed and this as well! Extremely creepy and well made for 48 hours! 

This game was awesome and made me interested in becoming  a science ninja just like Quidget! Can't wait to play the more of your stuff! 

Really loved the artstyle and the story seems really interesting! Can;t wait to see more. 

This game was harder than I thought! I thought it was fun to try to avoid the angry mob of caffeine hungry people! 

Cool mechanics! Made for a great feeling of stealth while being scared of my surroundings! Maybe just cause I hate the ocean so much! 

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Looks promising! Love the artstyle and the SCP interactions!

I really enjoyed this game! I thought it had great atmosphere and the visuals were awesome! I am a firm believer in atmosphere in horror games is what makes it and this had it!

I was so excited when I saw this come out! I loved the first one and this one was even better! Awesome characters and funny story like always! 

I loved this game, super creepy and decent puzzles. Can't wait to play the other games in the series! 

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I liked the atmosphere! Definitely had a really creepy vibe! 

I thought this game was super interesting! I liked the puzzles and trying to interact with everything!