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Amazing addition to the cage face series! Loved seeing more being added to this creature and hope there's still more to come for it! A very original horror creature is always awesome to see! Also great work to everyone involved! 

This was the second game in the video by the way

Amazing work! Loved the story and the scares! Got super creeped out! Loved the voice acting too! If you ever need voice work done lemme know! 

Really well done game! I got super close but honestly got too scared to try again lol This was the first game in the video

great game! I got scared within an inch of my life multiple times lol loved the twist too! This was the final game in the video 

You weren't lying about the sense of primal fear from this lol I haven't screamed so loud in awhile! Amazing work! I loved this. 

I need to know if what I found at about 15:30 in the video was an actual easter egg lol please! Also great work, I really enjoyed the game! Got all 3 endings 

Amazing work with this! The AI was a little difficult at times and I had a lot of times where they teleported on me but I enjoyed this! Great work! 

This was honestly such an amazing game and truly made me uncomfortable and scared lol Great work! 

KEPOW! I loved this lol enjoyed showing my parkour and sword skills at the same time! 

This was amazing! Had a ton of fun destroying things until stuff started getting weird, then I was really creeped out!

This was an amazing experience and definitely not what I expected lmao amazing work! This was the second game in my video!

We can't even trust our TVs anymore lol great work! This was the first game in the video! 

This was an amazing game! Can't even trust my son anymore lol This was the final game in the video! 

Loved the style and atmosphere! Would love to see more expanded on this! 

I no longer enjoy train rides :( really great stuff and looking forward to more stuff from you! Please no more evil spoons though 

This was absolutely amazing lol I got the bad ending first and I think you might've mixed it up with the good ending cause that party room was amazing!

I'm never moving into a new apartment ever again lol This was great and super creepy! Well done! 

What a super creepy experience lol Loved the short story and how scary the nun was. 

I was completely caught off guard by this game, well done! I feel like it captured the mindset of people in these situations well and I got pretty emotional lol 

I am now afraid of sleeping lol would love to see more expanded on this, great work! 

Amazing stuff! Really enjoyed the unique way of showing some of the fears that go along with the industry. Not sure if I got the message of it right but really enjoyed it still! 

I knew cleaning crew wasn't a good career pasthma for me lol Great game! It's the first one in the video! 

I really didn't need more reasons to hate public bathrooms but now I have some more lol Great game! It's the second one in the video! 

I knew I wasn't good with kids but this really shows why I shouldn't ever babysit lol great work! 

Really unsettling stuff! Super creepy atmosphere and creatures! This was the final game in the video! 

This game was incredibly creepy from the atmosphere to the notes and story! Really unsettling stuff and shows why sound is so important, loved this! This was the second game in the video! 

This game was amazing, such a cute and deadly monster! That intro was like nothing I've ever seen before in a horror game lol Cannot wait for more of this! 

This episode was amazing! Loved the added bit of story and connections to the first one lol Also those towns people are the most terrifying things I've seen in awhile lol 

This amazingly captured the feel of old space horror environments and movies! Really felt creeped out walking through the halls. I especially liked how quiet the creature was, really made me feel how horrifying a creature would be in space and how terrifying the silence of space can be! 

I loved this! Super creepy atmosphere and questions. Would love to see other endings! This was the second game in the video! 

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I loved this game even though those plants didn't deserve to be pushed around like that lol Great work, loved the style!

This was the final game in the video!

This game proved how cowardly I am lol I got scared by my reflection in the fridge... Great game! 

Amazing atmosphere and Sire Head model! Really creeped me out a lot throughout the whole thing! 

Amazing job with the atmosphere and ambient sounds! I was extremely on edge the entire time lol I also love folklore styled horror games and I can't wait to see more of this! 

As a scientist and a huge Half Life fan,I had to play this and really enjoyed it! Great work turning one of my favorite games into a horror experience! Really wasn't expecting this lol 

Really enjoyed the concept of this game as I think we've all had those dreams that felt a little too real and make use feel uncomfortable the rest of the day lol This is the final game in the video!

God this game was awesome! I totally enjoy a good joke about eating people cause I totally never ate anyone ever! Haha! Nope, never ate a human! (Seriously though great game, this is the second game in the video!) 

Being an actual scientist I was excited to be in my own secret lab! Too bad the experiments didn't like me being there... also I might've hit some buttons..

Went back and beat another level! Loving this game so far,trying my best to find all the Easter eggs lol I miss Golden boobman though...