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Thanks for the reply! I really did love this game, the story was so surprising with the different options and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great work on this!

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This game took me by surprise! A lot of choices, and lovely dialog!

Chapter 2 is SO intense! I cannot wait for chapter 3!

I loved your game, and I may have used it to tell the story of the Easter bunny.

This game was so creepy, but awesome at the same time!

This game is insanely fun and really makes me want to try to get a high spot on the leaderboards!

Here is my gameplay for such a lovely game :)

This game is so fun, even though I suck at it!

Such a lovely point and click game! I feel like I was a very poorly behaved cat though!

I loved every second of this. I really wish I could've made friends with the ghost and got a new roommate though!

This demo is one of the scariest I've played in awhile! I loved the atmosphere and the monster!

This game was so awesome! I felt like I made a real connection, and I was a pretty good monster!

Created a new topic Watermelon Man! Gameplay Video

This game was hilarious in every way. I would love to see more of Melone!

I loved this game, I really connected with the struggle of exploding pants.

This game was so much fun, can't wait to mess around with the level editor and other settings!

I really loved the idea/plot for this game! I also enjoyed being a grumpy old man, wandering around his house complaining about the noises!

I had some fun at a party I don' t think I was invited to...

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I don't think i've found a demo for a game that excites me as much as this one! I loved it, and can't wait for the full release.

This game is super fun, but it makes me wonder why a successful businessman is living in such a dangerous town filled with giant pipes and tons of cars on the sidewalks!

This game is amazing. The puzzles using simple concepts of moving blocks were made complex through the use of gravity and I love it.

This game and its concept is just amazing. I fell in love with Jim, and i wish I didn't destroy his stuff so often...

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So glad I could provide a laugh or two :D

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Great job at the extended demo! I loved all the new things added, and I can't wait for the full game!

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These doors have too much sass! I loved sound track, and just the creepy feel it had! Even if it was a bit short, it did a good job at being an atmospheric game.

This game managed to really scare me, maybe it was just the rush to the vents, but it was absolutely terrifying! Loved the puzzle for the end door as well!

I can't wait to play the bigger game! I absolutely loved the idea for this game. It still amazes me what people can make in 48 hours! Keep up the good work!

Loved the idea, and would love to see it expanded and added more threats, kinda got easy after learning the path the monsters took, but overall really good!

I really like the idea for this game, would love to be able to explore more planets and mysteries!

I should never be a lifeguard...

This game was terrifying, I can't wait for the full release! I do wish there was some explanation to the folklore behind it, but other than that I loved it!

Really loved the art and the concept! Can't wait for chapter two!

This game is so addicting, so simple and so much fun!

Here is Mine

Created a new topic Gameplay video!

Can't wait for any future updates! This game was a ton of fun, can't wait for some of the suggestions/updates to be implimented!

The concept for this game blew my mind!

Created a new topic Such a lovely story! Gameplay

Such a lovely story for such a short game, would love to see more to this! It had such a strong message for such a short adventure, with tons of cool characters! Even if I sucked at pronouncing the characters names... please don't hate me for that.

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Wow, so many different gameplay aspects in one game, and they came together pretty well! Love the demo, can't wait for anything else from it!

Thanks! Idk about star, I just hope people enjoy the videos :D

I am a terrible plant parent :(

I love this game, the beginning set me up feeling very relaxed so anything after it was just a huge surprise/shock. I did get lost a bit at the end finding the doors, but thats probably me just being stupid.