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Really enjoyed the new update! Awesome new puzzles and lore from the tapes! Loved the portrait of clumsy  :P Looking forward to the new updates! 

Really love the concept for this game, looking forward to updates! 

Really fun and challenging game! Not sure how far I got but would love to try to beat it if there was a checkpoint system or something. Either way great game and looking forward to updates! 

wow what a creepy atmosphere and story lol. Loved this, it actually made me uncomfortable and scared. 

Really cool concepts and mechanics! I liked the characters and the fighting was pretty good. Im sorry for calling it the cybernoise, it was extremely late when I recorded this lol 

It was crazy playing this again and reliving the memories of the first time I got educated by Baldi! Thanks baldi for inviting me to his birthday party! Hope to find the secret ending soon! 

Great update! Loved the puzzle and the new voice acting ;) Looking forward to all new updates! 

Finally beat it! Loved the night 3 and 4s mechanics and felt like as a game this was pretty balanced and fun! Pretty hectic but manageable! Game starts at 3:12 in the video

Really interesting game! I can see why this was a fear of yours lol, this was the first game I played in the video! 

Really interesting game! Got me pretty good on some of the scares and was pretty creepy! This office really needs to get its stuff together though..

Wow this was creepy! Loved the atmosphere and the french voice acting! Sorry for my terrible french :P Would love to see more! 

I learned a lot about crabs, knives, and the complex relationship between people and crabs. What a lovely game!

Wow. Really terrifying experience. The model really was scary. Made me not want to ever leave my hiding spot lol

Really great looking game! Really creepy from the graphics to the sounds to finally hearing the monster lol Got me pretty good! 

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Loved this game! 

What a funny game! I did kinda cheese the game and was able to beat it on hard lol great game! 

Really awesome game! Loved the graphics, atmosphere and the story. So much packed into a short game! 

Great game and super creepy atmosphere! 

Really cool game! Loved the blur effect to make the game a bit more difficult. 

Played this for 3 scary games and it was pretty fun for being a learning experience! I found the flying furniture funny and liked the idea of the loop! 

Play this for 3 scary games and I loved it! Big fan of The Haunting of Hill House and this was a great play for having recently seen the show! 

Played with for 3 scary games and I loved the puzzle solving method in this game! Confused at first but once I got it I loved it! Great game! 

Hey! Made a playthrough! 

Really interesting game! Not sure what to make of the story but I had a few ideas! 

what a creepy and awesome experience! Such an interesting way to tell a story. I loved the atmosphere and the creepy noises lol 

Never have I experienced such wonders as I did when learning to be a tree. I know have knowledge I never knew existed. Thank you all for making this. 

This was a really cool and creepy game! The story seems really interesting even if I didn't get the fully story. 

Wow this was awesomely creepy and good. Everything about this worked well, the sounds, the atmosphere, the monsters, the combat. I legit was panicking at the part with all of the roaches lol it made me so uncomfortable. Loved this game. 

Really creepy game even though it was pretty simple! Well done with the atmosphere. 

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What an amazing demo. Really spooky and made me excited for the full game. The monsters look unique and well made and the environment is awesome! Can't wait!

Really cute and lovely game! Enjoyed helping out the good doggo. 10/10 

I loved this game and it showed me how unfit I am to be a murderer... I failed to hide my crimes!

What a creepy monster and game! Loved the atmosphere and the sounds. 

Really loved the idea of this game and would love to see more levels added! Great work! 

Really loved the concept of this game! Now im scared of supermarkets lol

What a beautiful game! Loved the puzzles and the story. I wish I could see more adventures of Sarah but this was amazing! 

This game was really cute and really fun! Although I felt bad though since these marshmellows are gonna die sitting in such hot coco :( 

This game was really cool and unique! Loved the idea of the mechanics. Very creepy experience! 

Loved the build up throughout the game. Really creepy game, would've loved to see more of this! Great work. 

Really interesting game! I loved how real it felt being someone who often chooses not to go to big parties or just spend time alone. Great message and beautiful game!