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Really left me wanting more, honestly good demo.

Another amazing game! Felt like I was being trained by the FBI to find people but that plot twist was crazy 

Ayeeeee its pizza time! This was a fun game, I played the Devil's Route a bit ago and glad to get to playing this 

This was the second game in the video, and I absolutely loved it! Great work, would love a longer and more in depth version!

Loved the ending, RIP to that dude in the cell though I wanted a friend. Great work! 

Nice remake, liked messing around and beating the hard mode lol it was genuinely difficult and felt good to beat. Woulda loved a secret ending for beating it but overall decent remake, good work!

really fun game! Enjoyed playing it and looking forward to more! 

Really fun game! Great plot twist with the endings and story, great work!

Gosh how did you know this was one of the first creepypastas I read! Really though great work, loved the story and glad someone made it into a game! 

Great short and simple game! Always a fan of motels as an environment in horror games. Great work!

Such an amazing collab between a lot of talented people! Can't wait to see the full game and I just loved this lol great work to everyone involved! Loved getting all the endings and seeing all the dialog. Definitely needed a game based off the tiktoks for awhile now lol this was fun

Great work with making the gameplay feel intense! Seeing a lot of these super realistic looking horror games lately but this one actually made me nervous trying not to get one shot by the monster lol looking forward to future updates 

Honestly was getting into the window washing thing, great game! Pretty fun time

Great demo! Really left me wanting to know more about the stranger and the letters and honestly even our grandpa! Looking forward to where the story is going and hopefully there's a good ending in it for Kate! 

Great analog horror game! Really loved going through it twice just to see if there was anything different and noticed a few different things. Great work!

Another really fun game! Loved this one, great work! 

Truly loved how different of an approach to the concept you all took with this and all that lore at the end! Great work on this! I would love more stuff from this with more creatures and more exploration into the wastelands! 

great short game, loved the ending! 

Truly one of the best analog horror games I’ve played! Loved going through it multiple times and getting all the servers and different dialogues! 

Another amazing installment to the series!  Truly loved the vibes and environment in this one. The isolation just added a lot to it and I loved every part of it! 

Truly an amazing plot twist in this lol loved it, great work!

I love Computer Man.

Man I wanted more!  Can't wait for the full game

Another great and interesting game! Loved getting the secret ending first lol gotta love that dog. Loved getting all the endings too great work

Really impressive work! Keep up the good work and going with game dev! 

Another great game! Truly make me think twice about hunting deer, which I've never done but now I definitely will think twice about it. Great work on this! 

Truly disturbing and great game! The sound effects and subtle jumpscares were so good! Great work

the secret ending was probably my favorite lol great game! 

Absolutely amazing game! Loved the balance between the 2D/3D and how honestly strange the TV segments felt. Great atmosphere and story, one of my favorites as of late! 

Probably one of the best endings I've experienced in an indie horror game. Truly loved this! Great work, both scary and interesting story 

Another fantastic game! Truly love everything you put out, and I think the world needs more submarine horror games. They’re always so fun!

I truly love this game! Its a great take on horror and gets so intense while learning how to survive lol absolutely 10/10 

I love games like these so much, great work. The jumpscares got me pretty bad

Jumpscares got me good in this, lots of potential here. Hope you continue this for a full release!

Another amazing addition to the game! Loved the remake and the original and honestly want more. Seeing him chase me down never gets old

Great game! Had a lot of build up, always thought I was about to get attacked lol. Made me excited to play your other games! Great work!

Had a fun time getting all the endings for this game. Loved the pizza 

Pretty fun game! But that ending was 10/10. Can't believe someone would try that so early in the morning lol great work 

What another amazing and creepy game! Truly disturbing, I definitely won't eat anymore bad flesh I promise. 

gotta say this was a unique experience with the monsters and story! Great work