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what kind of hospital doesnt have pudding? But seriously this was amazing! Loved the low visibility and the atmosphere! 

Wow this was well made and super creepy! Loved this, cant wait to see more! Gave me flashbacks to creepy toys I had as a kid lol

I really love the concept and want to see more! Lovely story and I loved the actual Otherworld! This is the first game in the video I made for 3 random horror games! 

I dont think ive been so unsettled and creeped out from such a short experience lol wonderfully done! This was the second game I played in the video for 3 random horror games! 

I really loved the atmosphere of the dungeon! The black and white to the sounds of chains really made it creepy lol Also the fact that I felt small really made it creepy! This is the last game I played in my video of 3 random horror games! 

Really interesting story for such a short game! Definitely got me a few times lol looking forward to more of your stuff! 

Really great and terrifying experience for a game made in 24 hours! Really incredible! 

What an amazing concept and story mixed together! Didn't know this was already out on steam! I need to play more lol Amazing game so far! 

I knew I hated taxes but I never knew they were THIS scary lol! Really creepy and a good message about getting stuck in a rut! 

This was awesome lol super creepy and loved the ending!

Really somber and relaxing music for such a shocking story lol Really well told story for being so short, loved this! 

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I really loved the concept, the story and the ending! Even though I don't know if I nailed the ending exactly lol 

Really awesome game! A bit on the short side but still pretty cool concept and got me a few times lol

Amazing work! Love the new areas and looking forward to multiplayer! Slender shouldnt be able to move like that lmao its too terrifying

Really loved the idea of predicting future events through the paranormal! Really makes me curious, cant wait to see more!

I can't believe Baldi is back and still causing me terror and nightmares! Great improvements to the game, can't wait to see more development! Also just so you know, you can't use a gameshark cheat code CD to beat the game. In case anyone wanted to know.. 

Ive never been so confused, excited and scared by a game lol awesome and funny demo!

Really interesting and unique concept for a horror game! Can't wait to see more from this! Super creepy and the rabbit dude got me good lol 

Great pacing, atmosphere and interesting story! I can't wait to find out more in the full release! Had a lot of fun trying to pick fights with the monster in an old timey fashion! Great game! 

What a terrifying monster oh my gosh lol great mix of a bit of humor with terror! Super creepy atmosphere! Video starts at around 17:20 mark in the video! 

Really great expansion and adaptation from the original! Loved the story aspect and the notes! Really felt like a full world of lore! Really freak game and monster! I will be definitely playing this game to try to 100% it and find all the notes! Video starts at around 6:15 mark in the video! 

Really enjoyed this! Great atmosphere, great sound effects and interesting idea/story! This game was the first one in the video, and really showed off my psychotic side lol 

Really loved the puzzle mechanics and the idea behind the story is really cool! Looking forward to doing more mystery detective work and restoring color to this world! Also stealing more planets and moons would be cool!

Toho who let you on get back on minecraft

Always interested to see your games will be like after playing Confraternity of Toast lol really interesting and weird game! Always gonna be a loyal follower of the cult of toast!

I enjoyed being the home inspector for this creepy house! Can't wait to see more and to be able to inspect more of the house! Though no one told me being a home inspector would be this dangerous... 

What an interesting and creepy experience! Absolutely loved the intro and the atmosphere! Great work, looking forward to more! 

Super creepy atmosphere and monsters! Still felt scared even with the shotgun. I also found a bug with reloading, but still great game! Enjoyed eating rotten donuts. 

Thank you! Glad you liked it! And i'm still grieving over ninja dying from ligma. RIP :( 

Such an interesting story and characters! I loved the jokes, even the "Hows the family" lol really looking forward to playing more of your work! 

Looking forward to more of your stuff because it definitely was interesting! Can't wait for more! 

This was the most unique, creepy and amazing experience. At no point did I expect what would happen next. Please make more I love this. This was the 3rd game I played in the video of 3 random horror games( 20:17 for the start of the game)

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What a great and horrifying experience! Really interesting mechanic involving the camera and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it'll play out more in future updates! This was the 2nd game I played in my video on 3 horror games (8:44 for the start of the game).

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What a terrifying and creepy game! This was the first game in the video of my 3 random horror games. Love a game that can tell a great story without directly telling it! Great work!

Loved the game, super creepy atmosphere for not being the typical dark environment!

Had such a creepy feeling to it! Felt like a horror version of a fallout vault! Loved the atmosphere and the stealth felt good. Also as a fellow Marc this game got bonus points.

This game was way more than I expected! Interesting story, looking forward to finding the other endings! 

Never have I had such a strange experience with my grandma. I knew there was something weird about this family and I'll never try to do yoga at 5:34 am again! 

Really interesting way to combine the different themes through the letters and different environment changes. Loved it even though still a bit confused on the story I think!

Actually the scariest and funniest game 2019. It was the most ambitious cross over of genres since ancient Rome. Great game 10/10.