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Really interesting game! Even got me on the scares! I even felt like I learned a lot about history! 

Created a new topic Really great game!

This did a great job at fitting so many ideas into each little section! Really great message! 

Really interesting game and dialog from the "narrator"! I had to try really hard to break this game and get to the button! 

I've never been so confused in a game but at the same time intrigued! 

This game was so creepy and interesting! Really good atmosphere and the credits were the best thing I've ever read (which I don't do a lot but still says something I think!) 

This game and story was so beautiful! So much was unexpected but welcomed! The puzzles were nice and rewarding and the environment was so fleshed out and just amazing! I didn't think too much about the meaning behind it all until after completing the game and i'm still thinking about it, but it obviously is very powerful. Loved it! 

Interesting idea and loved the sound effects! Got really creeped out by some of them 

Really awesome game or games I guess! I have a new love of duck and duck musicians 

Awesome game(s)! Really difficult and funny with a lot of ducks, just the way I like it. 

Really cool game! Loved the environment and the intro was a really good setup! 

I think I found the absolutely best glitch (which I honestly would 100% call a feature) in this one, loved the game and looking forward to more of your stuff! 

Really cute game! Loved the art and the story was really cool :) 

Really loved the concept and thought it was pretty fun! I didn't expect to die so much though lol guess I'm just bad at platformers or have pretty bad eyesight :P 


Really cool game! Loved the art and the music! Excited to see what comes next :D 

I feel like I did a great job arresting people but I kept getting fired :( 

Really col puzzles! Loved the "little" stuff (hehe) like having a harder time moving objects when you began to shrink! 

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Really cool idea for a game! Really cool art and music even though the game itself was very evil lol those poor deer... 

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Really cool take on the PT demo! I'd love to see more stuff like this as it really emulated the style of older horror games! 

This game was really cool! The monster honestly terrified me and now I have a fear of breaking eggs. 

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Loved sleeping over Tunky's house! Tunky is such a great host! 

I really liked this! I just wish I could find out what happened to Joe... 

This game was so good! Loved the voice acting and the story did a great job at exploring how a serial killer thinks like! 

Really enjoyed this! Loved the sounds in the chase scenes lol. 

I've never felt so bad for Elmo before, these games are amazing! 

Another great shot at making my childhood terrifying... really enjoying these games! This one was absolutely horrifying! 

Definitely unexpected... and I loved it! 

I just love your style of games so much! They're just extremely fun and I loved playing as Shaggy as I think I look the most like him. :P 

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Really got me on some of the scares lol pretty cool game! 

Really awesome art and music! It made for a great atmosphere :) 

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Really cool art style and music! Loved being Jeff, the greatest Jeff warrior to ever Jeff! 

Loved the chance to become the secret agent I always wanted to be! Really cool game! 

Really awesome job at displaying the concept! Each level was really cool and unique!

This game was a lot scarier and intense than I thought!

Really interesting story and really creepy monsters! I think I broke the last boss though! 

This game was really cool! I loved the mechanics and wish there was more! It got so cool at the end with the new mechanic, excited for the full game! 

Really fun game! Loved the quests and dialog!

Loved the atmosphere of this game! I now have a fear of walking home at night... 

This game taught me a lot about myself and life in general. 

Awesome game! Really fun mechanics just wish there was more :) 

Great atmosphere and cool puzzle :)