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Another great game! Loved the atmosphere and the sound effects. No clue why the intro music went this hard but it did and I loved it 

Another amazing game! Truly loved the atmosphere and the setting for this, super creepy stuff. Can’t wait for the full game! 

I lo
LOVED this! I thought the original game was awesome and well done and I love the new features added in this. Would love to see more puzzles like the clock added and I can't wait for more cases! Managed to get the lockbox code as well which was fun to figure out!

I was terrified ever since we ate the entire glass of water but this game got creepy! Well done, loved it! 

Chucky tried to steal my berries and cream but I ended up kicking him back to demon wonderland. Great game, loved it! 

Very cool game, loved feeding Mr. Tomato things. Gonna try to get all the endings!

One of the best horror games I've ever played 10/10. Never going to a laundromat again especially not at night

What an amazing work, truly creepy and terrifying! The atmosphere and setting was amazing and I loved finding the story on my own. Great work and looking forward to more of your games!

This was super unsettling and creepy! The environment at the end had me scared out of my mind! Great work!

Such an interesting and creepy environment and idea for a game! I managed to break it a bit by jumping off the boat though lol great game! 

truly creepy atmosphere, scared me pretty bad! I’m definitely not staying at this hotel again 

Another amazing Among Us horror game that I didn't know I needed in my life. Very sus and buff 10/10

I genuinely felt creeped out throughout this while feeling bad for Karen! Loved finding the little secrets and getting saved by Seth!

This game was amazing and challenging! Love the mechanics and the characters!

Amazing work with this! This did the dark theme covered by an innocent game beautifully! Extremely unsettling and creepy! 

Such an amazing game! I got so scared that I jumped, hit my desk, and stopped my recording lol can’t wait for the full game 

I loved the music and the story behind the game! Found the levels challenging but doable to try to 100%. Loved the game!

This was probably the scariest fast food themed horror game I’ve played in awhile! Loved the story twist and the jump scares! Great game! 

I always wanted to forcefully escape the IRS and avoid paying taxes! This was the most emotional, heart-touching, and teambuilding game I've ever played. 10/10.

So confused and scared throughout the entire game! What an amazing demo so far! Probably the most scared I’ve been in awhile! 

As someone who works in retail this was very authentic and truly horrifying! Great game, and I can't wait to play the full version! Glad I was able to beat it fully and get the ending! 

What an incredible unique game! I loved the atmosphere and the music, made it super relaxing until the end lol great work!

I finally was able to achieve my dream of driving a forklift and then immediately all my coworkers started dying.. great game 10/10

hey I know this guy!

What an amazing game and story! The atmosphere was creepy and the sound effects worked really well! Loved the chase and learning the story! 

I think I might've played the games out of order lol played Episode 2 then fear lift after, still loved the games! Looking forward to playing more! Here's my video for the second episode! 

Wow this game is getting really REALLY interesting lol I'm loving the story between these games! I did die a lot and kinda walked outside the map at one point but I loved this!

Wow that ending and story hit me hard. Really didn't expect it from the beginning. Such a harsh ending but was told very well! Loved this! 

After trying the game with 100 impostors we managed to beat it with a couple on max speed lol Great update! 

I almost lost my voice from screaming lol amazing atmosphere. The sound effects made me on edge the whole time!

The intruders in the living room were a nice touch.. amazing work with these games! 

I don't wanna be a farmer anymore... super creepy stuff! Great work, I am extremely disturbed! 

what started as an attempt to date Bigfoot quickly turned dark. Great game, loved the graphics and atmosphere! Super creepy monster! 

I was already creeped out by the title but this was super good! Really unsettling story! Great job! 

I tried my best to get all endings! Great work, super interesting atmosphere and story! Great job!

I loved the style and atmosphere! Super creepy experience, loved the sound effects and the ending! 

Amazing horror game! Super creepy and unsettling, loved getting both endings and trying to find all of the notes to understand what happened! I probably shouldn't have just let everyone in without checking their info..

This was something I didn’t know I needed until I played it. Amazing work. Can’t wait to try the multiplayer 

This game was intense lol funny and crazy! I'm not a gambling man but I tried my best with Andy! This was the final game in the video!

This genuinely terrified me so much... that chase scene was the most intense thing I played in awhile! Great work, can't wait to play more games of yours!