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What an amazing second episode! I loved the story, the characters, the setting was all so perfect! Felt like such an old style creepy horror story! Story was a bit confusing for me toward the end of exactly what happened, but I really loved this! Looking forward to everything else from the studio! 

Really interesting story! Atmosphere was really creepy lol the noises really got me. Great game! 

Another great game! Couldn't imagine getting the good ending lol but I beat the game in my own way! Really great map and parkour requirements! 

This game made me feel weird but was really interesting! Definitely unique! 

Really loved the VHS style graphics! Made everything really creepy lol. I didn't think I'd enjoy getting chased in the back of a restaurant by a cow cult but I did! 

I think this is a really great demo! Loved the playstyle and the art. I'm looking forward to the full game!

Really interesting game! A mix of creepy atmosphere, a bit of mystery at first and the art style made this a really unique experience for being so short. A great example of how horror games don't have to be long and full of jumpscares to be scary! 

Another great game from the Spongebob world! Amazing how you got so much detail into a map based on a location that we didn't really see much of during the show! Felt conflicted about robbing graves but I still loved the game! 

Really promising game! Loved the idea of running around with the tablet looking through the cameras as apposed to just sitting in one spot watching them. Expect I hate spiders with a passion so it'll be hard for me to play more lol 

Loved how unique and strange this game was lol reminded me a bit of getting over it but with a really unique twist. Looking forward to new levels being added! 

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Really interesting game concept! Really cool to see the information at the end and being able to make choices for myself. Also a really creepy monster.. 

Really cool game mechanics! Loved the environment and the sound effects, everything was super creepy. I might've slightly broken your game though... but karma came back to get me! Would love to see some kind of footsteps added for the monster, maybe even have them get fainter as the game goes on and it gets foggier! 

Great game, not so great father figure.... Not sure how I feel about being mauled by a raccoon lol but I enjoyed it!

I loved going on an adventure with Barry but I feel like we got what we deserved. 

Really beautiful and interesting game. Really horrifying yet cool experience. Tried coming up with some theories about the story! 

Really interesting story! Loved the sound effects, made everything a lot creepier! 

Really interesting game! Loved the story (at least I think I understood it lol) just wish it was a bit longer! 

Really loved this! Awesome entry for the jam and a really creative idea! I really loved getting to embrace my inner pirate. 

really loved this game! Except the maze part, that terrified me greatly. Wish it was a bit longer but still enjoyed! 

Really awesome sound, atmosphere and environments! Made the game really creepy. 

I feel like this game was made for me. Thank you. 

Really loved all the improvements from the first game to this! Another great game. 

This game had everything I wanted and more. Cute hedgehogs, the great out doors and fire. So much fire.... 

Such an intense game! Really great for being made so quickly. I gave it my all but I just wasnt quick enough :P

This game took a lot of weird turns and twists. Really interesting story and levels. I wish the parkour test wasn't so hard, maybe adding a checkpoint system would help. I feel like I have way more questions at the end of this game than I did at the start. 

Really interesting story and monster! Really scary, made me jump a ton and cry a bunch! 10/10 would never want to see the mannequin again! 

Really creepy atmosphere and monster! Looking forward to more story and gameplay! 

Not really a coffee drinker but this game showed me what its like I guess! 

This is probably the best sonic game ive ever played  10/10 

I love mindlessly destroying things in games, but this time I did feel a bit bad for our owner... 

Now I really know what it feels like to be a drunk bear 10/10. 

What an interesting game. Yep, definitely interesting... Looking forward to beating it! 

The other endings made this game so much more amazing. So much explained and so many more details . Loved it! 

What a lovely and silly game full of love, anger and passion! :P But seriously this game was really funny and awesome! 

Really wasnt expecting this kind of depth for such a short game. I was kinda confused by the first ending i got but I think getting the other ones helped me figure stuff out. 

Really awesome entry and game! Loved the counter mechanic and the art style. The environment was really cool looking, just wish it was longer!

This game was really special. Super powerful message. I loved it :)

Really interesting idea for a mini game, looking forward to the full game with this in it! Maybe the rewards will make learning math with Baldi a bit easier... 

Really fun and unique game! Interesting story and a fun twist to the normal horror game! 


Such a relaxing environment for such a somber and serious story. The build up was what gave this game such a powerful ending that I wasn't expecting. I would've liked more messages and possibly a bit longer of a game to flesh out the story a bit more but maybe the shortness added to the shock at the end.