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Thank you! Yes, it's good that the Windows version of Unity can export to Linux and MacOS :D

So, it was a one-time thing.

Did it crash on startup or was it at a specific stage? Did you get an error message?

Thanks a ton for recording a video :D

I see the videos are not loading properly on the Bank mission and the cops disappear, but the game works nonetheless :)

It might be better to play on a lower quality setting maybe.

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Yes, the game mechanics are indeed terrible given the fact that I made this game in a week :)))

I'm glad you liked seeing RADAL suffering though, thanks for playing <3

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It's good to know that the video shaders are working :D

Thanks for testing it! I'll change the file description.

There's no native support for this, but you can try playing in the browser version with the "Touch Input" option turned off.

Thanks for the in-depth review :D 

I'm sorry my voice was annoying to you :)

Can you record a video of your playthrough? It doesn't happen for me, so I don't know how to fix it :]

This is a known bug:

And yes, it happens elsewhere as well. I have no idea what causes it though, it would be very nice if you could find out what makes this bug happen.

Ok, contact me on Discord.

No, I don't know French :(

Thanks a lot! What issues did you have with collecting Endiums? Did you think the bootup animation made it look like the game was frozen?

Tell me exactly what you do to make this bug happen.

Thank you for the kind words and telling what you think about this game; I'm glad you liked it :D 

I could easily put a window on those dark tunnels you mentioned, but I made them pitch black on purpose as an artistic way of telling that "sometimes you have no idea where you're going, but you still move on." to reflect our protagonist's situation in the abandoned factory: She has no idea where she is and what awaits her, but she keeps on going!

It's a very nice tank game with good-looking props to make it look like they're toy tanks in a kid's room :)

The gameplay is relatively easy when you take cover and keep yourself out of the enemy's line of fire (when all the lines become blue) but it's still fun to time your shots right. 

I also loved the way you make the player physically move to the other side of the "bunker" to be able to advance levels, nice touch :D The sound design is also great and you combined the prompts beautifully in a small game.

Yes, it does! Thank you :D

This is a great rhythm game with a good usage of prompts. It's a bit buggy and sometimes loads multiple levels altogether, especially when you alt-tab out of the game:

(There's also an easy way to cheat, which is just to alt-tab out of the game three times and get the finishing menu with people cheering for you :D)

Yes, thank you :D

You forgot to publish the game. It's inaccessible to anyone but you.

The name is spot on, you run and shoot :))) I'm glad it had three levels just like my submission :D

It's a nice simple shooting game overall considering you didn't wrap up an unfinished project like I did. The box-carrying mechanism is physics-based and it gets stuck behind walls, but it's funny :) 

Unfortunately, the game does not have any sound at all whatsoever. It's actually easy in Unity to just add an AudioSource component on your bullet prefab at least.

There are enemy robots, as per the prompt, that follow you in a line. I could argue with the 50% enemy damage, but you also deal 50% damage to them, so it's kind of balanced because the robots can't shoot as well. However, I would prefer if they did shoot bullets with low damage as well as their usual 50% "melee" damage so that the health bar would make more sense and wouldn't just jump from 100% to 50% and then death xD

The Windows version is missing its data (you only uploaded the .exe file)

It's a fun infinite shooter game :D I love how you mixed the prompts and gave it some sort of a story for our little goldfish :)

I'm not a fan of the swimming mechanics though, it doesn't feel like you're in control of where exactly the fish will be when you press space. I also didn't know that you could move at all! (I read it in the tutorial after my first try) Maybe moving with the right mouse button might've been better since your hand is already on your mouse.

Also, the game just keeps spawning enemies after finishing which could lead to a crash if the player leaves the screen on for a long time :))) Here's my high score, I didn't beat your score of 170,000 though:

Nice little platformer game where you control a little kitty collecting some salmon pieces :D 

It's not very loyal to the theme as the cat isn't cooking anything. You get an eating particle effect with a sound of biting once you "collect" a salmon piece (which is the only sound you will hear in this game) no obvious sign of the cat using the salmons to cook. (You could tell the player to put them in the pan for example)

Here's a screenshot of me finishing the game with a nice view of the cat's huge eyes:

As you can see in the picture below, I got APOCALYPSE, CYBORG and ALONE from the generator which reminded me of my lonely cyborg in an abandoned factory game called Elegant Kimya. Enjoy this short relaxing game as my submission to MixJam 4 :)

To anyone subscribed to this thread: I FOUND THE OVEN PROBLEM FOR SURE THIS TIME!
Apparently, the light indicators on the AC were coded as buttons for some reason and when you clicked them, it would reset the oven code entirely. This probably happened because I copied the lights from the oven "Check" button and forgot to remove the button component. Anyone who got the oven bug must've pressed the lights on the AC to get this bug and since I never clicked the AC lights like a button, the bug never happened for me! Hopefully, it's fixed now in v1.3.0 though.

Thank you! Happy to know you had fun :)
Yes, the development was almost finished. I added the Mix Jam generator's prompt to the main menu and made some general improvements in all aspects to clean things up and get it ready for release.

I know, that's what I said. What I'm asking is how do you pass that level?

If it's running fine on your machine then you probably already have all the required files that some people like me don't :)
Just upload them all in a zip file and give instructions on where we should put them.

Apparently this needs a lot of dll files to run. I'm getting numerous errors trying to open it.

No need, the player can learn that fact, but I'm still getting killed by the bright red part in that level. Is there any special technique to pass the part I posted?

This game is fantastic! I love the character design, the dude is just a ball with legs to walk and eyes to see where he's walking. He's like an improved version of the Red Ball. Here's a photo of him inside a game block:

(Yeah, he gets stuck inside game blocks quite a lot and the jumping does not work whatsoever when he's inside them)

The gameplay is kind of hard, mostly because of getting stuck inside blocks and its repetitive music blasting all the time since you press start with no other sound effect for anything else.

My skills actually got better when I turned off the music (by muting the site that is, there is no muting option in the game)

The character physics is a bit wonky and he slips a lot when he lands somewhere, but the player can get a hold of it quite quickly and even use it to their advantage! The mechanics remind me of Further Heights kind of.

I didn't get to finish the game. After struggling for an hour, I got angry and the fully red color theme of the game did not help with my anger either :)))

Tell me how someone passes this last part of the level without hitting the top or bottom spike:

I never played this type of game before, so for the first 5 minutes I was trying to figure out which button was for attacking only to find out I had to "lock on" to an enemy first :D

The game itself is great! I liked how you detect if we kill our enemy and die at the same time and show "mutual homicide" instead of the normal "murdered" message at the end.

However, I think the attack mechanics could get a bit of work as in some instances you would fly above the enemy and spin if you walk too close to them.

The blood-splashing sound is also spammed a lot if we never lock onto the enemy and they kill us. (A simple way to reproduce this bug is to just walk close to an enemy and wait for them to kill you)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it :) 

Nim Kelag was in development way before the game jam though, but Mix Jam generator's prompt made me remember it and I decided to publish it for this jam :D

You can talk to other contestants here too. Hello there :D

Hello fellow participants! The prompts I got from the generator were these:


So, I figured the best idea for the combination of these prompts is illegal street racing! Enjoy my story-driven street racing game and let me know what you think :D

I just hit a random prompt with the generator that perfectly fits one of my incomplete projects.
Can I finish that in the game jam time and upload it or do the submissions need to be made from scratch?

Install it with the app and tell me if it works or not :)

I'm glad you liked it :)

If you found the answer to the oven puzzle and it's still not working, restart the game. The oven puzzle has a bug that may occur randomly.