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A necessary cut content for sure lol

Thanks for playing Flamez, Glad you enjoyed the game. Expect a lot more from me in the future!

Thanks for playing, I have fixed the issue with the Hobo. There should be no more game breaking bugs present in the newest build

Thanks for playing Levont, Always a good friend of the Nest, and always good let's plays!

Yes, that counts as different endings, everyone has their on unique article written for them. Thanks so much for playing!

A welcomed and loved friend of the nest. Thanks for the kind words.

did a thing with some peeps

So, 4 years later, I guess this project is dead?

This game is free and was made in like 2 days. I'm finished with this small project. it's not a game you're not meant to blast through, it's a slow methodical game, that requires you to use the map in the safe house and keen-eyed exploration to spot landmarks and avoid the gods in the woods. It's also not linear, it's an open-world style game, so pacing is really up to you.

Thanks for playing man, Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked it!

4gb of RAM isn't standard for playing games, most games recommend 8gb of RAM minimum, as well as 4gb of VRAM isn't all that much either, The game wasn't made for specs that low, as I didn't spend a lot of time on the game, However, 4gb of VRAM with a decent CPU would give you at least 30fps with 8gb of RAM. And the new game is underway, slowly as IRL is getting in the way of most of that lol, But it will be called "Searching For Happiness", The only place I have any info on the game atm is on twitter, and even that isn't much, Sorry.

Yeah, I know. it was made in like 5 days and it's free so... I've moved on from this game, and am making something new that will run on a toaster, looks great, and plays like old school fps survival games. if you're interested in seeing updates on that game, Follow me on twitter @HorrorInTheNest

Also if you don't mind, What are your PC specs? This game was made on a 1080, Meaning it's optimized for around 1060's and up.

Thanks for playing! The game has been updated since your playthrough, Consider updating and checking out the new stuff!

Thanks for playing! The game has had a large update recently, Consider checking it out, Might be worth another playthrough in your freetime?

Thanka again for playing! Was a very enjoyable and funny video!

Thanks for playing Ziodoesit! Glad you enjoyed it. Episode 2 is in the works but no official release date yet. Check us out on Twitter @HorrorInTheNest for updates near-daily on the second episode

Hello Aten, Long time. Hope you're doing well. Yeah, the game isn't perfect. I made it alone, in 6 days. It was originally meant to be what The Grim Stuff was, Which was a memory horror survival game, but I decided to put an extra 4 whole days into the project, and made this 1 of 3 episodes, All taking place in the GRIM universe.

The game is actually NOT underwater. It all above ground in an abandoned apartment building set in the same universe as The Grim Stuff and A Grim Tale. It's before creatures learned to live together in that universe. A small percentage of players experience this weird Slo-Mo bug, which might be why you thought it was underwater.

All the animations I made in the engine, by modifying some Mixamo animations. I'm no animator, so the animations kinda just get a free pass because of it lol, but we have an animator now, so episode 2 will be DOPE! look at Twitter for updates on the 2nd episode. Thanks for playing Aten. Glad to see you out and about playing games and hopefully doing well.

Большое спасибо за то, что вы играли в первый эпизод Get Out Alive! Смотрите ваше видео прямо сейчас!

Thank you so much for playing GOA episode 1! Really hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for episode 2

Thanks so much for playing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. About to watch your video now!

Hey S4drax, Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it. The game was made in such a short amount of time, I really didn't have time to make and think of everything, So the reason you can't use the guns of the soldiers in the basement, is because when you exit the starting room, you hear gunfire coming from the basement, the guns are out of ammo. Hope that's a good enough explanation for you.

However, if anyone reading this would like to know why the guns aren't usable. The game was made in about 5 or so days, and I didn't have the time or the animations or the sound effects or the particle effects or the gun folly sounds. Basically, all I had was the models and nothing else to make them functioning weapons that also felt good. So rather no mechanics than a bad one.

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it and glad to see you were able to finish it.

Thanks so much for playing, Glad you enjoyed it! Not sure when the 2nd episode will happen, but it's definitely in development.

There's not. However. I may add it in the future, and If not, Maybe in the next episode.

Thanks so much for playing the first episode of GOA! We're so happy you enjoyed and we're excited to release the next episode in the near future, Stay tuned, because we have a lot of games line up!

Thanks so much for playing Stonez! So glad to hear you enjoyed. There aren't really any plans to update the game, However, if you wish to delete your save file, you can do so by going to C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\AppData\Local\GET_OUT_ALIVE\Saved\SaveGames and deleting the .sav file. Once you open the game again it will open as if you are playing it for the first time. I may add something like this in the future.

Thanks for playing Levont! Glad to hear you enjoyed it and great video as always!

That's so great to hear! Glad you enjoyed it, about to watch the video now.

Thanks for playing Levont! Glad you liked the demo!

As did we miss you!

Could you provide a timestamp, for what time the glitch occurs? I'm still unsure as to what you're referring to?

Thanks so much for playing the demo! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure what you mean about the first room, could you explain please?

Your video appears to be showing as Private and it's not allowing me to view it.

Hello Lukifah! Thanks so much for playing the game, I understand that this game isn't all that great, as I've improved a lot since this game, so I really hope you play some of my other games here on itch (They're also FREE!) About to watch your video, Super glad you enjoyed it. I will take your feedback into consideration going forward!

Glad you like it!

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Ever get tired of constantly making a new fps controller for your projects? Tired of making stamina, sprinting, health, crouching, etc mechanics time and time again? Well, never again! This is Uni-FPS controller! A universal fps controller designed to be fully customizable and usable in any first person project!


  •  full customization of all features in the controller with quick and easy to understand variables and comments
  •  Comes stock with crouching, sprinting, flashlight, walking, camera control, jumping, above head collision detection, ability to focus flashlight beam, quality of life features such as: releasing shift and continue to sprint until either stamina depletes or you let go of your forward button. Easy setups to add sound effects, interaction line trace, damage receiver, look behind player camera, gamepad setup ready, and free additional realistic head bobbing for both running and walking (Optional and requires manual setup to work)
  •  Designed to work with any first person game you can think of.

Number of Blueprints: 5

Input: works with KB&M and Gamepad, but will require input mapping setups.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Unreal Engine

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: All documentation is contained on this page or visible instructions in the asset itself via comment boxes.

Thanks so much for playing!