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Fun game, possible bugs but scary. Hilarious ending too

I absolutely despise TANK CONTROLS... with that being said the well paced story telling and constant feeling of "what's happening around me" completely overpowers the control mechanics. 10/10.

There aren't many GOOD P.T. styled indie horror games out there. This piece of art is well paced and initiates the psychological aspect properly before any jump scare happens. 10/10.

This game has a lot of potential. It has a good monster/mascot, interesting backstory(based on info from susie) but could use a little more direction to help some players(like myself) navigate the playthrough smoother.

Not a bad game, immersive atmosphere but lacking jump scares. I had fun playing this game for both endings, cant wait to see what you develop next. 

Sound design was good, being able to hear Bucky before you see him is crucial. Simple gameplay, which makes it easy for most people to pick up and play effectively. The UI could use a progress bar or number to represent the chocolates and that would greatly increase UX. All in All a fun short horror game.

The jump scares in this game are near perfect, great job Rayll. 4/5 stars

Nice game Max, shoutout to the NWA.

Best Slasher PSX Horror Game You Will Play All Year

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE. Nice demo, did a good job of creating atmosphere and building up the anticipation of the full game. 

thanks for watching and the game you made, cant wait to see what you release next.

Game starts at 14:53. Really enjoyed this game reminded me a young p.t.

Game starts at 10:04. I could not beat it and got too emotional during my review. Collision boxes could be a little better but still a fun game for sure.

game starts at 1:17. The game had a bit of a slow start but increasingly got more creepy.

You guys did it again 10/10 and will recommend. Here's my footage of gameplay if you're into that stuff ✌

gameplay starts at 16:10

For this to be your first game, you guys did a very nice job. So fun I had to make a video. thanks for the game.✌

It is tough to pull off a atmospheric horror game with the ps1 style graphics and you guys made it look easy. Definitely a must play.

wow this game is a 5/5 not much you can do to make this any better simple and straight to the scares. The atmosphere was built gradually in a timely manner that brought even more goosebumps.

consistency was key and it only took 7 tries to realizes that, very fun game 5/5

gameplay starts at 8:10

Backrooms is the first game played starting at 1:41

definitely the best santa indie horror game of 2021

game play starts at 14:56

I don't know if santa scared me or the ending cut scene, cant wait to see what you develop next 

oh really okay all the more reason to play a third time, thanks for letting me know 

On my second play through i was only able to get average collector but i found a place i wasn't supposed to be. Cant wait to see the final chapter btw

Cool can’t wait to play that joint 

Uber fun game cant wait to see what you got coming next

hey guys great horror game I did have an issue with the controls in first person the "a" and "d" keys only allowed me to look left and right rather than move left and right. I was wondering was this a game play decision or a bug. other than that it's a solid 4/5 and i made a video if you dont mind checking it out. much love, peace.


The Mold Inspector is getting his equipment ready for the next traverse in Athemore. Appreciate you watching as well 

This a gem of a game waiting to receive its shine and hopefully this video can help with that. Cant wait to see what you're working on next guys.

The jump scare was a little underwhelming. Its a fun quick play game with friends type of vibe especially if you have a friend whose not a fan of the horror genre.

The customers in the diner audio was a little loud. Loved playing this game. It's definitely a 9/10 and i cant wait for the full game to release.

Loved it cant wait to see what you guys got coming next.