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I could give it a go! It’s been a minute since I touched this project, so I’ll have to reacquaint myself, haha! 

it wasn’t built for download! But if you’re having issues loading it in browser, try enabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings! Or, try a different browser. I can confirm it was working on Opera and Chrome for me, but had issues with FireFox. 

Thank you!

Nice work! The art is charming. I think my only suggestion would be to increase the hitbox for the player (it seems a little precise) and speed up the pufferfish speed as I found myself constantly undershooting presses due to anticipation. 

Not bad for needing to switch engines with 10 hours left. I love the main menu music--it's giving Sonic Adventure 2 vibes, which, in my humble opinion, are some of the best vibes to ever grace this earth. I'm also digging the futuristic city look! The player sprite looks like something out of Hyper Light Drifter. 

Really loved the art style. The character design is super interesting and very pretty! The tracks are great, too! 

I liked the gameplay, but I found the horizontal nature of the layout to be hard to follow (could be a skill issue on my end, lol). 

Thanks for checking it out! 

I agree with the note thing. I never actually told them to slow down before reaching the collection area, so I'm  really not sure how its happening. It's definitely something that'd be worth looking into with a more polished release :3

Yeah! It's most likely an issue with the web build. It's (from my experience) very browser/machine based for web, and will often just not load or load notes in late. It was on my to-fix list, but I didn't have time to test it and figure out a solution. The desktop build should be a lot more stable (I hope, haha!)

Thanks for checking it out and giving feedback! 

thank you!

Thanks! :)

thanks! We would’ve preferred a way to respawn at current wave, but the skip was a last minute solution haha 

thank you! 

thank you!

thank you!

There's no reload for shooting, it just needs to happen in rhythm! Usually, clicking and holding should be the way to go. In a future release, this is something we'd like to fix by possibly allowing tap shooting, though it didn't really work too well in this iteration. 

Thanks for playing!

This is great! I'm impressed it's your first published game! Keep it up. :)

In terms of feedback, I feel like it was super claustrophobic. There were a lot of patterns I just couldn't dodge, which may speak to my ability to play the game more than the actual design. 

Reminded me of an old school arcade game, like Galaga.

Simple mechanics and very easy to pick up! 

Thank you for the feedback! We didn't have as much time as we wanted to balance difficulty, so that's why there's a level skip button, haha! It was a quick fix just so the entire game could be seen, regardless of ability to play. I also still struggle with the first level on normal difficulty, and I designed it haha!

I liked this! The art turned out super nice! I will say, it was insanely hard and a lot of times I felt like I didn't actually take damage that I received. 

It felt good to even just fly around, regardless if there aren't any enemies. Interesting entry! 

This made me feel like I was playing Hyper Light Drifter, so BIG props on that. I love how rewarding it felt to pop off a good combo!

I liked having to kill enemies with my ship! It made each new enemy a sort of puzzle. The thrust was cool, but it took a second to get used to--I don't think that's a bad thing, by the way! Just an observation haha.

Without an engine goes crazy. 

This was fun! My max was 25 moos haha


meth_man had me dying (of laughter and bullets because he was the danger)

Cool concept, but it was definitely very hard haha. I liked the characters! They were very cute :3

Very involved and thought out, especially given it's a jam entry! 

I think I did more damage to myself than the enemies did, haha!

I would absolutely love to play more of this! I finally beat it in the 5 hit version on my 3rd try. 

I only had one issue, and it's that the tutorial didn't load quite right the first time I tried it and it kept resetting after displaying the first dialogue line. Not sure what I did to make it happen or how to recreate it, though haha. 

Fun game!

thank you!! 

thank you! it’s definitely difficult. I struggle with Waver still, haha.

we most likely should’ve included a brief intro tutorial, or had the controls within the game. Glad you liked it!

thank you!

thanks for the play! 

I love these kinda games! I will say the visuals were pretty hard to see. The enemies blend in with the map and I lost the cursor on multiple occasions. Great overall!

I had fun playing! There is an area in the center of the screen that never sees any action, so I just hung out there, haha. I think the boss might have too much health, though, and there's some noticeable framerate drop after a few minutes in. 

This is definitely unique! I found myself struggling with the far enemies, haha! 

Sounds and looks great!

This was pretty hard! Trying to figure out how to siphon from each type of enemy was a game in and of itself haha

Very good play! I felt like maybe the shield should be rechargeable in some way, because otherwise you're almost forced to take laser damage, which felt a little punishing. Also, sometimes it felt like the aiming was inconsistent. I had a lot of fun though!