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I鈥檓 still in shock lmao. This was a wild ride. 
(starts at 6:45)

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the Santa model was straight up hellish 馃槀

(this one starts at 0:12)

Had a pretty fun time with this one!

I don't play horror games often. This one was mega creepy tho!

Super unique game here, and the puzzles were pleasing to solve! It wasn鈥檛 as difficult as I鈥檇 like, but then again, I don鈥檛 think difficulty was the biggest intention. 10/10 would (recursively) solve again :3

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I鈥檓 sort of in love with everything about this game. Thank you SO much for giving art like this life! It was an absolute joy to experience. :)

Just did a playthrough! Fun little game!

Peak gaming right here.