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Gravity One

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A simple, fun game. I enjoyed it and I think if anyone wants to relax with a bit of horror, this is the perfect game. 

This game was relaxing, fun, and scary all at the same time. I hope it gets turned into a full length in the future. Awesome game. 

#Horror #Horrorgame #Scary 

This is the second time I'm playing it and it is still awesome. 

This game was totally awesome. Plan on playing the full version someday

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This game was awesome but we do not opt out. At least on my Youtube

Thanks. That would be awesome

I love this game. My brother played it through the girls eyes and I've played it through the guys. This could make a good drama movie someday. I hope so. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. The game was awesome

This game was AWESOME! I loved who there's some type of evil spirit in the game. Goes well with the zombies. A++ from me. Hope more comes out soon

Awesome game! Keep it up!

Super fun game! It is amazingly difficult for an indie game. Thanks to the creators

This game is totally awesome! Can't wait to get back to it and create a part 2. Great game keep it up!

Awesome! Thanks for telling me. I really enjoyed the game

I thought the game was chill fun. It really captured the old arcade style games. Which I love

I thought the game was awesome! I loved the atmosphere , the feel. It lacked a bit in jumpscare but overall it's a great game. Hope for more in the future

Totally awesome! It's hard to scare me and this scared me

I played this game a few days ago and forgot to post it here. This game was awesome. I enjoyed playing it for this month of Halloween. Hope to see more in the future

This game is a tad strange. I would love to see more in the future 

This game was awesome. I'm really looking forward to more. Thanks for creating this game! Keep it up

Sorry for the late reply. Yes you can use it

This game is tense. I enjoyed playing and I hope for more in the future

Perfect for #Halloween ! I admit I got scared sometimes and I don't scare easily. Great job

I think the game has huge promise. A little buggy but I hope you create a more finished version. I'll definitely  would play it again. Thanks for creating 


I think the game is very promising. I'm totally scared of spiders so this is true horror to me. Wish the demo was a bit longer. 

Wow. This game was fun

This game was scary! The first time I actually was scared playing a game. 

I recommend . 

Thanks for creating this game. I loved it . Didn't win it but I plan to get back to in again. 

Hope to see  more in the future

I had fun playing the game. I could't figure out how to win, but that doesn't mean I won't try again!

You can't change the settings  in the game. I had the same problem. What you can do is change you resolution in your display settings.

This game was totally awesome! I loved the little nightmares feeling. Also, it had a feeling of innocence.

Thanks! I turned down my computer resolution and it ran perfectly. The game was awesome!

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I downloaded the game , but it's very laggy while I play it. Like when I jump I'm in the air for 2-3 seconds. If you know how to fix it I would love to hear. Other than that this game is awesome! I love the Little Nightmares feeling