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This is my kind of game or at least it could be! Looks amazing, the atmosphere is fantastic and the mystery of the world in which we are playing is candy for the imagination! It pains me to hear about the company shut down and I hope the very best for everyone! 

Fun little game! I liked the footsteps sounds...made me keep looking over my shoulder! Would be cool if there were multiple locations to investigate, putting together different surveillance videos leading up to the killers basement. You could follow the trail from the first crime scene and have to put video segments together that the killer has left behind or something like that. Just my two cents :) Keep up the great work! 

Just found this game! Glad I did it was a lot of fun! Honestly I think this game could benefit from more levels and maybe more ways to clean. I really think you have something that could be really popular. 

You have a real talent for what I would call interpretative story telling. Keep up the awesome work! Hope to see more from you in the future!! 

That does sound pretty cool and I understand that it's hard to create when you are still learning the tools. I still think it is impressive and hope that you will continue to hone your craft and I look forward to seeing what you will bring in the future! :) Best of luck!!

Really well done! Mostly a fun horror game for me but I appreciate the undertones! Keep up the awesome work! What can we expect in the future? 

Great game! Loads of fun! Of course I would love to see more! Any future plans for this or new games? 

Creepy game! Very well done! Any plans for future games? 

Oh my god! Right!?

Fun little game! Wish there was an actual service station at the end but over all had fun playing! Any plans for the future?

By the time I got to the end of the demo I really was getting into the game and was left wanting more!! Love the voice acting and I am really looking forward to the full version! 

Cute game and a lot of fun! Would love to see more levels. Any plans to expand this?

Thank you, glad you liked it! Any plans for future games?

Creepy game! Great story and fun to playthrough! Great job! 

Clever game! Had me guessing from start to finish! That ending tho! Brilliant! 

Fun and simple. I kept wanting to see what was going to come out of the door next!

I enjoyed this game! Creepy vibes and fun to play! 

Cute game! Great for bringing in the new year! 

Really intriguing game. Very very weird and strange but in all the good ways that keep you interested and wanting more! Good luck with the rest of the game! Will be looking out for it!! 


What an awesome game! The plot was gripping! And the narration was spot on! All together one of the best indie games I have played in a long time!! 

Nice! That is actually a game that I have been looking to play!

Oh cool! I will check out your other games for sure! 

Really weird game but that is part of the charm i think! Very unique and interesting! 

Thought this was a really unique and fun idea for a game! Really looking forward to a full version game! Keep up the awesome work!! 

Love these kind of choose the fate of others games. This one is very dark and reminds me of soylent green! Any plans for future games? 

Very cool game! Easy to control, the visuals are beautiful, the voice acting is spot on! Can't wait to play the full version! Awesome job developers! 


Creepy game! Had a blast playing it! Keep up the awesome work! Any plans for future games? 

Enjoyed this game! Liked the story and the puzzles! Cool art style to boot! 

Games like this are hidden gems and don't receive nearly enough first! I hope you guys get noticed and are able to keep doing what you do! 

I love the uniqueness of the game! It is games like this that draw me to Indie games! 

I really did! Any plans for future games?

Looking forward to it! 

Heck yeah I am! One can never have enough bread!!

This game accurately represents the feelings of most who have worked in the customer service industry. That being said this game is pretty funny and fun to play! Awesome game developers! Keep up the good work! 


Wow! This demo had me sucked in by the end and had me wanting more!! Can't wait to play the full version! 

Fun little game! Great idea here! Would love to see a bigger game with more locations and more types of people to sidestep! 

Fantastic game! Had me on the edge of my seat. That ending though...keep up the good work developers!

Awesome! Can't wait to see it! Happy you enjoyed the playthrough! 

Really had fun with this game! The setting was unique and the puzzles have you thinking a bit outside the box. Great job Nick Zangus! What do we have to look forwards to for the future? 

This an unexpectedly fun game for how short it was! Keep up the great work! Any plans for future games?