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I tried my best to play the game but had a hard time figuring out where to go. I left some feedback at the end of the video. I enjoyed the email with the riddle and everything though. Thanks for the opportunity :) 

aww thanks :) hit me up if you ever need some VO it would be an honor to voice in you games as well :)

Happy to do the VO for this! Will be playing it soon :)

I think I may have found the secret ending or at least part of it! I almost enjoy breaking the codes and finding the secrets more than the actual game! Loved After School and was very happy to see another game by this dev! 

I enjoyed the tension building and the twist ending was nice! Simple and fun. What more can you ask for

Really strange, very Mandela Catalog like! Analog horror is so disturbing but I cant get enough!

This was very intriguing and leaving so much to the imagination was brilliant!

Played the steam version but I very much enjoyed this! Cant wait to play the full game!

Totally actually very scary game. 

This was a really well told story through not so many words. The end was not expected and the implications are quite tragic. But I also loved it, very Twilight Zone styled.

Terrifying! Something about a quija board that makes it all the more creepy, especially when all you could do was look around. Well done!

Very impressive. I played it before the update but I made due! Glad it didn't turn out to be another PT clone 

Creepy atmosphere! I was not expecting that scare! Is there actually an SCP connection?

Nice and creepy. Enjoyed trying to find all the secrets. Would love to see mulitiple endings, definitely feels like it's set up for that. 

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No cheap jumpscares, nice build up. Overall i like the design and the execution (no pun intended).

The style takes me back to old school text adventure games but with a modern horror twist and i absolutely love it!

A well polished looking take on the backrooms with tons of potential.  Would love to see a SCP style game where we explore different levels and have to deal with the entities that exist there!

I really enjoyed Game Found! Very much looking to see where it goes!

Really good! I was not expecting any of that. The menu was cool, very different than what were used to. Cant wait to see more!

Great stuff and I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors :)

I think it was just mysterious enough to keep you guessing until you had all the pieces. It was really interesting. My only suggestion, even though it's a fairly short experience, maybe being able to progress the dialog at my own pace would be nice for when you're trying to go back find the other endings instead of having to slog through the same bits over and over. It's a small suggestion but it might just be a me thing lol 

Also I was curious if the story that is associated with it, was it something you came up with? It's rare to see like an actual separate story connected to games and it was nice to be able to go back and learn about the story after playing 

I really enjoyed this. It was fun to discover the endings and with them to see the story unfold. 

Never played the other games in the series but i really enjoyed this so i may go back and check out the first two games of the series! 

Reqlly enjoyed this. That secret ending is something else.

I agree

Really well done for such a short amount of game. The atmosphere was spot on! Would love to see more "experiments"

I'm very honored to be the first! I wanted it so bad lol I love these kinds of secrets that you have to work for even if I was whining about the filter haha very much looking forward to the next part!!

Was pretty creepy, loved the monster model..I found the password which lead to some other stuff, not sure if there was more or not but I really enjoyed it!

Very unsettling, very well executed! Can't wait for more episodes!

Interesting game...had some issue but made it through to the end..was quite unhappy with a certain part but I won't spoil anything.

Loved the retro feel.

This was so good! I love the retro style, reminded me kings quest and games like that of old! I think I got all the endings but there might have been one I missed, im not sure.

Wonderfully strange. I fell through the map at one point but still had a blast! 

Gloriously strange.

Totally nothing went all.

This was so good and creepy and had me on edge especially after you see it the first time!

Love the update! Had a blast! Looking forward to what you come up with for next year!

Might have raged a bit

looking forward to it :)