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Cool idea! Always dig these games based on dreams or nightmares! Upstairs starts at 2:22!

Really short but intriguing! This game is the first in the video! 

Lots of fun! Made it through all chapters! Wish there was more! Looking forward to what you come up with next! 

My pleasure! The music just fit I thought lol 

Really interesting game! I was pretty much rubbish at it but still thought it was intriguing

Played the demo! Really really interested in this game! Very intriguing!


Had a blast with game, even though I was rubbish at it. But that lead to some hilarious moments including warp speeding away from the skate park! But I love the blatant silliness! 

Interesting game! Would love to see a longer game of this!

This game was so much fun. Gotta love them jumpscares!

This game is so creepy and the tension was palpable! Had a blast playing it! 

Had a blast! Only got 2 endings but still really enjoyed my time with this game!

Had a blast getting spooked by ducks!

Cool game daddio! I really do feel that this game accurately portrays the complexities of Jazz in a strange way! Looking forward to seeing more! 

Way ahead of you :) been following since I first played the demo! Best of luck! 

Happy to finally play the full release! Really interesting direction. I still wish there was more but I happy with what we have! You have a real talent and I look forward to seeing what you have coming in the future! 


I really liked this! Would love to see a longer game out of this somehow.

Really creepy atmosphere the whole time I was playing! Can't wait to see the game that comes from this demo! Best of luck! 

Great little game! Loved Child at Home and loved this as well! Check both games out if you haven't already! 

Fun game! Played the older version first, realized it and then played the updated version. Pretty sure I am rubbish at it but still had a blast! 

Cool! I will indeed! 

Yet another crazy game by Hawk Sandwich! This one seems to tie into other games by the developer! Very strange and yet I throughly enjoyed it! 

Awesome work as usual Mr. Reeves! I managed to find a spot to get stuck in the graphics which is totally fine! Not sure if I drew the right conclusions or  not but I thoroughly enjoyed Look For Me! 

Absolutely love this! The art of it is just captivating! Can not wait to play more!

Played this before beta and I'm loving the changes! Great work! Cant wait to see what comes next! 

Creepy point and click horror game! Loved Affection and Obsession does not disappoint!

This game was fun! I really want to know what happens after the end! Will we ever know?

This games gives the phrase, wrong place wrong time, all new meaning. I had fun though! Always interesting to see peoples take on this concept! 

Even though I don't think I solved any puzzle or gleam some great meaning from this game I still enjoyed it a lot! Very tense the whole time! 

I thought the demo was brilliant and even adding 1 or 2 hours of gameplay would be awesome to play! I think the great thing about indie games and the indie game industry you don't have to make a 40hr game experience. In fact I think making games that long would take away from the charm that is indie games. Keep up the great work!  

Pretty smart! I like how you kinda reverse engineered the Unreal Pack to suit your needs.  

Was not expecting such a short game but I enjoyed it nonetheless! Loved the twist! 

Enjoyed this very much! Reminds me of the choose your own adventure type books!

Finally got to this game! Really enjoyed it! Very strange but very interesting! 

I am so impressed by this game! I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this demo and by the end it left me wanting more! I can't wait to play the full game! Amazing work!  

Fun little game! Really well done! My only gripe is getting stuck and having to restart the entire game. Other than that I had a lot of fun! Great job! 

This game feels like a troll but I also enjoyed it, not sure what that says about me but there you go. 

Will throw my experience with this game into the mix. Really scary, never thought I would ever be playing a game based on a meme based on a animatronic of Michael Jackson. Even saying it now sounds weird. That being said, well done! This game is terrifying and even though it is a very difficult game I still had a blast! 

Better late than never. Really enjoyed this! Very creepy atmosphere throughout the game that just keeps you on edge! 

Had a lot of fun with this game! Real pain having to start from the beginning each time but that is the point! Those damn saw blades!! Great job, keep up the good work!! 

Thank you and it was my pleasure to play! You guys really have taken indie gaming to the next level as far as I am concerned. A lot of games on Itch look like they were made with microsoft paint! This was truly a work of art and I think if you keep up this kind of quality and passion then you and your team will do great things! Looking forward to what comes next! Best of luck!