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Thank you for the comment and more importantly thank you for making this game! Looking forward to the next game :)

Gornom community · Created a new topic HE IS COMING!!!

I really enjoyed this game! Simplistic yet very effectively creepy! Kinda makes me think of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits type thing! 

Thank you for the game :) I was pretty challenging but I managed to get through most of it with no help lol 

Really enjoyed this game! Creepy and just difficult enough to keep me on my toes! 

This was an amazing experience for a demo! I can not wait to play the full game! Graphics aside because they are obviously very gorgeous but the feeling of discovery, of finding something incomprehensible and mysterious was gripping and intriguing and left me wanting more! 

Fair enough. Happy you did what you did! The Shining hasnt really been put into a game before I dont think.

This game brought back some memories for sure! The Shining remains one of the scariest stories ever in my humble opinion and sticks with me to this day! Very cool to get to experience it in a game! Any chance of a larger game?

Could only get the Bad Ending lol but it was fun and very stressful in a mostly good way :) 

Thanks! I am glad you liked the video :) Best of luck! I hope you continue to make great games and I will be looking out for what you come up with next!

I enjoyed my time with this game! The shadow guy is pretty creepy before you start seeing him lol Starts at 7:56!


nteresting experience this game. Starts at 4:23! 

Really enjoyed this game! Played it as part of a multi game video! Its the first one!

My expectations for this were far exceeded! Played the original demo a while back and was very pleased with this new addition! Can't wait to play the next Episode! Second game in the video! :) 

This was pleasantly enjoyable and surprisingly creepy at times. Looking forward to more from this dev! 


I have to say that I really enjoyed this game and finding all the secrets and extra stuff! Please make more games like this! I am very much looking forward to what you come up with next! 

Really enjoyed this and played it as part of a multi game video! Starts at 23:38

Very strange and interesting and I really enjoyed it! Starts at 7:31!

I actually liked this a lot! Played it for a multi game video and is the first game! Weird and wonderful! 

Another amazing game by one of my favorite developers!

interesting game. I can definitely see the Sentient influence. Would be interested in seeing more endings added! Starts at 8:22!

Actually pretty creepy. The sound when the lady shows up was jarring and scared the crap out of me! First game in the video!

Really scary and tense! Been waiting for a while to play, even just a demo! Not disappointed and can't wait to play the full game! 


Really liked this! Much more compelling than I was expecting! Second game in the video! 

Got me a couple of times and I enjoyed it! First game in the video! 

Quite enjoyed this. Much more involved then I first expected. Well done!

i honestly havent been that scared in a while lol I cant wait for more!!

Wow never have the sounds alone instilled such fear! Looking forward to the full game!

This has some real potential! Eagerly awaiting the full game!

Very dark but I had fun! Jumoscared a couple of times.

Looking forward to it :)

Game got me a couple times, that Siren Head is a sneaky dude! Starts at 11:31!

I was actually quite impressed with this. Very different perspective from most of the siren head games out there and I enjoyed it. Starts at 5:56!


Strange amalgamation of ideas and weird imagery with a bit of Siren Head thrown in. First game in the video. 


Teddy bear looking to throw down! Starts at 12:16!

Once I saw the lasagna...i knew...

Starts at 8:15!

Short, creepy and wish there was more...not only describes my last relationship but also this game. First game in the video! 


I only wish there was more to play! The needle work is very unique and works very well! Looking forward to playing the full game! 

Love this game! Love this developer! What an amazing experience this was! Can't wait to see what Corpsepile comes up with next! 

Easily the best and the scariest Siren Head game out there! Job well done!

Love this so much! The style is very appealing! My only gripe is some of the music is copy protected but whatever I had so much fun with the game I don't really care! Would love to see a longer game of this!