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Such a cool game and concept! Can't wait to play the full game!

This was really good! Definitely would play a longer game like this!

I liked it, jump scared me a couple times!

Pretty good! The tension was high. Got visibly dark towards the end and I couldn't see much but overall I enjoyed it.

Pretty good little horror game. Scares got me a couple times! 

it was really good

Enjoyed this short and sweet point and click! I definitely think we are going to live happily ever after...

Loved it! Unexpectedly creepy and the music was spot on!

Another wonderfully strange and surreal game from the one and only Minusel. 

Really enjoyed this. It's quirky and funny. Who knew everyone in Hell was so helpful?!

A good game for a good cause!

Just as unsettling as Game for Anna and just as unique!

Really dig this. The style was great and the voice acting was spot on!

Once you get to know the isn't so bad. A wonderful and strange game!

So compelling and just beautiful! When can we expect more?

Loved it! Had me at spooky point and click! 

Confused Rooms, confused me. Another interesting game.

Loved it! Simple and short yet creepy!

Just realized the rest of this was out so I jumped at the chance to start Act 2 and I was good! I wish we had the option for subtitles when the other guy is talking because it was really hard to hear him most of the time. That being said, i look forward to playing Act 3 very soon :)


i dig it, I love the mystery 

Short but surprisingly really creepy! Would definitely play more!

This was incredibly moving despite being somewhat minimalist. The music really sets a mood that's hard to capture and you nailed it.

I really enjoyed this! I hope after the jam we get an ending but this was really great. 

This was really good. Scares got me a few times.

This is pretty disturbing and also reminds me of Puppet Combo games.

I had a feeling that was the case, I apologize if I sounded harsh, starting over is a huge pet peeve of mine especially when I'm playing a game I like


Another weird and unique game! Thank you for not disappointing. 

Lots of potential but having to start completely over when the monster gets you, turned me off from trying to escape in the end. Also maybe a bug when it says to follow arrows I did not see any. Other than that it was good.

I went into this not realizing who was developing it and it's no surprise knowing now why this was so good! Cant wait to see where this goes! 

This was very cool! I love the pixel style and would easily play more!

Much more than I was expecting.

This was so good! Cant wait to play more!

A fun, short game with some spooky bits. One of the endings was confusing but I had fun!

Creepier than expected and very enjoyable! 

I loved this! Great style and just a feeling of impending doom like waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Not enough games implement horror and aliens! This was really good!

Crazy that you just started making games! This was really good! The atmosphere was tense and had me on edge. Great work!

I also responded on the video but ill say something here as well. Thank you for all the hard work you all put into making this! I hope that at some point you will be able to work on it more because that cliff hanger was killer! Good luck either way!

This was super cool! I was so sad when the demo ended! Cant wait to find out what happens!

This felt like an actual game lol I really enjoyed it!