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Such a weird and awesome game! Worth your time to give it a try!  

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This game was suggested to me and I am so glad it was! Its fun, creepy, weird, scary..all the hallmarks of a great game and I really enjoyed it! Worth your time for sure! 


This game is a mind bender for sure! Mix in some creepy horror vibes and this is one heck of a ride! Check it out! Worth your time for sure! 

Really cool game that has a ton of potential! Love the concept! Wish there was more! Thanks to the developer for making this game!

Really enjoyed this! Very impressive! The art style, the music, the gameplay, all of it was very relaxing! Worth your time to check this one out! 

Such a fantastic game! If you are a fan of classic point and click adventure then you'll love this game! Wonderful nerdy references and feels like a silly style X-Files game! Really enjoyed the demo and will be covering the full game soon! Thanks to the developer for making an awesome game! 

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Great little horror game! Really loved the atmosphere! Highly recommended to anyone who loves indie horror games! Thank you developer for making an awesome game! 

This is a fun little game that is a lot more addictive then I thought it would be! Cant wait to see if this game gets expanded upon at some point! 

Really cool and mind bending game! Wish the game was longer!! 

Really enjoyed this game! So simple yet so fun! Did a lets play, check it out if you like! But try this game! Its to die for!! 

Really liked this game! Had a blast! 

cant wait for more!

Really scary game! Cant wait to play a full version! 

Such a cool game! It flows so well I couldn't believe it! Will be playing the full version soon for sure! 

This game was not quite what I was expecting and that is not a bad thing! It covers some serious issues but issues that need to be covered. This game does a good job of that and I am glad I played it. Give it a go and make up your own mind. 

I am not crazy! I am not crazy! I am not crazy! Really cool "game". Was not sure what to expect but was pleasently surprised and I throughly enjoyed this experience! Very unique as far as I know and it is worth your time for sure!

Wow...I knew going into this game that there was more then meets the eye but I was not prepared for it! Great game! The message behind it was intense and is something that a lot of people go through! Really enjoyed the experience!

What an odd game this is! But the idea behind it is very cool! A game controlled by your voice! Had a blast!  

Hello! I recently stumbled upon this gem and gave it a play through. Really hope they finish development and release a full game at some point. The game implemented some cool ideas that worked really well (purposefully ambiguous as to not spoil anything to the reader). If you don't care about that sort of thing then check out my play through in the video below! Either way, this game is definitely worth your time! Check it out and give the developers your support!! Thanks!   

Really enjoyed this game! I really love these folklore games! They give us a glance at a culture through their folklore in a video game and that I think is valuable on its own! But don't take my word for it! Check it out for yourself!