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Great game! The phone at the beginning was a bit loud xD

Creepy game. I almost got on that roof xD

Very nice start for chapter 1. I like the little teases that happen when walking into some rooms.

I would say that the audio logs need to have a larger radius, it would be nice to be able to walk around a little bit while they're playing.

Creepy. The monster looks both hilarious and terrifying xD

Spooky! Got a bit silly after awhile of running around tho xD

Creepy game. Didn't know what i was suppose to do till i looked at the page xD

Well. That was...loud

Nice game, i knew that shower was bad news xD

Had a bit of framedrops, but it was still very spooky.

Great game. Had me on edge after the drop.

Pretty cool. I like all the unique areas

So weird, so creepy. nice job.

Simple and creepy. The river banks could probably use some more details. Not much to look at while floating down the river. Solid game tho

Very scary. The mind trickery was excellently done. Nice job

Interesting game. I don't know why the luggage was the catalyst for what happened, but it was still pretty cool xD

Very creepy. I think the deer got me the worst xD

Very cool mechanic. I have no idea what killed me xD

Very creepy game. The noises are on point. 

I chose poorly xD

Very creepy, but that password made me so mad xD

Nice game. Last scare got me good, and i missed it xD

Very cool game. I like how the menu was made.

Nice game. Could use a checkpoint near the end there xD

Nice game. You may have used the same jumpscare a few too many times xD

Creepy game, nice and suspenseful. 

Very creepy, great job. 

Solid, pretty creepy.

Very strange. Good job on the atmosphere. You should add the pool rooms as an area. 

That was the worst, great job xD

Its ok for a first game, I've played WAY worse. Maybe have more "events" before going into the alley. Good start tho

Very creepy. I like that my decision in part one screwed me in part two.


Very strange game . The audio is very...bracing xD

Great game. Very suspenseful. The cop bit had me on edge xD

It was ok. Could have used multiple endings, but good start.


Very creepy. The door squeaking may be the most horrifying part xD 

Great game. That ending was both terrifying and hilarious xD

Interesting game. Needs some ambiance or music. 

Very creepy. Very mysterious.

Creepy game. I think i got all the endings.

Creepy game. I ran into a few pretty funny bugs there xD