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Really scary game. The idea of having to close off areas yourself makes it a very tense situation. Great stuff.

Really good looking so far. A little short even for a demo, but still good. Looking forward to seeing the full release.

Really cool game. I didn't quite get the story, but it was still very good. I loved all the side jokes and easter eggs.

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It was a cool concept for a game. It feels like that would be a job a veteran would take. Only problem i had was the volume level between the voices and the sound effects. 

A creepy and strange game. Making everything slower by not having a run mechanic is a bit odd. Not as good as Johan's Farm, but still good.

Really good game. The wheelchair mechanic is very cool. It had a couple of bugs, but it was still very fun.

An all around ok game. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad.

Very scary in the best way! Not many jumpscares and a lot of tension building.  I really hope you finish this game.

Really creative and surprising game. 

That was a really good game. Aside from the slightly off controls it was really something special.

I neat game. It had the feel of undertale with a sort of choose your own adventure angle. One thing i would note is the sound effects felt a little abrasive.  In my opinion a softer tone may be better.

I like the graphic style. Simple graphics can be really good in horror games. i felt like the controls were alittle slippery. i kept getting stuck on walls and such. I wan't actually sure how to escape, i couldn't crouch so i was unsure how to get under the fence.

Really cool. I love myself some tower defense games. The graphics are nice and i like the tower ideas. 

I had a few bugs, such as not being able to progress through the tutorial and the first level the enemies wouldn't attack.

Still a cool game and i can't wait to see more.

I like that you're coming up with new ideas for the full release. I feel like you need more things in the forest to attack you or distract  you. I know its just a demo and you will probably add some great stuff, just giving my 2 cents.

Really great game. It's hard to make a 2d horror game and you really nailed it. The story is great and i like how it's tied into the gameplay, very cool.

VERY worth the money

Very solid game. While there isn't much new you really nailed the basics, which most (on this site) don't seem to do. Nice job

Really clever game. I would have played more but my anti virus kept blocking stuff, which gave me a unique experience xD

An interesting game. I like the graphic style, it looks very nice. The problem i have is that you don't need to do much to "win". i just kinda bumbled through it.  

Really cool game. I usually don't like dream based games, but this was really good. 

Fantastic game. It has everything a horror game needs: good graphics, amazing atmosphere, unique puzzles, and suspense. 

Very creepy game. It's been so long since a game has used subtle hints to progress that it caught me off guard (in a good way). The graphics are great and the atmosphere and audio is spot on. good stuff.

Really nice game. It was really creepy knowing the game would add more monsters as it progressed. Great stuff.

A very neat game. The story and setting kinda reminded me of corpse party. 

Really neat "escape room" style mystery game. The graphics are great and the sounds are good. 

Played some of the game. From what i saw it looks quite good. The voice acting is very good and the addition of cutscenes is an unexpected bonus. Good stuff.

Really cool game. Nice graphics and subtle scares. It's short but good. 

Really solid game. The graphics are great and the voice acting is superb. I like that you used the atmosphere to create terror as opposed to constant jumpscares. Great job!

Another fantastic game. I like how much story these games are getting now. I'm guessing there was a lot of Easter eggs i missed, but running from a glob monster takes precedence.

Cool game idea. I had some graphic problems, but i think it was on my end.

A cool narrative driven game. The story is deep, but subtle. I would like to see some form of closure. Returning to the title screen seems like a drop in the flow of the story. Maybe something like he doesn't come back outside the next day or something. 

Great game. I like the pixelated graphics and ambiance is very tension building. The fact that you made a fantastic horror game without in your face jumpscares is great.

Really cool game. While i'm not usually a fan of visual novels, this one was very good. 

Wow that was really great. Had a lot of moments where i wanted to stop playing (out of fear). The graphics are amazing, and the story is really solid. Can't wait to see the full release.

Cool game. I like the idea of a rocket jump style platforming game.

Cool looking game. I made fun of the translation a lot, but with that fixed it could be a good horror game. 

Really nice Baldi's clone. You took a lot of the stuff from that game to the next level. 

Neat game. It was a little strange how it started off as a horror game and then went into a sort of action fps. While i'm fine with  that, it doesn't sit well with me with the graphic style. 

Still a cool game though, good job.

Was a lot of fun. Much scarier then i expected.