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Cool game. Could use more events.

Interesting game. Very short , but pretty cool. I don't know if going to the dock bugged for me or it was intentional.


Duck me.

Cool game. The hitboxes on pickupable items could use some tweaks. I would also recommend being able to hang up the phone. 

Really cool game. I like the look of the castle. 

my one complaint is the monster isn't really scary. 

Really great game. The art is really nice and the hat mechanics are fun to use.

Very cool game. I like the setting of futuristic japan. 

Really cool game. I like two different worlds idea, but i think it could have been used a little more. 

I have no idea what happened. Very interesting game, i only wish i was better at deducing stories.

Really cool game. I love the underwater idea, it's very neat. I wish it felt more like you were under water, like a low gravity feel. I also feel some kind of ending would be nice, the game just closing feels bad man.

Cool game. Didn't quite understand the story, but it was still neat.

Well that was unexpected. Cool idea for a story.

Very strange, as per usual. I still don't understand what happened.

I didn't know Sonic could be so unsettling.

Very strange game. I didn't quite understand what was happening, but it did creep me out.

Really strange game. I completely understand that feeling of being in a gas station super late at night though.

Cool game. The level and story are pretty basic, but i like the camera. I just wish it had more of an effect on gameplay.

Very clever game. I like the magnifying glass mechanics. 

Amazing game. The art is really really good, and the music suits it perfectly. I didn't quite understand the story, but it was still really cool. 

Cool idea for a game. I appreciate the censor option xD

It was a cool game, i just suck at understanding accents. 

Great game. The graphics are really nice and it's super creepy. I like that things change when you go back to old rooms.

It was a really cool game. Yeah i play on lower settings to keep the fps up. Recording takes a bit of cpu/gpu and my computers getting older. 

Cool looking game. I really like the atmosphere, very spooky.

Cool idea. Unfortunately i'm terrible with understanding accents.


Very strange game. I like the freedom on the boat, most games would lock you in. 

Really great game. I didn't fully understand the story, but i think i got the general idea of it.

Really really unsettling. Great job with the atmosphere of the game. I didn't even want to keep walking.

That was a really cool game. I got so nervous i couldn't even finish it. 

What a strange game. Had some spooks and had some coots.

In interesting game. A clearer end goal would make it alot better. I had no idea where i was suppose to go.

Short and sweet, nice.

Well that was...Shrek.

Very silly game. I like the art style.

You could put a nod to it at the end of the maze. Like a graphic or add something to the conversation about it.

No problem, it made it even better. Also i have to know, was the hedge maze intended to be beaten that way? xD

Really cool game. I like the art style and the humor is very good.

Really cool game. I usually don't like these vision through sound games, but this one was pretty good. I did have the problem of getting turned around a lot. maybe adding a loud but risky ability for your character to shout and reveal a large area would be cool.

Really well done and with such a basic concept.