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Weird and spooky xD

Very cool. I like the art style, i just wish i was better at puzzles xD

Still unsettling even as the spider. Very cool game.

Very spooky, got me good at the beginning there xD

I don't know what that was xD

Pretty spooky, pretty funny. Nice job.

Really cool looking game so far. Had a bit of trouble with the fighting 😂

Great job, i liked the animations. 

Cool game. I really like the art style. 

Pretty creepy, i like the art style

Nice game, a bit to short to understand the story.

Creepy and funny xD

Very cool game. The ending was either super strange or my game broke xD

Very cool game. Gave me a Resident Evil 7 mixed with Cry of  Fear vibe.

Really amazing looking game. Like a water based Monster Hunter.

Like the art style and the monster is very creepy. Very nice.

Very cool atmosphere. Couldn't for the life of me find out how to progress.

Cool idea for a resident evil style game.

Pretty cool game, very different from the traditional horror. 

could use multiple endings.

Freaky and funny nice job.

Really great game. Super spooky, the mannequins   movements are freaky as heck.

Really nice game. Alot of little spooks which is quite nice.

Very cool game. I really like the art style, it's very smooth. I think i ballsed the potion up to xD

Very creepy, very atmospheric. It could use more music after the first part.


Really cool game. The monster looks pretty freaky and  i like the back and forth between 2d and 3d.

Cool game, kinda had a P.T vibe. I unfortunately didn't find all the secrets.

Very creepy. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to progress xD

Cool game. I think i broke it tho xD

Pretty good for a Demo. 

Short, but spooky. Reminds me of "The Supper" a little bit.

Pretty cool game. The monster looks really neat.

Really cool looking game. The monster is quite spooky, nice job.

Really great game.  Very satisfying kicking people.

Quite the spooky game. Maybe tune down the jumpscare volume a bit.

Funny game, the driving controls are the worst thing tho xD

Love the mechanics, really fantastic game. Only issue is it was to short.

Pretty spooky, could use another ending (i assume theres the one) but pretty darn good.

Cool game. nice affects.

Short but spooky.