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To start off, I love the art and animation of the game. It's very atmospheric and it tells a story without "telling a story". The boss was pretty cool and had a smooth feel to it.

The gameplay was...painful at times. You have to watch your ammo super closely or you literally can't finish the game, even the knife uses ammo. When you walk through a door you have a 50/50 chance of being instantly killed. Some parts feel like pure luck to get through.

All that said, with a few tweaks it would be a great game. Those are just my opinions. It was a fun experience.

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A very interesting game. Let me start off by saying it feels unique. I love the survival horror genre. The graphics are pretty good and it's definitely spooky. 

I did however find ALOT of bugs. Dying caused the game to freak out. And i went through walls alot. At one point i think i glitched into the final area of the game, but i have no idea. 

I like the game concept and i hope you get to the point where you can release a full version. It's better then alot of steam games i've played!

Really nice game! The graphics are fantastic and the atmosphere is great. The puzzles are very unique and fairly satisfying. I love the use of atmospheric scares as opposed to jumpscares. great job.

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Really nice game. Not alot of in your face jumpscares. "combat" is alittle strange, but it's better then just hiding. goodjob.

Your games are getting much more detailed, from cutscenes to multiple endings. I found a few secrets, but not nearly everything. I did notice that it's easy for the monster to get stuck. other then that it was a really great game!

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Really interesting game. Always a fan of the low poly style. One thing i noticed was how massive the map seemed to be without many differences in the rooms. You may want to add more uniqueness to each room or reduce the size of the map. 

Really silly game. I love the concept, it was very unique! I didn't quite understand the end xD

A very silly game. It's very amusing trying to get things where you want them. The only real problem is the evidence detection on the cops, it's very random.

Really cool game! Reminds me of resident evil or silent hill. The graphics are pretty low (but in a good way) and the atmosphere is very ominous. 

I only have two comments to make. 

1. your character looks like a demon, i don't know if this is on purpose or not.

2.shooting is quite difficult.

Other then that, it's a great game.

Loved this game!The concept is goofy and great. The low graphic quality makes it even better. Only problem was the searching the fields part. Great job

Pretty interesting game. I like the idea that it's a child's nightmares, and the "changes" that come with it. The graphics are decent, but i had a few graphical errors. Other then that it was a good game.

I like the graphics, and the setting is very scary. The concept and mechanics are great, and that you give up your safety to progress. I would recommend a "real" monster, as opposed to the butterfly/moths. I feel like that would make for a more terrifying experience. 

Very spooky game. It has the mechanics of FNAF or Boogeyman. The graphics are good and the ambiance is great.

Nothing more fun then flinging cutlery through your dates chest cavity.

It was a lot of fun, great job!

Very scary game, and it looks great! The atmosphere is really solid and keeps you on edge. This is definitely one of the scarier SCPs and the game does a great job of showing that.

Thanks for making it! it was pretty cool. 

Hey, what was the deal with the cloak guy?

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The concept is so strange, but alot of fun. Being scared by a monster and then immediately having a conversation with it is quite unnerving. The art is great and the ambiance is very ominous. I didn't quite get the story, but it was still a solid game.

Amazing art!

The music and art make it a very surreal game. Even though almost everything is alive, it still feels empty, in a good way. 

sorry i didn't take it as seriously as it was.

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I'm always ready to play a weeping angel game. I LOVE/HATE those creepy dudes. However, the reason it's weird is looking at them doesn't seem to do much. They keeping blinking towards you even when you stare right at them. Also the pumpkin head thing is strange xD                          The camera is also WAY to wobbly.

Still, it's a very intense game. good job.

Pretty solid game. I've never seen the mechanic of questioning the player over and over to gain a reward/punishment. It's definitely unique.

Really scary! I don't know if it was also really difficult or if i was just terrible, but i had a tough time. The atmosphere is terrifying and keeps you on edge the whole time. Really great game.

I recommend putting "don't leave the light on or it will break" in the help menu xD

Really well made. The graphics are pretty solid, and it's very spooky. Replayability is hard to find in horror games. Good job!

Really cool game (even if it is short). The graphics are fantastic and it's pretty darn spooky. One thing i would want is a better indication as to the power level of the flashlight. Other then that it was a great demo!

Really great game. The art style if fantastic and the story is great (even if i didn't fully understand it). Really great stuff!

Really creepy game. The low quality teacher with the pngs of other characters was really unsettling. A couple of problems i had were the mouse not responding well and the difficulty. The jump rope girl is almost a guaranteed loss. she holds you for like 10-15 seconds. If you have more then the 2 starting books he will catch you everytime you jump rope. 

still a really neat game though

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A pretty spooky game. There's alot of atmospheric spooks which are great. The one problem i have is that once the monster is out and about it's way to dark to do anything.

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Really cool game. I found myself thoroughly frightened. Great stuff.

Another great game. I love the old cartoons you've chosen. The only thing i would recommend is a better way to know where Muriel is. Sometimes you open a door and BAM you're dead. still a great game though.

A very strange game, but not bad. The art is simple but nice. the only real problem is that it's short. great job.

Yeah, i'm assuming she killed someones (or her) child. I'm just not sure if she has anxiety and the guilt is affecting her or if the trauma of killing someone is giving her anxiety.

Really well made.  The art is fantastic and the atmosphere really keeps you on edge.

great stuff.

Really cool game. Didn't have the time to beat it, but it was great. The art style was nice and the concept was very realistic. great job


That was really terrifying. Knowing that thing was wondering around filled me with dread every second. great stuff

Great game. The 3d-2d style is always fun to see. Sorry i didn't take the story as seriously as i should have. good job.

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A pretty spooky game. I had alittle trouble with the controls, but i got there in the end.

A very interesting game. The atmosphere adds a lot to the mystery factor. The lighting feels really strange. It's like you're in a bubble of shading and everything is glossy. Still a good game fora first.

Really great game. The art style is really nice and the concept is cool. I like that the jumpscares are not as loud and over done as other games.

Really cool game. The art style is great and the atmosphere was spot on. The keyboard controls were strange, but i know the controller was recommended. The camera also feels too zoomed.  But those are just my opinions it was a great game.

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Pretty cool game. I like the art style, it's definitely different then normal rpg maker games. I saw a few spelling errors but it's no big deal to me. 

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Another great game. I don't know how you keep pumping them out. This game was easily 2-3 times scarier then Tunky. I died at the end.
great job