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Cool game. I didn't quite understand the end, but still neat.

A bit of wonkiness , and quite a few bugs. I like the overall idea of it though.

Short but scary. I couldn't quite hear the guys on the recordings though.

Nice game. It was a good attempt at a Stanley parable style. I did have a few problems but it was still entertaining.

Neat game. I like the graphics, the blocky style works well with a future based game. 

Very fun but very frustrating.


Very nice game. The story was very emotional even if i didn't show it. 

After the initial upset i had, it was a really great game. You may want to give the keys a little shine to them xD

Cool game. I like the art style, the 2d and 3d is always nice. 

I don't know why i thought it would be a normal game.

I really like the art style and the music is great. I'm looking forward to the full release.

Cool game. I like the multiple, VERY strange, endings. The shooting is a little strange, but i like the nazi zombie idea.

Really nice game. The art is great and the music goes perfectly with it. I had a good guess for the story going in, but the way it progressed took me off guard.

Cool game. I didn't really understand the story, but it was well done. 

Very creepy game. The graphics are fantastic and the audio is great. 
Nice job

Very neat game. I didn't quite understand the overall story, but it was still very interesting. 

Really cool game. I like the enemy design and the lighting is great. 

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Cool game. I like the pixel look. I couldn't quite figure out the puzzle though.

A decent game. I couldn't get the password reset to work.

Pretty cool.  While short it was quite unique. I like the design of the monster, but the terrain could use some work.

I didn't get very far, but it was pretty cool. The buttons on the safe seem to be a little off, hitting 4 for me would input 7.

The game was short, but the monster was terrifying. I didn't quite understand what was happening, but it was interesting. 

Nice demo. The first jumpscare almost killed me. I like the drawn art style.

I did have a tough time attacking the little dudes.

Very funny.

Nice game. The story was very interesting, though the ending was a little anticlimactic.

Adding some soft music over the game can make it feel a nicer, especially with some of the back tracking you have to do. 

Really nice job. The scares were nice and not overly jumpscare-y. I like that you didn't overdo the VHS effect. 

Very scary game.  Had the feel of an old PS1 game.

I played the original midnight shift and urbex. I like the removal of the VHS overlay style. Those games, while scary, always made me feel a little sick. The sneaky addition in the extended mode was a cool surprise aswell. 

A very interesting and weird game. While not my cup of tea, it was a lot of fun playing something so unique. Good Job.

Cool game. I had some issues with the lighting. If you light to many things at once it starts to lag really bad. I also may have also opened the first locked door the unintended way, but i'm not sure.

Pretty cool game. The graphics are nice and i imagine the controls are better with a controller. The ability to decide which camera you use is a nice touch aswell. one thing i found was the rooms felt very small for the type of cameras. It felt extremely claustrophobic. 

A surprisingly fun game. Fishing games usually suck, but this ones pretty good. One thing to note was the music overpowered the voice so it was hard to hear the npcs. 

Really well made, even better then the last episode. 

Pretty cool game. Maybe with a picture of the description of each room it would be cooler.  

Looks good, but needs an objective.

Well that was a game. Comedy mixed with horror is always a nice surprise. I did manage to beat it -_- but not in the correct sense.

Cool game. The atmosphere was spot on, it really built the tension. The one problem was the lack of actual scares, it just kept building to the one door smash even though there was ample opportunity. 

Very scary! The graphics are quite nice and the atmosphere is terrifying. 

Great job.

Neat game. Gets a little laggy in the maze. I like the little town outside the maze, but you may want to add some sort of scares as not much happens out there. Also it seems like more of a wheat maze then a corn on xD