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Neat game. Gets a little laggy in the maze. I like the little town outside the maze, but you may want to add some sort of scares as not much happens out there. Also it seems like more of a wheat maze then a corn on xD

Very cool game. Reminded me a lot of Dungeon Nightmares. 

A stamina bar would also be very handy.

Very cool and very scary.
This one was really atmospheric. Great stuff.

Scary and silly. The game had some good scares and some, probably unintentional, goofs. I hope your friend liked it.

Very scary. I was hoping an update would help clear up the story a little. I was wrong xD
Can't wait to see the next update.

Really well made game. I usually don't like the VHS overlay, but it was very well done. 

One thing i noted was how fast the "monster" chases you. It looks like there are lockers around to hide in, but hes WAY to fast to even try and hide. 

Really solid Nazi Zombie style game. I like the use of the arcade machines as the dispensers for weapons and perks. 

One thing i noticed was that you don't seem to be able to reload if you can't reload a full magazine. So if i have 10 shots left for a 25 round gun it won't reload the gun. 

I was a little nervous from the pictures, but i was pleasantly surprised. It's a lot like hotline miami with a Texas twist.

An interesting survival game. It looks pretty good, and i love me some wave survival games. 

However,  the map is to big for what you do on it. You don't need a 3 mile long map to fight 15 enemies. bringing all the scattered buildings closer would make it feel more cramped, adding corners and other ways for the enemies to sneak up on you. 

An interesting game. I like the use of the sheep to give you directions. You use the fake wall thing a bit to much

A decent game

A surprisingly fun game. The controls are actually quite nice, even if they look a little glitchy. The story is strange, but original.

I can't wait for chapter 2 or the finish to chapter 1.

Very cool game. It definitely messed with my mind. Great job!

Really cool game. I didn't expect it to be as scary as it was and i definitely wasn't expecting there to be so much. 


Another cool idea for a game. I like the variety of enemies and the continuation from the last story.

An interesting style of game. The text goes by at a very fast pace making it hard to take everything in. I also had the problem of trying to read the instructions at the exact same time as you have to solve the puzzle, making it nearly impossible on the first try for some puzzles.

Another interesting title in the tv189 series. I don't know if you know how to put notes or scripted subtitles in your games, but i think it would make for a more comprehensive story. Also it looked like the enemies got stuck a lot as some of the zombies didn't move and others could barley walk.

A very neat, short horror game. It's a very neat idea to have the character come back after hours and realize somethings wrong. 

Really neat game. It's pretty cool that the game tries to adapt from your choices.

Really great game. didn't realize it was 4 years old until i finished playing it, but it's still fantastic. good work

Here's a video of chapter 2. I like the new setting,even if it is mostly the same. 

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Very cool looking game. I'm not usually a fan of the 2d character in a 3d world, but this is pretty cool.

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It's a pretty basic game guru game. Game guru is a pretty crappy game creator, so you really have to put a lot into it to make a decent game. 

One thing to note is how flat everything is. Once you go into the base everything is on one floor and it feels very flat. Another thing to add would be windows to make the base feel bigger then it is. 

I would also add more ammo or a melee weapon. You're pretty much forced to just run around the monsters.

Very interesting game. Definitely more psychological horror then normal. Very cool for one day.

A decent game. The play area is very small and it's a little buggy. 

I don't even know

Pretty basic game, but it's ok. 

Very cool game. I like that there was new stuff P.T didn't do, made for a unique experience. I did manage to break the game by the end, but that tends to happen alot xD

Very short, but looks promising. 

Really cool game. The graphics are really nice, reminds me a lot of little nightmare.

A solid horror game. It has that "haunted house" feel to it. You really just walk around getting spooked as you uncover the story. Short but pretty good.

A decent game. The story felt very rushed. you only know the smallest thing about your girlfriend so it kinda doesn't matter if she dies. It also didn't feel like a rescue mission, more you just stumbled upon her after getting kidnapped yourself. 

Really fun. The controls are solid and it feels great jumping off walls.  The enemies are a little meh, but it's mostly about the jumping puzzles. The graphics are great and it's got a bit of humor. great job all around.

Here's chapter 2

A funny take on the Scooby Doo series.

Another good game. Not as scary as some of the other games you have made, but still good. 

It was quite short, but very promising. I know you arn't really suppose to explore the end houses, but adding a couple of objects (chairs, beds ,tables) would make it feel more alive. 


Really scary game. The idea of having to close off areas yourself makes it a very tense situation. Great stuff.

Really good looking so far. A little short even for a demo, but still good. Looking forward to seeing the full release.

Really cool game. I didn't quite get the story, but it was still very good. I loved all the side jokes and easter eggs.

Overnight community · Created a new topic Gameplay video

It was a cool concept for a game. It feels like that would be a job a veteran would take. Only problem i had was the volume level between the voices and the sound effects.