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Created a new topic Gameplay video

it was an ok looking game. however, it was way to short. 

A great looking game. the art style is great and the music is fantastic. can't wait to see the finished product.

Very creepy game. kept me on my toes the entire time. good job

Great looking game so far. I like the art style you went for. only real problem i have is the camera gets blocked by stuff in the foreground. good job

Really nice looking game. i love the pixel style. it's also FREAKING DIFFICULT. great job

Created a new topic Gameplay vid

Really cool game. that wolf scared me xD

Great looking game. can't wait to see more

Really good little horror game. The story is alittle confusing but overall its a great game.

Scariest game i've ever played xD

it's  got solid graphics and a pretty spooky atmosphere. you got me a couple times with the jumpscares xD. other than a few things (the repeating audio) it was a pretty good game.

i love the art style of this game. aside from the weird hit boxes, it's  a really cool game.

solid game so far. i like the hiding concept (not that i needed it). i can't wait to see where it goes.

also, what was with the salt light xD?

really nice little game, especially for a Ludum dare. i liked the art style and really like the music.

a very interesting game. i haven't played many 3rd person horror games. the only real problem i have with the game is that the monster can go through walls. it's almost impossible to avoid him.

I liked the game. thank you for making it. i felt like the art style and simplicity would make for a good app game. looks great so far.

Really nice looking game. its well done for 48 hours and it plays pretty good. 

you got me more with the t.v not turning on lol

very fun game. had me on edge the entire time, even without a monster. are you supposed to fall off the world at the end?

A very.. interesting game. the weed area is a bit strange. i also found a bug. when playing on lower graphics all the enemies seem to phase through the world and attack you immediately. 

Posted in Blitz comments

A very interesting horror game. The fact that you cant really see it coming is very scary. not bad for an unfinished project.

A really nice looking game. pretty short so far but you have the graphics down. i'm sorry i couldn't take it seriously but it looks go so far.

It looks pretty good. and the story its building on seems ok. i found that there are alot of things missing collision. i hope you keep updating it in the future.

a pretty neat game. i like the idea of you trying to escape at the beginning. all i can say is i wish there was some kind of resistence after you leave the first room. other than that its pretty good.

great game man. ending made me feel awsome. :D

when i played it was pitch black. i changed the brightness in post, so i couldn't see it until after words. i recommend another source of light or making it brighter in general.

it also looked like you could interact with the lighter on the table but nothing happened when i clicked it.

Created a new topic Escape Chernobog gameplay

Its pretty unique compared to alot of horror games i have played on these sites.however it does need some work. i found that on higher graphic settings it lags quite a bit (i don't believe its my computer). its very dark.

Really cool game so far. i love the art style aswell as the gameplay. can't wait to see the full game and i'm sure you could get greenlit on steam to.

Created a new topic Fantastic game

really fun game, and really hard. the graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite smooth. can't wait to see the finished product

It's a very interesting game. while it is a game it could also be used to understand what it's like to have schizophrenia. its pretty good for a prototype.

Its definitely a unique game. it looks really nice and its a very interesting story. it is a little short however, and the controls can get a little wonky.

It's a strange game. it looks like, but i don't quite understand it. either way i had a fun 10 min with it.

The mechanics of this game are awesome. the graphics are appealing and it is a litle spooky. the only real problem i have with this game is that it's to short.