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It was ok, but it needs more spookyness.

Very creepy. Good use of sounds.

Very creepy. I like all the alarms going off at once.

Weird game, that urinal is terrifying xD

Just as creepy as the imposter version. The monkey is messed up tho xD

Pretty creepy. I liked the stalker camera, that was pretty cool.

Creepy, but a bit slow.

I was not expecting it to start that way. Amazing!

I was not expecting that. One thing i would say is to add something in there while your exploring. it gets dull after awhile.

Looks pretty good so far. I like the art style of it.

Very cool game.  I would however like a refund my room had to many snakes for my liking.

Creepy, quick, and not overcomplicated. nice job.

Great idea for a game, very creepy. Multiple endings would be a nice addition.

Did not expect that at the end there.

I thought I was safe, I thought it was over xD

Creepy game. That ending got me.

Really nice game. It's somehow scary while being bright and sunny, which is really great.

The duck is creepy and all, but the city he lives in is a nightmare xD

Creepy game. Kind of hard to see the scares sometimes, but for 48 hours very solid.

Creepy game. I should have read the story, cause i had no idea what was going on xD

Very cool game. That first scare almost killed me.

Spooky and funny, good stuff. A bit on the shorter side tho.

Creepy game. His speed and randomness makes it nearly impossible to win.

Very cool game. The backwards camera is a bit disorienting, but you kinda get used to it.

Creepy. Kind of hard to see what's going on and the controls get really wonky when the camera angle changes.

Very strange game. I had no idea what was going on xD

Nice game.  couldn't figure out what that board was.


Very creepy game. The atmosphere is brutal . Well done.

Very cool mechanic. I was scared at first it would screw the controls up, but it was done really well.

Pretty spooky, but very short.

Interesting game. It's kind of weird that they go through terrain. 

Good game. Needs more static objects, feels too empty.

Creepy. That truck has an interesting turn radius xD

Looking pretty good so far.  I like the look of it and I'm interested in     the story.

Really weird, but really great. 

Pretty creepy. Didn't understand the diner bit tho.

Interesting game. You may want to add a skip for the news in case someone wants to play again.

Very creepy. Things started falling apart in the third act xD

Very spooky. I like the hinting at SCP.

Creepy game. The monster freaking out in the T.V was pretty funny xD