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Really cool looking game. The, what i assume is recoil, is really strange though.

Really really weird. However, i liked the idea, and the art style is cool.

Great game. I love the stalking feeling of the monsters. 


Really cool idea for a game. A little confusing at first, but it's very cool. Great job.

Cool game. I don't know how many endings there are, but i got two i think.

Interesting game. Really short, but it's pretty cool.

Looks good so far. I'm assuming you will be adding your own stuff over the course of development. 

Cool game. I didn't quite understand the story, but it was neat.

Pretty good game. The first code is a nightmare, at least for me. 

Really great game. Reminded me of Cry of Fear. 

Really cool game. I love the different graphic styles. All the different settings are beautiful. 

Cool idea for a game.

An interesting game. I like the idea of it, escaping an eldritch prison through a variety of different ways. However, there are quite a few bugs. 

Wow, really great looking stuff. The graphics are really good and the sounds and atmosphere are top notch. 

Great game so far. The art is really nice and the story looks very interesting.

Weird game, but pretty cool.

Great game. I was skeptical at first because i usually don't like those kinds of graphics. However, i was happily proven wrong.


Really nice game. The buildup was great and the art was nice.

Creepy game. 

Interesting concepts. It has quite a few bugs and i must have missed the desert area somehow.

Cool game. Could use a sensitivity adjuster though.

Cool game. I don't quite understand the story, but i guess it's suppose to be kinda ambiguous.  

Cool idea for a game, but there's not much there. 

Really nice game. The puzzles are cool and the ending is terrifying. However, i feel like the horror comes in a little late.

Cool game. A little easy, but still cool.

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Really cool idea for a game. I love that it was live action. 

As just an idea, you could make a easy mode and a hard mode. 

Easy - timestamps at the bottom of the video

Hard - no timestamps at the bottom of the video.

Nice game. Had some great ambiance and sound. One issue i had was the feeling of it being a haunted house. Just walking from one room to another. 

Really well done. It looks exactly the same as the original.

I would recommend, if possible, turning off the ability to use the console in game.

Really good game. Maybe adding more intensity at the very end when you're being chased, paintings falling and doors slamming etc.

Great job making the , what i assume is, the fps creator engine look decent.

The art style is really cool. Can't wait for chapter 2.

Interesting idea. I wasn't 100% sure what to do, but it was still pretty cool.

Well, i don't understand what happened, but it sure was neat.

Neat game. It was a little confusing trying to figure out the order.

Really fun game. I usually don't like puzzle games ,because i suck at them, but this was really good.

Really cool idea for a game. The begging system is a little weird.

A very strange game.

Really funny game. I love the idea for it.

Fun game, but very tough 

nice job

Really cool game. I was afraid it was gonna be another fnaf clone, i'm glad i was wrong.