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Nice game. His aggro range seems a bit high.

Great game. I don't know if you intended it, but that was soooo funny xD

Great game, the atmosphere is super spooky. Im glad there actually is a good end in a horror game, kinda rare xD

Nice game, the monster is definitely scary. It feels like you need a few more events considering how its just a big hallway. Maybe add more assets as well like chairs, tables, pictures to give it more personality. 

Nice game. The running animations are choice. You may want to make the aiming and fire button different, having to unload a few rounds everytime you aim is kind of silly xD

Really great game. The atmosphere is really great with the lit streets and dark forest contrast. 

I would say the volume tends to shift quite a bit. Some things are much louder than others. Also maybe have a checkpoint after shopping so you can try for other endings without having to go through the whole game again.

Cool game. you may want to add some sort of marking system (glow sticks, chalk)

The levels are a bit to similar to know where they are most of the time.

Nice game. It's pretty good for the time frame it was made.

Crazy game. I think i missed ANOTHER flashlight xD

Nice game. I like the more subtle spooks at the beginning. The dish washing part may need a bit of a tweak, feels like actually being a dishwasher xD

Well that was weird, but fun xD

Solid game. Pretty sure i got the very bad ending xD

Nice game. But i gotta dock points for getting rid of his hat xD

I was very surprised by this. Great job!

Interesting game. 

Somehow less weird than the last one xD

Really great game. The atmosphere was very creepy, and those scares got me good.

Great game. Even though im terrible at these games, i had a lot of fun. I'm glad you have it in color, much preferred to the black and white or green versions most others do.

Very short, but very odd so it's got that going for it xD

Interesting idea for a game, but not much happening. 

It's very easy to leave the bounds of the game area.

Nothing moves in the game (fish, jellyfish)

The enemies only look at you and nothing else.

Fantastic game. That thing was super creepy, especially in the enclosed area.

Interesting game. I found some bugs such as not being able to shoot or reload and i was unable to go down the stairs.

Good but very difficult. I don't think its possible to escape them once they spot you. So once seen running is just delaying the inevitable.  

Cool game. Didn't manage to find all the endings, but i got a few. 

Great job on the game, especially in such a short time. So much terror packed into such a small scenario is very impressive.

Nice game, a few strange things here and there but was fun to play.

Interesting game, but very short. 

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Really great game. As per your request at the beginning of the game, I tried to make less silly edits as the story got more serious.   

one thing i would say is that  the SORRY puzzle was pretty brutal, at least for me. I don't think i would have gotten it without the guide

Also is that the actual voice actor on those tracks or is it ai?

Nice looking game. Could use either some form of music or more ambient noises. 

Oh i actually think i played that long ago.  Completely forgot, it looks much better now. 

That was pretty cool. There was a lack of spotlights so i'm gonna have to give it a 1/10 xD

Yeah, you got a good  foundation just needs some meat. Good luck on future projects. 

An interesting idea, but it gets old after about 30 seconds xD

You need to add additional effects each night to give it some zhuzh. Rain or wind to increase the speed the fire goes out. Maybe a monster that tries to steal your logs if you aren't paying attention. Its got potential though.

Accidently joined a match xD

It was actually pretty fun 

Well that was bizarre. I was not expecting the dog walking bit xD

Overall it was a solid game, nice job.

Its an interesting idea for a game, but needs some work. Why are the hallways MASSIVE? It takes ages to get anywhere. The AI on the monster is very janky. He got stuck every time i interacted with him, then vanished for the rest of the game. A slight glow or something on interactable objects would help a lot. 

Cool game. Could only get one ending cause i had limited time to play. I would say it can feel a bit sluggish at times, like when i had to restart an area after dying. The dialogue can drag  at points so being able to skip it would be nice. 

Neat game. Making the dialogue skippable would make someone more likely to go for all the endings.  The death cutscene if sped up by 3-4 times would make it way scarier. 

Nice game. I did find the build up at the beginning to be a bit long.