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That was quite the twist ending, well played.

Well that was...and it had...the story was...

Didn't expect a P.T game. It's short, but good. Nice job.

Solid game, could use a lead up to the house, but i know it's just a short project.

Really good game, i thought it was over...alot.

Very short, but very spot on the "i'm sorry jon" meme.

Really great game. The needle mechanic, while a bit finicky, is really cool.


Really creepy game. Haven't seen a fleshed out Sirenhead game before this, and now  i wish i hadn't xD. Nice job.

Looks really great so far. The art style makes me nauseous in the best way possible. 


Nice game. It could use some music for those long run arounds.

VERY short, but a nice start. The game looks really good.

I don't know why this exists, but nice job.

Really great idea so far.

I don't how people can imagine this stuff. Nice job.

Nice game. Not a fan of the texutres inside the building/ship.

Nice game, could use some polish, but for 10 days its very good.

Great game, to bad i'm terrible at puzzles.

Nice game, but a bit strange.

Creepy game. had some unintentional funny bit, but overall nice job.

Nice game, could use some interaction.

Definitely didn't see that one coming.

Another brain melting game, nice job xD

A nice start

Very nice job on the atmosphere. I had a feeling you had made perennial, thats a cheeky move adding a feature from that. 

Really good game, very unsettling.

Really cool game. You feel lost the whole time, but somehow make it to the house.

Really cool game. The randomness actually makes it interesting the second run through. 

Cool game, but very short. I had no idea what was happening xD

I got the bad ending (i assume). Didn't have time to find the others. 

I like how it got progressively darker as the portals went on


Really cool idea for a game. Lot of fun to play.

Very short, very silly.  Nice job

Really nice game, i like the art style. I managed to find two endings, i'm not sure how many there are.

Nice game, the boss fight was disappointing xD

Really nice game, the last puzzle got me.

Nice game, pretty difficult to avoid the hallway guys.

Alot of nice improvements.

Nice game. Darkness definitively prevailed on my first go.

Really great game, the ending was  very cool.

Really unsettling game, nice work.

Nice for a first game, but could use some work. For starters i would add windows and a front door for immersive purposes.