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In interesting game. A clearer end goal would make it alot better. I had no idea where i was suppose to go.

Short and sweet, nice.

Well that was...Shrek.

Very silly game. I like the art style.

You could put a nod to it at the end of the maze. Like a graphic or add something to the conversation about it.

No problem, it made it even better. Also i have to know, was the hedge maze intended to be beaten that way? xD

Really cool game. I like the art style and the humor is very good.

Really cool game. I usually don't like these vision through sound games, but this one was pretty good. I did have the problem of getting turned around a lot. maybe adding a loud but risky ability for your character to shout and reveal a large area would be cool.

Really cool looking game. I really like the addition of a vehicle in this game. It did take me forever to find him, but that's probably because i didn't use the equipment correctly.

Really well done and with such a basic concept.

Gotta admit, didn't see that coming.

Interesting game. Didn't have time to finish it but it looked good.

Cool game. I did accidentally find a way out of the map.

Really cool game. The atmosphere is really well done even with the weird audio and lighting.

Really well done. The voice acting is a little over the top, but in a good way.

Really cool game. Although i wan't good enough to beat it, it was still very cool.

Really great game. The voice acting is fantastic, which is what a lot of visual novels are missing. 

Interesting game. I like the idea of having two different stories. 

Cool game. I like the art style and lighting. There are a few issues with it, like ambiance ,but it's a good start.

Really great game. The games that mess with your mind are some of my favorite. Fantastic stuff!

Very intense game. It would be cool if when you failed to get the fruit she would break free and chase you down.

Cool game. Reminds me of the grandma game. One major thing i always recommend is more furniture. There's nothing worse then massive empty rooms. 

Very cool game, especially for an FPSCreator game.

I really like the art style. The music and sound effects are really nice too. You may also want to put a download link on the page as web players tend to be a pain and sometimes don't work at all.

Really cool game. I didn't quite understand the story, but it was quite scary. 

Really cool game. The atmosphere and sounds are really great. The one issue i had was the lack of ability to pick up and use things at will. Like finding keys but having to wait till you need them to pick them up.

I really like the look of the game, and the idea of a crab with a knife invading a house is hilarious. The one problem i had was the camera was extremely annoying.

Really cool game. It's a little dark, but very good.

Creepy game. I didn't quite understand the story, but it was still cool.

A very strange game. It's hard to understand what's happening at first, but at least it's unique.


Cool game. The art is really nice and spooky. 

Interesting idea for a game. I feel like it could get weirder. It kinda looks like someone just messed up the office. 

Very silly game. I really liked the idea for this one.

Really creepy game. A lot of nice scares that weren't technically a jumpscare which is nice.

I understand borrowing map assets, a lot of people would have borrowed everything. Nice to see You made your own monster. 

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Very difficult and very scary. I know the map isn't yours, but is the monster?

Very creepy game. Reminds me of a Fnaf style, but with some free roam, which is really nice.

Well, that was definitely stressful. He runs SO fast and weirdly. Great game.

Very strange game, but for some reason i liked it.