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I really loved the game even if I suck at it lol

Wonderful! loved the game!!

had a great time playing it!! Seriously would love to come back to it!

Hey! The game is very well made! Honestly it is crazy it was only made in 72 hrs

! I played it for my channel lol.

My audience I have been waiting for YEARS! First played this game in 2016. I can. not. WAIT!!!!! 

This was really fun! People were entertained. Wish there was more

It was fun!!

Fun game!!

me and my community loved it :) 

This game was a blast

Dudes as promised part 2 it HERE! Let me know what you all think!!

Hey! Really fun game! I made gameplay for it! Check it out and if you guys want me to showcase anymore game please let me know!

Lol cool! Sounds like a plan!

Hi! I posted part 1 here! Check it out and if you would like comment on the video to talk about the game so my audience can learn more about it! Also if I pick at the game ignore me. You did a lot better than I could making the game

Epic! Will do!

Just played it for youtube! Forgot to save like a moron XD. Still the game is very unique! Might play more next week :)

Really great game. Amazing art. The story gets better per video!

I play this lovely lil crap!!

FUN!!! I love this style of game!!

FUN! I raged soooo much!!


Alright thanks! I will look into that

Fun! I am liking the art and symbolism!

It was on my end. The game ran fine it was just my recorder and thanks for subscribing!

LOVED THIS GAME. I am even playing it in my free time when I am not recor

Very fun! But I raged like I was 5 lol

I liked this idea! It had fun and difficult choices!

I had to look up the answers XD.

I love this game! It feels so thought out!