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I had a good time playing this game. The story line was easy to follow and not overly complicated, there were a few VERY SMALL (like irrelevant small) where I had to draw conclusions to the story. The gameplay itself was completely on point. Nothing to be improved on at all. Honestly over all the game is a 9.8/10 So basically perfect in my mind. Anyways please enjoy the video!


OMG! Can’t wait for more!

well. I liked it even if I played It out of order XD

I wish there was MORE!

Looks good! 

nice :) made me jump!

I didn’t see any problems. The monster looks good and the game is very solid!

it was a great for my sub milestone video!!

thanks so much!!

This game was super fun!!

I enjoyed it :) 

The guy won't go away when I shoot him :/

LOVED IT!!! Wish there was more

A great game :)

got me for sure :D

hi! This game scared the crap out of us both times!

great game!!

I was honestly really invested in this game. it is very immersive! I looks smooth and flows nice :)

hey! It was fun! Got another video for you!! XD

Hi hi! Cute game :)

hi developer! I just wanted to post the last part for the demo series I did for your game :)

hi hi! Part 2 is up. If anyone is interested :). Ps this game is BEAUTIFUL!

Very solid looking game :)

Cool game :) If you are interested in hearing a small review I left one at the end of the game

hi hi!! Had a fun time !

thanks!! I appreciate it!

HI! Happy to announce you got your first (at least I think) gameplay video for your game!!

Hi! So the game was solid and I really enjoyed it1 I recorded a video for it and I will be posting it soon! I saw a small little glitch but nothing that ruined the game or hurt the vibe. Basically when you jump into a wall you can hold the spacebar and hover in the air for however long you want. I will put it in my video tomorrow so yall can see what I mean. Anyways,  Fun game for sure!

this is a very interesting game! Please make more!

epic game!!


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This got me when it shouldn’t have and it got me when it should have.  XD

fun game :)

omg this game is something else!

fun game!! 

Had to leave you a compliment in my video! Solid game :)

This game got me! I didn't have an issues with it and it was def spooooky!

Nice game! Honestly had fun!