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played yo game

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Game is goooood


Had me scared shitless in the beginning...

Get Folded like a pretzel while drinking expired Water :D

ya damn right

Relatable, just like when you used to turn off the lights on the first floor and quickly ran upstairs to your room.

Another scuffed youtube video in comment section. 

For real tho, the game was scary, fun to play and entertaining. That's all that matters to me, so... good job!

them jumpscares made me jump

this had a nice vibe. a short but sweet and unique experience.

polished enjoyable short experience
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oh, I forgot to water the other plants. Hope they'll forgive me xd

Also, great game design. You really nailed a chill atmosphere(I'm a sucker for pixel art).

The game is short, sweet, and relaxing. Great job

Awesome game, had tons of fun with it. It's well polished and addicting, great work.

Short and fun.

Draining the homies...

simple yet fun, good game

very nice game

Played it and was scared shitless, didn't even finish it.

Simple yet good for the time it took to make. Wasn't really scary but it was entertaining to play.

Played it and had fun. It was frustrating at first, getting to learn how things work, but it was worthwhile, to say the least.

You better take and plug in your shitty 2$ mouse for this one because the thing is gonna break after that much clicking...Good clicker game tho ngl.

The game is quite fun and addicting. The art style is also pretty neat. All you require for it is a mouse. There aren't really any controls, so it's beyond simple to play but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Yo, this game slaps! It's a great concept, has good graphics, and is just plain fun. I had a great time with it, Nice job.

For a game that you only made in 1 day, it's pretty decent(although it's unpolished in some areas). Still, it was a fun time!

The game was interesting and fun to play. It's well polished and I haven't encountered any sort of bugs or problems while playing. Good work!

The game is not bad. Some scares were a little bit forced tho. Still a good game for a single developer!

For your first game, it's pretty good. 

Jonathan lowkey kinda mad

That VHS effect tho.

The game is really fun! More types of monsters and (random) sound effects around you to make it more creepy would be a good addition tho.

I get it

Had a blast with this! It was so much fun and a Full version is always welcome.

The game is really fun. I played for 1 hour straight and didn't get bored at all. If you add some effects like screen shaking when blocking an attack or more details to animations to make it feel more fast-paced and dynamic, I think the game would greatly benefit from it, but it's already great as it is. It's also pretty satisfying when you get somewhat good at it:

This game slaps my guy. It's basic and a fun time, a good combo. I did a video of my best time in the levels.

A pretty well-made surprise...

I played it. I like the art style and the atmosphere you create here. I was honestly scared shitless when I was at the door, entering the code and just hearing a chainsaw mad man behind me, anxiously closing in. A full game would be much appreciated!

Played it. Was rough around the edges and the quality isn't the greatest but it's not a bad game.