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The Orange Ranger

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What is in this blue facility? Check it out and subscribe!

#theorangeranger #gaming #thecomplex #backrooms #itchio #youtube #powerrangers

Let's take another walk into the backrooms. Check it out and subscribe!

#theorangeranger #gaming #thecomplex #thebackrooms #itchio #youtube #powerrangers

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What did I get myself into? Check it out and subscribe!

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Don't answer the door.

Check it out and subscribe!

Visiting a Playstation classic. Check it out and subscribe!

Also, the initial cutscene gave my channel a copyright claim. Post at your own discretion.

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A love letter to horror manga. Check it out and subscribe!

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Travelling a maze to find my lost love. Check it out and subscribe! #theorangeranger #gaming #ofloveandeternity #itchio #youtube #powerrangers

What will I find, and will I make it out? Check it out and subscribe!

Definitely not pulling my hair out. Check it out and subscribe!

Most fun I've had in a while. Check it out and subscribe!

I'd love to play the full version of this. I will try to have my first video for this up tomorrow.

Kept me on my toes the entire game!

A really interesting take on the monster. I really enjoyed it, and my subscribers seem to enjoy it too.

It was really fun, though the monster does look familiar.

Loved the one liners!

Interesting game with unique gameplay!

Crazy relevant game that hits home for me!

That was a really interesting experience. I hope there's more soon!

That was a fun ride!

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This was a fun short game, though I'm not sure what the purple lines were for.

Edit: Also not sure why the link isn't showing the preview right.

A little confusing, but interesting.

Wasn't expecting that!

Interesting way to explore this situation. I don't remember going through it, or at least being all that afraid if it was happening.

Interesting game about a meme I didn't know about.

That's just it. I had my flashlight on. I knew the mechanics of it, but used it as carefully as I could. The only way it reset was by pressing space.

I tried. But it was so dark for so long that my screen just went black. It stayed that way until I started over.

And for anyone on here who sees the video, please consider subscribing!

It was fun, but tough!

More fun than I thought it would be!

Great game! Found a couple endings.

I like this actual factual depiction of tax season!

Wasn't expecting that. Fun little game though. Don't mind how dumb I was.

I enjoyed the dread of the setting. Even the generators were apprehensive.