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I really loved this game. Had some hilarious controls and a great concept. The controls seemed difficult at first but once i got the hang of it i had a great time!

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Great Job! Visuals were stunning and i loved it every step of the way.

Amazing little game i loved it the whole time i played it. Great job!!!

I loved this game some much, i had such great fun playing this game and this is definitly a game i would play over and over. Great job!!

Amazing little horror game (scared me a good bit not going to lie) I loved this game, i cant wait for future games by y'all. Great work, and keep it up/

Awesome game with amazing spooks, keep up the good work and great job!!!

Loved the concept. Had a creepy feeling from the start, keep up the good work and good luck on the kickstarter :)

Amazing spooky vibe and great game but i may have broken it :(

I loved it, Kept me spooked all the way through, great job!!!!!