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I loved the kind of episodic style of the game, it gave an incredible and spooky atmosphere. Great Job!

Awesome Game! I had a great time recording it and playing and it really through me for a loop. Great Job! (Starts At 10:34)

Awesome game, a great way to ring in the new year!

Awesome game i personally love the vhs style games and this one is top notch. Greeat Job!

Awesome game Team Bellboy, i really enjoyed my stay, i loved the mysterious nature of it all and the end i never saw coming. Great Job!

Awesome game and really really short, but really awesome. Looking forward to future releases!

Manny Must Have His Spring Attire Or Suffer The Consequences!!!

Great Job and Awesoem Game!

Awesome game and great concept this really freaked me out. Great Job!

Awesome game and great concept. Im always a fan of Dema studios, keep up the great work!

Quick and awesome!!


Awesome game, i loved the atmosphere and the secrets great job and i am definitly coming back for those secrets!

awesoem game and great job on the atmosphere i really enjoyed it!

awesome game it was extremely creepy and spooky, Great Job!

I had a great time and im glad i could figure out the puzzles. Great job!

I had a lot of fun with this game. Great Job!

i loved this game great job!

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Awesome game and great design, i loved it. Great Job!

Awesome concept and desgin i loved all of it. Great Job!

i again had a great time playing this game but i think ive found all secrets and such in the game so i hope you all enjoy!

Awesome game, i had a fantastic time playing, great job!

This was so much fun, and the right level of challenge as well. I had a great time playing the whiole time, Great Job!

Awesome game, great job!

Wow taxes are so fun!

Wanna Sprite Cranberry!!!????

very creepy and scary, my skin crawled when the game started taking things from my computer.

Great Job!

Awesome game and great concept, this kept me scared all the way through, great job!

Awesome game as always Matt, you did a great job, even though it was short i had a great time and the designs were fantastic.

Amazing Game, i really enjoyed the atmospher and theme it reminded me alot of P.T. in a way. Great job!

Awesome game, i had so much fun recording and im so glad i had the chance to play the game.

this was super spooky, i loved the atmosphere and setting of the game. Great job!

Great Game! I loved the somber music and then how it throws you straight in with no restraint. Great Job!

I loved this game and the SPOOKY jumpscare in the maze! Great Job!

Awesome game by the way, i loved the art style and so much content, great job!

Matt your games are always awesome!

Glad I Could Play!

i loved the concept and overall feel of this game, i had  a great time, good job!

adam thank you for the great opprotunity to play your game, i really appreciate you reaching out, you did an awesome job!