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Ahhhhh, That Hot

Awesome game, i loved every little detail about the game, great job all, you should all be proud. I hope to see more!

cute little game and i love dogs, great job!!!

Such a cute game, i loved all of it and it had a kind of arcade style which is awesome. Great Job!!!

Awesome short horror game, great atmosphere, and great just overall mood. Great Job!

Great little horror game, it had a very creepy and stressful vibe, Great Job!

Very awesome game! the character you play as had great idle animations and really brought it to life along with the fireworks. the overall message was powerful and you protrayed it amazingly. Great job!

Awesome and  weird game but i loved all the way through great job!!!!

Awesome  game,  i love thhe concept and it reminded me alot of hand simulator, i had a lot of fun, great job!

Everyone deserves a happy christmas. great job on the game i had great fun and maybe even broke it a little lol!

Awesome concept and fun idea, great job on this game, i really had a great time!

Awesome short game, i loved it all the way it was simple yet engaging, Great Job!!

Awesome game i love the style and whatever that thing was haha. But awesome job, i loved it!

no problem

Tis the season for a Sprite Cranberry? awesome game BTW

Awesome scary demo. Great Job!!!!

Awesome little horror game, the books are what got me the most, great work!!!!!

Awesome game, i really love the card aspect and how it relates to the overall story, great job!

Awesome little puzzle game, had alot of fun playing , great work!

A very powerful message sent by this game, awesome job! P.S. I almost cried at the end.

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Epic dog, Fun Times, 10/10 would get bread again. Great Work!


i loved it. great atmosphere and awesome controls. Awesome Job!

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Creepy man, smashing mirrors, a seperated love = GREAT GAME! Great Work

Very Nice Game, great work!

Great Work!

I really loved this game. Had some hilarious controls and a great concept. The controls seemed difficult at first but once i got the hang of it i had a great time!

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Great Job! Visuals were stunning and i loved it every step of the way.

Amazing little game i loved it the whole time i played it. Great job!!!

I loved this game some much, i had such great fun playing this game and this is definitly a game i would play over and over. Great job!!

Amazing little horror game (scared me a good bit not going to lie) I loved this game, i cant wait for future games by y'all. Great work, and keep it up/

Awesome game with amazing spooks, keep up the good work and great job!!!

Loved the concept. Had a creepy feeling from the start, keep up the good work and good luck on the kickstarter :)

Amazing spooky vibe and great game but i may have broken it :(

I loved it, Kept me spooked all the way through, great job!!!!!