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Loved It.

Instantly Became my favorite Christmas game.

Absolutely terrifying. Great horror game.

Took me a while but I eventually won. This was a tough game but the ending was worth it. Good Game.

I admit it was tricky but I enjoyed the challenge. Great Game.

Great Christmas game. Got me in the holiday mood.

Great game. I had a lot of fun.

Great game. Scared me a good few times.

Fun game. Had me panicking.

Great game. The plot alone was amazing.

Beautiful game. I was not ready how mellow

and wonderful everything was going to be.

I loved this game. From the graphics to the soundtrack and especially the cats. 

This game will mellow you down to the bone. Great Game.

Great game. Every element was done perfectly.

Great game! Very challenging and even infuriating. Definitely worth playing if you want a challenge.

Great game! Extremely fun! I love how intense it gets the more you play.

Great game. Very Scary. Had no idea what to expect.

Great game. Had spooks, plot twists and the destruction of spiders. Awesome


Pleasant while also challenging. Great game.

Genius and devious. This game somehow got me questioning basic things. Great game.

Great game. I had fun with it and the graphics were very pleasing.

Great game! I had so much fun playing it.

I love how crazy the powers are. Especially the Banana. Loved it.

So frustrating! Still very good. Great game.

Super interesting game. I liked it.

Awesome game! It creeped me out with the atmosphere and all the mystery alone.

Great game. I loved everything from the interactions to to the fun things you find on the boards. Especially the jack black throw in.

Great game! I absolutely loved it! Though it was terrifying at first the further I got the more I loved it.

This was so terrifying! Half the time I was scared to do anything. Great game.

This game is awesome. I loved everything from the signs to the newspapers to the gameplay itself. Though challenging I enjoyed it.

The story's sad but it's still a very great game.

Loved it! It was weird and fun at the same time. Got most if not all endings.

Good game. It's very mysterious and scary but fun.

Very good game. I love how it's cute, mysterious, and weird/creepy.

Fun little game that presents a very decent challenge. Loved it.

Great Game. The art style is amazing.

Did not have any problems and it was also very creepy. Good Game!

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Good Game! Had me creeped out from the main menu onward.

Tried to get all endings. Not sure if I did but it was still a good game.

This game is super relaxing and beautiful. I loved every second of it.