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Loved it! The game and the mechanics were awe


Good Game. Loved it.

Loved it! Awesome game.

Decent game. I liked it.

Definitely a game meant to break your head. Loved it.

Good game, Really loved everything about it.

So many scares!

Sooooooo weird I loved it! Totally fun to play.

This game was the most visually amazing game i've ever played.

Great game really creepy.

Nice and horrifying. Good job!


loved it silly but also creative.

Good game, really enjoyable.

Loved it. totally enjoyable.

Good Game, wish there was more.

Good game loved the havoc i wrecked.

Loved it, Very awesome game.

Good game though it's funny how it wasn't the main thing i was most concerned about at the end there.

Good Game!

Good game!

I learned a lot while playing this game.

Good game!

Good Game but scared me to no end.

Loved it. Such a nice little game to relax to.

Loved it! Everything in this game was perfect.

Loved the game! Challenging but still really enjoyable.

Good game you have so far. Just needs a little more and it would be great.

Had all the elements needed for a good horror game and the build up was perfect.

Simple, weird, and yet very entertaining. Loved it.

Loved the game. Everything about it was awsome.

Good game, it really

 delivered in creepiness and spookiness.

Tough really, really, tough. But it was fun and i loved the music.

Good game, loved the challenge it brought.

Loved the game

It creeped me out but I still loved it.

It may be short but it still got me a few times! Loved it!

Good Game.

Good game! Loved it from start to multiple finish!

Good game! I only found 4 endings but I'm happy with that.