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It creeped me out but I still loved it.

It may be short but it still got me a few times! Loved it!

Good Game.

Good game! Loved it from start to multiple finish!

Good game! I only found 4 endings but I'm happy with that.

Good game! Can't wait to see what becomes of it!

Freaky controls, good game.

I was so ready to sacrifice everyone.

Loved playing! it was weird, funny, and scary! The best.

Good game! Really enjoyed playing!

Literally had to psych myself and use a underhanded method to win but I did it. Good game.

It was good but I felt lost. Hopefully the update will can help.

Awesome game! Really liked playing and can't wait for final level.

Loved playing. It was very calming to play.

Loved Playing it. Everything was amazing from start to finish.

it was funny but also very bizarre.

Loved playing it, everything was great even the perverts hope to play more soon.

Enjoyed it and now I want more.

Loved playing it from start to finish.

Loved it! Totally enjoyed it from start to finish!

I absolutely enjoyed playing, keep it up.

Absolutely loved it 10/10

Loved the game. One of the better ones I've played in a while.

Enjoyed it though I will admit I raged at parts of it.

Loved it! Though the general feel freaked me out in the beginning I soon got over and enjoyed it. Though I did lose it a little.

Cant wait to see more.

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Really freaked me out but it was fun. Also found a little glitch.

Somehow my brain was twisted and turned inside out all at once. It was enjoyable.

Challenging but very enjoyable. Had a great time playing.

Loved it even if I almost completely lost it.

Though I didn't get far it was still enjoyable. I think it would be more exciting with a PVP function.

Though I had trouble at first once I got the hang of it was enjoyable.

Had a few problems but overall it was good.

Even though I screwed up I still enjoyed it.

Very bizarre.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was amazing.

Had a try at it and honestly ...not bad. Very simple and straight forward while still giving a challenge. Loved it.

Good game. But I just could not get past level 20. Probably need someone to help me.

It was quite interesting