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Loved it even if I almost completely lost it.

Though I didn't get far it was still enjoyable. I think it would be more exciting with a PVP function.

Though I had trouble at first once I got the hang of it was enjoyable.

Had a few problems but overall it was good.

Even though I screwed up I still enjoyed it.

Very bizarre.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was amazing.

Had a try at it and honestly ...not bad. Very simple and straight forward while still giving a challenge. Loved it.

Good game. But I just could not get past level 20. Probably need someone to help me.

It was quite interesting

Loved it will definitely play more when full game comes out. Can't wait!

I loved it. The colors and the gameplay was excellent. It was challenging enough that I had plenty trouble figuring out what to do but it was still enjoyable. Though I did fail a lot. ...It's snot funny.

Harder than I thought it would be. Good game.

Good game. Very relaxing



Tough game but I still enjoyed it in the end.

Only One community · Created a new topic Gameplay

Very relaxing

Would love to play more.

cool game you have here.

It is definitely a game where it's fun to screw around.

Good game I had fun.

This is a game about ice yet it made me burn from rage.

Yeah I had fun playing it and don't worry the ending was really good. It didn't give me any hang ups about would could of happened to space marine Blake. 

All hail space marine blake.

I think the ending may be a little too sudden.

I really don't like carol.

Dog Castle community · Created a new topic game play

I really loved the dog. My only regret is the dog isn't real.

Yeah on the take a break level I honestly never saw the skip button till then so I thought that was the solution. But the jumpy level will forever haunt me. But it was a great game you made. I do regret that I had to skip twice but at least that was it.

I found the game interesting and the graphics were really pleasing to the eyes.

Very fun time killer

I had a great time playing. I loved the different challenges that were presented on the same floor. Didn't think it would work but it did.

It was really enjoyable.

Level 4 had me beat. I honestly have no idea how I was able to get past just the beginning.

It was short but enjoyable.

tough game

I had a great time playing. I loved the skeletons and I hope they succeed in their dream.

Good game, very challenging but fun.

I had a few problems playing and I'm almost certain I didn't answer any of the questions.

Untitled community · Created a new topic Lets Play

I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing this game. Definitely worth trying.

Enjoyed myself greatly while playing. Also learned that business and I don't like each other.