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Idol Manager

Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary. · By sadambober, Kuiper

Bugs Sticky

A topic by sadambober created Nov 20, 2018 Views: 33,982 Replies: 875
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Developer (15 edits) (+1)

If you encounter a game breaking bug, please send me your log file at right after this happens:

  • Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\Player.log
  • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Your save file might help too:

  • Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\auto_save.json
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/auto_save.json


Known bugs and temporary fixes

"Styling" screen not working

Try deleting everything in this folder: "C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\cache\portraits"

If your game freezes/crashes on loading or auditions, try updating your graphics driver or launching the game with parameter -force-glcore 

I’m uncertain whether this is a bug or simply me being bad at the game, but I’ve tried to hold audtions for idols and though the game states that the producer is working on auditions, nothing happens even after waiting for a long time. Furthermore, no money was withdrawn from the character’s account. In case this is simply me not understanding the game, is there an in-game tutorial or guide of any sorts?


The game starts paused, so you probably just need to click the play button on the bottom left

(1 edit) (-1)

I’m already on the extra speed  button and things are happening on the screen. How long should it take (roughly) for a local audition to be triggered? I waited around 5 minutes and just now re-started the game.

Edit: I’m playing on a Mac btw, if that info helps


Green "A" icon should appear and you need to click it. Do you have it?


No, there is no such button :( When I hover over the character, this is the only information.


Okay, looks like it's some weird bug

Please try sending me your log file:
1. Open Finder
2. Click Go -> Go To Folder (or Shift + Command + G) and enter ~/Library/Logs/Unity/
3. There should be a file Player.log, please send it to me at


I restarted the game and continued the same game (but with a different window size/quality). Not sure if that was the issue? Anyway, it is now working. I’ll still send the player.log though.


I'm really enjoying the game and experience so far!  Two things that I've encountered (one of which is a bug and one that might be a limitation of the beta release):

1)  Sometimes the characters will just freeze, and no actions can be taken.  The progress bar and the date will just stop.  Exiting to the main menu or restarting the game fixes this.
2)  I can only release two singles.  When I go to click and release more, I can't.  I don't know if this is a limitation in the beta, or there is a cool-down period that I missed somewhere.


1) If this happens again, please send me your log file to

  • Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
  • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

2) Maybe you just don't have enough money to release it? There should be a tooltip when you hover the release button. You can take a loan by clicking on your office -> Loans


2) Okay, at least one other person has this bug too, I'll fix it in an update soon

I don't know if this was the case for the other person who complained, but my problems started after I used the U key to unlock different genres and the like.  I started a new save and it was fine.


Should be fixed

i get bug 1 CONSTANTLY

i get to a certain point in the game, where ive done about 3 concerts and have about 8 singles out and the time prgression bug happens. If i save and reload i can prgress for about another few minutes then progression stops again. Shame  :(


Have you updated to 6.1?

Please send me your save file at

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

yeah ive updated to 6.1

will send you the file asap

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Hello when I tried to add a nickname the game freezed for me. I couldn't cancel the action or give the nickname. If it helps it was a brand new game with only my office in it. I have tried it twice in the same set-up and in both cases the game freezes. I also can't go to the home menu I have to force close my game.


This only happens when there is no producer in the office. Maybe grey out the nickname option if you haven't dropped the producer in yet?


Whenever I click on continue the game replays the intro dialog then gets stuck with the main menu background still on the screen so basically I have to start from the beginning every time 

(1 edit) (+2)

I'm having the same issue, main menu remains on the background and continue just makes me restart. Doing a new game fixed this for now, but I had to restart everything from the beginning


Happen to me twice. First time I didn't mind it much but as soon as I got 4 singles out and a steady flow of income just to reset my progress. It got annoying but I'm sure it'll get fixed soon.

This happened to me as well.  I hope that there will be permanent save files implemented at some point.


You can actually try using F5 / F9 to manually save/load the game for now

It's just happened to me again even after updating the game

I have this issue when trying to load a saved game while another game is loaded.  I have to completely shut the game down (forced), then bring it back up and load the game.  Seems to work after that, but unable to load while the game is running.  Have not tried the Continue button yet, but the bug seems related.


Please upload your save file somewhere or send it to me at

C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\

I'm surprised to have seen no-one else mention this but in the intro section the ~flavor choices~ always float to the upper right corner for me. I'm playing in windowed mode, but yesterday when I attempted to restart a few times it also happened in fullscreen. Is this intentional?

This happened to me too, but I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose.

If so, my bad! I've never seen it this way.

Hi, I'm not sure if I did something wrong but no matter what I do I'm not able to get any auditions. I read some earlier comments and I clicked fast forward so it wasn't on pause, I changed the window settings, and I tried restarting it. But no matter what I do I don't get any auditions. It doesn't take out any money and it just shows that my character is auditioning but it wont ever stop. Also  idk if this is weird but the producer people aren't the ones allowed to audition in my game, only the main character person is allowed to.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Are you on a mac? If so, I hope to fix this in an update soon.

I am on mac. Thanks for the swift reply. Cant wait until I can play this game~!


Should be fixed now, please update the game

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I accelerated time at max just before my manager came to set up the policies.

It didn't stop the game time and when it was finished, I was one month later and bankrupt before I could do a thing...

I can't train my idols?
Even the Auto Practice button doesn't make them move to a room. They stay Idle all the time.
->Looks like the basic trainers are too dumb and can't train my idols. I had to hire better ones. There should be an explanation about the "Max level".

Also, if basic trainers can't train anyone, what use are they?

And I can't fire them, the button doesn't work... 40K to the drain each week.

I had messages in rapid succession saying that one of my idols recovered -0.07027027 stamina because of her trait. (Tenacious)


Hello, I encountered this bug a few times and it seems to trigger when I choose the main menu option in game and then try to reload my game from the main menu. The introduction dialogue plays again but this time over the picture of the idol, after the dialogue has finished the image persists, you can still click the pause/play buttons however none of the other options are accessible. 

Getting the same issue as well, although I never quitted to the main menu, I saved and closed the game altogether. Now whenever I click on continue, the game does the same thing it does to you: Plays the intro and then gets stuck. Judging from the budget shown down below, I guess it reset everything.

Shame to lose my old save but it ain't the end of the world.

Bump. Encountered the same issue multiple times. It's reproducible.


I encountered a few bugs on my gameplay (started two new ones to confirm the issues).

  1. When a player hits the U button to unlock all genres of the music, the players are unable to release a new single. 
  2. There are several times when the player is unable to do anything and the most you could do is exit out (the game essentially freezes and the pause button is not active)
  3. There are moments when players try and drag the new song/media/event into their respective rooms, but unfortunately the mouse is replaced with the icon and players are unable to get rid of it and then after a few seconds the game freezes and crashes (at times). 
  4. Sometimes when conducting an audition, the A button does not pop up when the green bar is finished, therefore players have to restart the game. 

So after the intro, the menu screen overlay doesn't disappear. I can still see the game a little behind it.I used the fix you stated above but my save was basically restarted (Idk) if it is intentional . In the json file, before applying the fix the  "story_policies" is missing from the code.  Idk if you know that already, but I figured I'd add it in there.  It seems that for my game, the "story_policies" needs to be added after each  new save.  Also, when I opened my new-new  save, the intro played again (with the main menu pic in the background). So far, everything else seems to be working for me.


Concert tasks can't be canceled without breaking the event.

Plan a concert
Assign a task (rehearsal) to a staffmember (choreographer)
Cancel the job on the staff member (X on room avatar)
No new assignment is possible. Concert taskes are locked.

Only option is to cancel the concert and redo.

Bug is reproducible and survives savegame reload.

Gameversion 1.1/Win


The save/load bug should be fixed for good now:

It hasn't been fixed, just started up the game after playing last night and turning off my laptop and lost my progress yet again

Actually it has, I think


I've had an issue with the mental stamina of one of the idols.  I don't think it would be possible to get to this point if not for some sort of bug.  (Mogichan's mental stamina)

Is it possible to do any 'media' activity yet? If so, I've been consistently unable to do so. I had a similar issue with being unable to produce singles that's now entirely fixed, so maybe it'll fix itself, but does anyone have any input on this? Am I overlooking something obvious?


Did you make sure to type in a name at the top?  

Yes, I was able to create media a couple days ago (Haven't played the two small updates yet though).  It took me about 5 minutes to see that there was a name required at the top for media (I kept thinking I was missing some research option).  It seems this can easily be missed with media as with a single you have to name it before you do anything else.  With media your attention is immediately taken to all the options and then you are looking at the bottom right wondering why you can't continue when you forgot to type a name at the top left.  The setup should probably be similar to a single or have a hover if you put your cursor over continue saying what you are missing.

Yup, this was it. Menu blindness is real, folks. Thanks!


Even after meeting the requirements for the Level 7 promotion, it still doesn't let me level up. When the show is cancelled, it stops being green. 

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After downloading the new update. I started a new game after the autosave bug. It appears that I can't take out a loan from the bank unless I take the instant money. And on top of that, after taking out the initial 5mil loan for one month, I owe the bank 6.5mil a week. Now the bank says I'm -15mil.

Also, the assets are messing up in my game lol.

(1 edit)

I can't fire the trainers...and I was wondering, in this ver. Of the game the girl also graduating? And when a years pass, the girl don't supost to grown older? (Sorry for my bad english!)

You need to acquire scandal points to be able to fire the trainers! I know that sounds strange, and I don't quite understand how it works myself, but after a 2-point scandal I was able to fire one trainer, which brought me back to 0 points.

....that why it's say 2 point scandal...I thought that if I will fire them I will get this point!LOL Thank you for the explanation ^^

The idea is that you can't just fire people for no reason, especially in Japan. So it's like you're blaming them for scandals.

In the December update we'll add a second option to fire staffers with severance pay of 12 monthly salaries

(1 edit) (+1)

But there is no probationary period and if they're useless, we're stuck.

By "useless", I mean when I hired a couple of basic trainers and tried to make them train my basic idols (beginning of the game), it was impossible: "max level 1". But it wasn't told before I hired them and they could do nothing except research.

If I wanted to improve the dance/singing of my idols, I had to recruit better trainers, but I had no money to build new rooms... and was stuck with 2 useless trainers draining my cash.

With a probationary period (or more info before I hired them), I wouldn't have had that problem.


I loaded my save to find that my manager research points were in the negative thousands. Also after releasing my 3rd single all of my idol's mental health when into the negative hundreds despite them having green physical stamina. The mental health  bug is not really effecting my game play at the moment but I can't research anything from the managers page :(


whenever I try to hire more than one idol/hire additional idols if I just start with one my game freezes and resets my progress 


when I reached level 10 in production with my secretary, she produces -20000000 research per day


when I load a saved game the idols I push up disappear from the frame (but are no longer selectable, I guess it's still active) so I can select 3 new ones


There is a Aavatar mismatch between the menu list avatar and the Audition/Salary avatar


The game stops for me at March 19 2023, I'm on Mac and it always freezes whenever I unpause the game. 

actually its freezing again and during another date, I have to force quit the game


Hey, can you please send me your log file at ?



There seems to be a dupe glitch for idols. When setting them into formation, you can click rapidly on a face and it will replace the spot with another idol even though that idol has already been selected. It seems that the stats also apply to the song as well, per idol you have duped. I only have six idols hired at this moment.


There's a bug in loans:
- Go to Loans - Bank, type in the maximum amount
- Go to Fujimoto and you can lend the bank's maximum (10x more) from Fujimoto at 0% intrest rate.


The idols that you are "pushing" disappeared when you close the game and then continue the same game save

When you choose three new idols to push, the old three idols you have pushed before you close the game cannot be selected. (The following picture shown that only Momona and Anju's name card can be selected be cause they are either not being pushed now, or not being pushed before the game is saved and closed. The other idols name card is slightly darker and cannot be selected)


I can not advance beyond the concert level even though I have held multiple concerts. I reached multiple milestones beyond that but I can not move past the concert objective that is still greyed out. The bug might also apply to world tours, since I have had one of those as well.

(3 edits) (+1)

If an idol is currently practicing vocals or dance, they sometimes can't be added to a concert lineup (neither songs nor talk breaks work). Not sure what triggers it, it doesn't seem to happen consistently.

Edit: This also happens when adding idols to lineups for media (internet, tv, radio shows). Exact same problem, idols currently practicing can't be selected.

(1 edit) (+1)

Both my producer and managers research points are in the negative.


Sometimes when i save and quit, I come back a few hours later and my money would be in the negatives. and then it'll take away about $5,000,000 a day, not week.


I have been dying to play this game--And now I can't seem to do ANYTHING with it? I'm on a Windows. Without the 'cheats' someone wrote up in the forum I wouldn't be able to even release singles (need the research points). I can't hire anyone (except from auditions for talent). NO training at all, no ability to get research from choreographers/etc. Am I doing something wrong or is that just ... The way it is right now?

-- How do you know if a single has released?

----> I really loved the ways Kairosoft (a mobile developer) had things 'produced' in-game. It's not really 'copying' or plagiarism since it's a general concept, but they would show a progress bar and allow you to put finishing touches on something if you wanted. 

-----> It could be cool to spend a bit for a release party or something for the girls that are in the single for mental health.

We're told that we get the FIRST FLOOR free, and yet I think I can only use the THIRD floor first and then can use some others? It's really confusing. 

I'm sure I'll have more one day... Man, I want to work on this game as a writer so much :> 


Does time progress in your game? Like, do days change in the bottom left? It could be a bug

You should get research points when a staffer is assigned to a room and they don't have any tasks (like training or producing singles)

Maybe you can't hire anyone because you don't have enough money, you can take a loan by clicking on your office (or there's a cheat - press Y to get 1M)

Yes, time passes. I have done the cheats (like I said), but even having soooo much money and sooooo many research points I can only hire myself or hold auditions. 

Am I missing the place to hire people? It doesn’t matter which rooms I’ve added, I can’t find hiring them as options. 


It's supposed to be like this:

1. Open the "Staff" tab, click "Hire"

2. Click a staffer you want to hire

3. Drag & drop them into a room


Aha! It wasn't intuitive for me (perhaps it was me). I thought that "HIRE" was more of a  title not a button. 


I don't know if its a bug or not, but all my idols are with low mental stamina, like -200.


Probably not a bug, we'll only be adding systems related to stamina in the January update (like injuries, depression, doctors, etc), so right now it does nothing


Hi not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I started a new game recently and the first few deals were offered to idols I had in the previous game - it eventually moved to only the idols in my current roster.


Two things

1: I exceeded the 2.147b mark for revenue at a concert, causing it to turn into a negative and give me a 2.3b loss instead of profit. It still came up green on "revenue" as if it didn't realise.

2: I got this event (picture below) but none of the options worked when I clicked on them and I was forced to close the game.

#2 also happened to me.  I had to close the game when the dating scandal event popped up because I was unable to choose anything.

I get this same bug as well


I just did an election event.  I don't think this was intentional, but some of the girls had negative votes.  Here are the number results of votes for the top 10.

1) 9,569,221

2) 2,917,046

3) 2,752,242

4) 1,358,720

5) 901,061

6) 365,029

7) -169,674

8) -326,684

9) -362,195

10) -398,769


I held a concert to be released for an election but after the election was over the concert button says 'in production' rather than a countdown and once the election was ready again, the concert option was still in production. I've restarted the game, but it still won't fix.


Hey, if you want you can send me your save file at and I'll try to fix it

Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\auto_save.json
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/auto_save.json

i cant make shows or singles, am i missing something or is it a bug?


First of all, there's a known bug in this version that breaks the game for users in some regions, setting your date format to English might help:

But generally, this is how you make singles:

1. Click the play button in the bottom left. If days don't change, then it's definitely a bug.

2. Build rooms, hire staff, drag and drop them into the rooms

3. Wait until they earn enough research points. Unlock a genre, etc in the Research tab

4. In the singles tab, click the green button at the top "New Single". Enter single's title. Select genre, choreography, lyrics and marketing options. If it's not a digital single, enter number of copies

5. Drag and drop idols into formation

6. Drag and drop the single into rooms with staffers (make sure they're not busy with training idols or something else)

7. After all 4 staffers are done, click Release. If you don't  have enough money to release the single, you can take a loan by clicking on your Producer and selecting "Loan"


While i was in the process of firing employees two of the employees glitched on me. As you can see I only have two assistants but, four are occupying rooms.


I have problem with crash.

It just comes to certian time freeze and it crashes.

I bought game  today.

Since the first election my game keep crashing :/

Occasionally if I max out money and hype in a concert it will say that I made -2 billion yen, essentially killing that save.


I'm pretty sure this is a bug at least, but every few days, a certain idol has an age penalty where she loses on stat. it is very often, whereas the other girls lose very rarily


I just start the game and I didn't get the introduction, I can brievely saw a discussion bar appear but that's it then the game start


There's a bug in this version in some regions (Thai, Russian and Swedish are confirmed), this could be it. Try setting your windows date format to English and restarting the game

thanks it solve my problem

(4 edits) (+1)

I just downloaded the latest update, and the little flask icons showing research points accumulating weren't displaying for coaches  when they're idle, but instead displayed when they started coaching or producing (research points are still only earned when they're idle).

Edit: OK, update: they weren't displaying at all when they were idle, then started displaying when they got busy, and now they're just displaying permanently - both when they're busy AND when they're idle.

Son of Edit: This is also happening with the Manager in my game now:

Grandson of Edit: Started happening to the producer as well:

(1 edit)

Another one: looks like a white rectangle is sometimes acting as a placeholder image whenever there aren't at least 3 girls in a formation (this also happened when I launched an internet show with a rotating cast - 3 white rectangles). This was a single with just 2 idols in the formation. A single with just 1 idol didn't have this problem.

When I started the saved game again, the coaches appeared as if they were not assigned to a room and I can't accept the job offers either.


Please send me your save file at , it'll help me find out what happened and I can probably fix your save file too

  • Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\auto_save.json
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/auto_save.json

This happens to me consistently as well every time I restart the game.

The last 4 staff hired will always appear in the staff list as if not assigned to a room, despite still being assigned in the room itself. You can fix it by clicking each room and removing them manually, then reassigning.

It's always the 4 most recently hired staff members.

#3: not sure if bug or intentional, but one of my idols got depressed. I dragged her to the doctor's office for treatment, which reduced the # of days she'd need to recover. I tried to drag her again for more treatment, but it wouldn't work (I'd drag, drop, and treatment wouldn't begin at all). My only recourse then was to put her on hiatus (which I can't cancel out of, so she's completely out of commission).


It actually is intentional, you should only be able to drag and drop her to a doctor with a higher level. I might change it in the next update though.

Okay, thank you!

(1 edit)

And another one!

After hiring some idols in an audition (was nationwide and I hired 4 out of the 5, not sure if that's relevant) the dialogue for the idol wouldn't come up, and clicking around would just click the background elements as if the idol wasn't there:

Just in case it's relevant, this idol's trait is Forgiving and she had a gold background and a rating of 80.

I'm not sure what triggered it, I'll try to reproduce it again.

Edit: Happened again in another audition, I didn't do anything particularly different. 2 hires, first one was gold, the other was silver.

Hello, I've been experiencing this bug ( it might just be me) since the elections update.  I've been wanting to have an election  and I'll have both a concert and single finished and ready to release but when I try to start a special event for elections it'll say that I need to have a concert in production. I've tried creating an election while the concert is still in the production phase but that doesn't work either. Again this might not be a bug and I might be doing it wrong, if I am could someone please tell me the proper way to start an election?  Thanks!

(1 edit)

Hi again.

One of my idols is, um, very... very depressed.

How this happened was that she had 52 physical stamina, and I took a photoshoot job that cost 51 stamina (I specifically chose her because she had the stamina). Unsure what her mental stamina was before that, but I do know it wasn't low.

Edit: Oh! When I closed and reloaded the game due to the bug below, her mental stamina was changed to 0.

And another one:

This happened because I got a message about scalpers selling tickets for a concert while I already had a message about a scandal (the game wasn't paused and is still running in the background). After I dealt with the scalper one, the screen looks like this and the other one is gone.

I can't click anything or cancel out of this screen, so the only solution was to force close the game.


I have a similar issue after trying to view a nationwide idol search campaign. Just stuck blurred, with nothing to do but force quit.


Is it okay to keep posting individually or should I just condense all of these into one post by editing it? I'm just posting as I find them.

Dates on the special event log seem a little wonky.

Elections are all displaying the date of the most recent election.

Concert dates seem to show when the concert was conceived rather than when it happened (it happened with the election, I was waiting for the 6mo cooldown).

I have the same issue with elections. It shows the day they occurred as the current date in game

Well, I think its a bug.

Always when I open a saved game, the auto proposals and singles, stopped. I need to activate the autoproposals and start again the singles.

Not sure if this is a bug or if it just isn't included in the game yet, but I can't seem to graduate my idols? Maybe I just haven't been playing it long enough but I wanted to graduate my older idols and I just don't know how


Yeah, this is not in the game right now


I found an error

When I opened my saved game, the coaches were not in their rooms.

I assigned them manually, but I could not assign a room to some coaches.

I closed the game and reopened it, but everything remained the same.

(1 edit) (+1)

I saved after releasing a single that was attached to an election and when I opened the game back up, the concert/election never started. It's been a few mos since the single released.

Edit: Closed and opened the game and the concert immediately started. can't see the faces of the idols on the side though


I'm having the same problem, excepting re-starting the game didn't fix it :(

I found these mistakes when playing:

  1. The game is pasma after playing it 2 or 3 hours, it stays frozen the time and you can not do any action, the game does not close only remains frozen.
  2. When starting a new game (you must have played before a game of this game) and start taking actions with the idols you can notice that there are status messages from the idols of the previous game.
  3. When you release some songs and press quickly to jump the messages of the progress states and the stars, you can see that progressively the place where the messages appear are phased out.
  4. When continuing a game, assign work places again, it can be only one part or the whole template.

I encounter a bug when playing :

When you create a new game, sometimes you get events concerning idols from a previous game, you can also have buisness proposal for idols from a previous game

(1 edit) (+1)

the "auto" is deactivated while you play.

whenever a disc is released, when I schedule a vote, all the idols fall into depression (mental 0) and when the concert is activated all arrive at -30 or -100 mental health.


This one is actually intentional, it can happen if the girl has the "meme queen" trait

(2 edits) (+2)

One of the things I've had happen over the past few days is that sometimes if I drag an idol to the stylist, I can't drag anything anywhere else (singles, concerts, other idols) I drag it there but nothing happens. 
Also is there a limit on how many staffers can be on auto-practice/styling? Originally I had stylist/choreo/vocal on auto. I added another stylist and even when auto styling was selected, it won't work.  It works if I drag an idol to the stylist tho. 

Edit:Can we get a warning telling us our election isn't ready if we try to start to attached concert without putting it through production/ logistics? I forgot to do it and then was unable to do so after the concert had already happened. I cancelled it lol

I noticed that after the 2nd floor, I am unable to drag any idols or singles to staffers in those areas (even after quit and restart).

I think for negotiations, even if you get a 0%, it still changes the amount paid, sometimes more sometimes less. Is this intentional?

Pushes are empty upon restart of the game also


Hi it's me again this game is my life n ow.

A weird thing happened where all of my singles disappeared. They are still listed in my save file . If I create a new single, I am able to use formations from past singles. This happened after I closed and restarted because I was unable to drag and drop my election to production or logistics.

I had a single in progress and it shows that as well

So after the update, I was able to see the singles by switch from the "production" tab to the "released" tab.


After changing policies for the first times, most of them won't change again. They do appear highlighted in the droplist but the change isn't reflected at the root. 

Ex : i first changed idol salarie on "low" and later came back to make it "satisfied" but the change wouldn't work how many time i tried andit was the same for most of the options.


Hello! I seem to have an issue where cancelling a show will have whatever profit it was at still affect me every week after it's fully cancelled. So if I cancel a show because it's losing money, I now seem to be forever losing that money. And if I cancel a show that's doing well, I'm always gaining money off of it.

I guess maybe cancelling a successful show and still making money can make sense if we were airing reruns or something maybe but it's a real pain when you just forever lose money every week and there's nothing you can do about it if it's a failed show.

Hey I just wondered are you checking what day it says the last episode will be? It actually doesn't cancel until the end of the season


Sorry, I probably should've clarified more info about this. The shows are fully cancelled, in that they aren't waiting to be cancelled at the end of the season. I know that radio and TV shows have to wait to be cancelled, but Internet shows cancel instantly. However the current bug I've found seems to happen no matter which kind of show you use, even after they're all fully cancelled.

To replicate, launch an Internet show and then cancel it after launching. You can now look at your media profits and see it still affects your total profit even though it shouldn't since it's cancelled. You can also check this by adding all the profits of your past/current shows up and comparing it to your media profits to see that even shows cancelled years ago still affect your profits.

I've also now noticed that the shows don't seem to take into account revenue vs budget calculation correctly, which could maybe be related. Basically, all radio and Internet shows will always earn money and TV shows will always lose money.

For instance, when I launch a no host TV show, it has a budget of 100k yen a week. That's all fine. But then it launched, it says it earns 128k revenue initially. The amount of profit I earn from the show should be my revenue minus my budget, so my profit should be 128k minus 100k, which is 28k. Yet, for some reason, the game will say I'm actually losing 128k yen a week from the show, which is a bug for a number of reasons lol. One, it should be 28k affecting me, not 128k. Two, I should be getting plus my profit, not minus my profit (at least in this case where I'm supposed to have profit).

With internet and radio shows though, the budget isn't subtracted from the revenue and the profit isn't turned negative like TV shows are. Meaning that, no matter what, internet and radio shows will always earn money, even when they shouldn't. For example, I have an early internet show that has a 10k budget but only earns 5.6k in revenue. Profit = Revenue - Budget = 5.6k - 10k = -4.4k. So I should be losing 4.4k a week from the show, and if it doesn't pick up enough to ever make a profit then I should cancel it. But what happens currently is the budget isn't subtracted from the revenue and the revenue is just given to me as profit.

This issue mixed with the fact that cancelled shows will still affect your profits means that currently you can make a bunch of internet shows and immediately cancel them after their release (which you can do with internet shows). Since it only needed you and a sales manager to produce, it's really cheap and easy to make. Since your revenue is treated as profit without subtracting budget, even if it's not successful it'll earn you money. And since you'll still earn the profit after it's cancelled, you can keep earning the money without your idols losing stamina to run the show.

(1 edit) (+1)

Alright, after testing it out a bit more it looks like the values you see when launching the show actually don't affect your profit in any way. For example, I just made a novice host internet show of the entire cast and when the launch screen showed the revenue and budget amounts it said the show made 31k in revenue and the weekly budget was 20k, which should mean the profit it gets every week (at least at the beginning) is 11k. But once the launch screen goes away and I check the media page for its profit values, it says its making 175k...and I have no idea where that value came from. I'm thinking maybe your fame at the time can heavily affect it (I'm at 10 star fame) so the revenue it would actually get is a lot higher than it looks initially, but if that's the case this should be reflected in the launch screen too.

Also I've now found that even internet shows can launch in the negatives too, but the only real way I've found to trigger it is to higher an expensive host like a 10 star host. And I also had a no host TV show that actually made money...but maybe that has to do with whatever weird thing happens to your profit after the launch screen. So I don't know what's happening but something random happens to the profit values after launch and if it's not that expensive of a show you will more than likely earn a profit that doesn't seem at all based on the launch revenue but heavily affected by weekly budget and some random value. I think just the revenue isn't actually factored into the calculation of profit maybe and this causes more expensive shows to be massive failures? It's all kinda weird from what I've tested so far. I'll let you know if I figure anything else out.

Edit: ALSO the TV show I launched that actually made me money let me immediately cancel it without waiting for the season to end. Did it maybe launch an internet show maybe but labelled it as a TV show? Or are TV shows just able to cancel immediately for the first few episodes?


I can't seem to upgrade the Promotion action past level 6 because of the fame point requirement for variety shows.

To reach level 7 promotion, you have to accept a variety show that gives you over 3000 fame points and a drama role that gives you 5000 fame points a week. The drama role requirement registers fine, but the variety show requirement never seems to work. I've even maxed out my variety contacts at level 10 and accept a ton of big variety show deals now that more than exceed the 3000 fame point requirement, but the requirement never moves up from zero.


Looks like I can't level up my performance to past level 8 too. Level 9 requires you to do an election and have the votes for the #1 idol exceed 50k votes. I just had an election that far exceeded that requirement but it still says it's at 0/50k.


There is weird bug with media/shows
If I make multiple shows (doesn't matter if simultaneously or one after another), it always overwrites the casts of the other shows.
So for example, when the bug first appeared, two of my girls had three shows instead of one.

I have to try a bit more, but the solution for me seems to save and load after each show. While it doesn't fix the old shows, the new shows cast will be correct.


I've run into a bug where I've hired several new doctors, but I can't see them in my staff roster. They're still costing me money, though, and cost money to hire.


Huh, that's a weird one. Are they still not there if you relaunch the game? Or maybe try changing sort/view options (at the top of the staff tab)


I experienced this before but it seemed to only happen after I have so many hired staff and I try to hire a bunch more staff. Sometimes I can see one new staff member but none of the others I just hired. Usually fixed it by saving and restarting and they'd be there waiting to be put in a room.

I have a bug where time has stopped progressing in one of my saved games.  Doesn't matter if I fast forward it or not.  I accidentally opened it in a previous build, and now that game won't progress at all.


Please send me your broken save file at, I can probably fix it

Save files are here (auto_save.json or manual_saves\*number*\save.json):

Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/

(1 edit)

Proposal seems to be stuck for me, changed it only once since starting the game but havnt been able to change it for a long time, at least two months have passed since last change. 

Edit: scratch that, none of my policies are changin. I can pick a different policy in the dropdown menu but they dont change.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but at certain point all of my idols suddenly became depressed, at 0 mental stamina, or around that number (1-5) for no reason, concerts were going well, nobody complained, we had one girl who was caught with a boy but nothing happened, just some buzz, I tried to quickly recover and hired more new talents but they also got dropped to 0 mental stamina one or two days later. So either something serious went down and no one told me, or its kinda bugged out.

(2 edits) (+2)

Every now and then, I'm producing a single and say I want to get the choreo made, if I drag it to the choreographer it won't let me? I can drag it to her, the icon'll disappear but nothing happens. Similarly, dragging idols would ocassionally not drop onto the room but sometimes the icon of the girl remains. It stays like that until I somehow manage to drag her or another idol successfully or reload the save. Sometimes, usually for the marketing of a single, it won't let me click on the single to drag to the staff. I end up having to cancel it and redo it since restarting doesn't fix it (as far as I'm aware).

Edit: I actually managed to fix this issue (editing the save file wherein if girls wasn't -1, change that to -1 and status to 0). Without fixing it, apparently the staff members weren't assigned to a room but time still stopped.


I'm having the same issue. I can't progress the development of any of my singles, the staff just refuses to work on them. Reloading the save seems to fix it, but having to reload every 10 minutes or so is very annoying.

I am having the same problem

Just updating.

The issue seems to occur most often when I have three layers / floors and I use the highest floor. For example, offices on 1st floor, studio and dance on 2nd, doctor on 3rd.  As long as I do not use the doctor on the third floor, I can send my singles through the offices, dance, and studio. The second I send one of my Idols to the doctor, I can no longer work on my singles at all.

Just a few things I've encountered while playing the game, feel free to ignore if you've already been notified of this:

1. Game freezes up after picking up an avatar from time to time - requires restart
1.5 After cancelling a job, there is a chance that you can't drag in a new job
2. Character in two places - usually because auto and manual action are performed at the same time
3. While during hiatus, I can still perform Activities/Contracts - don't know if intentional
4. Auto styling turns off every reload

(1 edit) (+1)

Japanese characters are not displayed correctly after game reload.

My group name contains japanese characters and it was displayed correctly, but after closing the game and opening it again I get '?' in place of japanese characters in dialogs.

"Release" button for releasing a single is disabled when it has to be active.

One of the idols was on hiatus and I canceled her hiatus to release a single. But "Release" button was disabled until I pressed "Formation" and without changing anything in the formation pressed "Continue". In the screenshot you can see that all the songs use the same formation but some can't be released until I press "Formation" and "Continue".

I had the game just stop at the audition background the first time I tried a regional (middle) audition. Had to close the game window and then start it up again on the autosave to be able to proceed. Sent you a bug report via e-mail, just in case.

(2 edits)

In the previous version the moment the staff asked the policies questions could happen after a while has passed(a few weeks usually which is quite long already). In this new version it just doesn't happen anymore ; i already have  many idols and a few months already have passed but i can't change my policies because until the event the button stay grayed.

Did you already hire the office manager? I did not do that at all when I started playing the game, so I did not even realize the policies talk was a thing until a couple of restarts later.

Of course, i always start a game with two manager, a doctor and sometime a beautician  (my two cent of wisdom, high level doc is life =).  As for the lack of information, i suppose the tutorial priority is quite low as all the core mechanic are yet to be completed.

Just checking. I guess the devs will have to answer that one, then :/


It also needs a dance staffer, did you have one?

Thanks, that was it !  

I don't remember this character being in the policies event, is it new or did i just forgot her ?


Haha, yeah, she’s always been there.

I’ll add a tooltip for this or something 

So I think the elections are no longer working. When I try to do an election, even if I have a single and concert in production, it shows me the stats of a past concert. I am not able to select the broadcast method for elections.  Idk if you can see but behind the concert stat block, it tells me i need to have a concert in production.  When I click continue, it creates the election, but I am not able to drag it to production or logistics

When I came back today, the game was fine and I was able to create the election however, the concert only started after save&quit and then after the election the game froze

Oh thank you. That worked.


I've run into an issue with Permanent Cast and shows. The shows aren't being assigned properly to the idols. I've first noticed this when I setup 3 shows (2 internet and 1 radio), and found that all 3 shows were assigned to the same 3 idols despite the fact that I had created them using 9 different idols as cast for the 3 shows. I had then canceled all the shows and re-launched new ones but then noticed that none of the idols had any shows under their profile.

I created a new save to replicate this issue:

  1. Hire 9 idols.
  2. Research Travel topic.
  3. Launch a travel show with the first 3 idols (shows were assigned properly)
  4. Research Hobby topic
  5. Launch a hobby show with the next 3 idols (both shows were then assigned to these idols under their profile).

I've had this happen with less idols. It gets kind of annoying when my first group doesn't seem to exist, and my second group ends up hosting all the shows and dying.


I've hit a bug kinda like the one Kaiyurin mentions a few posts back...

All of the sudden thing (idols, songs, events...) will become undraggable.  (Or undroppable, since I can grab them and move them.  The items in the doctor's window light up.)  It requires a save-and-quit to reset.   Things will be normal for a minute or two, and then it happens again.

(1 edit) (+1)

Update:  Yeah, this should be called the draggable-but-not-droppable bug.  I can grab something, and the cursor icon changes, but when I hover over a drop location and drop nothing happens. 

This happens on all items on the main (building/staff) screen.  It does not happen on the (single) formation screen.

Bug still present in Beta 5.1.  It took about an hour or so of game play to appear, and then steadily becomes more frequent as play time increases.

Saving and reloading clears the problem.


Interesting...  I was about to post that I started a new save and encountered the same pattern - no problem at first, then it popped up after I'd played for a while.  But I had added a doctor on the floor above the "rent free" floor before encountering it - just as BrassCrassus posted just a few minutes ago.

Ayup...  Reloaded the save in my first reply to myself, and everything went fine, no "bugs" at all.  And then as soon as I used a doctor on the floor above the "free" floor - boom.  The bug appeared again.

Ayup, started a new save - this time I put the doctors on the floor under the "free" floor.  As soon as I dragged a girl to the doctor's (man, that sounds bad), the problem popped up again.

Seems to be confirmed to be related to dragging to the doctor.

Tested and confirmed, this only happens with dragging to the doctor.  Does not happen when dragging to trainers.

I can't relaunch a show. I finished the concept and production work, but then I can't select the relaunch button.

(3 edits)

I think this is a Bug. If you make a concert with 100k ticket price (maximum) , the attendance is higher than with lower price, and always is worth, even if hardcore fans complains.

If I'm not clear enough I can provide a Screenshot with the issue.

Edit: I gave a concert in every country and the requeriment for level up promotion doesn't pop

Edit2: Want to host a radio show with a newcomer co-host doesnt work

The "auto" feature disables randomly (training or doctor, in office works OK)


A fun one with the doctors...  They aren't choosing the lowest physical stamina patients.

(1 edit)

I'm back again (lol). It seems as though I'm not the only one experiencing what DerekL now calls the 'draggable-but-not-droppable' situation. Fortunately, it isn't as frequent as it previously was. Strangely, for most of the people facing the same issue its after they drag someone to the doctor from another floor— afterwards it stops working. For me, so far, I've only ran into this issue again when dragging to the doctors at my lowest floor (it isn't the lowest floor, as seen in the image). 

I was going to mention that the issue only seemed to be present with those two doctors, however I discover later on that this seems to trigger the rest of the staff members to be undropped to. The rest of my doctors, which are much higher up don't seem to trigger this issue (as I mentioned earlier, I dragged an idol to one of the lower doctors; did not work, however I managed to drop her to the higher up doctors. But the issue returned).

Edit: It seems like it now no longer just apply to the lowest doctors— rather I can drop idols to the doctors and then dropping stops working.
(1 edit)

I did a few tests, since this prevents me from actually playing the game. Looks like dragging an idol to a doctor's office will lock all rooms to the right and below it. I'm able to drag again once I take the idol out of the doctor's office.

So, If you build your doctors offices all the way to the right, it should keep the bug from happening? Time to test.

(2 edits)

I meant all rooms to the right and all floors below. You're going to have to place all doctor's offices at the lowers floors and drag idols in order like the image, also wait for everyone to finish before dragging idols again.

Cancelling a TV show seems to show the wrong cancellation date.
My show was supposed to be cancelled on 9 April according to the tooltip, but the season is not yet over so it's still going one day later.

It seems the tooltip for general info (total new fans, next episode date and such) also showed 9 April for the next episode. It finally got canceled one week later on 16 April, so the tooltips just seem to be one week off from the correct date.

I'm having an issue where the game just freezes. Everyone just stops whatever task they are doing. Saving and reloading does not work.


Have you updated the game to 5.1?

Please send me your broken save file at

Your log file will help too:
Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

I updated the game, but i saw using a save file from the old version. So I just started fresh! 

I just had my first chance to test Idol Manager. I'm on Linux ( KDE Neon, Ubuntu 18.04-based ) but I suspect this is not Linux related. Apparently the game doesn't seem to support UltraWide screens very well:

Even though the option is offered on startup to select my native resolution ( 3440 x 1440 ). When I select a lower-than-native resolution and windowed mode, the game seems to start fine, so I'll just give it a go like that ;-)


Oh, thanks, I didn't know 21:9 options are available in the launcher. Yeah, you'll have to stick with 16:9 or 16:10 for now

Bankruptcy countdown timer resets after game reload.

When I have a negative balance I can see countdown timer: "(bankruptcy in 28 days)". But after saving game and loading it I don't see any timer. And then bankruptcy timer starts all over again from 31 days.

Anyone else experiencing their Idols mental stamina plummeting?  Every single idol becomes depressed almost immediately after hiring them, it's infuriating because once they become depressed their stats plummet and there's seemingly no way to improve the mental stamina except them going on a hiatus which is extremely long.


I'll look into this issue, but, judging from some other reports, I suspect there might be a bug with some marketing option for singles that drains way more stamina than it's supposed to

Doctors will raise mental stamina, but they're a bit expensive when just starting out.

theres a bug were one of the singles (i started before the 5.1 update came out) i cant finish, it  doesnt become green so i cant drag and drop it into another room.

Same bug happened for me too.

theres a problem with the election event, i click it and the ui for it shows up but i cant click on any of the options.

(1 edit)

One of my girls has the wish to be on a cooking show with a legend co-host, so I made a cooking genre radio show and put a legendary host in, with her as the permanent cast. When that didn't work, I tried it was both internet and tv shows, but it still shows up as unfufilled :(

Also, my relationship with her randomly went from 100 to like 14. I think it might have been because of her salary - but the change was waaaay faster that I could catch.

Elections won't auto-start either after I release the single.


Hey, I found the cause of the bug with the show. For now you can launch a show where the co-host is lower level than she wants, then it'll work.


Hey, the new Patch seems to have introduced a Bug, that Freezes the game when you break a contract.

Observed it twice now, when an Idol got In jured. Time stops and can't be restarted.

I've noticed that some idols experience permanent stat decreases as a result of experiencing depression and going on hiatus. Certain stats fall to 50% of their value and do not bounce back once the idol recovers. I imagine this is not intended. Has anyone else experienced this?


Certain idols portraits won't match. It will switch between the correct one from the audition (bottom image) and a totally different one (top image in middle). I've had this happen several times during previous versions as well.

A few things I noticed:

1. Graduated idols are still available to be added to singles and can still get into scandal
2.  I am unable to create a concert because it always says one is "in progress" 
3. Game seems to freeze when I drag a show to work on concept if trying to relaunch

Not sure if this is the only way to trigger it, but I was working on a song's concept (manager) and decided that I wanted to plan a date with one of my idols. Dragged her in, did the date, and then suddenly the song couldn't be worked on. I didn't cancel the concept process, and (if my memory is right) I couldn't drag the song at all.

Same thing happened to me.  closing and reopening the game does not help

(1 edit)

I decided to plan a date with one of the idols, and when the coffee cup icon showed up and I clicked on it, nothing happened.  After that, I couldn't plan a date with any of the idols--the room was blacked out with "1 Day Left" showing.  Waiting a few in-game days did not solve the problem, and neither did exiting and re-entering the game.

I just started playing today and ran into two bugs:

1. occasionally everything just kinda stops

2. Everyone's mental stamina just dropped to 0 when they were all at 100 not even 2 seconds ago

I'm having that first problem happen to me as well.

I have my salary policies set to automatically keep idols satisfied.  Yet one of my top idols has her idol satisfaction set at 25%.  I couldn't figure out a way to manually fix it.

(1 edit) (+1)

After holding a concert with an Election, I am unable to make another concert even after the 1 month cooldown. It shows up as " In production" when I have none on my waiting list. It stays like this even after restarting the game.

I'm having the bug that everyone else is having. The game just randomly freezes. I cant nail it down to anything specific. Reloading the game helps for about a minute, and then the game just freezes again. I am using the latest version on a clean install.

On Beta 6 I'm having both the freezing time bug (that pausing and unpausing the game sometimes fixes, sometimes doesn't fix), and additionally at some point my revenue tab emptied out, showing me only my contract gains. 

Also, the Media tab is empty, even though I have a show running (and remains empty if I try to create a new show; I go through the setup process and then it's just gone and never shows up in the sidebar. Stamina for an ongoing show is still deducted.) This problem persists even when starting a new game.

Seconding the time freeze bug on Beta 6, it is happening every few minutes for me. One thing that I noticed seems to trigger it is as soon as I see the notification "___ has gained 30 mental stamina points for an unknown reason", every time after that my game freezes. If I notice anything else that seems to consistently cause it I will list it here. 

A couple of art bugs in Beta 6:

The producers icon art is oversized and low res:

The girl's faces are scrambled on the Hiring screen:

I'm also getting the game freezing option, as well as still seeing incredibly low sales for songs. The only way to actually make money seems to be through the managers getting different deals for the idols, not actually making music :(


Hey, I just pushed an update that should fix the freezing bug.

For single sales, there's a big penalty to sales if you release singles too often (-50% if there's been less than a month from the previous single), maybe you're hitting that?

Could be! I'll keep playing and see how I do!

(1 edit)

You really need to concentrate on getting fans to get sales up...  Look at Promotion on the Activities screen or Details widget.  Fans are love.  Fans are life.

Yeah, I've noticed that. It used to be that I needed 100 fans to be able to sell 100 albums, but even at 1k fans I only sold about 14 albums.

Are you watching the demand/satisfaction indicators over on the right hand side of New Single screen?


Hello I found a bug where when you go and drag an Idol to a room and she get's automatically placed in a different room while still dragging her that her icon doesn't dissapear from your mouse even in cutscenes. All the rooms where she can't be placed will keep being dark because of this. I can still press the pause button, options and menu's. I tried removing her from the room she automatically got picked in and she stopped being in that room but her picture stayed. I can make the picture dissapear by dragging a different Idol.

One small bug I am noticing is that I am receiving messages about stat decreases due to age penalty for girls who have already graduated, not a huge deal but it does clutter up the news feed a bit. 

(1 edit) (+2)

So far, all of my (few) graduated idol are staying in the salary tab and get payed, they are also still eligible for events and preset formation. They also stay in media projects (the stamina cost doesn't change for the other idols in the same project).
Graduated idols don't count against the 5 idols requirement for elections, and don't show up during the election, but I was able to select them when I wanted to swap the envelope.
I tried all the three options (staff, successor and goodbye), and made sure that they aren't in any media projects. I also restarted the game for every try, to make sure there is no weird interference, and waited ingame for at least a month after the graduation.

I also tried to fire them by myself. Fire them directly only works after the second try on the same girl. It has the same salary/event problem like the normal graduated idols.

It also seems you get a lot more freezes the more graduated you have. During my short testing, I tried to run a save with 3 graduated idols and one soon to be. The game freezes all couple days for no obvious reasons. Restarting the game did unfreez the game for a couple days.

Currently having an issue where an idol currently practicing (vocal, dance, style) can't be selected for a media show. Is this a bug, or working as intended?

i'm having an issue where whenever i click into the singles tab, the time freezing bug happens

Hey, um my game freezes a lot. Like lets say my character is writing a song, while the choreographer is practicing a dance, their jobs will be frozen. And literally no process happens. Then I can't even leave the game, because even if I click on main menu or save game, its frozen and wouldn't let me out. 


Have any of your idols graduated?  Could be a bug that can happen when a leader of a clique graduates, it will be fixed in the next update soon.

If not, please send me your log file and/or save file at

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

Hello.  I found a bug that occurs when I make a tv show. Sometimes the game automaticly cancels my tv show and when I click on the tv button sometimes I can't see the shows I do have in progress. I can only see my cancelled shows. Thankl you and great game! I can't wait for the full version. 

Not sure if this is so much a bug as just kind of a rare thing to happen, but I did wind up getting double idols in an audition. 

You can see the two there. 

Socializing can be prompted even when you're working on another project, and breaks the project (it will not be worked on when socializing is done, and is locked as being worked on so it can't be reassigned, only canceled).

When a girl goes on hiatus, the game does not tell you that it will do whatever it wants to the roster. It does, however, do that and reslots whatever it feels like to make up the space for the missing girl. This should not be done, because you can still schedule girls on hiatus for events and just have to delay it until they're back, there is no reason it should retroactively change things already established and even less than no reason for it to do so without telling you. Caused 3 disasters in my concert thanks to that.

Hi there - I've been having an issue with starting idol elections. Instead of the prompt that says I need a concert in production I'm seeing this screen:

And it doesn't let me select a single or make any changes? Is the concert displayed some kind of minimum requirement before you can do elections?


That's definitely a bug, looks like there's something wrong with one of your singles or concerts. Please send me your save file at

C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\auto_save.json
C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves

~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/auto_save.json
~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

(2 edits)

Firing staff using the scandal points seems to freeze the game. Saving and reloading fixes this.

An Idol graduating also froze my game, after reload the graduation dialogue came up again, but this time it went without problem.

When an Idol Auto-Starts an activity, while trying to drag and drop her somewhere, the cursor turns into her picture and only a restart of the game fixes this.

This is for the mod editor, but the color tags do not work. [color:red] adds a visible color tag to the event in game. (The first two instances are wrong, because I was testing a different method., but in the bottom half, I did use the documentation provided.)

The color tags also appear in  the results panel when it tells you how the stats have been updated as the effects.

Again with whompy girls in auditions -- These ones have ... weird hair? Not at all where it's supposed to be.


With Beta 7, it seems that elections do not work. The game keeps telling me that i need to hire at least 5 idols. I have 8 idols at the moment.


I've been experiencing a bug where girls from other save games are showing up as my options for business deals. Also one of my girls is in a relationship with a girl from a different save, not sure if this is a bug or intentional? Also, is there a way to delete old saves? I have a few from older betas where I was mostly just messing with new features and I'll probably never touch them again, I'd love to delete them.

Same here. I'd like to have the option to delete old saves as well.

Though it's not a complete fix, I have found a way to get rid of old saves.

I hope you have a similar file setup as me is all haha

Go to c:\users\(accountname)\appdata\Glitch Pitch\

and the idol manager folder will be there, it's not the install folder, but it's the folder where all the data is kept, so deleting it SHOULD basically make your game a clean slate... for me at least. I recommend backing up the folder to a different location before deleting it though, in case there's something different to your setup than mine dkglfd

(1 edit)

- Special Events still not showing up in Details panel

There is a bug that causes shows to cancel on their own. :/

- An idol with low mental stamina graduated

- I retained her as a staffer, then fired her (as she didn't appear as the kind of staffer I needed).

- I'm still getting the warning on the Details widget that I have an idol with low mental stamina.  (Lowest mental stamina of the remaining idols is 78.)

when i open the game it just freezes on a Gray screen  


You don't even get to the main menu?  Please send me your log file at, I'll see if it's something I can fix

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Or you can email support to ask for a refund:

my game keep telling me that there is still concert in produce even I don't have any concert in production. 


It looks like [Insert Campaigner Name] and [Insert Group Name] are the same name in this event! My group's name should be Fallen Angels, but it's showing up as Okita Shinji.

Game still freezes for me, when firing staff.

(3 edits)

I'm getting extremely frequent time freezes while seemingly doing nothing. Restarting the game fixes it until it freezes again within barely a few minutes. Here's the log:

My active media also vanishes without a trace from time to time (on a restart?)


Thanks, I see what causes the issue, the fix should be up tomorrow 

Awesome. Glad I could be of help. I edited my post with another issue.

The active media thing seems to happen when you attempt a relaunch. Relaunch never happens but the show disappears?


Nope. Never relaunched it. Never cancelled it. Sometimes launching it does launch it, but still allows me to launch it, resulting in multiple copies of the same show running at the same time, I think? Really odd.

- Stylists are grabbing girls whose displayed stat is equal to the Max Auto Training stat.

- Special Events are still not being displayed in the Details widget.

To clarify - If Max Auto Training is set to 20, stylists are grabbing girls whose displayed stat is 20, going through the styling cycle, then releasing them without having raised their level.

Further clarification - I have a *bunch* of girls who won't train one stat or another past 20, even with Max Auto Training set to 50 or with manually training them.

OK, I think I've finally nailed the problem...  Stylists are loading idols that are at their stat cap and trying to raise a stat that cannot be raised.

I'm pretty sure they actually look at and raise an idol's 'potential' as described in the 8.0 changelog, which would explain why you don't see the stat being increased and why it's taking idols that may look like they are at your defined cap. Not sure if I'm right, though.

I don't think that's true.  My training max was set to 20, the idols stat cap was 20, and the displayed stat was 20.  So, if they were reading and reacting to the potential stat...  wouldn't they have trained once (raising the hidden stat to 21) and quit?  (Instead of constantly reloading the idol and training the same stat in an endless loop).

It could be that it was a 16 year idol with a Cute stat of less than 20? Since the Cute "minimum" seems to be 20 for 16 year old idols, it would show 20 even if the stylist was raising said idol's potential from 13 to 14 and then from 14 to 15 or whatever.

Is it possible do get now a Platinum Idol in local auditions? If not then this could be a bug, because i got one directly in my first local audition with a new save.


Yeah, that shouldn't be possible. Are you sure it wasn't a silver? Plats look like this:


Oh, there's a redundancy in that screenshot "30% percent".

Yes, was the blackish one :) 

Yeah. I got one, too. First time audition in local audition and one card is platinum card (black card and high stats idol)

I can't queueing either performance or spa more than 1. Is it new feature or a bug? Thanks


Are you sure you've leveled up your producer a bit? They get one extra queue max per star I believe.

Ah, it's true. Thank you very much

The game froze on this screen. I have the feeling an event was supposed to pop up. It happened right after creating a single, as I was dragging it towards the producer to start the lyrics. Don't have a log cause I was a dumb dumb and immediately restarted the game. (Maybe save multiple logs automatically?)

(1 edit)

Sometimes I can not market a release. Dragging the single does not produce a CD icon, and dropping on a staffer does nothing.

Here is the log:
Restarting the game does not fix the issue. The single can still be released.


Typing the numbers 1-3 in the ticket price window for a concert affects the game speed. These controls should be blocked while in a text field.

That explains why the game keeps running in the concert setup screen...  even though I was certain that I had paused it.


Got a girl in hiatus complaining.  What the hell are you doing at the studio while on break?


Maybe you're being ignored in business dealings because you're on hiatus?? How are they gonna book you for gigs when you're not even available? Lol


Not entirely sure what she wants here. What's the "with a" at the end supposed to mean? There's also a space needed between 'edm' and 'single' and the 'a' in front of it should be 'an'.


I had another one of those.


I noticed a lot of these, they were fine before the last Update. Maybe a typo somewhere in the code.

Ah, I didn't know they existed before the most recent update. I haven't played for a while after all. This really does sound like a bug introduced with beta 8.0 then.

Mind you, these are still completable. All the info you need is there. It's just that their sentence is a bit of a mess.

Game froze on this screen again. Happened after a birthday event. Pretty sure it was supposed to be a graduation event.
This time I do have the log:

Right after the previously mentioned graduation event, the music stayed muffled, as if still in the event, right-click does not close the left-hand menu (manual closing still works) and the game seems to be working just fine.
(Are my massive amount of reports useful at all, or am I overdoing it?)


No, it's super helpful, thanks!

(Lots of screenshots in this one)
I noticed that negotiating business proposals doesn't actually adhere to the percentage that it displays. I'm not sure if this variation is intended. If it is, I think it's not explained clearly enough.

Assume the staffer is max level in deals and a sales manager:

Example 1:
A max level staffer's negotiation result of 0% yields a decrease of about 15% instead. I have seen cases of both increases and decreases.


Example 2:
A max level staffer's negotiation result of +100% yields an increase of about 70% instead. I have seen cases of both higher and lower than +100%.


And here's the log:

In the birthday event, one of the portraits is not actually above one of the sprites in the case of 4 girls celebrating.

As buzz seems to be hard-capped at 1000%, should a source of buzz be able to give more than 1000% buzz? (To clarify: My buzz did not go above 1000%)
I'm also not sure if fan satisfaction should really be 0% if it's my best-selling single so far. Either that or I just don't know what fan satisfaction stands for.

(Also, yes, I was 1 sale short. Curse you, game.)

(2 edits)

Another 1 short. I wonder if this is an off-by-one error somewhere?


Adding a host while creating a show with a sufficiently skilled group of idols actually causes the fame level to drop.
No host:

Newcomer host:

Seasoned and Trendy have the same as none in this example, Veteran and Legend have 1 more.
These are the individual idols for reference:

I'm not sure that's actually a bug...

Neither am I. But at the very least it's unclear whether it is or not. Something being unclear should be unintended. Hence.

And now for some rapid-fire smaller bugs and annoyances.

She's already graduated:

Is there supposed to be a hard cap of 7 on queue length, even though the producer is a higher level?

Right-clicking while hovering over an option in the left-hand menu (as to close it) will register it as a normal click, thus completing the action while the menu is closing:

Sometimes auto options (such as auto practice or auto stamina recovery) turn off seemingly at random:

Speaking of auto stamina recovery; since there are Psychiatrists and Physicians, their auto stamina recovery options should be split into auto physical- and auto mental stamina recovery.

Since the recent update introduced automatically disabling and re-enabling of auto practice when dragging a job to their respective rooms, such as a single, why is this not a thing for office workers?

Even though I have selected my vibe to be changed to 'cute', it is still stuck on 'cool':

I don't know if it's any use in these cases, but here's the log anyway:
Yes, this has been a long session (which wasn't possible before, so kudos!), so the log is quite extensive.

I found a good old fashioned game freeze.
Idol graduation event happened.
Chose to get a successor.
Successor's introduction event happened.
Game soft freezes.

(1 edit)

The wrong idol portrait is sometimes being shown in a conversation:

She (the wrongfully displayed one) is the same as the successor I got that I was talking about in the previous report.

It looks as if the basic game loop continues to run during a concert/election. "Not enough stamina" tends to pop up from time to time:

(1 edit)

Found a new freeze. This one happened after an audition, during the first new idol's event. As shown in the image, I can still interact with the background. (I even managed to save, so I didn't lose any progress)


hello! i got double the manager in the cut scene when i started a new save file (i've tested making 4 other new files and getting a manager, it's happened 1/4 times so not that common or that big of a deal). also, my cursor became the idol's portrait when i tried to drag her to a room. screenshots attached, lemme know if i should include a log.

time is freezing for me after i either use a cheat ( specifically the y - 1M yen ), or if i try to hold an audition? also when i do initiate an audition and it's successful, when i hire a girl it's a different portrait from what i originally thought. i'm not sure what's causing that, but so far i've been lucky to miss out on majority of the bugs people have experienced. though in this latest update i feel like i've gotten all of them at once haha. 

(2 edits)

I had a lot of bugs and her is the principal one :

- When i pick a character in the character list, and i put / try to put in our main character for Socialize, sometimes the image of the head of the idol taht i try to put in my MC never deseapear and i need to load a save / restart the game ( happens a lot of time in my case )

- When i hired girl, the little text that come when you first meet her doesn't appeared and the only think that i could do for a moment was to play normally ( but with the portrait of the idol in the center of my screen,  he never deseapered ), and when i went for do a jobs, and i refused it, all of my screen who was not covered with the portrait of the idol, went all white and i can't literally do anything . So i decided to restart the game and when i tried to load that save, it load a previous save, . And even the auto save was not for my current save and it's was for the same that when i tried to load my game ( Happened 1 time ) It's the same bug that TeHWoof

- Idk if it's a bug but when i pick a gril who is training and i put her in the MC for socialize, it cancelled the Auto practice option of where she was ( i don't think that's a bug but it's perturbating xD ) 

- When i had like 2 Coregraphy / Singing Platform my idols doesn't wanted to go on the last that i bought, so i needed to pick her and put her in the last  Coregraphy / Singing Platform that i had bought . 

- When i load a game sometimes it happen that when i want to see my pushes, i can saw that there is no one, but when i go for put someone, i dont see the face of the idols who is in a case of pushes ( even if their is someone ), but i can see that my character is in it, because the description on the right is grey, and white for all the others idols, so it clearly said that one is in the case ( and it's the same for all the 3 emplacements of the pushes )

- In the election the girl who was the first was the badest one, and it was the game choose, like it was not me who put her in #1 ( low stats and low popularity ) . Idk if it's based on stats or it's random ( but i think that this is random because my idols with like 4-5-6 stars and who also was platinium, was beat by a gold idols with less popularity and stats ) 

Sorry for my bad english at some moment xD . And keep up all the good job that you have done until now !

So I had a loss of power while playing and it corrupted the autosave. I assume it was simply bad luck and the power went out just as it was saving, but what's odd is that my manual saves are gone. They're still there in the actual folder, but in the game, the 'load game' menu is just blank. I'm gonna start a new game to reset the autosave and see if this is a result from the autosave being corrupt, and if that fixes it I guess it's less an actual bug and just something to be aware of. If it doesn't, I have no idea what happened or how you'd fix that, but yeah, off to test around.


Ok so yeah, once you write over the autosave with a new game, all your manual saves pop up again.


Entering the Options menu from inside a playsession causes it to display the wrong labels and values for the various settings. I'm guessing it's just a case of not properly loading the various values, since changing the sliders seems to work.

This is what I set it to when opening the Options menu from the main menu.

This is how it looks when I open the Options menu while in a play session.

It should happen every time and this is on a fresh Windows install with no previous Glitch Pitch folder in AppData.

hi! sorry if this has been mentioned already but i've been getting this bug pretty frequently when i hire a girl, where the portrait that's shown in the audition screen is a different portrait from the one that shows up when she's actually hired. it's not a huge deal but it does bother me a little when the portrait isn't the one i expected it to be lol.

i couldn't seem to recreate it on a fresh save but it worked on my most recent save, which is a new game that i started like 20 minutes ago. i was reloading the save a lot (trying to get the perfect idol without spending a bunch of money on multiple auditions lmao)  so maybe that caused it? it's also happening on my other save which i've played for about 20 hours or so. anyway here's the screenshots!

I've gotten this a few times, someone posted something similar above, but yeah.

Another bug, one of my girls is being styled but is also in the break room fighting? And it says one of them is practicing but she's nowhere on the screen and I also can't cancel her practicing. I've tried restarting, loading from the main menu, save, auto-save, etc. 

I had an issue of after hiring a girl, it froze at the introduction scene. The girl showed up, but the text never arrived. For a short while, I could make out the inlay and try and save the game to keep the progress from the last bit from when I saved last, but it completely stopped me from doing anything before I could finish saving. It was during a regional audition.

Got a pretty gnarly visual glitch happening all over the screen whenever I do one of the daily tasks. (Performance in this example)
Here's a small snippet of it:


Oh good, it's not just me...

Oh good, it's not just me, either!


Just pushed an update that should fix this

Don't know if is a bug but the concert/election never star in my game play :/

How long has it been since you released the single because it takes 2 weeks for the concert to start

Thanks for the replay, i had a week or so since the single lunch, but i closed and re-start thinking it was a bug and the concert pop now after a few months i can't produce a new concert, i still have the "In Production" message. 


If you're stuck "In Production", you can try opening your save file with a text editor, find "SpecialEvents_Manager__EventData" and replace all "Status": 1 with "Status": 0

Save files are here:

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

Cool thanks, i'll give it a try!

I have level 5 friendship and level 5 influence with my girls, but none of them will gossip with me or tell me about their relationships :(


Good catch, thanks! I just pushed an update that should fix this

After a certain point, the space bar stops pausing...  Can be cleared by restarting the game.

Seems to happen consistently after a concert.

(1 edit)

First in-game day after the latest update and time froze. 26 Nov 2020.

EDIT: Relaunched the game, and the game was on 27 Nov 2020, but then time froze again at the end of that day.


Please send me your save file and/or log to or just upload it here

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

Here's my output_log.txt and my most recent manual save file.


Okay, thanks, I see the issue. I fixed your save file if you don't want to wait for the update:

For everyone with the same issue, you can fix your save file by finding "pushes__Data" and adding "days": [0,0,0], so it looks something like this:

"pushes__Data": {
    "girls": [11, 2, -1],
    "days": [0,0,0]

Thank you!

I had the same issue and tried the fix, worked fine for the in-game day but it eventually froze again at the end. Along with that, my idol has been stuck in practice and I can't seem to cancel or take her out of it.

(1 edit)

First audition on the new Beta 9 version and one of my poor candidates have her eyes (and probably her hair accessory) incorrectly offset on the audition screen. After I hired her and she popped up on screen to give the trait related recruitment message, her eyes looked normal, though she was missing the accessory.

Once I got back to the game, however, the other idol I had already hired before the above screenshot got the same messed up image from this audition on her entry in the idol list instead of her own image (which was fine in the audition).

This is what the other idol (Yoshida Rin) should look like according to her profile page:

I did save, close the game and make backups of output_log.txt, as well as the save, in case you want me to send them in. The issue with the messed up portraits in the idols list persists even after restarting the game and loading the save again.


You got that Chernobyl mod installed on your game, I see...

Yeah, no wonder poor Yuki has such low ratings for Smart and Pretty. The radiation must have hit her really hard.


>First audition on the new Beta 9 version and one of my poor candidates have her eyes (and probably her hair accessory) incorrectly offset on the audition screen. 

Interesting...  I had that exact same bug.  (And I do mean exact, same outfit/accessory.)

Ah, then it could probably be that one particular look has messed up data.
I did start a new game and have not seen it again so far, but I have yet to encounter  any idols with that particular outfit so most of them seem to work perfectly fine.


I'm not able to play the game after the update, it either won't start time or freezes within minutes


Same here, can't go a single in-game day without having time freeze.

I'm experiencing the time freezes as well


I'll update the game soon, but for now you can try this fix


Please send me your save file and/or log to or just upload it here

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 


I'll update the game soon, but for now you can try this fix


Yeah, that particular look seems to be bugged. I had the same thing happen a couple of posts up.

Started a new game on the new Version and got the good old "Nazi-Uniform"-Event.  Only clicking the buttons didn't do anything for some reason.

Could move the cursor and saw the buttons "flashing", but nothing happened afterwards, it stayed on the Event.


I see the issue, thanks! Will be fixed tomorrow

Had my first concert in the same game, afterwards wanted to make a new single, but after choosing Genre&etc the Formation menu wouldn't load.

I also couldn't go back, since the game did leave the previous menu, so I had to shut down the game.

): I can't even start the game, it just crashes. The new update looks fun 😭


Have you tried downloading the 32bit version?

I've tried downloading the the 32 and the 64, so it might be my laptop?? I'm not really sure, when I try to open the application it just shows the unity logo thing then just black... I don't even get the title screen ):


In noticed that all hiatus were 90 days...  nothing in the patch notes.  Bug or feature?


Speaking of hiatus, when you hover over an idol on hiatus, the tooltip does not show the return date.


I can confirm. It only says that the idol will return at... and then blank where the date should be.

I unfortunatly did not think to do a log file but in the event of the idol cosplaying and it resembling a german national uniform the game does not continue regardless of button options, and you have to force crash the game. i have noticed this on more than one occasion over 3 playthroughs. i hope this is useful despite the lack of log files.


Yeah, this one should actually be fixed in the update I did a few hours ago:

yep got the event and it functions now after closing the game and reloading it and waiting for it to eventually trigger many months down the line. 

I have managed to have a election and after the 1 month period for the concert ended i checked to do another and it said in production, it still says this even after the 6 month cooldown of the election. currently there is no special event in the list of things in production despite it saying otherwise. prior to a election i was having many concerts and world tours now only world tours function.

It has happened a lot of time, and the only solution that i have found is to go to the main menu and relaunch my save

Hello, since the new atch i cant launch the game anymore, i also tried in fullscreen but it didn't work out.


Hey, try checking this option, I think that should help. Let me know if it worked

Hi ! It didn't worked out :/


I just added a new build, please check if it works for you

It worked ! Thanks a lot

Update: I still can't play cries a little. See, in pic one it starts up fine??? Then literally all I get is black and the program isn't responding. I've tried compatibility, I've tried redownloading plenty of times and I'm getting frustrated cause I don't know if it's my computer ( then I really need to figure out why!! Cause it plays another game I have on here just fine??? )  oooor it's the game or even a mix of both. Is anyone else experiencing problems like this, or is it just me ; w ; 


Please upload this file to , maybe it'll help me figure out what's going on

C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\output_log.txt

And you can always request a refund if nothing helps:

cries a little, i'm sorry for causing all the trouble ;; but i think i uploaded it correctly. ( i've never done it before so please excuse me <3 ) thank you so much though!!!


The game used to work for you, right?

What's your email? I'll try sending you a bunch of different versions to test what works and what doesn't.


I just added a new build, please check if it works for you

that's the weird thing!! it used to work fine, then when i tried downloading the latest patch 9 / 9.1 it stopped completely loading and i don't know why!! ): I will email you, because I don't.. really want a refund haha? Cause I want to support this game!! Plus I don't think I can wait till the official release. 

Also note, the build you put up didn't work for me either ;; I'm really sorry. 

Ever since she became graduating, she doesn't recover any physical stamina from the break room or spa treatment.  Doesn't go to the physical doctor.  Has not been injured either.  

I can see why you'd want to exclude them from benefits though.  ... So partially working as intended?

When I tried to ask an idol to dig up dirt on someone else, it froze after subtracting the influence. the chat box was empty. I restarted the game and figured it didn't work, but now a few days later, that idol pops up on the screen with another empty box that i couldn't get out of without restarting the game. i assume it was related to digging up dirt

Got stuck on this screen after telling her to break up with her bf

After a concert 1,2,3 number keys don't work for changing game speed. After that happens, a few minutes later the game will freeze randomly and I'll have to task manager it. Happened 3 times so far, restarting fixes it.

I'm currently experiencing a bug (?) where I'm trying to influence one of my idols to stop bullying and it won't let me. I've maxed out my influence AND friendship with her, but when I go to try to influence her it's still grayed out and says I need to have level 2 influence.

The game stops awarding fame stars...  the bar grows and restarts after reaching the top (as usual) but no stars are awarded.

I keep getting this error and now i cant play the game.

Switching to resolution 1280x720 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1280x720 fs=0 hz=0)

Can anyone help?


This is actually an issue with your computer! It's (probably) happening because Windows 7 only supports DX11.0 features, but the game needs to access DX11.1 features. You can fix this by installing either this platform update, or if that doesn't work, just updating your computer to the latest version of Windows 7.

i don't know if it's a bug or i need to do something. after i'm doing election i can't held concert anymore. it keep saying "in production" but i don't see any in production section


I'll probably fix it in the next update in a few days, but for now you should be able to fix it like this:

Open your save file with a text editor, find "SpecialEvents_Manager__EventData" and change "Status": 1 to "Status": 0

Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data\manual_saves
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/manual_saves 

(2 edits)

Hey there, sadambober!

I'm getting an empty dialogue screen upon loading old saves that was just never there, meaning that I cannot play that saved game anymore. The game was created at least 5 months ago, and the last time it was saved was roughly a month ago. All the saves from this same game are broken, though the game I created in August loads just fine. Here's a screenshot of the blank dialogue screen I get.

Also, I am getting these weird visual glitches when I load my most recent save game (the one that works). Never seen those before. 

EDIT: The visual glitch seems to be easily fixable by cancelling any ongoing activities (in my case, cancelling my managers' search for proposals).

I decided to write another post because I've found another bug that is as game-breaking as the one I reported in my previous post. I tried playing with my one save game that still works, and when I tried to create a single, my game froze during the transition between the single setup screen and the formation selection screen. I could only see the out-of-focus background, and there was nothing I could do but to Alt+F4 out of the game.

Game locks up on New Single -> Formation.  Cannot proceed even after killing the game and reloading.  (Same bug as Bicky is reporting above.)

And that's a general problem I've encountered this morning.  The game also locked up on the full screen SMS after an event (CD misprint), and also locked up on an unknown event (but about the right time for the dance costume sub story, though that did pop up a few days later).

Locking up on full screen events is an ongoing game enjoyment killing bug.  It needs to be stomped HARD.

This morning I encountered the formation screen lockup bug, but was able to exit, restart, and get past it.

Then I encountered a hard lockup (cannot clear by exiting and reloading) at about the right time for the dance costume sub story.

Forgot to add - during the hard lockup, I could see that main game loop was continuing to run in the background.  I don't know if this is a symptom, a separate bug, or WAI.

^ Going off of the others, I've been getting the "full-screen event results in lockdown" bug since 9.1 update too


For one reason or another, I keep getting this event popping up and I'm unable to make any decision. I also don't have any idols going by that name. So I don't know what's going on, but it keeps disrupting my ongoing save every time I load in.

also getting this

How odd, this specific event was supposed to be fixed in 9.1. Maybe try going back to 9.1, select a decision, then continuing with 10?

(2 edits) (+1)

both it and the politician event every so often are acting glitchy not responding to clicks or poping up 3 or 4 times when you click a option.

sometimes it just doesnt let you do any actions sometimes it works fine

Edit: here is a example

After i force crashed the game and reloaded hitting continue it moved on like the event never happend

This, surprisingly, actually worked for me.

While I did had to change hairstyles of some idols to hairstyles that were in the 9.1 version the save did load in the 9.1 version and spawned a different, closeable, event. Then that 9.1 save loaded fine in the 10.0 game and I could continue.

But it really isn't a viable, permanent, solution.


Hit the same bug last night.

As it stands, the full screen and event lockup bugs are for all intents and purposes, game killing.  The game is currently virtually unplayable.

(1 edit) (+1)

Yep also got this bugged event. After closing the game and reopening the auto save file the game continuous like the event didn't happen but after a week it pops up again in all its game ending glory, it really is a game ender.

Kinda disappointing that this bug is still here, considering it isn't exactly a rare bug apparently.

This one is driving me crazy. Quitting and reloading seems to work for a little while, but it eventually pops up again and forces me to restart again.


This bug has been fixed, did you update to 10.1? Or are you getting it anyway?

Oh, that must be it! I got the game a few hours before the new update came out and never noticed. Thank you so much!

Potentially minor bug

Currently one of the ladies is being bullied by someones clique i have discovered who is resposable. it takes 2 infuance to stop them, prior to having 2 influance i could and i just went into the negative (i saved prior to it and it worked), after gettign blackmail on them and raising it to level 3 i had a conversation and tried to use the influance it said i lacked influance and was unable to requiring 2 levels i was at 3.

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Here's a follow-up of my previous posts with other minor bugs I noticed on Beta #10:

  • First one consists of the clickable area on the game's lower dashboard (the bar on the bottom of the screen) is vertically smaller than the dashboard itself, meaning that hovering the mouse over the topmost pixels of the dashboard will highlight the room in the background instead of the button in the foreground. Now, when I try to take screenshots of Idol Manager, for some reason my pointer isn't captured on the screenshot, so I had to manually insert an arrow to indicate where my pointer was, more or less. Here is the screenshot. Notice how the tip is hovering over the blue bar, but the room is the background is still highlighted, and can be interacted with if I click. Additionally, I must say that this bug isn't recent, and has been around since 2018, so you don't need to think that it was introduced with this latest patch.
  • In the 'Styling' screen, one of my idols had different clothing, face and hairstyle compared to what's shown on her profile card. That bug seems to be happening at random to one of my idols, since it doesn't every time I load my save. Here's what Souda Momoka looks like on her card, and what she looks like on the styling screen (the idol card image is what keeps changing when I reload the save. The Styling appearance always remains the same).
  • Game always loads the Main Menu in English at first, regardless of your selected language. In order to fix that, I either have to load a save, or just head to the Settings screen, and click on the checkbox pertaining to my desired language.
  • The sound effect that plays when we click with the mouse is sometimes played on a lower or higher volume, seemingly at random. This bug has also been around for a long time.

Also, here is the link to the save file that refers to my most recent game, the one that freezes on the single creation sequence, and my output_log.txt.  It might help you figure out what's going on under the hood.

Last, but not least, a rather important update. Yesterday, I reported a game breaking bug that prevented me from playing on my older game, since it would trigger an empty dialogue upon load. I tried playing it again today, and I was able to load the game without facing that bug, though I still couldn't create a single, so that error doesn't seem to be permanent.

I just had to force the game to quit because I got an empty dialogue, myself. I think this is my log? For context I have 10 idols, the only rooms/staff I currently have are my office, two managers, and the break room, and I just launched an internet show a few days before the dialogue started up.

I think I found a bug.

I was at 5 days away from bankruptcy, but I closed the game and opened it at once and the countdown was restarted.


New bug: the chart includes ALL your singles released in a month, regardless of year. As in, if you released a single in October 2018, when you see the chart for October 2019, the October 2018 single will appear again on it.

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Found a smallish bug while trying to save scum for a audition. When you save just before an audition, say just before you would click that A symbol, and then reload that save, the idols that are presented in the audition screen and the ones you actually get are disconnected. The stats and ability do stayed synced correctly.

To make it more clear, here I reloaded the save because I didn't like the results and tried again. These are my choices this time:

I hire the one selected and finish as usual. But at the introduction screen I get greeted by a completely different avatar

The stats are exactly the same though, only the appearance has changed.

And that is as clear as I can make it. From here on out the game uses the new appearance correctly and no further weirdness is experienced. This only happens if I reload and use the same 'prepared' audition, if I cancel and plan a new audition the disconnect doesn't happen at all.

I'll upload the 2 save games, just in case.
Save just before the audition.
Save after the screenshotted audition

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If you load the save again and click the A again, do you still get different people? And when you accept one (say the left-most one), does it generate the same avatar?

And if you try it again, do you get yet another different set of people with different set of stats, and when you select the one at the same position as the last one, does the avatar still be the same as the previous test?

These tests are used determine which things (idol names, stats, avatars) are generated, and which were already decided when the audition was completed. They can also help sadambober zero-in to the fix.

Or I suppose you could peek inside the save game. It's in JSON, so it's quite easy to change into a human-readable format.

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  • If you load that pre audition save for the first time while the game is started everything will be normal, you get the random idol results with random rarity and stats. Hiring an idol will result in you getting said idol.
  • If you load that save a second time (to try to save scum) the avatar results are the same as the first audition but the stats do change. The disconnect issue does happen though, you don't get the same avatar as the one you actually selected, you do get the stats as they were in the audition screen.
  • If you load the save for the third+ time in a row, you now actually get different avatar results at the audition as well with different stats, the same disconnect issue happens as before.

Closing and starting the game before loading the save does clear the 'corruption', and you get the results as described in the first point .

So my guess is that the game doesn't clear/reset some variables correctly when loading a save while not closing the game.

I didn't read the latest ones so I don't know if someone mentioned it, but since the latest update, whenever I want to hire staff it's lagging on the staff page. Not game breaking, but definitely kinda annoying. Didn't happen before.

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going off the earlier bug I talked about, I switched from releasing singles monthly to bi-monthly and the problem of your songs from a year ago being counted persists: Not only that, but it seems like your rival group has their sales calculated off of that single from a year ago, as well (My rival went from selling 135k the month I released a single, to 48k the month I skipped, and then 146k the month I released again)

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New bug: election/concert did not start automatically after two weeks of the single being released. I believe this may be because I released on the 18th of May, then got two events on the 1st of June(The chart and a random fight). Game froze upon loading both events at the same time, I had to close and reopen. Then the concert didn't start on the 2nd like it should have. 

Besides this, I think you should allow the player to activate the election+concert themselves, rather than the game doing it automatically so this problem can't arise. Like how you can't release a single if you don't have enough money, the game should just check if 14 days have passed since the single, and THEN unlock the concert start button. I have noticed that the game starts to chug when switching into the concert/election sequences, but this is the first time it broke.

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