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i noticed the Patreon keeps having a 404 error finding your group.

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noticed another possible thing

im following shuu's route/path?

thursday 17th july, toshi's  face shows up at the mansion but their chibi is actually at the shrine.

shuu is nowhere both as their chubi and face.

Wensday August 20th, only toshi's face appears at agency, and somewhow  both tori and toshi are standing in the same place with tori in front.

hope this helps.

Edit: Also

Calander for october text for rent day says i have to have at least 40,000 yen in my wallet 

it does however charge 50,000 yen.


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I do not know if this is a known bug or not but id thought id point it out just in case...

I went to th temple and Did the donate and pray (10,000), i reseved the big boost to affection however it did not take the money away. So at this time that is free affection gain only costing time at this moment. I hope this helps.

probably issues with itch. when i went to patreon from the website and ignored the itch site link option it downloaded eventually.

it may be just a single instance with mine or maybe itch issues i dont know, all i can say is the initial artwork is wonderful and due to being tired i will not be playing beyong a minute or so just to get a feel for the initial transition into the story wich seems nice. Good luck with the game and will follow its work in the future for now sleep.

It doesn't allow any attempts to download. i click instal it goes to download for a second then nothing.