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thats what i was doing wrong. i see, thank you

Mystery location does nothing when you go there. it says to bring your chose but when you put them in it dissapears when your alone it is visible but doesnt funtion. quest that the dragon head asks of you.

get better soon zokas

besh wishes to you both.

im going to guess that Covid has hit some of their staff slowing maintenance, combined with the extra amount of people wanting on with the fact that many are home.

Just a guess.

same problem with me on Windows.

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*Strikes corpse over head* "Klaatu Verata Nikto" my work is done...back to enjoying the game *walks off into the mists*

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i tried to do all the routes but after 4 or 5 play throughs i still could not do the romance route options it just made me feel off every time i hovered over the option.  i enjoyed the parent option and the existential ideas it gave about us and the loose comparison to modern predjudace. the friend route was comfortable and i felt like maybe i was a roomate with a child genius or maybe a second cousin that i felt responsible for.

that being said even though it was just a game and the character was a android some part of me still couldnt connect it as not human not a child the design of the androids were to blend in seamlessly with humans as to not tell the diffrence and becuase of that they instill a mental moral siren in my head.

i will say you made the game with artistry that followed a stable continuity and characters that didnt break their characters. I felt in the role of the Mc the entire time without immersion breaking on the routes. except the one i failed to do. who know maybe ill one day do the last route just to solve that completionist itch.

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both it and the politician event every so often are acting glitchy not responding to clicks or poping up 3 or 4 times when you click a option.

sometimes it just doesnt let you do any actions sometimes it works fine

Edit: here is a example

After i force crashed the game and reloaded hitting continue it moved on like the event never happend

Potentially minor bug

Currently one of the ladies is being bullied by someones clique i have discovered who is resposable. it takes 2 infuance to stop them, prior to having 2 influance i could and i just went into the negative (i saved prior to it and it worked), after gettign blackmail on them and raising it to level 3 i had a conversation and tried to use the influance it said i lacked influance and was unable to requiring 2 levels i was at 3.

yep got the event and it functions now after closing the game and reloading it and waiting for it to eventually trigger many months down the line. 

I have managed to have a election and after the 1 month period for the concert ended i checked to do another and it said in production, it still says this even after the 6 month cooldown of the election. currently there is no special event in the list of things in production despite it saying otherwise. prior to a election i was having many concerts and world tours now only world tours function.

I unfortunatly did not think to do a log file but in the event of the idol cosplaying and it resembling a german national uniform the game does not continue regardless of button options, and you have to force crash the game. i have noticed this on more than one occasion over 3 playthroughs. i hope this is useful despite the lack of log files.

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have you been going to sleep after each trip to town? that fully heals your haremon. also have you been using the star shards to upgrade your haremons techniqes? that was my biggest thing i forgot.

anyone notice the link they suplied at the bottom of the page about their website just has a forbidden 403 error?

i noticed the Patreon keeps having a 404 error finding your group.

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noticed another possible thing

im following shuu's route/path?

thursday 17th july, toshi's  face shows up at the mansion but their chibi is actually at the shrine.

shuu is nowhere both as their chubi and face.

Wensday August 20th, only toshi's face appears at agency, and somewhow  both tori and toshi are standing in the same place with tori in front.

hope this helps.

Edit: Also

Calander for october text for rent day says i have to have at least 40,000 yen in my wallet 

it does however charge 50,000 yen.


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I do not know if this is a known bug or not but id thought id point it out just in case...

I went to th temple and Did the donate and pray (10,000), i reseved the big boost to affection however it did not take the money away. So at this time that is free affection gain only costing time at this moment. I hope this helps.

probably issues with itch. when i went to patreon from the website and ignored the itch site link option it downloaded eventually.

it may be just a single instance with mine or maybe itch issues i dont know, all i can say is the initial artwork is wonderful and due to being tired i will not be playing beyong a minute or so just to get a feel for the initial transition into the story wich seems nice. Good luck with the game and will follow its work in the future for now sleep.

It doesn't allow any attempts to download. i click instal it goes to download for a second then nothing.