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I love the game! I was jut wondering how do I customize my home? I cannot seem to find the button.

There is a bug that causes shows to cancel on their own. :/

Hello.  I found a bug that occurs when I make a tv show. Sometimes the game automaticly cancels my tv show and when I click on the tv button sometimes I can't see the shows I do have in progress. I can only see my cancelled shows. Thankl you and great game! I can't wait for the full version. 

Oh thank you. That worked.

I can't relaunch a show. I finished the concept and production work, but then I can't select the relaunch button.

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I love this game. Please continue. I just have one suggestion. Can you please increase the font size and maybe change the color? That  would  make it easier to read. :)

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I never read a visual novel where I liked all the romance options. I really have no words for how beautiful it is, but it's . . .beautiful. Please, make the full version. Don't give up on this game. This could go down into the best visual novel romance game history.