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I cant believe I didnt know about this sooner. I already finished the three books multiple times and was hankering for more, so this was just the fix I needed :)

Thanks for your wonderfull work and for this spring surprise christmas special :D

Nat best girl, I'd sign a co-mortage with her!

That she is aromantic, meaning she cant be romantically attracted to others. I have spoken to the writer on tumblr (I believe, its been a while but I think it was there) and he/she confirmed that Sydero is aromantic, quite dissapointing tbh, especially as there was a ton of other ways her relationship issues could have been explained. But what can you do.

Cant wait for more Nariko content, I got into the femdom route for better or worse but I completely agree with your views, certainly dont need urination there for it to be proper femdom :D

And again, thank you for sticking to what you want to tell rather than making things more extreme for no reason other than a few people ask.

I think there is already enough "teasing" for bad stuff that it should satisfy people just looking for drama or for reasons to sympathise with the MC, going too far into that territory would definitely ruin the experience for me, so thanks and keep doing what you are doing.

As it is, its still mainly a love story with some fun and a lot of drama and thats perfectly fine.

Thanks for your hard work, really loved what I have seen so far, ill definitely be keeping an eye on this.

Thank you for keeping it mainly vanilla btw, the drama as it is is the right amount, anything more and id be a wreck :D

As for how to include Sayuri. First off we gotta take care of the husband cleanly, its already been established he is barely ever home so lets just make it clear they are not in love anymore and such.

But even then, Its hard to imagine how Asami would be okay with this, or how her mom would even allow something like this to happen.

The only way I could see it not be really immersion breaking would be if, Asami somehow got into threesomes with the MC and Yasuka, growing more comfortable with the sharing part, then, when/if Noriko joins the definitely not a harem she and Noriko would get into a spat somehow about how her and Yasuka are better for the MC or something, bringing her mome into it, as someone else mentioned here.

Either that, or make it like a dream sequence, or some sort of "random" encounter that the MC will think was a dream or some such, storywise it seems rather hard to fit in.

And oh my god, I cant even imagine, if there will be specific endings for each of the girls (and I hope there will be) how Asami would stomach you breaking up with her to be with her mom :D

Thanks for your hard work and good luck.

Agreed there, personally I was quite invested in that relationship, the entire S2 felt like peak fiction chasing after her but just the begining of chapter 3 really rather ruined it for me :X Very dissapointing from my point of view.

Its the writers business of course and she is a great character besides, but yea, knowing that the relationship is generally impossible to exist in the proper sense of the word makes it weird that she is labeled as "romanceable". 

I had hoped that there was more to it, even after I read the start of Season 3 but it was confirmed by the writer so thats just that. Nothing against writing such a character but I agree that it should be made clear to the reader in advance, otherwise I would have absolutely adored this romance, as is, it just cant really be called that.

Thanks for letting me know, I tried to edit a bit to make myself more clear, its mainly coming from place of emotion so it doesnt really have a through line as such, just a bunch of babble that I hope becomes coherent once you get better (hope you get better soon btw)

Ill join, thanks for the invite.

This has me intrigued, the art is very nice and the premise is catchy, I am considering backing but seeing as the estimated release is march of 2025 I may as well just wait as it is fully funded now, tho I will chip in if it gets near the voice acting stretch, I dont think its neccessary but why not. Seriously tho, is it just me or does the release date seem really far for a project like this? How come?

The Night Market community · Created a new topic Guide?

Havnt found one. Is it neccessary? I mean are there even any distinct directions other than the romance route you chose? Maybe we could put our heads together here a little bit to figure some stuff out. 

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Well done. First and foremost wanted to say, that I will absolutely support this, gonna jump into the kickstarter now and already cant wait for the announced book. 

The characters are wildly interesting and likeable, they are interconnected with one another and the world, something I really enjoyed and the overall story kept me engaged throghout. 

It is absolutely worth a read, great entertainment and the fact that it is mainly free, as it is at least, is smindblowing.

With that out of the way, I wanted to get out my negative thoughts out there as well, considering you said you will be doing rewrites and aditions (I cant wait for more date time with Hazel) and I wanted to get my two cents out there before that is all done in hopes to maybe assuage some of the things I found not entirely satisfactory.

I only did Hazel's  route so far, tho I do plan other runs, but my experience is only from what I could see there, so obviously I dont have all the answers, if anything I have issues with is expanded upon in other routes or options I havnt picked feel free to ignore me there.

So lets start with Hazel, and honestly I only have one issue. One issue and one question. Question first. Who was the frog like guy from the very begining at the beach? It was a short interaction that Im sure is meant to show how she is being bullied before we get to know her, but it was also kinda unpleasant and implicated that Hazel knew the guy intimately, it doesnt really feel like that is someone Hazel would know, much less in that kind of way and I later on just dismissed it as annoying creep being annoying creep, but I still half expected him to show up again or be able to ask Hazel about that as there was clear implications that they did know each other. Is that the case? Obviously Hazel had life before us, could be the guy was even her boyfriend at one time before he was all gross and annoying, who knows, I just personally dont like things like these being left unanswered, they have a nasty tendencey to stay in my head.

My issue is with the Caliban scene, which leads to the "break up"? I dont know if to call it one or not. Dont get me wrong, I get why she didnt want to go, even beyond just not wanting to go out in general and why it had affected her, being a victim of abuse herself. 

But it just feels so stupid as it is, really rather selfish too and if this is all it takes to essentially end the relationship, or deestablish it to such a degree, it certainly doesnt seem like it could last very long. Our character is out there all the time, risking his life for something he was barely a part of, he didnt want to go either, Caliban was his friend, someone Hazel didnt even know, he absolutely wanted her support there and it hardly feels fair that he got into trouble for asking for it. In the end, she still decided to go on her own, she still was very much detached from it due to not knowing Caliban or the situation, and it led to such a huge distancing on her part, for seemingly quite long time and through some very painful and unpleasant things that happened to our character. Our pain and situation seemed incredily unimportant, we simply shouldnt have taken her and that was that.

I understand this was very trying time for her but our character tried to be there for her at all times, offered to help with everything including the spell despite what happened and for reasons that I certainly did not feel whatsoever, our character was sorry and apologetic, for simply wanting support from a loved one in something that was genuinely hard to go through alone. I did not want to cause Hazel an hurt, but her hurt certainly took presedence over anything that happened to us and that just doesnt feel right. We find out we are literally dying but her personal issue is still enough to keep her away..? What the heck... She even found out that Malcolm was able to come back thanks to us, and that still isnt enough? Not a word of comfort or assurance when we go see the baron of the mists, the person she is most affraid of could kill us at a moments notice? All that we have gone through, all that have happened, and us urging her for help in something unpleasant, but has no stake in, is all it takes to rock the relationship to its core? Make her cold and distant through some incredibly tough times for our character? And we are supposed to be sorry?

Worse yet, it isnt even dependant on the choice you make. I feel like this should be like this, she is pissed if you take Caliban back to Odin, regardless of if she is there or not and isnt even if you asked to go but freed him because that is really what matters (tho she could still be a bit colder for a bit for "making" her go). Her excuse of, you were supposed to immidiately say no, is not only something I immidiately decided to do, but there was never any option to actually voice that, but could also very directly put is into life threatening danger as our character rightly points out. The way it is written just feels out of nowhere, so self centered and so prolonged for what appears to be just incredibly little.

And again, worse yet, it doesnt even lead to anything. The last difference in text that I noticed was that she was still wanting to leave room our character was in even after Malcom was summoned, I genuinely thought at that poin that this was it, that this was all it took for it to just be over with barely a discussion and our character being sorry the whole time. And then, it just dissapears, again, without a discussion without any sort of emotional reconnection, we never even really get to understand or see from her point of view, why exactly was this such a big deal to her, because it still doesnt feel like it should, not to the point it was. It didnt affect anything, other than her behavior towards you for what seemed to me like quite the extended period of time, I thought maybe if we didnt ask her to come we would be at the ritual and make it easier on her or something, but there is nothing there.

As it is, it is simply too much for too unexplained little, that doesnt lead to anything and doesnt have any clear endpoint. Like I said, I thought I just picked the "bad end" flag and was genuinely lost on why this was supposed to be it, I was fully expecting some sort of conversation over this before things got right again, but it just stopped, out of nowhere, I was reliefed when she suddenly just liked me again, but it decidedly left a sour taste in my mouth, it didnt feel like something Hazel would do, it felt cruel and cold and unfair and it cetainly wasnt worth it as is.
I hope I got my thoughts through properly, I wouldnt want this to go away, its probably an important part of her route and there should be some drama, I just think it should be adjusted to actually make sense with our decisions and to lead to an actual conversation that clears up the situation. Just feels like drama for drama's sake at the moment unless im really missing something. 

Comparatively it feels like if you pushed your loved one away because they hit your sore spot (which they barely even knew about and did obviously without meaning it) but you continue holding on a grudge and keep acting like they hurt you and deserve it while they are running around risking their life, finding out they had cancer and the world is about to end, like at what point do you just get over it, have a conversation so you can both move on and support each other again.

Otherwise and this is barely a blemish on the pleasantness and cudliness that is Hazel, her route was pure fantasy, she is quite literally the dream.

Three small issues now before the ending, this should be quick.

Please fix the pronouns, we get to pick who we are, we shouldnt be refered to as they, it immidiately takes me out of any conversation, because I am singular person, not multiple. This is also a written format, it shouldnt be hard to add variables based on gender selected, I feel like it was that way in the early chapters and just stopped later on. Not a big deal, just annoying.

Maybe try to find a way to introduce some more ways of actually letting us sculpt our character? Their emotional state and personality. This is a great IF but it often manages to break one of IF's most strict rules, taking the power out of players hands, letting the character be someone we dont want. I already alluded to it with the Hazel issue but if there is something we should be obviously allowed to think, feel, or say, we should be able to do so, especially in big moments and our character shouldnt be as "defined" as it is without our input so often.

Now, the descriptions, and please do not take this the wrong way, your world is lovely, vibrant and colorful, I have no doubt it is something you worked incredibly hard on and your passion shows through in everything. Unfortunately, it is just too much, at least for me. The descriptions are simply too wordy, too cumbersome, I am not a native speaker, so I often had to go and look for the meaning of the words and even with it, the descriptions do not put a picture in to my mind, only strain it as I try to fit what was written into what it could possibly be like. I think I have a vivid imagination and I absolutely love reading and using said imagination to put life to those words, but I found myself glazing over quite a few of the descriptor lines later on, there is simply too much of it.

And yea, now the ending, both of my mini "review/rant" and also a point about your ending... Just that it kinda isnt one, the story doesnt really end as much as just stops. I understand that there is another book in the works but even so, this isnt a cliffhanger, its just a cliffdrop, the conversations with Milo at the end barely feel like they actually enlighten us on anything and the surprise villain is really a surprise, as in, who the hell even is that and what was supposed to be happening here and why. Very little is actually explained and it just doesnt feel like a wrap on just about anything.

Anyway, thats me done, hope someone actually reads this. Fantastic read and I cant wait for the steam version to be out, thank you so much for putting this together, for all your hard work and for letting us enjoy it, all the best.

Yep, same here, suddenly I was they instead of he, I hope this is fixed as I am singular, not multiple and it is quite jarring to have people use my name and call me they right after, seriously doesnt flow well.

Everyone at once? No I think each romance is their own thing aside for possibly Sydero/Amari poly, but thats not developed much yet. 

Yes. She is gone for most of the season tho.

Merry Christmas, checking every day for the update now :D

No matter which discord link I try it seems to have expired, how can I join? I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

Been following this game for over a year and a half, downloaded just a little while ago to see the progress and its been a lot of fun, but the meat of things has always been the story. 

So, at this point the game has got to be somewhat close to being finished no? Do we have an estimated release date? Or at least that of patch 18/19, whenever they will be adding the story? Its hard to wait :(

Thanks :)

Any way to heal the idols? I dont know if its a bug, but they are suddenly all mentaly at 0 even tho things are going well. Cant survive for half a year like that :D

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but at certain point all of my idols suddenly became depressed, at 0 mental stamina, or around that number (1-5) for no reason, concerts were going well, nobody complained, we had one girl who was caught with a boy but nothing happened, just some buzz, I tried to quickly recover and hired more new talents but they also got dropped to 0 mental stamina one or two days later. So either something serious went down and no one told me, or its kinda bugged out.

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Proposal seems to be stuck for me, changed it only once since starting the game but havnt been able to change it for a long time, at least two months have passed since last change. 

Edit: scratch that, none of my policies are changin. I can pick a different policy in the dropdown menu but they dont change.

Not sure if someone suggested, but work on new singles should be completable at the same time, I mean I kinda get why choreo and song might not be doable at the same time, but marketing at least surely have to be decided in advance.

Idol Manager community · Created a new topic Stats?

So I see that there is stats option in the menu on left side, however its greyed out for me. It would be great to see how popular specific idol is and what demographics are interested and such, I know I can basically see the demographics changing with each release and such, but its a bit of a hassle.

In any case, is the stat option not added yet or is it just that I cant access it yet?