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Idol Manager [Beta]

Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary. · By sadambober, Kuiper

Ideas and Suggestions Sticky

A topic by sadambober created Nov 20, 2018 Views: 28,021 Replies: 406
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Let us know if you want to see something in the game.

If your idea is easy enough to implement, we might just add it in. Otherwise we'll keep it in mind for after the release.


Being able to choose where to place a room would be nice! It'd be useful to be able to move it within the empty space on the floor you selected. Perhaps not mechanically, but aesthetically. Idk how easy that is or if you've already thought of it. I defer to your judgment.

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A few random things that might be fun:

1) Adding an international trait (based on your Ma Rio name post on Twitter), where having an international girl in your lineup will increase revenue on an international tour.
2) Implementing some sort of task list/tutorial at the beginning to try and ensure that the company remains solvent until the first single or two is released.
3) Being able to save certain formations/lineups so you don't have to drag and drop 15 girls every time you release a single.
4) Having the ability to produce "subgroups" and other groups under the same label.
5) Having something like a mixi ranking, that is an unofficial (partially randomly generated, partially based on who has the highest fame/who has been pushed/who has been center/who has gotten promotions recently) ranking of the girl's popularity outside of the yearly election event.
         5a) This could affect the sales of singles.  For example, the AKB48 janken singles often sold less because the senbatsu were not center--so the diehard fans might not purchase as many singles if the girls that they like aren't center.
         5b) Certain girls might have different popularity rankings with different fans.  For instance, Girl A might appeal more to casual fans, whereas Girl B might appeal more to diehard fans.  The lineup of singles might affect the sales as well.


Okay so first of all, I'm a beta backer so I could only play it since yesterday, but I'm already kinda in love with this game. It's already really fun to play and shows lots of potential for the future. I would have tons of ideas to make this game even better, but I will tell them one by one.

First of all I wanna start of with the thing that bothered me the most in the first few hours i played this game now. I tried out a lot and also restarted a lot to get a feeling for this game and to get to know it a little better. In every restart I did I always had a problem with the girls' mental stamina, no matter my playstyle. Maybe I'm just bad, but I think so far there's no active way to really handle this is there? What I would suggest for the future are 2 things: 

1. When the doctor's office is implemented I would suggest that he can treat both mental and physical stamina problems, so girl's can go to the doctor's office if they need to. (But I don't know what you had planned with it so far.)

2. What I'd really like to see is freetime activities, which would be certain events you could organize, that, depending on the event, better the idol's physical and and/or mental stamina. (For example simple events like a dinner or bigger events like a vacation.)

Also I would cap the mental stamina. At the moment (at least what i saw), it can go into endless negativity and there's no way to get an idol out of this. So at like e.g. -100 I would just cap it maybe.

I also want to reply to likitty1227's idea of the international trait. I think this would actually be a great idea. I would even go a little further. Someone on that Twitter post also mentioned that you could implement an ethnicity system for the girls. I think this would be a great idea! 90% of the girls could still be Japanese, but 10% could be from other Asian countries, like South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand etc. In the real idol industries it's often the same. So those idols could have the international trait. To implement this you would probably need a name list for random generation. If you would like to implement something like this you can come back to me if you want to, I would be willing to help you with the name lists.

I will let you know some other ideas over time then.

Anyways, keep up the great work, I'm happy to be part of the beta!


It'd be nice to have more info on the relationships between idols, when I get a message that Idol A dislikes Idol B I'd like to know why, also when I see the animation of idols arguring in the Break Room it'd help to know what they're arguring about


Yeah, the relationships system is very basic right now, but a lot more stuff related to it will be coming in future updates


Hi, I have played the game for some hours and have something to think about:

1/ I assume that we cannot gain our relationship in this version, right? Because until now, after I raise my group's fame up to 8 stars, my relationship with my girl still in "OK" zone :D

2/ It's very nice when we have the members can raise relationship with each other, I actually saw they fell in love or hate each other but  I think it'd be nice if I can do something to fix their feelings about each other or maybe their bad relationship could affect the group some ways.

3/ Is it because of me or the game doesn't have so many events right now? Because until now, I only caught 1 events and 2 or 3 small scandals. It made me feel the game somehow is pretty easy when I could raise my girls' fame to 8 stars only in 2 hours :D

4/ Can we have maybe in some next updates that we have more girls from another asian countries like Korean, Chinese, bla bla.... It would be nice when we have some nationality in our group ,right? :D

5/ I caught a small bug that my group performance level stop at levels 5 even I hold 3 concert until now and take like 200 millions profits from it :D

6/ Final, can we add some rival groups and rival companies in the next updates? Because it make me feel like try to raise fame of group to 8 or 9 stars is nonsense when we are the only one group in the country :D

Those are just some ideas or thing I found in the game until now. This concept is so cool and if we can put more features into this, it could be awesome I think. Nice works!!!!!!!!!(anyways, sorry for my bad English :D)


I can't advance the text by pressing Enter in the introduction sequence (only clicking the mouse works).

Also, after clicking a choice with Fujimoto or my manager, Enter no longer works until the next text is displayed.

Typos: Introduction - Well, you might be waiting for awhile. -> Should be "a while".
Fujimoto: "So, I might stop by the office every once in awhile" -> a while.
Manager advice: "changing policies can take awhile" -> a while.

Well, you get it, I won't report them anymore.

Choices: The top-right position is a bit odd. Why not center them?

It would be nice to be able to close windows by right-clicking and/or pressing the ESC key.

Snitch trait : The formulation sounds strange. "Reports possible scandals even if relationship with the player is not good enough"
I'm not sure I understand. A very bad relationship could prevent it?

It would be nice to have a marker to know when a day ends, since we've already have a progress bar for that.


I think like adding in different team roles like lead dancer and lead singer would make thing a lot funner especially early game. Like, having a Lead dancer with a 99 in dance could give the rest of the members a minor boost to dance and the same thing for the lead singer. that way if you first start out and have a 70 in vocals idol and a 88 in dance idol your early game might not feel so bad.


(sorry posted in wrong categorie before)
When you implement more game options/config settings; 

Make the mouseover/tooltip info delay adjustable.
Scrolling through the individual idols (idols tab) or room avatars is irritating when the delay (for age, status, etc info) is too long for you.

During a concerts it should display the playlist and, if it's a factor, their buzz/hype influence on the crowd.

Game mechanic:
Clumsy idols could occasionally stumble into a room and interrupt progress (I'm sure I'll hate that idol after a while ;-) )


I'm not sure if these items will be in the final game or not, since this is in Beta stage, but here are some ideas:

1. Have the genre of music that's playing during the concert performances match the genre of the single that is released. Right now, there is just one generic song that's played.

2. Have the idols that are in the cutaway or extra scenes, match the looks of  the idols that you actually have. Again, not just a generic piece of art.

3. There are only two scandals that happen. I am assuming again that this is just because of beta stage.

4. Have the idols in different outfits besides the ones that they start with.

5. Either a cap, or a way to fix mental stamina. (Again, I'm just assuming that it's being addressed in future releases) 

6. There's not really any interaction between the producer and the idols / staff.

Thank you


I think it couls be nice if we could have know what will make our traines happy, something like task mission for every memebrs. 

I also think that sort them into gorup/genearation could be nice! 

I like the game, thank you for your hard work!


Hi guys,

my suggestion involves my favorite feature yet : concerts.

I can undoubtedly say that right now concerts are the most exciting activity in the game. You get to go out there and influence the outcome, which gives us a break from management. That is a great way to keep us from getting bored for doing the same thing over and over non-stop. Actually, I would like to see more minigames like that every now and then. It really helps to soak the many hours of repetition from management gameplay in tycoon games.

So, since concerts are so fun to play, I thought that it would be nice to give them even more stuff. So here are some that I thought of:

1. It's cool that there's a chance that something can go wrong during the performances, but there's also not much to hope for besides nothing bad happening. I think it would be great to have along with the red (failure) and green (success) a third one: great success(could be golden colored). In analogy to failure, a great sucess would mean something extraordinary happened on stage, and you get to pick an option that will have an effect. It could be a simple boost in hype. Or it could inspire the idols and recover their stamina. Maybe encourage them and reduce the chance to fail the following performance. It could even have lasting effects, like giving them fame or improving the relationship between them. That would certainly make the wheel mechanic more exciting and open more options for cards as well.

2. Right now, every idol has a single trait that affects her daily life. We could have a second trait, a "concert trait" that affects her performance on stage. For example, an idol could have a trait named Pep Talk, that would allow her to help herself and other idols recover more stamina during talk segments when she's on backstage with them. Another could have Luck Charm, which would reduce the chance of failing a performance when she is center, and maybe improving the chance of a great success from my first suggestion. Maybe one could have Second Wind, which would allow her to once every concert reroll the wheel if she gets a failure. I think having a trait that specifically affects performance in concerts would help cement them even further as one of the main activities to work towards and look forward to.

3. Well, the third one is more of a general suggestion: visual improvements. Rather than a specific thing, anything the art and game design people can come up with to make concerts even more interesting and eye catching would be great. For example, the scene visuals and audio could become increasingly more hectic as the hype grows. Right now the hype works as a single bar, but maybe it could be like an exp bar, with the concert hype increasing in level whenever it reaches the end of the bar. It would also be nice if the idols didn't stay completely static. Some blinking and the usual VN animation would already be pretty nice. And particles! Because when you're using Unity, it's a shame not to abuse it. Even just a bit makes a lot of difference and it's actually pretty easy to get some really nice looking particles.

In any case, keep it up guys. It's shaping up nicely o/

PS.: by the way, just throwing it around, since you guys work with Unity you might want to check out some tools for 2D mesh animation at the asset store, like Any Portrait. Or external tools like Live2D which you can import into Unity. These work great for VNs and you might wanna give it a try for future projects as well.

I myself plan to try making something with AnyPortrait someday in the future, if I get some time for studying it that is.

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Stole my friend's laptop to play this for a few hours before she booted me off of it. Completely obsessed.

1. Birthdays so I know when my idol becomes a hag starts getting too old.

2. Merch (hand fans, lightsticks, towels, decorative slogans, sticker sets) would be kind of cool. (You can limit this to concerts if you want. I know the focus is more on Jpop than Kpop.) Also fan accounts of any theatre/concert/handshake interactions.

3. This is probably being worked on but being able to manage staff salaries. Mainly for the dance/vocal instructors.

4. Being able to manually put idols on rest (mainly for stamina purposes.) Alternative would be to manually put idols in the break room or send them individually to the spa.

5. Another thing probably being worked on but being able to see what the girls post to SNS. I wanna know what my meme queen does, she probably flames people in the replies.

EDIT: 6. Pop-up calendar you can click on so you know when each deal is due, when loans are due, etc.

I've been into idols and idol culture for about 10 years and I think it's safe to say you've done a great job with this game so far. Keep it up!


Not really an improvement but being able to reread events (in the bottom right corner) would make management easier.

PS  :  good job


Being able to check or look over things that have happened (such as an idol liking you, or an idol losing mental stamina). I know there is a notification but it's easy to forget so being able to look back would be nice. And maybe some indications of why certain girls are losing mental stamina, as it's easy to forget.

Being able to bring up your fan demographic breakdown while planning your single would be nice, so I know what genres would be good.

I would also like to be able to name events.


Here are my ideas

  • Idol schedules. To see their fame/stamina breakdown per week 
  • Business proposal settings. To make business proposal respect current idol stamina
  • Staff Training

Then there is this UI annoying me. The checkbox for auto training/proposal. With the blue background, I thought that a full white square is checked. I was mistaken. 

Yes - the squares are the opposite of what you'd normally expect.  Instead of filled meaning "selected", it means "deselected".


Multiple save games please.


Lots of great ideas here, I would add 2 things

1- A way to save a formation, so you dont need to move every single idol in for each single

2- The possibility to divide idols in groups/units for easier managing would also be awesome

Great job so far, keep it up!


A thing I would also add:

This should be really easy to implement actually. I would like if you could also name your agency, it would just add a little more personality to the game. Maybe you could even add agency related events later.

Otherwise pretty much everything that was already mentioned here are really good suggestions that would make the game even better. I hope you consider to implement as much as possible of what was mentioned here.

Keep it up!


Cover songs/singles! You buy a license to cover a song, then your staff make a new version of the song, and if it's good, you can recive a boost in the fanbase the original song is popular.

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I have some irreverent suggestions here:

1. Being able to release singles in other countries. You know how in-game there is different audiences to please in order to get good sales? How about if each country had a preference of certain audiences in it? For example if i made a song that has a high percentage towards casual fans, It would be neat to be able to also release the song in the UK because there is a preference towards casual songs there but it would not be a good idea to release it in South Africa because there is a low preference for casual songs there and it might be a good or bad idea to release it in Brazil because they have a neutral preference with or against casual songs. (Basically they're in the purple) Releasing songs in other countries not only could increase sales but gains more fans within that country so when you tour there you could get a boost of some sorts. 

2. Since the game is in beta I'm going to assume this is going to be added in future versions but charting would be nice, no matter how high or low my sales are my chart position is always "n/a". 

3. I think it would be pretty interesting to have sabotage available. Is there an girl group that outsold yours? No problem! Just frame their top idol, cause a fake scandal, vandalize their practice rooms, steal their songs in the making, or even send a spy to learn their tactics. It would be pretty fun to ruin other rival groups as well as fending off sabotage attempts towards yourself. 

4. Likitty1227's idea of an international trait is a pretty fun idea, I'd love to have some diversity in the group but I'd also like to add a little bit of details to it. Like if a player really wants a Taiwanese or Thai member specifically then we should be able to hold international auditions in certain countries to get specific nationalities. Also it would be cool to have a system of some sorts that allows idols to learn other languages that will give them boosts when touring internationally or on internet shows, maybe if there's an international idol who's native language is the language that the domestic idol is trying to learn, she could learn the language faster. 

5.  I'd like it if there was more detail toward's the song making and formation process. Like we could adjust the line distribution to improve or harm relationships towards idols, it could also boost sales if high ranked idols get more lines than lower ranked idols. Being able to release a music video would be pretty fun. Collaborating with other groups or artists would be fun and could help boost fans. 

Edit: 6. I like Yurei Okami's idea of adding mini games to concerts or something related to that. I find concerts to become a little boring after awhile, you click start, choose cards, click next song and maybe you'll get an event. Maybe you could add a fast forward or skip button for when a song or talk break happens?

That's what i got for now but idk I'm just a random person on the internet who spent $25 on this game. 


I'd like to add that I really like the idea of being able to create a music video! Just like with the songs, there could be a center and screen time distributions. 

(2 edits) (+3)

1. One idea that I had is that if idols are allowed to date one scandal that could be enabled for certain age groups is pregnancy/marriage.  These scenarios could force the idol into early retirement.

2. Another scandal that would add some customization to the game could be the idol deviating from their natural appearances like getting tattoos or dying hair.

3. For aging idols and those whose stats you want to improve like the stat sexy, you could implement the feature for plastic surgery. It would be a nice feature due to idols in South Korea  for example commonly receiving plastic surgery. A nice feature that could be implemented with this is the ability to edit the idols appearance. You could display already default appearances and allow the player to choose from those. Or categorize face and hair and allow the player to choose from there. This would help with dealing with "twin" stars as well.

4. The ability to alter a idols clothing would be a nice implemented feature. It would be nice if each set of attire had its own attributes towards appearance. This feature would be nice because then your group could potentially have matching attire.

5. For world tours a feature that would be nice is the ability to unlock themes and items. With the ability to alter the idols clothing there could be outfits that pertain to specific countries. And what I mean by themes is what if we could alter the them of a room to a specific countries style.

6. Due to mature content being intended in future updates it would be nice if one could choose to enable or disable certain adult themes in settings.

7. I was thinking that pertaining to adult content there could be certain rooms that could be unlocked using scandal points. Lets say that 10 scandal points could allow the player to buy a room for escort services. Like the risk with dating a risk with escort services would be pregnancy which risks the idols career terminating early. 10 scandal points per room. And for higher scandal points (lets say 50) you could enable human trafficking. This would allow you to recruit new idols that would have no weekly expense. Due to it not being a formal audition the downside would be that the character would start with lower stats.

8. Another option that could be added is the ability to choose which age group you wish to work with. Lets say that you wanted to work with a agency that just worked with children. This would disable any adult content. In this scenario your idols would age out of your agency at 14. This feature would be nice for some cute animations. For adult content to be enabled you could have a agency where you only hire idols 18+. Yada Yada.

9. With retired idols it would be nice if they could come in a mentor a idol. This would add a minor increase in stats. And so this would not be spammed due to the retired idols busy schedule they can only come in once every two months or maybe three.



I think it'll be nice to have the option to click on a social media in the game and see what the idol has posted plus the comments and be able to take down a comment or the post


You may already be working on some of these (or maybe they're in the game and I missed it) so I apologize if they're redundant!

- The dance/vocal staffers with no stars in coaching can't coach any girls at all since they cap at a stat of 1 (I've never rolled a girl with a 0). This can lock you out of coaching altogether unless you can afford another staffer, and even then they just sit there consuming resources uselessly due to the need for scandal points.  This doesn't happen with the managers since even managers with a 0 in deals can still do business proposals, and 0 stars in production doesn't stop any staffer from producing. It just feels bad to have an "incomplete" staffer, so to speak, and makes the staffers that start with stars in coaching much more valuable.

- Loans can be hard to find. Some kind of shortcut to loans from the money indicator in the UI if your money's running low or is in the negative would be pretty useful, especially for new players who make bad choices of room purchases at the start (you pretty much need loans if you build every room except an office).

- I know you can see how much stamina (and weekly stamina) an idol has when choosing them for business proposals and shows (mostly through tooltips) but making it more easily visible (or at least a warning that it'll go negative if you accept/launch) would be helpful.

- Singles on physical media feel a bit underwhelming between having production costs and no knowledge of projected unit sales - it'd be nice to know how many units you're potentially going to sell, like projected ticket sales for concerts.

- TV Drama contracts are very very taxing on stamina (sometimes needing 60+ weekly), so they feel a little underwhelming compared to other proposals, even with the other benefits. Since girls need stamina for concerts and other gigs, I often find myself passing on drama contracts unless the stamina cost per week is low.

- It feels like girls' fame and production skills for staffers rise very slowly compared to coaching and business proposal skills, which can be maxed relatively quickly.

- The producer's influence rises extremely slowly right now, could never get it to above 2 and a half stars.

- Research is expensive (especially considering your staff can't be doing anything at all to get research points) and the related skills rise very slowly. With more money than I know what to do with, max coaching/business and production skills in the 80s, I barely have any genres at higher than rank 5 - the balance seems a little off.

- World Tours seem very accessible very early on, especially considering they're the final requirement for gain per performance. You'll have been able to go on several of those before reaching rank 10 on a specific genre (previous requirement).

- Getting ¥100,000 for a photoshoot job (promotion lv.5 requirement) is really easy. ¥100,000/w from advertisement (lv.4 requirement), however, seems to require several rank ups. Typically by the time I manage to hit that amount, +350 fans are negligible (they'll be in the hundreds of thousands or millions - I tend to focus on pumping out singles and concerts).

- As a whole Promotion seems objectively inferior to Performance except for very very early on, all things considered.

- Media seems to be the fastest way to increase fame with a fixed cast but I've never managed to turn a profit from it and it's super taxing on the girls' stamina.

- Active shows should probably be on top of the list at all times by default, they can get buried under canceled shows, I think?

- When you have a ton of idols it can be really difficult to find them in the list and/or tell them apart. More color variations in the assets would really help with telling them apart visually. It'd probably also help if auditions couldn't give you hairstyles you already have on your roster (unless repeats are unavoidable, but that's where varying colors would really come in handy) since the idol's face tends to be the main visual cue you get and the hair is the main thing that sets them apart (faces help, but much less).


As I said in the Bugs page, I'm having issues with being able to do any practice and whatnot so ... my thoughts might be flawed. 

-- How do you know if a single has released?

----> I really loved the ways Kairosoft (a mobile developer) had things 'produced' in-game. It's not really 'copying' or plagiarism since it's a general concept, but they would show a progress bar and allow you to put finishing touches on something if you wanted. 

-----> It could be cool to spend a bit for a release party or something for the girls that are in the single for mental health.

We're told that we get the FIRST FLOOR free, and yet I think I can only use the THIRD floor first and then can use some others? It's really confusing. 

I'm sure I'll have more one day... Man, I want to work on this game as a scenario/script writer so much :> I remember seeing the posts on lemmasoft long ago and wishing I could join in. Let me know if you end up hiring and I can show you my freelancing creds, lol! 


something i really struggle with is when putting rooms to auto practice, my girls with low mental and physical stamina go and practice. A toggle button to pick if they are allowed to practice to let their stamina heal up would be nice.

  • We should be able to save formations and name them (such as "Dance-Focused", "Prettiest", etc)
  • A "makeover" feature would be great. Could include changing the haircolor, hairstyle and eye color. 
  • Designing a uniform/costume would be great...

The Hairstyle and changing haircolor would be a great idea, it will help to tell your idol apart


I just noticed this as we have new special events--it would be nice to have a "waiting events" info section (like we have the "waiting singles" and "waiting media" sections).


I REALLY like the elections, and I think it could be better if you could see in the girls profile there ranking, And maybe if we could have more then 10 places as the group get popular.

hello, I enjoy the game until now but I think it would be nice to have something like  an event to deal with the mental stress!

Maybe like the spa therapy for stamina, or a room like the break room, or maybe a new event. Thank you very much 


Forgive me if it's simply a cultural thing (I'm not overly versed in idol culture) but it sorta feels like we're forced to play in a certain way. You're rewarded for convolution and having 20 idols rather than say, having a core group of 3-5 that you want to take all the way to the top. I noticed that when I released singles, the quality of the single went up the more idols were in it as opposed to the quality of the idols that were in it which doesn't seem quite right imo. I think it'd be nice to support different playstyles, like having small units or solo singers with individual act names. You might still end up with the same quantity of idols, but not in the same group. 

I also think it'd good to be able to retire songs from concerts. You always end up with a million singles so when you go to plan a concert there's always a super long list of songs, many you will never touch because old/low quality.

(3 edits) (+2)

So far I've played to 5star fame.  I had to cheat to stay afloat during the early stages, but I only figured out the power of no-cost digital sales at 4star fame.  I also have a better understanding of making money then before. (Will have to do a 2nd run without cheating, also letting my idols have free reign in social media/streams to destroy themselves generate scandals.  Free reign dating has so far been tame.)

1. Break room girl interactions need more variety...  More importantly, the fact that the current two interactions, arguing and hand-holding are pretty much marketing bait.   (When there is no discernible changes from such... emotionally charged interactions showing up.)

2. Setting up concerts, higher star singles at the top, rather then the bottom.  Takes a lot of scrolling once you get further in.  And/Or more sorting abilities that could be defaulted into.

3. More ability to sort the girls everywhere you choose between them.

4. Girls shouldn't be locked out of being picked when doing concert set-up.  (For example, if they are training 'now', they can't be added to concert parts, even though the concert is not happening 'now', nor anything else related to it for that matter.)

5. Raising other stats, instead of simply having them  stay static/declining from age.   (Improve/decline cute/cool/sexy/pretty to better match the companies style, in order to get a better position and/or simply the fact that they are growing up, which shouldn't be purely declining everywhere.) 
Really, late bloomers.  It shouldn't be binary.

6. Improved automation and ability to set toggle/auto with limitations for doing performance/promotion/spa treatment activities.  Player can't be expected to camp over the activities screen, when they have other things to be managing. 
6a. Alternatively, set-up a schedule for performance/promotion/spa treatment activities.
6b. Performance activity mostly becomes pointless later on when you can make 2 Billion profit from a 55 million concert.  Or pump out no cost digital release singles for over a million each.  (Granted, it takes awhile to get there and I had to cheat to stay afloat early on.)
6c. Promotion activity seems pointless.  Early on, you need to make money to pay the bills and fans already trickle in if you spam release singles to generate income and buzz.

7. Lyrics, need another employee or even having an idol do it.

8. Continuous training.  Drop a girl there and only train her.  An additional option to the current full random auto-train.


Some suggestions from a resident game designer/artist!

Quality of life improvements:

1. Let me go back and forth between the single info and lineup screens. If I see I made a mistake and want to quickly change the song's dance or genre I have to remake the whole thing.

2. Let me toggle a girl for training. Say you wanna train 5 girls for vocal specifically, let me toggle them and the auto train will alternate between those 5.

3. You have to show the girls' relationships somewhere if you want to make working together a variable. I have no idea who works better with who, there's just some pop ups every once in a while that so and so likes or dislikes so and so now. Also make that visible in the lineup selection page so we can quickly make a lineup that matches well.

4. It would be nice to have an image for photoshoots that's not a bikini one for magazines that aren't fap material, that really creeped me out a lot. Having a bit of variety in those flavour images will really work towards staving off fatigue in general.

5. Too much dependency on the mouse, I want to be able to toggle through answers with arrow keys and press enter or space to select. Would also be nice if we could decide a lineup by clicking instead of dragging. First girl you click on gets center, next two are the row after, etc. Would streamline the whole process.

6. An option to play without the intro with the shadow girl or the whole policy spiel would be nice! When you replay all that stuff just becomes a little bothersome to click through.

7. A special tab for cancelled programming like you have one for graduated idols so the cancelled shows don't clog up the screen. Also being able to re-launch cancelled programming and change the host or the girls in the relaunching process, but with the greyed out cast options I think that's already in the works?

8. The elections are really great! Maybe it'd be possible to mandate a follow-up single with the Election lineup like how AKB does it?  (I think that's how they do it). Also being able to see a history of election results and their change for long-term play! Things like that really motivate people to play for the long haul.

9. Super duper into enabling/disabling mature content! I'm sure I'm not the only one who plays this as a fun idol management sim only.


1. Star gainging seems off to me, I got to 8 stars while my single highest idol was still at 1 star, I got to 10 stars and my highest idol was at 3 stars. 

2. Policies don't really have an effect right now, which I assume is just lack of content that's still being made. I've done one game where I'm as amoral and draconian as can be and one where I'm super liberal and I don't feel an effect at all. No social media oopses, no additional dating scandals, nothing. I assume more of this is coming?


1. I would like more info on the girls! Humanize them more, you can add a profile page when you lick on their little stats squares for example and add some randomized text. Even just a birthday, a stock likes/dislikes/trivia thing would work just to make them less samey. I know you have one trait but it really seems more of a game trait than a humanizing trait to me and the human aspect of a sim like this is the most interesting bit! How do you work with these actual people. You could also give them types of schedules or types of songs that they like and when they do that they lose a little less stamina or it ups mental stamina or something like that! Or maybe just introduce a happiness/contentness mechanic to make it less like you're just using a girl (the stamina things really make it sound like you're using an item that has this many uses) and more like you're managing a human being with feelings.

The better way to do this would obviously be with a full skill system but I recognize that that would take a lot of implementing so the above is a more shallow way to get some more investment into the girls from the player.

2. Building on Sanzena, who I totally agree with: Maybe a subunit mechanic? It could be as simple as toggling between 'main group' and 'sub unit> select so and so' and then in the idol menu have a tab for creating sub-units. Sometimes less girls is more, especially when there is a big star with them. You could simply make it that that way the singles sell a little less because some fans with strict oshimen won't but them but the girls who are in those groups gain fame much faster because they're in undivided spotlight. Members vs. Starpower in sales vs. star gain. That could also help with how hard it is to get a specific girl to gain stars.

3. Also saying ditto on Epixie's suggestion of a makeover! The amount of different girls is already rather low right now, as soon as you get to bigger groups you get a lot of girls who either have the same body or are entirely the same, it'd be nice if you could at least change their hairstyle between the presets you've already made. The body types are so different that switching between that wouldn't make too much sense but the hairstyles should at least be possible. Taking the same body and adding different clothes shouldn't be very taxing on the artist either for some more variety that doesn't require a whole new base. International girls is also a great way to add some more diversity in the girls ( and so I don't have 3 girls named Mitsuki or 4 of the yellow shirted cuties like last time).


I really want to second this! Great suggestions. I feel the same. The game is waaaay to unpersonal at the current stage and a management sim like this depends on personality. This is really something you have to work on to make the game more lively. For now it would really be enough  if you add more information to the girls, A skill system like he mentioned it, would be amazing later on of course. Also it would be nice to customize your idols better. In the finished game it would be nice if you have a full system to customize them. 

But yeah, as for now I think the game needs to get more personal and lively and that would be a good way to get there.

Keep it up guys!

(1 edit)

Downloaded the newest update today!

Please let us remove idols from hiatus, maybe with a penalty?

Please let there be a way to improve the skills of doctors even if no idols are injured or depressed. Maybe a doctor visit can help recover physical or mental stamina?


>Please let us remove idols from hiatus, maybe with a penalty?

That makes sense, I'll probably do it

>Maybe a doctor visit can help recover physical or mental stamina?

Yeah, I was actually planning to add this in the next update

(1 edit) (+1)

-I think it'd be cool if there was more info on past singles, like if you could view genre and formation.
-Someone said something earlier about an international trait which seems cool
-Being able to removed idols from hiatus early would be swell. Also maybe having the spa treatments heal mental stamina as well?
-Maybe more formation options? like for instance a version with two centers? Or can the same thing be achieved by not using the frontmost box?

ps- is there a discord for people playing the game somewhere?


I second this! I think it'll be a really good idea to have a discord platform. Using discord might be an easier way to report updates, bugs, provide feedback and provides a community for us players to hype and share our experiences. Most beta games I'm participating in atm seem to have a discord so, I was wondering why Idol Manager didn't have one. :-)

Am really enjoying the game so far and I'm so excited for the next update! As what others here have mentioned, I think the relationship and event system is one of things we can't wait to have improved. I'd be holding off playing Idol Manager until the female manager update and now I think I'll give it a break until the next one (so my idols don't graduate before I get a chance to bond with them, haha). I strongly feel that more personalisation/life/variation should be implemented to the idols as it would really improve the role-playing aspect of the game. More types of rooms/staff, and a tutorial would be nice as well! There are a couple of bugs I've noticed (time freezes until relaunch, idol avatar not being the same) but I think a great job is being done so far. I really like the trait aspect and the shiny cards.

Keep it up devs! Thanks for taking us on this journey with you - we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next :-)

(1 edit)

La ayuda al comenzar a jugar llega a ser de lo mas molesto al momento de jugar, me refiero a cualquier juego, pero no creen que se podría implementar un escenario tipo intro donde controlemos a otro manager que esta con los detalles de un concierto y con una implementación online. 

Al final de esos eventos igual nos podría mandar a un póster del concierto o alguna pagina de revista.

Se que es una idea sencilla y predecible, pero me parece que es un clásicos de inicios.


Añadir una opción para hacer que las idolos interactuen entre si y que esto afecte en el nivel de aceptación de las involucradas (hacer que una idolo que no le agrada otra pueda afrontar sus problemas con esa idolo o intentar una relacion de amistad entre otras dos)

A page that shows the relationships idolos, hatred and affection, and possible outcomes of events that could develop: take a coffee, a talk before a concert, behind the scenes harassment, e.t.c.

Redirection of notices to the respective sections, eg. When a notice comes out that mentions that X idolo hates Y idolo; When X idolo improves its facets; etc.

Also send to write the lyrics of the songs with a writer or something similar, sometimes I have 5 or 6 songs that are waiting because I only have a manager who can write the songs.


Allowing each office worker to each search for specific business opportunity : 

office 1 - photo  

office 2  - drama



I'd love to see a randomise button for releasing singles - so once you have more girls than can fit in the single, they can be randomly placed into the lineup without hand-choosing them.

Not sure if someone suggested, but work on new singles should be completable at the same time, I mean I kinda get why choreo and song might not be doable at the same time, but marketing at least surely have to be decided in advance.

A suggestion to show a warning when an idol has a workload of over 35 fatigue a week and thus even if she spends every day at break, she won't be able to recover. The break room counting in days and assignment fatigue counting in weeks are fairly counter-intuitive.

Also wouldn't getting paid remove some of their mental fatigue? :>

Mental health is a problem for me, as physical health has a warning and is easier to remedy. An auto mental threshold for them to visit the doctor's would be great, or some sort of warning sign.

(1 edit)

I want to see the status of a single in production.

Since I can't assign production of the same song to multiple people at the same time I need to see some indication if anyone is currently working on it or not. Right now I can see that the song is already been worked on only after I try to drag it.

(1 edit)

The color of the song's title bar indicates it's status.  Green = eligible to be dragged.  Blue = it's being worked on by somebody, somewhere.  You can then mouse over the various staffers to see who is working on what.  (Choreography and Song, you can see by the animation.)

It would be very nice if the currently active action in the task list were highlighted though.


It would be great if there was a way to sort idols by attribute when choosing the lineup for a single.

For instance, if you want a dance-heavy song, you can sort them by their dance abilities.


I would also love to see two options for formation. The current one, which would serve as the Odd Number focus. But I would like to see another one that is an even number focus. There would be no center essentially, just two leads.

Also, I think it would be awesome to be able to assign each Idol a position within the group. So things like Visual, Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, etc. Each position could give a different boost or something? 


Having both "physical stamina" and "mental stamina" is a bit confusing, especially as there many "stamina" costs without specifying which one (or both).  I'd suggest renaming them to something like "physical stamina" and "mental stress".


Might I suggest "Stamina" for "physical stamina"  and "Morale" for "mental stamina".

(1 edit) (+4)

I think it takes too long to set up meetings with the idols.  It makes it hard to get to know a few girls while still running your business.

I suggest reducing the time to set up meetings to be as short as a day, but to reduce spamming/rushing maybe give each idol a cooldown before you can meet her again.  That way you can more feasibly get to know a few people without breaking the pacing of the game.

Maybe the better your relationship the shorter the cooldown.  If you have a poor relationship maybe you have to wait a week or two between meetings.  If you have a good relationship maybe you can set up meetings every other day.  This can be tied into the flavor of the game as the better you know the idol the more willing she is to meet you.


It'd be nice to have a page where you could see your weekly income/expenses at a glance. Like, "you're making x money off contracts, x money off of shows, you're paying your staff x amount, and losing x money on rent, for a net weekly profit/loss of x."

Also, maybe I'm just dumb and bad at games but the expenses/income sources in general feel like they could use some rebalancing. After pumping out a few singles and raising their levels the staff members get paid 50k+ a week, while I'll be lucky to make 2k off of one single. In the case that it really is just me being fundamentally awful at the game, some kind of idiot's guide to idol management tutorial for the game would be nice.


Wow...  Running a game with a full suite of auto trainers, and MAN does training eat physical stamina like nobody's business.   Seems like there should be some kind of limit on how much stamina a given trainer will take in a given session or a minimum stamina the trainer won't take the idol below.

If you go into your policies section, you can set the training threshold that auto training wont take an idol below.

I can't see anything like that in my policies section...  no mentions of trainers at all.

Do you have this section? Is this what you mean? Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

Yeah, had a PEBKAC failure...  Found it when I looked a second time, hadn't got a chance to come back and edit the post.

Thanks much!

After some experimentation...  I'd like to see a higher trigger, 80 or even full.


- In the Singles info, a way to know the idols involved in it and the center.

- A way to automatically collect fame/money/rest (maybe another staff member)?At least a queue for X times. I'm tired of clicking the same button all the way and losing a lot of clicks


" In the Singles info, a way to know the idols involved in it and the center."

And the genre/lyrics/Choreography...

If there was some sort of ongoing tracker for how much stamina an idol is gaining / losing per week shown on the small character cards, that would be great. I know I can go into the individual Idols character sheet thing, but clicking between all of them when I'm deciding who gets the contract is kind of Eh~.


Forgive me, I haven't read through all the other comments. These are my suggestions after playing around a little for the past three days:

  • -Have a random color pallet for starting outfits; this will make the girls seem more varied than they do right now.
    • I have three girls with the same pink kimono, but what if one had blue and one had white? They suddenly look more distinguishable from one another.
    • Though, please, also change the color of their accessories. (ex: the girls with orange t-shirts and jean shorts have complimenting-color red hair ties. If they have pink shirts, give them yellow hair ties. If they get blue shirts, give them green hair ties)
  • -New Room Ideas:
    • Salon: change an idol’s hair style. Give us a few that can only be applied through using the salon, rather than the starting hair styles.
    • Clothing Shops: allows the manager to buy new outfits and accessories for that particular idol. In the future, different shops can be added that have different styles.
    • Dressing Room: let an idol change clothes and accessories that have been purchased or granted to them.
  • -Give the stylist the ability to change a girl’s expression (and make-up?)
  • -When we achieve certain milestones in the game, give us achievement accessories for the idols that participated in that event (ex: a concert with 100,000+ attendance gives each of the participating idols a microphone that she can hold, or a cute exclusive necklace)
  • -New staff member: Talent Scout. Send the scout on a recruiting mission to find a girl with the particular stats you want.
    • The more they level up, the better the Scout is able to match your desired search criteria or…
    • The higher ranked idols they are able to find for you.
  • -Another possibility: give us the ability to fine-tune the auditions. Even if we are able to search for one particular stat/rank/trait range, that would be a huge help. (ex: audition to find an idol with 70+ in vocals, or one who is 14-15 years old, or one with the “aesexual” trait)
  • -There is so much room to make additional DLC for more outfits, additional social events, Holiday themed items (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Summer Break…), hairstyles, Cosplay etc. This would keep the game fresh and evolving!
    • People (me) would be willing to pay for this.

Some thoughts on trainers...

- Doctors n auto should choose the idol with the lowest stamina, they do not currently reliably do so.

- Choreographers and Singing coaches seem to choose the idol with the lowest relevant stat...  They do not however seem to reliably work their way up the list if that girl is not available.

- I can't figure out how Stylists work...  On Auto Train/Lowest Stat they seem to randomly choose a girl, then choose the lowest stat.  It seems to me that they should choose the stat and then the lowest girl.  This is not only consistent with Choreographers and Singing coaches, it raises the average.

- Even though they don't consume Stamina, Stylists should respect the minimum Stamina setting to make those idols below the minimum available to the Doctors.

- Maybe Stylists should cause a hit to Mental Stamina?  I don't know what's coming down the pike, but currently it's a little used stat.

SInce the research for the main office is kind of slow maybe we could get more positions like you can hire a ceo or things like that ( i dont know what ceo's are in companies, i just used it as an exemple)


Considering your character is considered the producer, maybe call such a position "Assistant Producer" or something?


Yeah...  a "Production Assistant" and/or "Lyricist" is badly needed.  The Producer is a serious bottleneck since all singles, media, and special events flow through his office - and his research points are critically needed.


I get that idol culture is different but I'm kinda off-put by a Sexy stat for 13-16ish year old idols.  It'd be nice to have that capped - if for no other reason then to maybe create a challenge in the game?  Like let's say you've got an idol with great stats for performance but she's too young to really get sexied up and thus you have to manage around it? 

I know I'm probably the outlier here but it's kind of a bad look when you see "age 13, Sexy 55".


That could even feed into gameplay, so I think it could be a cool idea.


Just started playing the Beta for the first time. This is only after 2~3 hours-ish of total gamplay.

Here's my first impressions:

  • Tutorial: A Tutorial is desperately needed for the beginning of the game. (Which I believe is being worked on so i'm happily waiting for that.) Obviously, it should have the option to disable it every new game. I was struggling for an hour trying to figure out what I was even doing. Perhaps having an assistant like in IM@S who isn't a really staff but just someone who can help guide new players into the mechanics and gameplay loop. E.G: Having major goals we should be aiming for next like 'Recruit your first idols'/'Recruit Staff'/'Acquire all Facilities'/'Release our first single'/etc. Something will keep people from being lost. Which goes into my next point...
  • Gameplay Loop: In terms of the gameplay loop, I wasn't sure what it was exactly before checking the forums. Based off of this it seems like it is. 
    • 1. Acquire Rooms/Staff (Dance/Vocal/Sales Manager)
    • 2. Recruit Idols 
    • 3. Gain Fans 
    • 4. Release single
    • That's all I know for now as I haven't progressed any further.
  • Based on the above, Staff and Idols are the first thing we must obtain. However we also need to worry about getting the facilities we need to put them in. Which goes into my next point....
  • Money: Facilities are really pricey and i'm not sure if it's because I should be making money before I even build room or if I shouldn't be buying the 3 main facilities at the same time. Bankruptcy happens really fast once you have full staff and rooms. Unless we are supposed to recruit idols and a Sales Manager first before even buying any other rooms. I wasn't able to progress unless I used the money cheat. Again, this could be resolved in clearer instructions or even a reduction in room prices. Or even having the rooms we need already available (although I'm not sure how that would affect balancing.)
  • UI: Right now I enjoy the minimalist look of it, however I think that icons are way too small as I keep clicking the wrong one. In terms of pop-ups in the bottom right corner, I think they go away way too fast and I barely even notice them when they do appear. Also, it would be really cool to use the bottom bar to show progress of our singles and sales ala 'Kairosoft' games.

So far that's all I can say with my first impressions. I'm very thankful for the hard work put into this game as this is something that I really want to see finished one day.
Hoping to jump back in the update!

it would be cool if you could send your staff on training and some training are more expensive and longer. you coul also get different options of training for more or less effieciency. Im not a game dev so i have no idea how hard this is.

it would be nice if we could get rid of certain idols that we dont want anymore, or even create a fake scandal (or a real one) thats so bad it gives us the choice to fire the idol without having to pay an huge amount.

It would also be nice to be able to change the formation for singles, and i would like to see albums soon pls! ^3^ luv this game!


also could we get ways to increase the team chemestry or chemestry for cetrain idols or set up events at cetrain venues (like restaurents) were they can go hang out and talk it could also be a way to rest there stamina (both) .


And can we get more ways to rise the hype, im not sure how... oh! maybe we could promote the new song and realese teaser and pics, that would be really cool! Im sorry for all the recommendations im making, i just love this game soooo much!(^3^)


I have not been playing the game for a few months now.
Is the auto toggle still a checkbox with that weird UI (refer to
If yes, can I suggest using switch instead of checkbox? like this image below

(1 edit) (+1)

Allowing the player to automatically repeat the previous activity until the player manually stops it wold be great. I got plenty of stamina and too many days wasted because I keep forgetting to click the activity.

yes that would be really nice!


you can set trap in this game like girlish boy idol (I dont know why but my friend away say about it)


One small change I think would be nice to have is once we have talked with an idol to find out when she plans to graduate, if that could also be added to her information tab so that we don't have to schedule dates every time we want to check on her graduation status. 


Some suggestions I have:

- Other people have mentioned this but facilities/trainers are realllly expensive and you need them for singles so you pretty much have to cheat in the beginning, and I think for a new idol group singles would be the most important thing?

- A cool mechanic down the road would possibly be music videos, maybe with a little minigame like concerts? Possibly picking the theme of the video to match the song or something like that.

- Debuts for new idols/subgroups would be nice

- More fan interaction, like fan clubs, stans for each of your popular idols, having them try to raise views on music videos/getting more people to buy singles...

- I tentatively want a bit of a boost in how much a stat increases based on the level of the trainer, possibly also scaled to how high the stat is on the idol. This could easily be really unbalanced though which is why I'm tentative, maybe down the road when you have more stuff for idols to do/train in it could work. However I think it would tie into how if you took some girl from a backwater town and gave her world class dance and vocal training she would improve pretty quickly.


I agree. Music videos and debuting sub-units would be really cool. I hope they add that in future updates.


I think you should be able to demolish a room that you no longer use. If someone made a room in a spot they didn't want or it didn't fit
within their budget, it would be very useful. Should able to do this at no extra cost (you lose the money you spent on building the room though) or 
maybe even recover 25-50% of what you spent on it.

Being able to move you rooms around freely would be cool but it's probably a bit over the top cos that's very unrealistic and a little too convenient but it's an idea.

(2 edits) (+3)

Oh, something else that I thought might be cool is the concept of "preferred positions". You can currently choose where they stand on stage and I think it's quite detailed already but adding something like stat boosts if you put them at their preferred position would be cool (e.g their preferred position is to the left of the center) 

Following the concept of "preferred positions", there could also be like "roles", e.g main vocal, main dancer. If they are the "main vocal", their "vocals" stat has more weight on the success of the single/performance and for "main dancer", dance stat has more weighting. The 'leader" role could be done based on age/experience, the more suited they are to it, the better overall performance the group would give. The roles should be optional but if you do choose to use them, the idols who are the "main vocal" or "main dancer" should get more exposure and the others should get less.

I've been playing a lot the last few days and have been enjoying the game quite a bit. Looking forward to new updates! Even more excited for the switch version :P, keep up the great work!


I think it would be really useful to prioritize which actions your idols take. A lot of times I see idols doing auto-styling, when it would really be better for them to be recovering stamina at a doctor. 

I want to rank activity priority like:

1. Recover stamina

2. Practice dance/singing

3. Styling

More precise control following this type of logic would be even better:

If under 50 physical stamina: Always recover physical stamina 

If under 50 mental stamina: Always recover mental stamina 

If over 50 stamina of either type: Practice dance/singing, if those are maxed then styling


YES we need that


I'd like to see the day of the week added to the date display in the lower left hand corner.

YES very much. If not maybe the DOW in a tooltip when hovering on the date.

(1 edit)

This game doesn't have a tutorial for the first timer player. When the idol have many stars, the stamina got down very fast and the doctor was only reducing the idol's stamina in some moment. Also, there is a bug that when i went to bankrupt, my money got added 100 million and the game still continue with not the ability to make media show.  

Overall, the game is good. Good luck with the release in Steam.


Right now our only options for controlling trainers are either completely random, or completely manual.  Manual is a particular PITA in the case of stylists...  hitting that tiny square where dropping the idol will get the proper styling is frustrating.

I'd like to see a "max training level" setting, which would allow you to concentrate your trainers on the girls with the lowest stats (and bring everyone to an equal minimum standard).


So i'm thinking that when an idol graduates and you ask them to find a successor, I feel like there should be an option to accept the successor or not. my last graduating idol screwed me and sent in her younger sister who has super low skills in everything


Holy shit, that's hilarious


ikr? she was my ace T.T


I really love playing this game and sink a lot of time into a group and think I can do this better and restart. 

This may have been suggested before, but I would like the ability to choose whether my group is male or female or maybe even mixed. I know that this is a J Pop SIM, but with how big BTS is I think that having the ability to make a boy group would be great.

(2 edits)

This will definitely not be in the base game but I'm sure that someone will make a boy group mod for it. Someone has already started working on a K-Pop mod for the game.

*edited to add image from the kickstarter campaign (in case you don't know they did reach the goal)*


I did notice that and am super excited about the kpop one. Maybe I should get off my ass and mod the boys option my own self. I just suck at art so much.


If the K-Pop Mod succeeds, maybe the modder wants to include a Boygroup option as well. However I don't know how moddable this game is yet. Adding a boygroup option is interfering with the game mechanics. I don't know if you can do that yet.


- Anytime the game goes full screen (the player has no access to the speed controls), the game should auto pause.

- It would be really nice if the sort option on the formation screen worked,  :)  :)


QoL Suggestions

1. Doctors, Auto Stamina Recovery, split that between physical health and mental health.  I don't want my physical health doctor working with mental patients and vice versa.  

2. Doctors, Auto Injury/Depression Treatment, split that between injury and depression.  I don't want my physical health doctor working with depression patients and vice versa.

3. Auto Production.  This would be great to have so I don't have to pay attention to getting individual productions completed and focus on other things.

4. Wish Fulfillment.  Seeing the this info during business proposal is great.  It'd be awesome if this was extended to media, concerts, singles and elections.

5. Media, being able to check who the cast are.


I really like the idea of being able to view the cast in media and possibly recast when an idol graduates

(3 edits) (+1)(-1)

I really wish there would be an option, to choose between managing a boy group, and a female group in the base game some day. Of course there's already a person that is kind enough to make a mod for that (really appreciated), but I kinda wish that wouldn't just be an option obtained through mods. I don't think you guys have to think about  that now (as there's probably a lot of things that are in a much higher priority), but I really hope that it is feature you would consider adding to the game some day


Hi im just here to tell you something i personally want but i dont know if everyone would want it

I kinda hoped there would be a trainee stage thats in between being casted and debuting

and with that, mentoring would make a bit more sense- and ive wanting to name my label as well.

and this is random but if we can take control of their hiatus time too , itd be more storyline for us to work with.

and I agree about the international idol's traits because right now there isnt anything in the game to differentiate 

them from the local idols, maybe a change in looks for the international would be great too- nothing too drastic

but like change in eye color or hair color would be fun

(1 edit)

I think that had like when you are in a concert or single, when you are in formation and you choose a character, you can see a little  descrpition of him, it would be nice to had in the description his will ( for me it's boring to see on my character list where my character want to be for claim his wishes ), and i think that it should pretty easy to add . I think that when a a girl from office LVL up her competence DEALS , she should have like a better chance for negotiations because it's boring when she is  LVL max for this competence, and she failed ( didn't need to be like at 100 % LVL max but i think that every LVL up, she have a 2,5 % bonus for negotiations to be accepted, so if it's 55 % for 2 stars, for 10 stars / LVL max then it's 75 % . It's not cheated, but this is legit :p ) . And also keep up your excellent work :-)


Apologies in advance if someone else suggested this already but maybe add the option to outsource choreographers and producers on singles? It might be more of a k-pop thing but very often, groups will outsource producers/choreographers  to work with their idols on songs, lyrics, dances etc. It would just boost specific demographics like any other option when creating singles.

Sometime having the in game date displayed on a saved game is very useful.  (That is, in addition to the current display of the real world date and time of the save.)

After starting what is possibly my fourth "playthrough" of Idol Manager, I ended up having a few ideas during the initial dialogue sequences. I think it would be great if we could have some sort of pause menu during dialogues (kinda like the in-game 'Settings' tab, but adapted to the dialogues). I really wanted to mute the game during my intro sequence, but the 'M' shortcut didn't work, and I couldn't open the settings and mute the in-game music, so I had to play through the whole dialogue before being able to fiddle with the settings.

Other than that, I kinda wish Idol Manager would feature some sort of 'bio' section at launch, once the multiplayer features are added to the game. You know, maybe being able to set up a 'profile' for your group, with a customizable bio, some basic stats about the group and its members, singles released, concerts, and other stuff.  All this information would be available for other players to read. In order for this idea to work, Idol Manager would need to have some sort of indexing system, where the player could look up Idol names, Player names, Group names, etc. Then, the player would have to hire scouts (or maybe have managers do the scouting), so they can gather even more, in-depth data on the desired group. Every week or so, the scout/manager could update the dossier on the targeted idol/group with new info, so then the player can decide if they want to snatch any idols, or even possibly pick some other intergroup interactions (how cool wouldn't it be to have some sort of interconnected SNS tab, or even a 'News' tab featuring other groups!). Of course this is a lot of work, and since you devvies are aiming at a 2019 release, I don't think that would be an achievable goal. You probably have the whole influence thing to work out before you even get to the point where IM can be actually considered a multiplayer game. Still, the idea stands, and even if 90% of that is impossible to be impleneted into IM, just having the ability to write your group (and maybe even yourself, staff and idols) custom bio sections, doesn't matter if it can be read by others or only by the players themself,  would be quite nice.

You can cut out the into sequence entirely by clicking on the gear on the setup screen and unticking the checkbox.

I'm talking about being able to pause dialogues and having access to the game's settings without having to either quit the game or play through the entire dialogue.


Also, I think having semi-randomized results with estimates for promotions, performances and spa treatments could add a little more realism to the game. For example: A Lv. 1 Performance, instead of always yielding a 10k profit, could yield a random amount of yens between, say, 1k and 20k. For Promotions, instead of always getting 7 fans, maybe work with a random number between 1 and 15. For Spa Treatment, between 5 and 15 stamina points. Of course, as the player levels up those activities, the values also go up.

The system would work similarly to World Tours, SIngles and Concerts, for example, that also work with estimated values. Not sure how much luck is involved there, but the thing is there's no surefire way to know exactly how many fans you'll get from promoting your group, or how much money a performance will add to your pockets, and I feel IM could benefit from reflecting those real life conditions in-game.

It would be nice to be able to sort our cards during the concert scene.


Hi! I saw several friends playing this game on twitter and I've been sinking many hours into it since I bought it this Friday, good stuff.

Here's my in depth experience/observations followed by some features I'd like to see

My Overall Experience

For background, after several playthroughs where I would go bankrupt, I felt kinda railroaded into focusing on hardcore fans only just to make money, so that colored my experience. I didn't bother training my idols/enhancing their stats at all.

It was frustrating at first to understand what needed to be done without a tutorial (But I'm sure there'll be one in the final release/explanations of each management tab when first playing) so I had to restart a few times before I had a good enough understanding of the game to not fall into overwhelming debt before having any means to produce singles/shows etc. By the fourth/fifth playthrough I was finally able to turn a profit after organizing the second concert, although I was having a glitch where idol's initial satisfaction with their salaries didn't change so I didn't have to deal with that until I updated to 9.1, so that might've kept me in debt for longer.

I liked how challenging it was to have slightly manageable debt: Contracts were helpful but not super reliable at the lower star levels so I was having to plan out how to finance concerts, singles, and shows that could help increase cash inflow despite having to take loses while taking out loans to actually release things. It made me pace myself and it felt very rewarding to see the expenses eventually be outweighed by our revenue! Finally being able to host a senbatsu and seeing the results was also fun.

My Observations

(As a disclaimer, my salary satisfactions were not changing until the update so that could've obviously made my game easier.)

I feel like the pacing/balancing of the game is off: the beginning once you get the controls down is pretty slow with only incremental developments as you struggle to get to ~6 singles for your first concert, all my runs begin that way with just working to a concert with singles that aren't really markedly more popular than the last one or very helpful to the finances situation, they're just a means to the end of getting to concerts, which are profitable.

The "mid-game" is the part I had the most fun with, where you can afford to take on more idols, start upgrading the copies of your singles/venues for your events and have a bit of freedom to decide how you'll both get out of debt and how you will continue making money on top of that

The "late-game" by contrast was my least favorite part to play, where your fame is rising very quickly and the singles start printing money because of how powerful having a large hardcore fanbase is (And then add in handshakes!). Even by the time the update restored salary dissatisfaction and I adjusted them to bring everyone to a reasonable level, those expenses (~1.5M) were a drop in the bucket compared to my coffers at that point (600M). Concerts grossed 80M, singles also did 80M: I had gotten to a higher fame level with several popular stars but it resulted in a snowball effect that wiped any  difficulty via being restricted by money. I could take several more expenses without worrying about it. I was turning down Deals Lvl 10- contracts without even thinking about it as they weren't ever going to be more profitable than a one-off single. And this is with about 150k fans in around two days of play on that game.

So if I had to chart pacing: it'd be like:

Early (No stars-2): very slow

Singles don't have impact, probably need alternating loans from Fujimoto and the bank to not stay in debt over a month. Fujimoto's loans having conditions after taking them was a nice touch that added difficulty/an element of planning and timing.

 Mid (2-6): good

First concert, starting to become independent from loans, singles show noticeable growth and change depending on your choices, exhaustion/injury and idol selection/recruitment start mattering

Late (7-10): over-accelerated

Releasing a single/concert just prints money and makes any expenses you have 0

While difficulty is;

Early: high w/o tutorial, autopilot w/ mechanics mastered

It feels like a lot of the game doesn't properly start until the first concert happens

Mid: challenging

Late: low

Seems like there's nothing left to conquer after your fourth concert or so, I hadn't even had enough time for girls to graduate at this point

This is getting kinda long so I'll make another post detailing some features I think would be cool to see!


Things I'd like to see in-game


I did find it weird how at one point I released a single coming off of a 100% fan satisfaction one, got 8% fan satisfaction, but suffered no consequences for it as the sales between the two singles increased, leading to my next few ideas:

Subgenres and music trends

I saw in an early demo from 2016 that there was an idea to have the current in-game major genres like Pop, EDM, Rock, R&B etc. behave more like skill trees which progress through subgenres/genre families rather than solely increasing in efficacy through the research points. Like EDM would be an umbrella for Tropical House, House, IDM, etc. and these individual subgenres could be either trendy during the time of release or rising trends. I thought this was a great idea and was sad to not see it in Beta. The people I discuss this game with share this opinion, some noted there's no real incentive/push factor to change up what type of single you produce unless you're a completionist who wants to do all the genres. Some genres will ALWAYS be unattractive to casuals, core, etc. Doing the same love>cute>pop progression will ALWAYS sell well with hardcores, even on the 20th iteration of that combination. So why think about the singles production anymore after you hit a certain threshold of fame?

With the trend+subgenre system, I could see more engaging game play, and gameplay that evolves your tactics: making your single a subgenre that's a rising trend could boost its sales and appeal among casuals+teens/YAs, and usher the subgenre into being a current trend. Current trends could increase that boost even more but over-saturate that sound and push it into being a "past" trend which might cause fatigue and penalty/decreased appeal and sales and encourage players to explore other subgenres and try to either chase or predict the next trend.

Fan feedback/SNS feed

I also saw this in the demo and thought it was a great idea: Fans giving indications of what styles might be upcoming, if they're getting bored with the group's current image, which idols are on the rise/descent, current events etc. Imagine if there's a political election coming up in-game, so releasing a political single might have more efficacy than usual, or the hardcore base is under a lot of stress as of late so an anxiety single has more potential.

Subgroups/Sister groups

Thought of this because it's difficult to A) look at the girls when they're all on one menu, especially as you add more B) it's hard to organize the girls and evaluate who should be in what single C) I want to use all my girls and produce different types of singles but with frequent release penalties it's difficult to build them up.

I think adding in a system like how AKB has SKE, NMB, HKT etc. or 46 has Nogi, Keya, Hina etc. would be very useful: Players could have all idols under one group, but sort them in established subgroups/sister groups for convenience AND in-game bonuses.  For example, I could make a subgroup where I put my girls with high Sexy stats, and another for girls with high Pretty stats, and have the first group release singles targeting men while the second targets women. An in-game bonus could be that these groups still need a month between their OWN singles to avoid a fatigue penalty, but releasing within this period of another sister group's release wouldn't trigger it. To balance this out, maybe hardcore fans would be less willing to buy each subgroups' singles/only their favorite subgroup, but would combine for the full group singles depending on team composition. 

Additionally, maybe girls could form cliques/relationships based around their sister group as well? Fans/casuals could associate certain lyrical styles, dances, and genres with certain sister groups and find it off-putting if a sister group suddenly changes its style. The fullgroup could have combined appeal metrics/demos but negative/positive opinion of subgroup could possibly not have a direct influence on another sister group, enabling experimentation. And if there had to be a distinction between what constitutes a full group single vs a sister group single, it could be that any single composed of girls from more than one group/girls who are groupless become fullgroup by de facto.

Rival Groups

I think I've read something about this being implemented? I think it would be a great addition. Possibly siphoning fans and contracts/casuals away, forcing your group to change up their image to compete: I'm really looking forward to that if it's happening. I also thinking groups already existing when you show up could help spice up the early game and require you to employ different tactics in each playthrough if some semi-randomized groups of various levels of establishment were there to beat and/or also on the rise all the time. (For example casual attention is already on a randomized "sexy group who does energetic pop songs" so you either have to beat them at their own game or specialize and outdo them at something else if you want casuals/contracts).


Producer role/points

I've seen a few people bring up how the Producer is a major bottleneck right now: Every project and socialization has to go through them meaning they can't accumulate research points for media and lyrics at the rate every other role does. Similar problem with how the Manager can't accumulate points if you're searching for business deals and pretty much requires two, but you obviously can't hire a second Producer. I think either making a new role that works on Lyrics OR allowing the Producer to gain Research points even if they're working.

Estimated sales/concert changes

With concert prices, I wish there was a button to just immediately set price for maximum profit OR maximum attendance, since I imagine these are the only two prices relevant to a player, rather than having to fiddle around with it. I also feel like concerts might be a bit too OP in how quickly they start doubling their production costs if you just up the ticket price. I was able to score 20-30M on my second/third concert despite having 33% attendance. I think having a negative effects for trying to abuse concert pricing/going to too big a venue could be good, like having an expensive price or a concert with only a 1/3 of the seats filled could give groups a hit in buzz and bad press?

Additionally the songlist available for organizing the set starts getting overwhelming very quickly, a different menu style might help. I also think there's really no incentive to use your oldest songs at the moment, when in real life several old songs continue to live on in setlists. Maybe there could be bonuses for including older songs such as "fan favorite" for the debut single, the first single to sell 100K, the first single/center appearance of a popular member, etc., to give the old songs some use.


Not sure if it's just my playthroughs (Because I do not use the dating options at all) but in all of them I only get some fight events with not very noticeable effects other than sometimes a slight ding to the relationships. I think some insertion of qualities like jealousy/rivalry between current top idols, between rising/pushed idols, and between old guard and new guard could add some interesting dynamics. (I noticed how in the demo it wasn't just moving a girl to a farther back position that makes her disappointed, but ALSO bringing up/adding a newer girl or a girl who was behind her can sour her mood, which I didn't notice in the Beta.)

I think it's great how public spats/resentment can put your contracts at risk, that bad chemistry and bullying can take idols out of commission and lower the efficacy of singles. I'd like to see more of that kind of thing, both in ways you've currently implemented and in new ways.


Lastly, I think the elections are my favorite part of the game, concurrently organizing a single and concert and seeing how the girls' ranks change is challenging and a lot of fun. I think what would be a great addition is emulating what AKB does, where the senbatsu election members lead a special single after the election. Maybe in-game you could do something like the Top 10 instantly (Or on a 2-week timer) releasing a fatigue-free/frequency penalty bonus-free single with increased hardcore appeal or a stamina-free marketing plan/a special marketing plan reserved only for the post-election single? Or some kind of special benefit only reserved for the post-Election single.


Being able to pick multiple centers (WCenter or double center) would be kinda nice!


I'd like this too: maybe instead of the formation being a 5-deep triangle it could be hexagon/oblong? sort of like this:

so you'd still have a triangle formation but you can also have WCenter

I would love it if the income/expenses tooltip includes the current week's income and expenses from activities, like Performance and Spa. Seeing a huge negative no matter how hard you're working is very disheartening. But if we see that our five Performances this week at least made a dent in the losses then at least it's something, right? Even more when we finally see that this week, we finally break even.


Grouping system really needed. 

I have been playing this game for a long time and felt the need for a grouping system.

With more people to manage, chemistry is hard to find when planning new songs or shows. 

Currently I'm solving this with nicknames but it's still hard because it's not sorted.


Well I've played the new update for a couple of days (as best I could, had to reload the game very often to avoid the event/fullscreen lockup bugs), and here are my thoughts on the addition of the charts:

Very neat, and provides a nice layer of immersion! The trending genres plus your tweaks to the demographics with a "soft cap", whatever those are,  have helped make my game more engaging/challenging in a fun way. Before I'd be plowing through the game with 500k+ singles after the first election: now I'm still having trouble selling all copies of my singles at single 12, and that's with ~20k sales. I'm much more invested now, now that the game seems to be better paced, and I'm enjoying watching my group climb the chart little by little. I'm also changing strategies between each single in order to increase sales, which is engaging.

If I were to nitpick: the chart could be more dynamic, both in groups and song titles. I think the pool the game uses to generate song names could be widened a bit, cuz I get a LOT of iterations of "She/He Knows/Thinks..." "...Her/His Love", etc. It's not super noticeable when used for the player's single name generation (since it's one title and I think a player would rarely use it), but when it's generating 29 titles at once every month, it gets very repetitive (There was a point where I got a string of around 10 songs all being in the "He Knows I Love the ___" format for the same month.)

I also think the ranking could be more dynamic: I like how the sales can fluctuate somewhat (ie the top group generally sells 1million but can dip below this every so often), it feels like the 28 groups on the chart excluding you and your rival keep their positions, with only the sales total changing in step with every other group (To keep the aforementioned ranking). I notice slight changes, but it's always with a +/-1 deviation. Top 10 always does 100k+, etc... While the chart feels real, the groups/songs that populate it do not, and could use some work. Something as simple as new groups entering the charts over time, old groups exiting and returning, rising/falling... I also feel like generating more groups would help? Having 30 positions still, but maybe not every group releasing monthly could add variety.

I believe "Groupe idol rival : [blank]" is the rival group devs hinted at?  (That is how it shows up on screen, btw, mine is called "Groupe idol rival :  FairyGirl's"). I'm guessing more will be added to them, but I'm not sure how I feel about them ALWAYS selling just a bit more than you, rather than being subject to the same trends as you are (As in, I kept selling more with each single, and they were always ahead: THEN I sold a little less with my next single and then they ALSO sold a little less.).

And for a hope, I'd love to possibly see the subgenres incorporated somehow, like in the kickstarter video! Would help to personalize singles even more.

(1 edit) (+3)

Here's a suggestion for the issues you're having with the lack of single title variety. One of the game's files is called name_generator.json (IM_Data/StreamingAssets/Languages/en/JSON/Misc). If you open it, you can edit, remove or add new entries to the list of possible song title combinations. Might be a possibility if you don't wanna wait for new variants to be officially added by the devs.

Oh, great idea, thanks!


Once you do that, you can also post it as a mod or something. Just for the lazies out there (e.g. myself).

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Also small QOL/worldbuilding feature, but do you think it'd be possible for the game to track formations beyond the last 10, and outside of just the formation page for the creation of a new single? I was on the Stage48 wiki and thought it was cool how the single pages track who was in that single and who was center, as well as how the member's individual pages also show what single they were in/centered. Maybe the released singles tab could also show what the formation was when you click on it, and each idols'  profile could have a section listing what singles she's been in and whether she was center? I'm just particular in that it'd be really satisfying to click on a popular idol and see all the singles she was in be listed, lol.


Aesthetic ideas?

I love the artstyle of the game and was wondering if there were plans to make the general visuals more varied/dynamic? The twilight lighting looks great but after playing for a while it gets a little repetitive, I think changing  it up with midday/night versions of the cityscape would really take it over the top (Maybe even seasonal variations like rain/lightningstorms, snow, and fog scenery over the city and under the lighting as you move through the year?) 

Also this might count more as a bug, but I think the projected buzz for formation creation, the fame levelup bar upon single release, and the fame percentage on the taskbar should stop adding more stars/more bar length/more percentages after you hit fame/buzz level 10. Visually it does kinda start looking ugly when you've already got a 10-star group/several big idols and the game tries to put 20-25 stars on your projected buzz for the formation, stretches off the side of the screen to show your fame upon single release, and reads 13000% completion on the fame level in the taskbar.


Also (sorry to double post, but it's not really the same topic), I'd REALLY find a manual option for typing salary+a "set all salaries to [number]" button useful. It's a lot easier than clicking and getting jumps in the number+since the girls' satisfactions change in relation to what others are getting paid the more senior girls start approaching 0 as newer girls start having their salary bumped up, so being able to quickly bring everyone's salary to a base level again would be a godsend rather than clicking upwards of 15 arrows 10-20 times each.


Deleting rooms. I misplaced a room and now it's all messed up and forever tainted


Yes! Maybe, instead of deleting a room, we could 'Demolish' it - for a price, of course. Also, it could be interesting if we could upgrade rooms like we do in Fallout Shelter, for example. Upgraded rooms could increase production/training/styling/whatever speed and quality.


Yess! Plus One for Demolish.

Upgrading rooms is a nice idea, but it would at least double the art required for the rooms, won't it? Or perhaps a simple roman numeral on the corner to differentiate different upgrade levels.

Yeah, giving all rooms new art for their updated versions would be a pain in the butt. Maybe just add the upgrade lvl. to the tooltip when you hover with your mouse, along with the upgrade's effects.


Here are some ideas I've had while playing the current Beta:

  • Lock the 'Idol Customization' feature until the player has built a Dressing Room. Just because it makes sense, unless one of your employees can double as a hairdresser, or you're willing to follow your idol to the closest coiffeur in order to tell them exactly how you want your idol's hair to look.
  • Ability to check your concert's playlist while it's happening. It could be useful for people with poor memory and the tendency to save their cards until the very end of the concert. Totally not talking about myself, by the way.
  • As mentioned in the thread above, the ability to demolish, upgrade and move rooms. It's not like defending an underground vault from radioactive creatures is more important than producing singles and building an idol group from the ground up, right?
  • A harder endgame, economically speaking. Now, people might have already mentioned this before, and I know there's a good chunk of events and story dialogues still to be added to the game. But wouldn't it be nice if you were monthly/anually taxed by the Japanese government, or if one of your employees "just happened" to be the millionth visitor of a sketchy website and ended up scamming your company out of millions of yen? What I mean is that the player should never just sit comfortably on top of a pile of money. There could be some serious situations that could have as an outcome an enormous setback for the player. You got 100 million yen on your bank account? Too bad, your cat just walked over your laptop while you were grabbing a cup of coffee and transferred half of your company's funds to your most popular idol's bank account, and now she decided to disappear with all that cash. Boo-hoo, too bad. (obviously an exaggeration, but you get what I mean).
  • Save renaming. Sometimes I duplicate my saves in order to use one of them as a test save, but I've almost ended up loading my 'official' save when trying to give a WIP mod a go one day. It'd be cool if we could name and rename our saved games.

This has been mentioned previously, but it's worth mentioning again, especially paired with "harder endgame".

An easier early game, economically speaking.


agreed that we shouldn't be sitting on giant piles of cash! i'm on top of a billion yen and not really getting anything out of it


A small thing: It would be nice to see how much of a loan still needs to be paid back and how many weeks are left. It's kind of important, I think


can you make idol male please make it all we want to have male idols please make it for the whole community please

This game desperately needs a tutorial.  I really have no idea what I'm doing and it makes it frustrating to play.  It would also be nice to have an option to skip the intro after you've restarted the game.


Hi brittpinkie.

The game will feature a tutorial when it comes out.

You can disable the intro sequence, dialogues, substories and other stuff when starting a new game by clicking on 'New Game', then on the cogwheel icon on the lower left. This will only affect that specific game.

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I'm not 100% sure what you guys have in mind for the final release, so my bad if some of these are what you're already working on! Super fun game btw, I can't wait to play the released version :)

I know you guys are working on more relationship stuff between the idols and player, but I love drama and think it will really flesh out the game so here's some ideas:

-Idols gossipping about the group to the press or releasing secrets, either while in the group or after graduating. For example, if they're overworked and underpaid in the group, or if one certain member is known to be a bully, they might go gossip about it to the press after leaving. I feel that this is something that happens with idol groups in real life and will make the way you treat your idols extra important. Also it seems to me like the girls are basically irrelevant after they graduate, so it'd be cool if they still matter somewhat. 

-More of a minor nitpick but they all seem to go onto pretty average things after graduating, like becoming an office worker or teacher. I think it'd add realism if their fame level impacts what they do after graduating. If an idol graduated with 10 star fame I'd imagine her to go on to become an actress, author, solo artist, etc. rather than have an office job or working at a hostess club. (My bad if this is already a thing, maybe I haven't graduated enough high-star idols to notice.) 

-Events relating to the fame and safety of idols. For example, idols having stalkers, or being attacked by a fan at a fan meet. While it's sad, this is also something that has certainly happened in real life. It might cause an idol to have depression, or take a hiatus. 

-I know a lot of people have mentioned this but having subgroups would be cool, or even solos. 

-Maybe more tangible repercussions for idols being bad singers or dancers. An idol can have a singing and dancing level of 1 and she can reach 10 star fame and no one will say a thing about it. I think in real life, an idol would get made fun of if they were unskilled. Might be even worse if the entire group has poor singing and dancing skills.

-Idols leaving the group on bad terms. Certainly not everyone has a happy and peaceful graduation in real idol groups!

-I think it'd be nice to have more rewards in the late game. Maybe sending idols on a really nice vacation, buying them really nice houses, etc. I know this is just the beta so I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot but as of now once I have 1,000,000+ fans and a bunch of money in the bank, it's like, "Now what?"

Anyways I love this game and the beta is already addictive! Thank you guys for working hard on this game, I'm always looking forward to the next update. 


Make the game easier. it's so easy to fall in bank ruptcy in this game. even when I try my best to not fail, I'm in the red and I'm obligated to cheat.


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Hi LazyCrazyDream,

Have you tried getting a loan from Fujimoto and/or the bank? I have played through the initial stages of the game three times, and all I can say is that not going negative without the help of a loan is extremely hard, if not impossible. If you've already done that and are still having trouble staying afloat financially, take a look at the quick guide below, by user 'igorkeefe':

"Start out with two regular offices, your own office and a break room. Hire five idols and two sales people with deal skill. Research photoshoot -> set the salespeople to auto business proposal and make bucks -> get third office for production-focused employee and let them research when they aren't doing anything. At some point, start an internet show with all member cast for fame and that promotion requirement. Whenever you can, do promotion to steadily build your fanbase. Advertisement deals are good too bút watch the stamina.

Once you got decent fame, get a huge loan of 8.000.000 - 10.000.000 Yen from the landowner and pay off over six months.

Use the money to build a dance room and a recording studio and hire production focused people there. Start producing singles and release them each month whenever the button is green. Digital release is very good for at least the first seven or so singles because there's no production cost. You will lose money but the loan tides you over and eventually you make more and more profit until you are financially comfortable. Try to level your promo and performance for short-term money and lots of fans (more fans = more singles sales). I think the 720 fans promotion level is easily achievable and makes a large difference."


No, I'm with LazyCrazyDream...  From a financial standpoint, the game has gotten markedly harder in the last couple of updates.

It started with Update 9 and the changes to idol salaries.  You don't get the massive spike from famous idols, but your average pay goes up - way up.  And it does so pretty early in the game, within the first year.  Maybe salaries should be tied to longevity?  Or maybe fame should play a role.

Then, something changed in Update 10 and it got a lot harder to make money early on.  Concerts, my former cash cow (especially in the early game), don't seem to be making as much as previously.  I'm following the same strategy that, in Update 8, let me get out of debt...  and now, I can't seem to get out of debt.  Used to be I could start having modestly profitable club concerts with 3-5 singles under my belt.  Now it seems to be in the 7-9 range.  Sticking to a once-every-thirty-days release schedule, that's two to four more months that I'm maxing out my credit cards.

That's a heavy load to get out from under.

(1 edit) (+1)

I could side with you if there were sifferent difficulty options for the game, but otherwise, I must say I'm personally still finding the game to be a bit easy, even though it now takes a little more effort to stabilize your finances than it took 4+ patches ago. Of course it's no fun if you can't make your group thrive because of financial issues, but it's also no fun if within 3h of gameplay you manage to say "Alright, I'm rich, I've got no more debts, what now?". 

Are you paying close attention to popular genres and styles? Are you catering to your fans' tastes?

Also, unless you're in love with one of your idols, let them starve to death. Let them throw a fit if they must, but keep their salaries down low until you're sitting comfortably on a pile of money. Idol salary money is better used if you invest it in the company by buying new rooms, hiring new staff. It's company progress over idol happiness if you don't wanna go bankrupt. At least in the beginning.


"I could side with you if there were sifferent difficulty options for the game, but otherwise, I must say I'm personally still finding the game to be a bit easy"

No offense, but I'm not you, and I am finding it difficult.

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Sorry, I may have used the wrong wording to convey my thoughts. What I meant to say is that I understand that the game might be easier for some, and harder for others, but since Idol Manager doesn't have any kind of difficulty sliders, the developers can't just mess with the game's balance, make it easier or harder, without putting good thought into their actions. Things have to be carefully planned, keeping in mind not only the first hours of gameplay, but also the endgame. Right now, Idol Manager is still struggling to find its balance among the players, since there's people like you who are finding it too hard, and people like me who are finding it too easy. Maybe when the full game comes out, along with a tutorial mode, there will be less people struggling to get through the initial stages of the game, but no matter what they do, at least for now, not everyone will be happy.

Either they come up with different difficulties for the game, or they can simply allow modders to come up with 'Idol Manager Hardcore Mod' or something like that, with an even more challenging experience for the diehard players. The game's current state, balancewise, looks good to me. Sure I'd like an even more challenging grind, but I'm okay with what we've got at the moment. However, it's no use making the game harder, appealing to the hardcore players, if the casual players won't have fun playing the game, and the opposite is also true if the casual players will have a good time, but the hardcore players won't.


"Sorry, I may have used the wrong wording to convey my thoughts."

Yes, you did.  And I was as polite as possible in my reply...  But then you doubled down on the condescension in your second reply, so now the gloves are off.

I've been playing serious and complex games of various types (that is, more than Monopoly) since my senior year in high school nearly forty years ago. I've been beta testing games of various types off and on for twenty five odd years.  I do not need you lecturing me on how the process works, as I'm quite well versed in it.

I am also quite aware of the stage of development of Idol Manager.   And and important part of this stage is the developers hearing from users all across the spectrum - from those that find it easy as well as those that find it hard.  Unless you have a private line to the developers, you have no idea of their intentions.  Nor do you know if the difficulties some have encountered are intentional or unintentional.  They could be a feature.  They could be an unintentional consequence of the recent changes, or they could be a flat out bug.

And with that, I will end my part in this particular subthread.  My apologies to others who had to wade through this.

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This was not a lecture, nor was it a "condescending" message. I don't care if you're the master of videogames or some old lady who has never had a joystick in your hands. I'm not shaming you or anyone for having trouble getting through the initial stages of the game, if that's what you thought I was doing. Calling a player "casual" is not offensive either. Some players are, in fact, casual players - they just don't want or don't have the ability to put as much time and effort into a game as a hardcore player would and, therefore, do not wish to be greatly challenged when gaming.

We have different opinions regarding the difficulty balance in Idol Manager, and that's beautiful, vive la différence. I'm not here to say that I'm 100% correct (especially because there's no right and wrong regarding difficulty balance, it's a matter of preference), that you shouldn't be voicing your opinion, or that the developers should only listen to me. We both have the right to speak here, to voice our opinions, and this is what the forum is for, after all. If you disagree with me, that's okay, you don't have to side with me on this or any other matter regarding the game.

Now please, put your gloves back on. Your hands... kinda stink.


"Yes, you did.  And I was as polite as possible in my reply...  But then you doubled down on the condescension in your second reply, so now the gloves are off."

Lol, what is this. Keep them on, this reads like the start of the Navy Seals copypasta.

IMO the early game is quite challenging in a sense because it requires you to take a specific action to get through that is entirely optional in most other management / tycoon games: Taking a loan. I've had my problems with it because it's not intuitive but once you know it's not all that tough anymore.

It was quite fun and very rewarding (for me at least) to find out what works and what doesn't though. What can I do better next game, that sort of stuff, so I'm not really sure what to think about an easier early game. It's actually refreshing to see a management game that doesn't make you auto-succeed over time. Perhaps what is needed isn't "easier" but "more options"? I could see an alternative working where certain events or oppurtunities replace the need to take a loan but come with other trade-offs down the line. ("Remember when we sponsored you back then? Yeah, your famous idol belongs to us now" ... or something like that)


Agreed that figuring out the optimal plays over multiple games was a lot of the fun for me. Also agreed that more options could be the solution rather than tweaking to make things easier. A lot of my beginning difficulty originally came from not wanting to ever be in the red, and only taking loans to get out of bankruptcy once I did go red. As I see it right now, with the pricing of rooms and the money you start with, it’s impossible to not be in the red for 30 days if you don’t use a loan. You start with 5M, 3.5M you need for singles necessities (marketing, dance, song, your office) leaves 1.5M, staffing+rent+idol salaries is probably around 100k a week if you hire only the minimum number of idols, 2 auditions are 200k. That gives you about 13 weeks/3 months before you hit 0. You have to take a loan and have to use it to make more money, such as with a new office worker or a break room so your idols can take on more jobs. The only major negative I see is that a minimum 1M loan is pretty much a necessity, not that it’s impossible to not go bankrupt. More financing options that players know they can employ could be a solution.


From my experience I have to disagree on the game being too difficult in the early stages: on this latest update I’ve gotten out of debt faster than I ever have, and with fewer singles (6 months and 5 singles). Started with staffed Manager office, 2 offices, dance and recording studio, spammed performances and did digital releases, had the office workers working on photoshoots and then switched one to advertisements as soon as they were available. Took out max loan from Fujimoto over 6 months to build a break room. I dipped into the red essentially every Monday with a 200k loss each week but I had a lot of high cute-stat idols and set my preferred deals to cute so I’d have have at least a couple of windfalls each week. Debt was always manageable in the 5digit range at this point. Digital singles also started making about 100k+ each release with the third single. Now I’m working on my first concert and first physical release with 1500000 in the bank, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten to this point. What strategies are others using to start the game?

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so I’ve gotten to the first awards show: It was extremely well done, the hosts’ conversations and jokes were very funny and I read through all of them, the speeches were also nice. The hosts have a good character dynamic, but the only issue I saw is I think the hosts’ names were occasionally swapped? (ie one host would get addressed with a Ms. prefix but then the host had a masculine given name/the character with a masculine given name had dialogue the female character would probably say “Soandso would probably enjoy this Gravure Idol” etc.) Maybe speech bubbles or portraits or a small animation would help clear up which host is which? Anyways I hope the hosts have a lot more conversations I didn’t see!

Also when my idol won an award and thanked one of the staffers, and then that staffer the next day thanked me for hiring them and talked about how their mom saw them get recognized: that was a great moment, and I hope the final game might have lots of moments like these.


In my opinion, the thing that makes it hard in early game is that there is very few and very particular starting strategies just to not fail, let alone succeed (must have x number of offices, must research this first, must work your idols to the ground without any salary increase etc) This is like chess but any play that doesn't start with the Queen's pawn moving exactly 1 step and then the King's knight to the space in front of the Rook's pawn (or something) is doomed to fail. It discourages exploration and experimentation at the very start of the game, making players hesitant to do any later on, even when they do have the money.

One starting move to not fail, all others are dead ends. That's not a game. That's a visual novel.

I suggest something like a safety net, a once-in-a-playthrough cash infusion the first time you touch negative balance. Most (every?) Kairosoft games, for example, have a sort of "oh, you're in the negative, here's some money to get you back up, but this is only once" kind of deal. Maybe the landowner decides to invest another 1M into the group. Maybe you bought a winning lottery ticket. Maybe you get some inheritance from a dead uncle.


When we click on the page with previously released singles, I would like a little button displaying who the center of that single was. I like to try to have a different center every single so that everyone will have lots of stamina during concerts. As far as I know there is no way to tell this right now. 

And I know this has been mentioned before but I'll bring it back up again. When getting girls into contracts (TV shows/advertisements) it'd be super useful to display how many contracts they're already in and how much stamina they're losing per week. If a girl is already losing 50 stamina per week I don't want to get her into any more contracts.

Also I'm not sure if anyone knows - what is the point of idol salaries? Will idols leave the group quickly if they are underpaid? I have never noticed a difference in paying idols to 50% satisfaction versus 200% satisfaction.

Anyways thank you for working hard on this game, every month I look forward to the next update! 


"When we click on the page with previously released singles, I would like a little button displaying who the center of that single was. "

With the latest update, just hover your mouse over the song to see the center.

"When getting girls into contracts (TV shows/advertisements) it'd be super useful to display how many contracts they're already in and how much stamina they're losing per week."

Right click on the girl's portrait to see this information.

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Ah sorry, I didn't notice the ability to hover over the past singles in the new update. Even so, I think it'd be nice to display a little logo of the face of whoever was the center. I don't really have my idols names memorized but I know their face and hairstyle haha. I can then keep in my head "blondie and bob cut were the last 2 centers so I won't put them this time." 

As far as contracts, I mean when the contract window pops up with the 3 idols to choose from. It'd be nice if alongside the new stamina logos, there was perhaps a minus sign, showing minus how much stamina they are losing to contracts per week or something like that. I usually have 15 idols once I have enough money and that's too many contracts for me to keep track of without it being displayed. So it sucks when I accidentally give an idol 4 contracts because she has high stats but then I have to cancel 1 or 2 so she's not losing like 60 stamina a week. 


Hm, I could add it as a tooltip when you hover over the stamina circles


Would it be possible to show the current right click display as a tooltip?  That would give a nice consistent interface, hover over their faces for the stats, hover over the stamina circles for current job(s) and extras.  Bonus if their matching Want also showed up in one or the other.

"I usually have 15 idols once I have enough money and that's too many contracts for me to keep track of without it being displayed. "

It's not displayed (per se) but the information can be pulled up by right clicking on the girl's portrait.

Ahh my bad my bad, I didn't realize you could right click on them in the contracts pop-up. That's helpful! But I still feel there could be a more convenient/obvious way to display it in future updates :)


Also I'd love to have some faster way to tell idol's relationships to you. Maybe a "Sort by influence" button or something? It's hard for me to use the socializing aspect because I don't feel like individually clicking through everyone's profile to see who I have high influence with, even though I KNOW I have high influence with some of them.


so after digesting the latest update, these are strictly my thoughts on three major things I hope to see the game add

Making the Idols Matter:

This may just be due to how ambiguous a single's sales calculation is,  but as far as I can tell, you can essentially swap out an entire formation of established girls for freshly-hired idols and not suffer any perceivable consequence.  (To test this, I put my 15 idols with the lowest fame out of a roster of around 25-30 in one single, most of them having been in the group for around a year or less: the previous single in that save sold 490k, and was composed entirely of the top 10 of that year's election. This test single sold 470k+, becoming my second best-selling single. The single before had the same marketing strats as the test one. Test single's center had 5k fans, with the rest of the girls reaching up to 10k at best: The previous center had 33000 fans, with the rest of the formation being 15k and up.)

I guess this test reinforced my belief that there should be consequences and benefits to important things like deciding who should be in a single.  People have noted the idols are slowly moving away from being "money-making robots", but in some aspects they still seem like dolls who contribute their stats to singles and nothing else. 

Additionally, the graduation system, while neat and definitely improving with each update, doesn't have any impact by the time you start hitting major graduations (OG members, important idols and frequent centers.) other than "well, can't use this high-stat idol anymore, time to swap her spot out for the next platinum idol!" By that point, a few clicks of the promotion tool or a single release will easily replace her lost fans. With AKB, the graduations of the establishing members was a HUGE deal and something AKS STILL hasn't completely recovered from. Something mirroring this would help making the mid/lategame engrossing and alleviate  the "huge pile of money with nothing to do" problem.

I think the root may be that it feels like an individual idol's fans are tied to her only for election results, but the game looks at the group's total fans for a LOT of things. A scandal is huge for an idol (appropriately so, I had a fun scenario where one of the idols I was prepping to easily place in the election got into a scandal and didn't even place in the end due to how many fans she lost.), but not for the group as a whole, really. I could see some tweaks:

1. Capping/adding a soft limit on fandom growth as time goes on

While the promotion tool is VERY helpful for getting off the ground at the start of the game, it either becomes useless as you do more (What good is 10k additional fans when your singles sell 500k already and make 100M yen?) or takes out any challenge (Idol caught dating and her 8000 fans abandoned the group? Promote a few times or release a single and you'll be good as new.).

In reality there's max saturation, where everyone is aware of a product and if they're ever going to consume it, they probably already have. The system right now is following the singles problem of Beta 9 where you can get 490% appeal with adults or hardcores and proceed to sell 3M, as if there's an infinite supply of fans. It's causing a runaway effect where releasing more always makes the next release gather more sales/fans. There could be a point where pretty much all of your group's relevant target audience knows you exist, and then your fan gains via singles and the promotion tool become less effective and start approaching zero.

2. Using set demographics?

For example, say 10M people live in the game's setting, and 2M are teens, with 500k being girls. In this fix, your total amount of hardcore+casual female teen fans can never be greater than 500k. As you approach 500k, the game starts limiting how many female teen fans you add with each release/promotion.

3. The participating idols' fanbase contributes to a single's success

For example, an idol with 8000 YA hardcore female fans is put in a single. The appeal of the single to YA hardcore female fans goes up and it's likely her fans will buy it. The game could look at the total group's fans and makeup for assigning gained fans to newer idols, but the idol makeup of the actual single should have more influence over the sales.

4. Fans could lose interest in the group over time and leave for good

This is a phenomena in real life that I think could add longevity to the game: With the AKB OG graduations, while some fans switched to newer idols, a lot went with their fave when she graduated, and transformed from hardcore fans to casuals, at best (if they didn't stop following the group entirely). When the girls graduate (Or threaten to), it could be made impactful by her fans being SERIOUS assets who can't be replaced: If they leave, their sale is gone, and it'll take clever play to garner new fans to replace the supporters of your OG and critical idols. Adding in some of the above tweaks, it may require targeting a new, untapped audience entirely because you've already saturated hardcore, adult males, for example.

Making the fans matter

(As a tie in to the point above, I think the fan opinion/appeal mechanic is ambiguous right now. I think that fans of the group as a whole and individuals getting upset over your choices and threatening to withhold support would help spice up gameplay.)


The game's tagline is something along the lines of "bring your group to the top by any means necessary", which I found exciting, but I really don't think there's anything in the game as of now that piques interest like the phrase "by any means necessary" does. 

I've seen people suggest making the game grittier/darker/edgier/more realistic by adding things like suicide/assault/exploitation etc. but I think that's adding realism at the consequence of fun. I do think the blackmail angle is good, but could be implemented more.

Maybe something like an intrigue system? Right now idols' wishes are sort of passive and must be initiated by the player, but what if they were more elaborate in their ambitions and personalized to the girl?

For example, the one dance practice event that exists right now: One of your idols feels the dance would look better if there was a costume change, and asks you to talk to the Choreographer about changing it, and that can result in conflict with the idol, conflict with the choreographer, conflict between the idol and choreographer or with other idols. All resulting because one idol asked you to make her look good.  There's also the "Idol A thinks Idol X isn't deserving of center/gigs" events. I'd like to see more of this, and I feel like they wouldn't have to have super-scripted story beats, either. Right now the wishes sorta hint at what I would imagine intrigue to be, but they're really passive and just seem like whims randomly assigned to idols, rather than steps in their goals. What if all idols in your agency essentially had the wish to be the top idol within it, but their definitions/methods of how to get there varied slightly and scaled up as you played?

To draw up a scenario, we have five idols: One has an "ultimate goal" of being a TV host, another being a solo act, another as an actress, one more of starting her own group as a producer, and another wants to be a top girl in your group. All five are idols in your group not to simply grow it, but to benefit somehow. So they ask for favors to help themselves get to their ultimate goal, which incidentally helps you grow your agency.

  • One thinks the group should do elegant dances
  • Another asks you for center
  • Another wants you to take someone out of center, or out of the single entirely
  • Another wants to have your top media show, which will require replacing an existing host/cancelling her show
  • Another asks you to blacklist Idol B out of business dealings
  • Idol C asks for Idol A to be fired/transferred to a new group
  • Idol D asks to transfer and center a sister group, or for a captain position
  • etc

Perhaps even other characters could take part in this? Fujimoto asking for a say in musical direction/pushes and lineup in exchange for assistance with assets?


It seems like a major goal of a lot of idol groups is to take a the success of a singular group and build it into a franchise (AKB>SKE, NMB, HKT, Nogi>Keya, Hina, =LOVE>Not Me, etc.). Subgroups seem to have been a popular feature request (And I know I've suggested it as well!), but now that I think about it, I believe they could offer a lot of new aspects to gameplay:

You start out as usual with just your single group "ABC46".  For one reason or another, due to your success with ABC46, you have the opportunity (or are encouraged/tasked) to establish a sister group "XYZ46" and make them popular as well.  Your current fans won't drop ABC in droves for the unknown XYZ, and won't all have the money to support both, so you need a way to attract attention and new fans to XYZ. I could see several gameplay scenarios that build off of it, like trying to garner fans at first by giving an XYZ member a major position/center in an ABC single that she can take back to boost the XYZ group (Like AKS did for Jurina in Oogoe Diamond),  transferring a major member of ABC to XYZ to give a quick boost to the fanbase, trying to boost sales of a single by combining distinct fan demographics in adding sister group members to the main ABC group's singles (Like AKS does nowadays), weaponizing the system to get rid of bullies/cliques and punish problem idols by "demoting" them to a more obscure sister group (Like Sashihara's move to HKT), rewarding/gaining influence over idols by promoting them to the main group or adding them on the main's singles, etc.

I could see this feature  leading to girls within one subgroup having a rivalry with other subgroups (Maybe the original ABC girls will resent the player/sister group if XYZ becomes a trending group, or two sister groups will develop resentment if they have similar identities and feel like the player/group is trying to "replace" the original.), or better relationships/fiercer resentment within their own subunit depending on how well it's doing/how recognized individual girls are within the franchise as a whole (ie girls who are always in XYZ singles have a good relationship but are resentful against girls who get to do XYZ AND ABC singles). Perhaps even fandoms could fit into this system? (Such as questioning the group if two sister groups have similar concepts or feeling alienated if the flagship ABC girls has its members phased out in favor of sister members, like is happening with the real AKB franchise.)

I could also see this system having good synergy with the "backdealing" nature of intrigue and helping individualize idols+characterize their fandoms. (Unhappiness upon getting demoted to another sister group after the request of an ambitious rival idol?) Maybe there could even be options in how transfers are organized by allowing some Team Shuffle event, which would be more palatable to fans and would build interest, rather than a quick and sudden notice of an idol being sent to a different group.


Well.... that was a lot, and a post that took me three days to finish. These are just musings/ramblings of mine, but these are basically the only additions I think would make the game completely fleshed out to me! thanks for reading, haha


Well, one thing's for sure: this guy idols.

There's no way to know if your feedback will end up being featured in the game when it's released or not, but I'm sure the devs will read this and I'm sure it'll be food for their thoughts. There's still at least 3 months of development until Idol Manager starts being sold on Steam and other platforms, so maybe there's still time to add more stuff, other than the rest of the main story and some features like the cafe and the theater. 

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While there's nothing wrong with the current graduation system, I'm kind of curious: I assume idols in real life sign some kind of contract about how long they have to stay?  I know K-pop idols sign a 7 year contract but I don't know about Japanese idol groups. I don't imagine an idol can stick around for only 6 months then be like "I'm outta here y'all bye!" and suffer no consequences for it. After all, a lot of money is invested into training a new idol. Any company would want that idol to return them a profit or pay a fee if they leave before their contract is up. 

For the final game, I think it'd be interesting to have a little more gameplay surrounding graduation. For example, being able to haggle with idols over their graduation, or know exactly why they are wanting to graduate. Kind of going off of 8thPrince's ideas above. Such as, "I feel my mental health isn't being taken care of in this group" or "I feel I never get center position," maybe you can fulfill her wish to keep her from leaving. Or maybe an idol says, "I'm too old, I think it's time for me to go," you could offer her her own TV show to get her to stay longer, or maybe have her work at a very slow rate so she can have more of an outside life in her late 20's. 

It seems to me right now that idols leave after some unspecified period of time and I don't know why or get any input in it. Seems as if it'd be more complex in real life.

Also I'd love to see more consequences and drama surrounding the election. For real idols, it'd suck to go down several spots, or to not even be in the top 10. It might make them rethink staying in the group. Maybe other idols who place in the top 3 will expect more money or opportunities. In the game right now, after the election everyone goes on with life as usual, except some idols have a few stars of fame added.

Anyways I'm super excited to see how fleshed out the game will be with new writing added! The core gameplay is really fun now but it just lacks that replayability without the drama, struggles, and pretty much humanity of the idols and their fans. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I do hope a little bit of darkness is added. I know many real idols go through terrible things behind the screen of cute costumes, pop-y music, and smiles. I'd love to see some light shined onto that. 


"It seems to me right now that idols leave after some unspecified period of time and I don't know why or get any input in it. Seems as if it'd be more complex in real life."

I know AKB and Sakamichi work like part-time jobs, they're free to leave at any time if they give notice. But the most popular girls generally need to wrap up their commitments before leaving and are asked to stay (AkiP haggled to postpone many of the 1st Gen AKB girls' graduations, but let Sasshi leave the first time she asked, for example.). But I see what you're hinting at, graduations are usually things that have to be approved/negotiated with management and might follow the end of their contracts/another single release. I'd also like to see some "haggling" (Although this would mean giving individual idols and their fans more worth so it's actually beneficial to keep girls, like you said.).

I do know the latest update apparently allowed you to convince girls to stay somehow, admittedly I haven't gotten enough graduations yet to run into this.

I think election drama sounds really interesting! There's been drama in the past like announcing a secret relationship, snafus where members shaded other idols, surprise graduation announcements: could be fun.

Had an single/concert/election cycle conclude at the start of July before the awards: game froze upon loading awards sequence. Loaded the autosave which was 15 minutes ago (despite setting mine to 60 seconds.). Landed after the single release but before the concert: concert never triggered after that, and therefore no election either.

Posting here to add that this is the second time this election bug has happened to me, and like I suggested last time, I really think the player should just trigger the concert+election themselves rather than trusting the game to do it so this bug is avoided entirely, it really quashes any enjoyment to play anymore when it happens since you lose progress and you're penalized in game for cancelling the election.

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OK major gripe with the latest update pertaining to unfair mode:

Locking off the bank loans and making all the loans tasked-based for Fujimoto is fine, but these tasks need to be actionable in game: "get a drama role" "pretty photoshoot" "get x an ad deal" "release a metal single" are things the player can influence or do themselves, things like "get a photoshoot in Tokyo Wanker" "get a variety show appearance on idol de lunch" are not and turns the game into a 20-sided coin-toss. These already annoyed me when I rolled them pre-Beta 12 because they made interest-free loans nigh unlockable but on unfair mode they make loans impossible if you don't roll the right show/publication. Either you should be able to influence the type of business deal AND the publication offering it, or there shouldn't be publication-centered tasks.


adding on that a reroll for the task would be great:the single and business offer ones are accomplishable while in debt, but if you get a "start a show" one in unfair difficulty while in debt, you're essentially stuck


You're right, I think I'll remove unactionable tasks in 12.1 and rework this system for the next update

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I played through the new update for a few hours and this is my idea about the random events. 

I'd love to see longer story events that extend over a few weeks, and maybe have several options which branch off to other options that will appear later on. For example, the cult story was really unique lmao. But it ends so quickly... I chose "cease and desist" and everything stopped there. Why not choose "cease and desist," but the cult doesn't listen, then a few weeks later a related choice pops up, such as "The cult didn't listen to you and in fact has started sending one of your idols creepy letters. What will you do now? A. Monitor the idol's mail or B. get the police involved" Like... all the stories now just feel very low-stakes and repetitive. Worst case scenario, you maybe lose some influence with an idol and a few million dollars (which is nothing in later gameplay.) It just feels like rolling a dice, rather than actually being immersed in a story about idols.

I'm just a little worried about the finished gameplay being repetitive. This being given 1 choice for 1 event seems like it'll get somewhat old unless there's like 100+ random events with higher stakes. Although this gets me wondering whether Idol Manager is supposed to be more of a board game with cards and dice, a visual novel with emotions and real stakes involved, or a mix of both... hm. I'm very excited to see where this game ends up, and hope you have lots more content planned. The game gets richer with each update and I think most of us wouldn't mind waiting longer for a better game. 


Personally I want to see events where you have no choices but to outright fire the idol or get a contract blacklist where your business proposal failure rate jumps up considerably and actual fanbase loss. Or hell even a chance of critical injuries from events. Create sense of anxiety and risk that comes with the industry that isn't just a couple of scandal points and a ding on your yen earning.

Another worse case scenario idea is to for STAFF in trouble or help you out, no longer just about your pretty girls up front but your talent in the back also has their own wants and needs. A music producer who decides to double dip despite a non competitive clauses forces you to either let him get away with it putting upcoming singles at risk of losing fans because both songs sounded the same to a choreographer who's provocative choreos (ala Stellar's Marionette) gets your stuff not approved for tv music videos, costing you buzz if you had a PV with it. 


Yeah, we're working on a proper story plus a bunch of longer substories

The idea for the final game is for you to play through the story mode once or a few times, and if you still want more you can play the free mode (which is pretty much like the current beta) where you have these random events to break the routine

Amazing, I can't wait then :)


“Although this gets me wondering whether Idol Manager is supposed to be more of a board game with cards and dice, a visual novel with emotions and real stakes involved, or a mix of both... hm.”

Sorry, I know this post is weeks old, but this was really interesting to me and got me wondering about how different people play this game... To me, it’s neither of these: There’s no plot, or more importantly, *literary narrative* (ie no prose, no setting description, time progression within the plots, etc.) to speak of so it can’t be a visual *novel* (Unless we’re taking base components like “has anime visuals and textbox options that influence relationships=VN, but then Telltale games/Until Dawn etc seem much closer to being a VN than this game despite lacking the anime aesthetic)

It’s also not similar to a boardgame to me: at least not a casual one. The events do feel like something you might get in tabletop RPGs or games like that, but some of the mechanics, though honestly very nebulous in function (Opinion, appeal, etc.), are too involved and too prevalent to lend itself to being like a boardgame to me.

In my view, the game looks like a tycoon/management sim game, plays like one, etc. And that’s why I cautiously eye the promise of a story in the full release: I guess I’m slightly worried because the game has the ingredients/makings for a great idol management sim, but I feel it still hasn’t fully realized all it could do: If the story turns out to be just okay at the sacrifice of a game that has more to offer in the way of more challenges/things to do after you start making 20million off of each single released..... Would that be worth it if this game *really* feels like an idol management sim, not a idol visual novel? I guess I’m apprehensive because in SimCity, Civilization, etc., questions like “wait, why ARE we the mayor of this city? What’s our work history? Who are the settlers I’m directing? Who are my advisors?” and so on AREN’T pertinent questions because the game isn’t about lore and following story beats, it’s about building a powerful city/empire. Similarly, right on the box, Idol Manager is a management sim about building a great idol agency: So I do kinda worry when I read Fujimoto’s intro with the shadow figure, as I’m thinking, “wouldn’t frequent story breaks like this dampen the experience of someone who wants to manage idols directly? And wouldn’t the hands-on management portions of the game be a drag to someone who wants to play a VN about an idol agency?” It’s to the point I audibly groan if I forget to turn off the intro dialogue upon starting a new game, lol.

I guess I’m in-line with your last thought: I would not mind waiting longer if the devs want to deliver a better idol management sim that the game already promises. *But* I also hope they consider that taking longer to devote time to strictly working on a *story* might not necessarily make the game stronger, when at its core, Idol Manager shows all the signs of a management/tycoon sim that really doesn’t necessitate a plot. (Especially when some design choices kinda clash with the game, for example, one I’ve hit on a few times is that you’re managing an idol *agency* with only one act, that can only release one single song at a time with a maximum of 15 girls, yet you can hire as many girls as you want even though you’ll have little for them to do and no way to organize/group them in-game for convenience, linking back to the first problem of having only one group that can release only one song at a time with a handful of girls.)


Oh yeah another side note... I don't understand the buzz system, and I'm not sure if you've done away with it since it doesn't appear on the screen anymore?

But it seems to me that the media is strangely inconsequential now. I had a TV show for several weeks and only got 53 new fans from it. I see no point in having media except to advance my promotions levels. I don't want to spend millions of yen to get 53 new fans when I already have 100,000+... 

Unless it is adding buzz and buzz brings in a ton of new fans? I'm not really sure haha. But personally I'd either make it so you get a larger amount of new fans from media or make it clear how many fans buzz is adding.

I also don't understand the new cafe system well, if you hover over the cafe it says something like "1,000 new fans per idol per shift" but I didn't notice my fan count going up any more than ~20 per day. I'm not sure if this is a glitch, or if my current fans are moving to "biasing" that idol (I don't know the J-pop word for bias sorry!) 


Buzz got pretty pointless after we changed the way you get new fans, so yeah I'm slowly removing it

"per shift" means the fans are added when the idol finishes working at the cafe. If you manually removed her or she stopped because of low stamina, then she gets only part of the fans (e.g. if she stopped at half of the shift, she gets 500 fans instead of 1000)

(1 edit)

Ahh does the shift last several in-game days? That'd make more sense. It'd be helpful if you add some way to tell which idols are in the cafe, like the little bubble with their face on it. 

EDIT: My bad, totally didn't realize I had to click "auto" for idols to start working! 


There should be bubbles like in other rooms, if there are no bubbles then it means that these girls are just random staffers, not your idols. You still get money from cafes with no idols but no new fans. Try drag and dropping an idol into a cafe

I agree with Mintygum...  Without buzz, media and most business proposals seem kinda pointless.  They don't get you the fans nor the fame that are worth the expenditure of your idol's physical stamina.

Buzz is a real world thing, and the game seems kinda incomplete without it.


It would be very handy to be able to sort the idols by Friendship and Influence.


Kinda hinted at this before with asking about having two centers, but now I'm wondering, is there anyway we could have the option of designing/controlling the size of a single formation? I'm not sure if there are any in-game/engine constraints to this but I've had a couple of games where I have 30-40 girls 6 years into the game and would like the option to have more than just 15 per single. Not everyone would use it all the time but I'm sure lots would appreciate the option to put as many girls as you feel you would need (I'd get that feasibly it probably can't be infinite, but I think a ceiling between 30/40/50 would satisfy everyone.) 

Going off of that, the election calculating more spots as you add more idols would be appreciated. I get how a "Top 10" is universal for countdowns but since the election is based off of the SSK I do find it weird how it doesn't at least match the (current) max single size of 15 idols. Finally, the current finished election event only lists the Top 5, could it be expanded to list all spots? It's a bit of a hassle because I like making a single based off of the results and I have to write it down/take a pic of the results before exiting the event if I want to remember who to add.


This!  I've been wishing for the possibility of double centers, too, and just having alternate formations would be really cool!  Not sure what would be a reasonable upper limit on how many idols to have in one single, but 15 feels a little small later in the game.  

As for the election, I'd also personally like to add a potential incentive to it by having the winning members be the lineup for a single!   It would make it more of a worthwhile gamble to rig the elections too.  It  would be cool to increase the limit based on that (maybe you could choose the limit based on the formations you'd unlocked or something?)


Maybe this is just me but I think it might be nice to have a few random happy events amongst all the chaotic cults, sweaty handshakes, misprinted CD's and everything else that goes down lol. 

Like "An elementary schooler recognized (idol) in the street and gave her her favorite teddy bear, (idol's) training is multiplied by 1.5 for 1 week" or something. I love the drama but a little wholesomeness might be nice too ;) 


ok Update review:


Mixed-to-negative feelings, it’s a bit.... it doesn’t feel like a game: I built 2 in a game while having a high promotion level, and suddenly I barreled from having 150k fans to 500k in a matter of weeks, and had to self-impose a rule of not leveling up promotion too high and only keeping one cafe. Then in another game I put one cafe and had my unpopular, newest idols work it to try and boost their fans while they weren’t in singles: in a matter of weeks at promotion level +750 fans, I realized ALL my girls were working the cafe because the cafe had enabled my newest hires to catch up with girls who had been in singles for 2 years, and they all had the same amount of fans now.

I think the cafe fits into the game as a source of income: the fandom gain feels off.  While i like the idea of another type of passive fandom growth (ie you can gain fans without having to release a single, like with media and drama shows), the fact it gains SO MUCH and is an overpowered, superior version of the regular promotion tool is what makes it too much (And personally I don’t think it’s a fun mechanic, it’s very clicker game-esque where the cafe is essentially clicking the promotion button for you and there’s really no sort of gameplay involved with it.).


I’ve played through unfair mode 3 times, and honestly it was no problem using the same “start as a modeling agency” strat. Other than rent adjustments and loans, I don’t see what’s changed between regular mode and this one, to be honest (And like a few other mechanics, I do really think this mechanic should be explained in detail rather than just “various balance changes”.)

Events and Art

The new events are fun and break up monotony, and the new art is great. I have more to say about this (Partly there should just be more in general), but I think I might make one big IM review in a bit.... Anyways really enjoyed them, good job.


I agree, in terms of fans, the cafe is massively overpowered.  As a source of additional income, I'm not so sure.  Unless you build one early(ish), by the time you can comfortable afford a cafe - you don't need additional income.

I could see the cafe (and theater?) as more of an early game thing.  (The AKB048 model.)  A step just past the "modeling agency" stage.  (Though I'm not fond of that model, it is easiest starting strategy.)

(1 edit) (+2)

OK I actually agree with both your points but wasn't sure if I was projecting: By the time you can get 10m to build a cafe, your concerts and singles make more than enough to offset any costs you have.

And I wasn't sure if I was crazy for feeling that the cafe is something we should get for free/cheap at the start of the game: it's already superior to the promotion and performance tasks by passively generating money and fans at the same time, just that it adds too many fans and kind of plays itself.

I just bought the game and already had my first misstep, when the audition finished I didn't select any idols there should probably be a warning popup if you didn't  select anyone or closing the window shouldn't be possible until you revealed all/one of the idols.

Personally, I would like a way to lock the scrollbar at the side. Pretty much every time I move my mouse to the bottom to click one of the buttons down there, I accidentally scroll down on the building. It would be nice to have a way to lock the scrollbar so that it would just stay centered on the building where I have my rooms built instead of having to adjust it constantly.

(2 edits) (+2)

I was wondering, have you possibly considered expanding some of the marketing options into being a new part of single production, like making a PV/Music Video to promote the single? There’s already Bikini PV and Viral campaign that sort of hint at this, I could see that being it’s own category and being expanded to include different types of videos (Flash Mob, Traditional/Kimono, School, One-Take Dance, Drama, Action, Mini-Movie, Sports, Parody, Band PV, Retro, Travel/Foreign Location PV....)

Maybe these PVs could include a new staff role, or maybe you could “audition” Directors like you do with idols when you want to have a PV and chose from randomly drawn Directors with varying specialities/production levels in each type of PV? I could even see these PVs becoming a separate tab similar to media/part of the single release results screen where you can see how many views you got for the PV first week and see how views increase/decreased after the release week/week-to-week

Also, I don’t remember who said it, but I think being able to include more than one song on each single, and possibly work up to producing albums would be a cool addition. (You could designate which song is the A-side, but additionally package it with more songs that have different styles/idol lineups that can affect the appeal and sales of the entire single, maybe even solos, etc.) Each song might need separate production for the lyrics, dance, song, PVs so there’s a opportunity cost of being able to release less singles/having a more expensive single but it might have improved demographic appeal/sales. Also would give people with large idol rosters more to do with their girls instead of having to switch them out every single release


Totally agree. I love the game but the ability to release PVs and albums would make it a hundred times better.

(2 edits) (+6)

A few suggestions and some feedback: 

- I think it would be interesting if idols came directly to you more often if they felt unhappy or bothered. Maybe they want less work, maybe they want a raise, maybe they don't feel like practicing anymore, or maybe they don't like one of the group's policies. It'd be a good way to know what your idols are thinking. I just had an idol graduate less than a year after joining the group, at the age of 18, and maybe things could've gone differently if she had told me she was unhappy about her salary.

- 'Unfair' difficulty didn't seem to do anything. I actually had an even easier time making money this time, and didn't even have to get a loan from Fujimoto. Within the 1st in-game year, I was already sitting on tons of millions of yen (thanks to photoshoots and negotiations at first, then a few successful singles). Didn't even need to build a cafe to thrive.  Other than saying "Nerf everything, make us suffer, we like pain, misery and bankruptcy", I'd suggest specifically slowing down the rate at which your staff levels up their skills (in order to force players to spend more money hiring new staff members if they wanna grow faster), or maybe even cap their skill development. For example: if the player hires a 'Beginner' manager with 2* contract skills, that manager can only develop their contract skills up to 5*. The player will, then, be forced to hire a better manager if they wanna get better contracts, and will either have to fire the 'Beginner' level manager, or keep paying her salary. And, speaking of staff salaries, they should be higher in the 'Unfair' difficulty, since they're not dynamic like the idols'. Just to make things more fun :)


The newest update sounds positively bonkers and is probably the biggest package of changes/additions you've made in an update, I'm beyond impressed just reading about it..... Huge kudos for all the work that surely went into it. Starting it rn!

(1 edit) (+3)

Hm, after a couple of hours of play, here are some small changes I could see:

On the sister groups screen where you can allocate the formation points (cute, cool, sexy, etc.) it'd be helpful if there was a way to undo an addition: I didnt know what was happening at first and accidentally sorted one of my points, and there's no way to undo it. A "cancel" option so you can leave that screen without saving if you make a mistake would be nice.

More designation between groups would be a godsend:

1) In the production/released tabs: I was working on two groups' singles simultaneously and they look identical, perhaps you could chose a color when you make the group too, and all their associated "tabs" retain that color for distinction's sake?

2) On the girls' job sections, maybe it could take a page from Stage48 and list singles like this:


Give Me Six

Sounds Great

Tartan Plaid


White Goat

instead of just having all the titles one after one another chronologically?  (As in, Give Me Six releases on July 2018, Sounds Good on Aug 2018, but the idol participated in the sister groups' White Goat on Sept 2018, and then the full group's Tartan Plaid again on October 2018. Instead of WG following Sounds Good, it's separated to indicate which group the song came from.)

3) Following that, the tooltip for formations on the released single tab already looked a little cramped with how it tried to represent positions with written names, but now that there are sister groups I think it would be helpful if it showed maybe a list, rather than a comma-separated paragraph, split by group, and then displayed the formation when you clicked on the single's "card". The different groups' singles being tabbed separately instead of all being listed chronologically would also help!

Finally this is kind of a bug, but during the single formation screen, it will wipe your formation if you switch the group tab. The main group tab also retains all your hires across all groups, not sure if that's on purpose.

Thanks for reading! Still got lots to play, lol

(3 edits) (+4)

OK so a bigger change suggestion I have regarding sister groups is that stamina-draining marketing choices like handshakes, 2 shot etc shouldn't affect girls outside of that group when it comes to their single release. I think a potential advantage of the sister groups is that you can rotate through their releases while another group rests up but with all their marketing tied together it kind of neutralizes this positive.

(1 edit) (+4)

Update 13 Review/Impressions

I think this is the best update and brings Idol Manager a huge step closer to feeling like a fully-fleshed/realized game! I'll talk about why I like it, where I could see the elements in it going and where I think the rest of Idol Manager could be filled in.


I like the utility of scandal points now, as they kinda just sat there before. There's reasons to want to get rid of them before your next single, now. I got a real shock when I tried to fire a staff worth 3 points and got an event!

Sister Groups

I like so many parts: how they interact with the clique/relationship system, how you decide which group they appeal to and how the formation stats per single factor into how well they appeal, etc. Regarding  the appeal, I like how it diversifies the types of idols you have due to the fanbases supporting idols of different groups: For example, I've never had an idol with a majority casual fans until I started a sister group targeting casuals, leading to an interesting scenario where despite one idol of that sister group having the most fans of any idol in all groups, she placed 6th in the election because the single was bought mostly by hardcore fans.

I feel like it's improved the longevity of a playthrough, as when you run out of things to do with your main group, you can just start a sister group and try building them up. But it's not exactly the same playthrough as you've got to juggle twice the amount of activities, leading to more engagement.

Where Sister Groups Could Go

I like the changes done to the game to integrate them (Like sales being affected by fans of idols in the single), and even wish some of them applied to the main group (Like being able to "upgrade" your appeal based off the stats of the songs, which would give leveling up stats a bit more importance.). I think some additions/tweak could be:

1) Aesthetic Differentiation

Like I've said above, aesthetic/UI-wise, some things look too similar when you want to focus on one sister group. I think something simple like picking a color for your new sister group, and then EVERY piece of info having to do with them carrying on that aesthetic would be very helpful.  Their singles' tabs, member profiles/portraits, etc.

UI-wise, things like organizing their singles on separate pages from every other group, their singles separately from the main group's in the jobs section, the compact view still respecting sister group division, etc...

2) Tools catered to their addition

Things like being able to audition idols directly into a sister group instead of having to bring them from the main group after hiring them, being able to assign workers/coaches/stylists to auto-train within/find contracts for a specific group instead of the whole franchise...

3) Separate concerts/media

Being able to create sister group-specific shows (this mostly pertains to the "random" and full-group cast options) instead of drawing from the whole franchise, and more importantly,  separate concerts where sister groups can have their own concert with a setlist drawn from their singles.

Possible Additions/Changes for the Whole Game

What I think the sister groups do well is that they add additional "cogs" to your idol machine and keep you on your toes trying to manage them. I think features that add these types of moving parts would help increase the longevity of a playthrough. Going from small-ish/subtler ideas to big ones:

Measures of success

Just some fun stats, perhaps some screen showing the fandom growth+sales growth of each group over time, showing the fan growth of individual girls over time, etc. The latter might be especially useful for deciding which girls you want to pay attention to, especially when you might miss the fan growth of girls who are doing dramas/shows but aren't in singles if you aren't checking on them.

Bigger formations/double center recognition

Now that sister groups are a thing, I'd love to be able to bring different demographics from different groups to the main singles, but 15 is a little small for this purpose. Hoping to see this number increase in the future!

More genres/subgenees, ability to tell what's trending

Already know I mentioned this, but I think diversifying some of the appeal combos would be interesting and helpful in single creation.

Idol personalities

Maybe idols can have likes and dislikes? They naturally like certain genres/dance styles/lyrics and will get a boost if they're on a song within that genre, or a hit if it's a style they don't like. Maybe some like being toward the front and others get anxiety being in the spotlight. Maybe an idol doesn't like doing cute/sexy jobs and will ask you to not give her those types of deals.


Just some completionist goals, like "Release 48 singles", "sell 1 million copies", "have 100 idols at once", "create 10 groups",  "unlock every genre", etc, and lots of them!

Deepening mechanics

Perhaps this would be something only in Normal/Unfair difficulty, but I could see certain mechanics expanded on to provide some challenge: I read up some of the earlier promotion for the game, and I thought one of the interesting concepts was that your group would have relationships with specific business that give out contracts. This could be interesting in where business might return to offer better offers to you upon completion of a successful contract, or might blacklist you/a specific idol for sometime if you break a contract/get in a scandal. Maybe the fame system, which kind of comes off as defunct since buzz is gone and also lacked a function, could be tied into this, where when idols exceed a certain tier of fame, they gain access to a new, higher-quality tier of sponsors/businesses? 

The individual handshake, while super helpful for increasing sales, is too overpowered right now imo. The more idols you have, the crazier its bonus gets (I have 3 groups and get a 1000%+ bonus now that i've upgraded it a few times, so it does result in a runaway effect the longer you play.) Maybe a way it can be balanced is by tying it to fame and having some additional depth to it? For example, right now essentially each idol adds the same flat percentage, they contribute the same amount of fan sales. Instead maybe it could be based off the handshake slot system? Each girl is assigned a number of spots, and when they're sold, more can't be bought. If they don't sell out, it's not counted as a sale. This sort of scenario:

Individual Handshake has +10% hardcore appeal per idol (in a best case scenario)

You have five idols, resulting in a best case of 50%. Each idol gets 2 slots consisting of 5%, and they're evenly split between them all by default. You go with the default, but due to a couple of your idols being new/unpopular, you only get a ~30% boost rather than a full 50% (Because realistically no one's gonna go for a handshake with someone unknown, right?) But perhaps your most popular idol has more fans/demand than 2 slots would allow: you can take slots from the girls who won't fill up all their slots and give them to her, boosting you to 50 anyways, at the cost of her stamina being drained more.  Inversely, maybe your most popular girl is working on a lot of contracts right now and you want her to conserve her stamina, so you have her sit out the handshake by distributing her slots to other girls who can take them on. The girls spend a bit more stamina, but gain more fans than they might have before, you sell the same amount of handshakes, and your original idol isn't in danger of injury. This is just an idea I had that hits on the management aspect of the game (And I've always wanted an option to allow idols to opt-out of handshakes).

Music videos+albums

Like I wrote in a previous post, I think this is a natural inclusion for the game someday down the line, where the PVs might have their own genres that benefit the song they're associated with, and where you can work on multiple songs at once and tie them together to a single/EP/album that's more effective (but more expensive) than a single song. These would also give you a way to include all your idols and have them gain fans, even if they aren't quite ready to be on an A-side. These b-sides could also be used for concerts and help fulfill those center wishes.

More special events

Kind of anti-climactic for a final idea, but I'd love to see a Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament event be included in the game! Just gimmicky and fun, maybe with you being able to watch the randomized matches in real-time. 


This really does feel like the strongest update so far, I'm definitely going to be playing it for a while. Thank you for taking everyone's suggestions and feedback into consideration, because you can really feel the game getting stronger with each update!

here's some ideas i have! also, i already am in love with the game.

- can we have a survival show? where instead of auditions, we can have a reality show where we look for a new trainee or trainees (new generation?) and fans can vote for their favorite trainee (and eliminate their least favorites). we can also rig the shows by purposely editing a trainee terribly or changing the winner / lineup overall. rigging is also a bit scandalous, because the company can be exposed for this.

survival shows can help the group grow in popularity. some trainees that can join the survival shows can be popular ex members of a group, actresses, models, social media inferencer, or even an average person.  

- reunion concerts. i honestly want to do more with the graduated idols. maybe we can do a once a year concert with former members.

this can make old fans who left the group after said idol graduated return to the group.

- music videos. that's it.

- siblings in the group.

- male idols / groups!

- scandals in shows

- more idols walking to you with problems. 

- employees being abusive with power storyline!


Could you add new random names from the Sakamichi series also?

And is there a tag for all the result of past elections in the game?I love data!

(1 edit) (+4)

I'll admit, I am a complete noob when it comes to the world of j-pop and k-pop, and, while I may be a newcomer, there's a rather basic aspect of the whole talent agency culture they have that isn't fully portrayed in Idol Manager, though it'd probably be relatively easy to implement. We can name our character, group and sister groups, come up with songs and shows with unique titles, and even give our idols and employees nicknames. So much naming left and right... but how come we can't give our own agency a name? I personally feel like that would add, even if superficially, a new layer of personalization and identity creation to the game. Hell, if you let us name our company and give us some 5 preset logos to choose from, we'll loudly and proudly call that agency our own. Of course that could be expanded upon with more dialogues and events focused on agencies, in addition to the ones focused on groups and idols, but just being able to give our own company a name would already be something meaningful.

I think it'd be cool to add heights to each girl. Either just having one height a girl is during her whole time as an idol or maybe over time some girls could get taller if they were added when they were younger. 


Male idols!!!!


I tried it days ago and after hours of play, I think there's so many aspects that could be improved. I don't know if anyone already shared the same ideas, but here are mine:

- I think the relationship system has so many possibilities, not only between the producer (us) and the idol, but also between idols. For example, if Idol A has a good relationship with Idol B, when the producer does something unfair to one of them, another's relationship (or influence) with the producer will decrease, and the same thing happens if the producer does a good deed to one them. If Idol A and B has a sour relationship, the relationship (influence) will increase to one idol when the producer does something unfair to the other. Also, it's no secret that many otaku likes to see the group they like has a great chemistry with each other. It'll be great if the producer can persuade two members to appear intimate with each other and push them to please the fans, thus raising number of fans and generate more kaching.

- Merchandises. Selling CD is one of the main business of idols, but merchandises is one of the most profitable source of income for group with less members. We can buy the merchandises and sell them in concerts. I think K*irosoft's M*rch to M*llion has a good implementation of this.

- Last, but the most important thing in the industry is recording label. In reality, it's impossible to have self-produced and self-distributed CD to have one million sales. That's why recording label is important. Producer (or manager) may send proposals to recording labels in order to get time-limited contract, which can be renewed. Or if you're great enough for independent idol, proposals from recording label will arrive to you. The advantage of having a contract with recording label is they will set you a fixed budget, thus cutting some amount the expense for releasing CD. Also, it'll be awesome if label allows us to use music producer with high skills outside management and specialized in one genre for a price, resulting in a better music to cater casual audiences. Still, the advantages we get from having a contract with recording label has a high price. The way to renew the contract is by meeting certain sales and completing tasks from the label (the same way if we want to lend money from Fujimoto), and fail to do so means our contract may not be renewed. Recording label is kind of sensitive with public image too, so having too many scandal points will likely be resulted in contract termination.

Due to language barrier, my explanation isn't so detailed, I'm sorry. Hope you can put it to consideration! 


I like the above mention of merch: Maybe you could pick an idol and create a photobook for her based off a stat, and then by combination of her fame/that stat level it affects the sales of the photobook/the amount of fans she gains from it?

An addition to theater I could see is being able to decide a setlist for performances: the quality of the song/its vocal and dance values might boost the training performers get.  Also, I think idols need to be scheduled as well, and get boosts/stamina drain individually. I think it's a negative departure that the cafe has the ability to "schedule" girls (Sort of: If it's on manual, but you have to drag your girl back to the cafe if she finishes a shift which is already overly-tedious) but the theater doesn't when it could really be useful for boosting newer girls.  We could pick 3 or so girls for each day, and they're the ones performing and getting boosts. Maybe not changing the setlist/performers over time might cause the audience to get bored and require you to switch it up over time and cycle songs/idols through the setlist, just to make the theater a bit more hands-on. I also think it'd be great if girls could gain some fans by being in the theater, and I think it kinda fits better into the idol growth cycle than gaining fans through waiting tables lol. And with the cap of a live audience being 300 and streaming having some barriers, I think it would avoid the runaway growth that the cafe gave girls.

Finally, with the addition of the new room type, this is something that's been bothering me: I think there's too much to look at. My building just SCRAWLS up and down the screen, out of sight. You have cafes and theaters which take up 2 floors with just one of each, two floors to fit break rooms and single production rooms, another two floors to fit doctors and offices: it's too much to keep track of now. I agree with a much earlier suggestion that it might be time to consider allowing the player to upgrade rooms, rather than forcing them to add another floor on top of what they have: An upgraded breakroom takes your old one and allows it to restore stamina for 10 idols at 1.25 the original cost, then 15, etc., the cafe has its capacity doubled when upgraded, the office upgrade allows more than one staffer to work there.... The dollhouse style looks nice when you're only utilizing the first two or three floors with only a few roomtypes, but as the complexity goes up, it gets messy (Especially when you have to process things like business deals when your worker is 3 stories apart from the other two.) The released singles also could use some de-cluttering, like with separating sister group singles.


Room upgrades is something I have mentioned in the past, and that I still think could be a great addition to the game. When I think of Fallout Shelter (which has a similar room-based building and expanding system), the first thing that comes to mind is how much I hated going through endless levels and floors, trying to look for a certain character. Upgrading rooms just makes sense. Give your break room an extra couch and a TV so the idols can recover more stamina. Buy new equipment for the doctor's office so idols have a smaller chance of needing a hiatus. Rebuild your recording studio to increase single quality and sales. Get your stylist some new outfits and tools so her work yields better results (huge potential for unlockable outfits and styles here. Give the players another reason to level up their stylist and upgrade their room.) Of course, I'm talking about the details here. It's not about literally buying a golden pair of scissors for your stylist or some hot pink IKEA couch for your break room, those examples are just to illustrate the potential of room upgrades. It'll give the players something else to do (upgrading rooms), something to work towards (unlockables and boosts) and will help balance the game's economy (players will spend more money with upgrades).


Second that.

At least, I wish there will be a button to remove the room, since we can fire an employee.

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I'm new here, but I have lots of ideas for this great game.

First one is the Singles chart.

The only reason we are interested in the data is the relationship. Maybe having the real rival teams is cool, but it means nothing just for the simulation names.
For example, how many players will glance the singles chart even when they don't produce a single in the month?
I won't, because it makes no difference to me. The rival teams are not existing. They are only series of simulation names, even the names change every month.

Instead of the original singles chart, how about focusing on the player's prodution data.
Here is the format of oricon single weekly ranking:

(Statistics Date/ Week/ Rank/ Weekly Sales/ Cumulative Sales)

For now, we released a single, and get the simplified result. How about making it more real? Not just an eventually result, but a continuity process.
Refer to the media system, we can check up the data of single sales every week, and get the profit every week.
Make a deadline for the sales, such as the fatigue of media, maybe depends on the appeal ect.

I think the continuity process always makes players excited.

(1 edit) (+1)


This might be difficult to change, but I think it's worth to try. :p

Experience system

Every idol gets the level cap. For example, normal idol's cap is 20, silver is 25, golden is 30, and platinum is 35. When the level is up, every attribute of idol will promote automatically. Maybe also gift some points for players to add on freely. To go a step further, we can get points to redeem the trait or cancel the negative trait.

Every idol has a random initial value, and starts with level 1. They get exp from all kinds of activities and level up with enough exp. For now, an idol can only promote their attribute by practicing in the recording studio/dance room. It's inefficiency and making no sense. For example, an idol should get better exp from the concert than the studio. All the activities should offer different exp to the idol. Photoshoot, advertisement, drama, variety show, performance, promotion ect, you know what I mean.

I've played this game over 10 rounds. Everytime I got bored with making lots of money. Yes, I can build my best group with the best idols from the nationwide auditions. Let's say, they are "platinum" idols. Do you get the point? I love my idols from the start. They don't own the great attribute, and most of them are the "normal" idol. For the currently system, it's difficult to promote their attribute to the average value. So usually the ordinary strategy is: pick the normal idols in the beginning, make enouth money, pick the platinum idols. It's like putting the cart before the horse. I think the word "produce" means you train the idols and make them better.
The experience system will make idols better, and make the "old" normal idols more useful.

Thanks for reading.

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This might be much more difficult to change, but I still think it's worth to try. :p

New sort of attribute


-It's the most important attribute for an idol.
-It won't be promoted automatically by leveling up.
-Every new level, You can only get 1 free point to add on.

-Related to fans appeal, bussiness proposal: photoshoot, advertisement, election


-Related to media: radio, practice speed in the recording room, concert, single sales


-Related to practice speed in the dance room, concert, stamina (I think great dancers should get bonus on stamina.)


-Related to bussiness proposal: TV drama, concert, media: TV, election


-Related to speed of level up (Smarter idol needs less exp), election, graduation(For the school :p)


-Related to fans appeal, bussiness proposal: variety, talk break, media: radio, internet, TV

Every idol gets one of the 5 types:
*Numbers of parenthesis is just for example.

Refer to the research, every type has several level to promote.
The idol can promote it in the dressing room.


-Bonus on all types of choreography(+10%)
-Appeal to all types of fans(+5%)

-The value of appearance can't be higher than 70


-Bonus on type of choreography(+20%)
-Appeal to Hardcore(+30%), casual(-10%), teen(-5%)

-Bonus on type of choreography(+20%)
-Appeal to Female(+20%), teen(+10%), Male(-10%), Adult(-5%)


-Bonus on type of choreography(+20%)
-Appeal to Male(+35%), Female(-20%)
-Bonus on dating scandal :p


-Bonus on type of choreography(+20%)
-Appeal to Male(+10%), Female(+10%), Hardcore(-20%)
-Bonus on dating scandal :p
-Bonus points for Appearance

Thanks for reading.

Make the idol more unique!

(2 edits) (+1)

To be honest, I don't like the original sort of attributes. 

Now, cute, cool, sexy, pretty is like modeling. So, we can easily promote them in the dressing room. Let's say, idol A gets maxed stat for 4 modeling. How will you describe her? She is  cute, cool, sexy and pretty. Well, you know what I mean :p

I think cute, cool, sexy, pretty should be considered as a trait. It helps players to build an unique icon for each idol.
Instead of it, the idol needs appearance. It's talent inborn.  It's simple and clear.

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Me again, this might be very easy to change.

In the beginnig, the group's name, it should be changed with company's name.

For example, we name the group's name, just call it A46.
One day we plan to build a new sister group, call it B46.
In reality, the idols from the new auditions will be placed in B46 directly.
But in the game, they will still be placed in A46, then we move them to B46.
It doesn't make sense.

We should get a company name first.
Each idol from the auditions will be a trainee in the company until the debut day.
Then we name the new group, and pick idols into it. Produce a singles. Congratulations! You are debut.
That's the meaning of group's name.

This! Moving idols from the first group to the sister groups is a hassle, I wish we could audition specifically for sister groups


After reading through parousie's ideas, they hit on two things I'm interested in as well: Recurrency/continuous single sales. As is you release the single, and whatever it sells first week is its "total lifetime sales". I'm also interested in seeing singles continue to sell beyond their release week like actual singles in their example. It'd be an extra source of income, and could add some more decision making: Maybe an old single might sell more when its genre/dance/lyric style is trending? Maybe new genres and marketing styles could be introduced that improve longevity of single sales, or trade-off debut sales for increased sales over time. Could make copy production more involved too: You produce 300000 copies of a single, take a bit of a loss and sell 215000 singles 1st week, BUT those 85000 leftover copies can be bought over time, and you'll continue to see sales if your single had the right genre/marketing choices. On the other hand you might lowball how many copies you needed, and sell all 300000 the first week or very early on, now you can't take advantage of your song exceeding expectations and possibly selling another 50000 copies in the next few weeks, had you made that many.

Also agreed on how the game does sorta encourage you to only work with platinum idols (The new awards benefit for Best Employer pretty much ensure you'll mostly get silver/gold/plat idols), when normal ones mostly build the foundation for your company, and are the ones you attach to first and most strongly. Your highest earners and first centers are most likely normal idols, but they're objectively worse than most idols you'll draw after your first in-game year. I wish there was A) a way to disable special idols and B) following that, a way to rebalance regular idols to have strengths somewhat level to the special ones.


Allow me to share my two cents with you guys. You've brought some really great ideas to the table here, and mentioned some aspects of the game that really could benefit from a few tweaks and changes.

First, we have single sales and data. Though this is relatively minor, it would be incredibly cool to have a menu or a tab dedicated to details stats and data about your singles, groups, employees, everything. From the most obvious 'Total single sales' to stuff like 'Time spent writing lyrics' or 'Failed negotiations'. Again, it wouldn't be the end of the world if that feature doesn't make into the game, but it would be nice being able to take a look at everything you've done while managing your company. Additionally, adding continuous single sales to the game would be a nice little touch of realism indeed, even though it could affect the game's economy (negatively, in my opinion), so it would sure be welcome.

Now, about idols and levels. I completely agree with what's been said about getting attached to the idols we start the game with and not wanting to replace them with other idols with higher attributes, though, at the same time, I also understand those who would rather have an ultra talented team of idols they barely know instead of a team of average idols that have been with you since the very beginning. I guess the choice should be the player's when it comes to that, and no  big changes are necessary to the system directly, although I do think IM could draw inspiration from games like FIFA in two ways:

1 - I'm sure you've heard of people who go absolutely crazy when they pull a rare player card on FIFA ultimate team. That's what it should feel like to pull a platinum idol in a "pack opening" (although, without the scummy "surprise mechanics"-styled microtransactions. Or with them, I don't know. Whatever the fans are willing to pay for a successful playthrough, I guess). Platinum/Gold idols should be rare, probably rares than they currently are, but that's not the only thing;

2 - Besides being rarer, I believe the platinum, gold and silver statuses should be more related to potential than to current attributes. Now, I admit, I haven't played IM in a while, and maybe my memory is failing here, but my food for thought is the following: pulling an incredibly talented idol with high stats in an audition should be ridiculously rare. Just think of all the other idols groups that could snatch her before you can. Maybe the player's influence could play a role in the quality of the idols you get during auditions. Maybe it already does and I'm just late to the party. What I'm trying to say is: it doesn't make a lot of sense for an incredibly talented idol to be a "free agent", and not already be part of another group. Maybe those silver, gold and platinum statuses could, instead of referring to girls who, for some reason, have 93 vocals, but are auditioning for some broke-ass low-tier idol group, refer to prospects - girls who might not have those great skills yet, but have anormous potential. But then again, that's just my opinion, I just figured it would be more fun working on building your idols form the ground by training them instead of having a superstar audition for your group, someone who already has great statuses. Those should be obtainable only by "snatching" them from other groups.

Last, but not least, let's talk about money and success. Getting rich in IM, especially in the hardest difficulty, should be comparable to the real life road to success of a small, new agency. It should be hard, it should take a while, and it should require precise decision making and a lot of effort. We want to fight for it, we wanna feel like we could always be a scandal away from going under, we want the hardships that precede the reward. But we (and by 'we' I mean 'I') don't mind failures. We want the hard difficulty to be... well, hard. Don't be afraid to make the game ruthless, make us go broke and force us to restart over and over again until we get the hang of it, until we manage to at least get out of debt.

The short version: less income, more expenditure, fewer idols with high attributes, more idols with low attributes, grinding, data about your group. :)

(1 edit)

2 - Besides being rarer, I believe the platinum, gold and silver statuses should be more related to potential than to current attributes.


I think the potential you mean is similar to my level cap. Each idol almost gets the equal attribute at first, the training maketh the idol. And the rare idol can go farther.(cause they own higher level cap)

That's why I think the experience system is necessary. We don't need to reduce the rare idol's  dropping rate. With the experience system, the most difference between normal and rare idols is the level cap. For example, I've trained my first normal idols in years, they should be more powerful than the rare idols from new auditions. Because  a level 30 normal idol is usually getting better attributes than a level 1 platinum idol. It's the power of experience. It totally makes sense in reality also.

For now, the problem is we can't train our normal idols well.
You need to drop each of them to each of the rooms, you need to hire lots of coaches. You need to make sure their stamina. You need to make sure you are rich enough. Then you find your idol finally gets the poor 1 point from the dancing room. (The platinum idol: hello?)


So I just downloaded the game after eyeballing it for a while and I have to say, I've had a really fun time with it! I'm actually not usually that into business sims, but IM has been really fun so far. I'm still getting the hang of the game, and I had a thought for something I think would really improve the early game experience.

I think it would be great if you had more input in the audition system! Or at least your very first one, since those initial idols are going to carry you until you start learning the ropes. A boost to rarer idol drop rates for that initial audition could be a good idea, but I think something that would be really cool is letting you select what attributes you want to focus on for an audition. Want to make a cool-themed idol group? Audition for cool girls! Need some good dancers? Audition for girls with 'dance' as their highest attribute!

Having more agency (huehuehue) over the types of idols you get rather than just hoping and praying you get lucky would be really useful. I also think something like an optional tutorial to walk the player through the process of getting to release their first single would be great, just to make the game more friendly to newcomers.

plastic surgery-can change Idol's appearance, Idol need a certain time of hibernation after the plastic surgery. there should be a look that only can be selected by plastic surgery option, however, there is a little chance to be changed to a funny face that the user did not select.

(1 edit)


Could you please add another "Auto Proposals" menu for idols version?
Refer to the "Preferred Proposals" of office manager, we can click on any preferred bussiness proposals(or none) for each idol.
It helps players to manage each idol's schedule(or stamina) efficiently.
Some idols can focus on bussiness proposals, some focus on singles, some focus on training ect.

It's another reason why we can't train our idols well.
Bussiness proposals preserve our company from bankruptcy, but we really don't need all the idols to make money all day long.
We need the "disabled list" to protect some idols from random bussiness proposals.

Please, add another "Auto Proposals" menu for idols version.

Syasin/Shashin (写真)
Refer to singles, each idol can release her own album. We receive the profit and review the sales data weekly. :p

After starting a new game, I'm again of the opinion that the first cafe (or more preferably, the theater) should be free and ready to go when you start the game. 20mil for the theater+a full floor of rent is too high a price to be able to get use out of in the early-to-early-midgame.

Maybe this could be incorporated into the difficulties? One difficulty could include getting a cafe/theater at the beginning while others could not? 

I think cafe and theater are not made for the early game.
They are more like a reward, after you earn lots of profits, you get another way to consume.

But I totally agree with you for the rent of floor. It's way TOO EXPENSIVE for a "ghost town".

By the way, it does remind me:
Do you think it's reasonable to set "release a single" as a requirement of level 2 promote?
Release a single means you need to have a dance room and recording studio at least.
But you will mostly go bankrupt if you did it in the early game.

It's paradoxical.
You need to promote the performance and promotion for better efficiency of accumulated capital. Ok, You need to release a single first. For that, You need to buy a dance room and recording studio. But you don't have enough money. So you need to promote the performance and promotion for better efficiency of accumulated capital. See?

Maybe those requirements could be tied to the difficulty chosen by the player. I managed to make do with level 1 promotion just fine, so personally, I'm fine with those requirements.

(1 edit)

I mean there is no problem with requirements, even set "release a single" as the requirement also. It just should be higher level of promote. It makes sense to be above the level  4, but not be level 2. Since we need to release a single for higher level of promote now, it MUST be fine to do with level 1 promotion. :p


I'm not sure if this is a suggestion or a bug report, but I noticed that if you hire a graduating idol as a staff member, they do not appear in the "graduated" list for idols. I figure they should still appear there, perhaps with a note that they were hired into the company in their bio. (It would also be cool if their mini-portrait could use their idol appearance instead of the generic staffer type, but I'm not sure if that's something that can be modified easily.)

Also, it would be interesting if idols who were dating a graduating idol (who then becomes a staffer) could continue dating. It felt funny to see "X lost mental stamina for a mysterious reason" when X's (ex-)girlfriend was her new stylist.

As a side note, I feel like this is out of scope for the intended tone and gameplay of the game, but I sort of feel like the game eventually starts to limit players who choose to maintain a low number of idols, and I feel like it would be interesting to have a mode that focuses more on a smaller group size. (Smaller max building size, less emphasis on multiple projects happening at once, etc.) The new Relaxed mode is a great help for a casual player like me to play in that manner without a game over, but a lot of features are based on much bigger groups after the first year or so. That said, I feel like my ideas would be better for a mod or a different game, so I'm not holding out hope on a small-time company mode.

(1 edit)

Not sure if it's a bug but the events could all use a look-over to see if they're working properly, for example, that contracts don't instantly end and incur damages when an event happens (I've noticed this happening recently, just now I got the funny billboard event where I did nothing and the event said all that came of it was some minor news stories, yet my contract immediately ended and I had to pay damages?)

Apologies if this was mentioned before but I would really appreciate a way to rearrange the building and the ability to delete/move rooms. I have an unused break room from when we didn't have doctor offices available and it's just taking up rent. 


At this point, so many people have talked about moving/destroying/upgrading rooms (myself included) that either the devs add that to the game, or they'll have to address our concerns in case they choose not to.


A mini-suggestion I came up with while trying to keep up with fast mode: A pseudo turn-based mode using a new time passage button. (In addition to the pause/normal/fast buttons we already have.) Making a truly turn-based variant of the game logic would probably require too much rework to be viable as a toggle at this stage of development, but it would be cool to have a button that would advance to the next "turn" (day? week? configurable?) while keeping the timer paused after the button press. A fringe benefit would be that those who continue to play in real-time mode would be able to quickly skip through slow periods of production or other empty weeks.

(2 edits) (+1)

Idol Manager actually used to be "turn based" in its early stages of development, years before the Kickstarter. Here's a gameplay video from 2016 showing how the game worked back then.

Interesting... I wonder how much of the internal code has changed since then. Personally, as a coder, I'd love to mess with the time buttons to see if I could make a turn-based mod for the game. However, I don't know if there's any way to re-compile the dll without the original source code, so I might be stuck with wishful thinking and/or making a similar system and playing with that.

voce comprou esse jogo por quanto 


Tbh, I don't see the point of hiring idols as staffers. By the time I have idols start graduating, a couple years into the game, there's no point for me to hire my idol to become a low-level staffer when I already have 100 million yen and all of my staffers are 10-stars. Is there something I'm missing, or something new that's been added recently? (Sorry for my ignorance if so!) 

Thanks for the great game!

Here's an idea for more of the Mod side of the game. If possible, I would like to have an option in "params.json" of the IdolPortraits to have an option like "fixed_firstname" / "fixed_lastname",  or likewise; so that, instead of fetching for the pool of first and last names for a random name, it instead uses the fixed value. It would greatly help for mods that have established names for a certain image! 

(1 edit) (+10)

1. Just a little thing, but I'm not sure what effects fame has, I think it was probably explained at some point in the emails we get, but I can't remember, could we get a popup that explains what our fame level is doing right now, like the scandal points one, when we mouse over it?

2. Talking about fame, some of the requirements for improving the daily performance/promotion activities can be a bit obtuse, how about just linking them to fame level?

3. And also, some of the demands from Fujimoto/idols can be quite odd considering their fame levels. Debut idols want to host a show for example, maybe these demands could be linked to your/the idol's fame level too? Eg. At level 1 fame Fujimoto just wants you to produce a single to approve another, at level 10 he might want you to release 3 anxiety cute dance enka singles. A level 1 idol might just want to be in a single, a level 10 idol might want to get 10 cool photoshoots.

4. Could we get the option to have teams? So when we're looking at the theatre schedules we could arrange for teams of idols to cycle the members performing on a given day, without the option that genuine sister groups have to release singles. The same could apply with making, say, an internet show with those members. Just a shortcut compared to assigning a bunch of idols manually.

5. I'd like it if the producer character had some basic competency with all skills. When you start the game, unless you want to try and go for weird strategies with making money through deals for months before actually starting work on a single you need to commit money for a dance studio and music studio and their staff up front. In reality a lot of start-up idol groups are run out of their producer's car and whatever rented practice spaces they can grab. I thought about the possibility of outsourcing options for songwriting, but I feel like this is better because it's easier to do within the existing framework of the game (if you drag a single to the producer's office you get lyrics/choreo/music/production options, if you drag a concert you get production/practice/deals, if you drag an idol you get vocal training/dance training/talk etc). This could be balanced by receiving less capital at the game start, but with very low running costs until you start to expand, so that you face choices about what element of your operation to improve first, including adding a lyricist staff option. I also think this opens up options to customise your producer a little, with the option to choose their area of expertise and skill points to spend when they level up, so you can have some producers who are straight lyricists like Aki-P, some who are songwriters like Nakata Yasutaka and some who are both like Tsunku. I feel like the producer should be the heart of your operation, busy 24/7, but quite often they're just researching

6. If the multi-ability producer idea is taken up, I think a staff pool would be a good idea, too.  At the moment we have our pick of staff, but if their skills and wages were more randomised it could play into what areas we want to improve. If you can come across a good choreographer you might want to build the dance room before the music room for example. Sometimes you might have to pay more than you want for stylists if the ideal staffer isn't available etc

7. Tying into this, I think it would be a good idea to replace the current wage increase system with a wage review every 6 or 12 months. It seems a bit odd that idol wages set to 50% satisfaction at the beginning of the game can increase from 15,000 yen a week to about 150,000-210,000 yen a week for three idols as soon as they get their first fame star. Likewise, staff could come and ask for a raise slightly above what they'd get just from skill increases, so you need to decide if you want to keep on skilled staffers who are asking for too much or just let them go at the end of their contracts, when you might not be able to replace their skills.

8. As a note on this, I'm not sure what salary satisfaction does, maybe add a tooltip by mousing over idols salary satisfaction in the wages screen to tell you what it does? I think it affects graduation dates, but I'm really not sure

9. At the moment the game drains physical stamina for nearly everything, with mental stamina as a kind of backup battery after physical stamina is drained, with the chance of injury. I think it would make more sense if different activities drained different stamina types and going below a certain level raised the risk of injury/depression/leaving the group. For example, releasing a single costs 30 physical stamina, which doesn't make sense to me, what would make sense is if that was a mental stamina cost; idols would be mentally stressed from a digital single being released, but they wouldn't be doing any physical work. Some activities, like photoshoots would involve some tiring physical activity, but be more mentally taxing than anything else. Some work, like concerts, should be tiring AND mentally stressful. Keeping idols physical AND emotional stress levels under control should be a big deal, players should be scared of a scandal pushing an idol over the edge when her mental stamina would be under control based on your plans.

10. Talking about stamina, I think deals need a big re-balancing overall. They can be really useful early in the game, but after a certain point they just become redundant. Why would any player want to spend 40-50 physical stamina (deals going way over the assumed stamina levels is common) for about 250,000 yen when the performance daily activity can give them about 200,000 yen for just 3 stamina? I know they can be levelled up, but then you need a staff member on research, their usefulness just ends as soon as you start to break even because of the enormous stamina costs involved.

11. One of the biggest complaints I see is that 1st Gen members start to become irrelevant as soon as you start getting new members in because the skill gap is so big. To counter this, and to make things more realistic too, I'd like to see the theatre's example of learning by doing applied to more activities. I'm not sure how granular skill gains are, but if, for example, you got 2% of a skill gain for the promotion activity for funny/smart and ran it 200 times a year, then you'd get a gain of 4 skill points for each category, not game breaking, but an acknowledgement of the work being put in. The same goes for activities like the weekly radio/internet/TV shows, it seems strange that idols would do those things again and again and never improve. I think this could also tie into making deals more useful too, because the work done there would be public and involve a lot of work from the idol.

12. Again, on the theme of making 1st Gens more realistically competitive against newer gens I think it would help to shake up auditions. Firstly, instead of the levels determining how many silver/gold/platinum idols you get, let them determine how many idols you get to choose from. Also, when it comes to silver/gold/platinum idols, I can see people have thought of a bunch of different measures to make sure they don't make your original idols redundant, the one I'd suggest is that while they should debut with better skills, maybe a platinum would have a few skills in the 50s or 60s, the main emphasis should be on those idols improving faster than regular idols. So a debut platinum idol should be about as good as a regular idol with years of experience, but she should improve much faster in the next year she spends in the group than the experienced idol, making her far superior as time goes on.

13. Also on the subject of auditions I'd like to see idols who are much stronger either visually or skills wise, like an idol who has all 40s visually and all 10s for her skills, doesn't happen very often at present but I feel like the visual/skill split is the biggest difference in debut idols in the real world. I'd also like to see more difference from the group policies (ie. better cool ratings if you emphasise cool, better dance/vocals if you emphasise quality and polish, better smart/funny if you emphasise energy and enthusiasm) and a tighter grouping of age ranges in potential idols with fewer idols under about 14 and over 18.

14. One odd thing that's struck me is that physical and digital CDs seem to have the same price, when in reality a real world idol single could easily set you back well over 1000 yen, especially with extras. I think it would make sense to make the cost of each physical CD much higher to match reality, but increase the cooldown for them from 1 to 3 months. This would make it worth it to produce digital singles early on to boost your fanbase, but as you start to break even you'd switch to physical CDs for the higher income, and would also make the release schedule more plausible. I also think that things like handshake tickets should improve both CD price and hardcore sales (has anyone ever paid for an AKB CD with an individual handshake ticket? Those things are EXPENSIVE). Or, if a choice has to be made for balance reasons, I think it would work better if they just improved CD price.

15. There are a few things I'd like to see come back; buzz and variable single quality. I know that buzz has been a bit divisive, and potentially hard to balance, but it seems odd that you can't get word of mouth fans/fans through sheer market penetration at all. I also liked the fact that songs used to be up and down in quality, all idol fans know their groups have dropped a few clunkers, and I'd like to see problems thrown up by bad songs (maybe lose instead of gain fans? Especially if buzz comes back)

16. I'd like there to be a chance to gain fans from concerts, I've been encouraged to check out various groups in real life because a friend said they put on a great show

17. I'd like to be able to name concerts too, it's not a big thing but "[Group name] Midsummer Concert" sounds better than "Concert (Music Hall)"

18. I'd like to see national, as well as world, tours

19. People have talked about reprints and ongoing sales. I think it should be possible to reprint a single after its release if you sold them out, basically the game would look at how many more singles you printed, compare it to how many "in theory" sales you would have made if there wasn't a limit set by the number you printed and then deduct the number you already sold. I think you should only be able to do this once, so there's still an element of risk. I'd also say that ongoing sales could be handled every time you gain new fans; if 35% of fans brought a copy of your single originally and you get 200 new fans then you'd get 70 sales of that single.

20. I'd quite like to have albums, on a year long cooldown. You could add all the songs you released as singles that year, then a number of specific album tracks to make up, say 10 tracks on the album. You can write songs a lot quicker than one per month, so this would make up the downtime that songwriting staff have.

21. I'd quite like to change the quality of singles from an aggregate of the idols' skills to an average, to make smaller Perfume-style groups more viable. I think that while small groups have their advantages, there are also drawbacks (losing a member wrecks your fanbase, chain graduations hit hard, individual handshake events aren't viable etc) so they shouldn't be penalised.

22. Just a small thing, but I'd like to see some idols ask to go on hiatus at the age and time of year when they'd be studying for exams

23. Another small thing, but I'd like idols' physical and mental stamina to be visible under their portraits in compact view, it'd make it way easier to do things on the fly

PS. I know this is a lot of things, but I don't want it to come across as critical of the game, if I hadn't enjoyed it so much, I wouldn't have played it enough to come up with all these thoughts while playing


I'd also like to be able to name concerts, and sort of in that vein, maybe have a special pop-up like the post-Election single so that when you have an idol announced to graduate within the next 3 months, you can designate a concert/single as her graduation concert and last appearance with the group for a little boost.


Oh yeah, grad singles would be nice, I always feel like I want to do a little extra for the idols who've stuck with the group for a long time

(1 edit)

I'm not sure if it's been suggested, but I think it might also be cool that if your relationship is high enough with an idol, and their rep or skill is high enough, you could instead manage their solo career since you've had such a great rapport with them. Perhaps they can even recommend other talent to work with your group if they enjoyed working with you enough.

I feel like we won't get totally separate groups before the release of the game, which is a shame, because I think that running an agency rather than a group makes more sense for the game's concept, and managing some solo idols would fit in really well with that. So I don't think we'll get it, but it'd be great.


An idea I had while testing out portrait modding: a button to clear the portrait cache within the settings menu. This could be helpful for those with less knowledge of where the cache is saved in the file system and save time for modders trying to test iterations of a mod. However, as I don't know how the cache is saved, I'm not sure if that would be easy or difficult to include.


Maybe it's just me being sensitive, but I swear some of the sounds in the game are too loud and hurt my ears every time they play. The descending sound that plays when you lose influence level always sounds super loud to me, and to lesser extent, the crowd's cheering during concerts. 

You can lower the volume of sounds (different type of sound !) in the setting o/


I want  idol's Bust/waist/hip measurements or bra size as flavor.


Maybe the idols' salary satisfaction could take into account the agency's age and/or average weekly income? I'm in November of my first year and it seems kind of unreasonable that my idols need a 60k weekly salary just to stay at a satisfaction level of 50%, especially considering I only made 130k on my last single.

(1 edit) (+2)(-7)

Hi, so I love this game I bought it and something that SHOCKED me was that there is no rapping skill!  If you see kpop, rapping is quite a common part of it.   I believe in order for this to be more realistic you need to add rapping as another aspect to the game.

ALSO! There should definitely be the option for male groups as well

And the ability to have more people per group.


This game is based on the jpop idol industry, not kpop. I don't see rapping often in jpop.


I think it would be fund to have rapping score, which will be counted by a designated member's Fun and Intelligent Stats, Singing skill does not apply. . Rapping in K pop is the same thing as  voice narrations of J pop.

There could be something called "Killing Point". which is during the stage, when centered member is doing signature verses of the song,  it is so good, the casual fans notice this parts. Killing Points could be one phrase of a song , dance movements, member's appearance skill+dance skill, or something else.


wow 5 people voted it down XD thats kinda discouraging people really dont want rapping or male groups...

(1 edit) (+5)

1. Quite often the number of fans you have can change in a month, making it very hard to guess how many CDs you want, could we get an option to choose how many to print at the end of the production cycle instead of the start?

2. In real life idols' image can massively alter if they want an image change, maybe we could have a mechanic where we can invest a lot of time with the stylist to give idols a big image change with a bigger than usual change in phyiscal stats but limit it to once a year with the opportunity for it to go wrong?

3. I'd quite like it if new members could have their own oshimen if your group is famous enough. I don't even think it needs a mechanic tied in, it would just be a nice detail.

4. Also might be a nice touch if you can pick a place for your group to start in, with each member having a hometown. Would give a nice feeling of expansion as you switch to bigger auditions and see idols coming from further away

Really like these, especially #4 and the idea of new idols having a favorite member of your group!


First of all, let me tell you how much I love the game, I have spend hundred hours on it already it's incredible.

- A new staff member "secretary" to help you create lyrics and so on, because you are the only staff member impossible to duplicate, so when you have a USINE you are the one slowing down everything.
- I don't know if it's a bug, or something in implementation, but my theater appears as 0/w in my recap (when you hover your total money), I really would like it to be in account into the week revenu even if it's a day to day /month revenue because it helps to have a global vision.

- Unlock with research point (like a lot), the possibility to try to guess the next trend before the month start. (For now I don't think we have something to predict buzz ?)

- An auto mode to create single (like with the secretary maybe ? : you say what you want and they automatically create new things per week you then have to assign)

And that's all for now, because it's super good !


An idea that I think has been mentioned before: I'd like to be able to create a single without moving to a second floor of rooms. My idea for this is to have any single dragged onto the player when there are no placed staffers get a 1 value for the missing elements. (Example: If you don't have a choreographer, then the player does that task at level 1.) A potential related side feature would be to allow dragging a single with finished elements back onto a staffer with better stats to replace the stat on the single. (As things are, you can simulate this by deleting the single and starting over.) The first part would help the early game move faster (or at least have more variety than constant photoshoots), while the second part can add to the complexity of strategies.

From a modding standpoint, I'd also be interested in having some of the traits of staffers be moddable. For instance, being able to change the gender of staffers or give them a different pair of skills. The player's influence skill probably has to remain hard-coded, but maybe the others can be mixed a bit. (It would also help with the composer, who is currently hard-coded to be male. Makes idols that become composers seem a bit odd, unless they are meant to be implied as crossdressers or transgender.)

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Hi. Just starting by saying i love the game, i'm playing it non stop since i bought it. But here some things i will like. Those as more as my fellings towards the game to be more friendly than ideas, hopping it will go this way.
1. Finance. This is my nemesis. I find it really hard to win money and to not go bankrupt. The only "long" try i had was when i cheated to had some cash at the begining. (If you have any tips feel free to help me. :P )
2. Groups. I don't like to be forced to have 10 idols to strat a new one. I love to have the opportunity to launch another group quicker with less Idols. And also the choice to completly separate to groups and not having a A and B line up.
3. Singles. I love to not have the selling of the singles be direct, but spaced in time. (Game Dev Tycoon like)
4.  Writer. Maybe adding a knew staff member to help the player to write songs ?
5. Player. Maybe the player can do everything the other staff member are doing when you are lacking in a staff member.
6. Start. Maybe starting with a random song style and choregraphie so you can start winning money quickely ?
7. Album. Puting single together to make an album and getting sales from old things ?
Hope this give you ideas and help you. Have a nice day. :D

Edit : Wanted to had something. I realised what doomed my finances, and it's trying to keep the idols happy with their salary. The only way a can manage to win money in short terme, is to keep they salary low, but the all be unhappy. Impossible for them to be happy and have money. :/

(1 edit) (+2)

All good ideas; about the money situation I'll tell you what worked for me. The key is to keep everything barebones until you hit the fifth single; only use 2-star staff, only use the digital single, take contracts where you can, but remember that the yield from using a break room in conjunction with the daily performance activities is actually probably higher. Use your first loan to get the break room, it really lets you do a lot in the early game without worrying about your idols stamina tanking, it'll pay off many times over compared to other expenses like hiring more staff. You can always take loans, in fact you'll probably have to, but you shouldn't need to take out more than about ten million before you reach the point where you make more than you lose each month. You can save some money by using the same girl as a perma-centre early on, idols that have less than 1 star fame will only ever ask for a negligible wage, so they'll be virtually free for a few singles. Your big money earner early on will be the concert, when you can get that things will start to change, just make sure you keep using the promotion activities to have enough fans to fill out the concert hall. And don't forget to jack up the price too, the game will tell you how much of the hall you can fill, so keep jacking it up until the projected income starts to fall. Also don't forget that you can make a few million by touring Korea in the early game, this is really good money, so use it when you're in a pinch because overseas tours are on a timer and you only get 2 a year. 

Edit: By the way, using the choreographer and vocal trainer as your first hires is much better if you only hire 2-star staff imo, through the course of the game they'll pick up enough experience to remain useful training your new members, the 2-star production staff won't be any use when you get bigger

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Hey guys I just recently bought the game! It's being great so far but I want to give some ideas and suggestions.

1) BOY BANDS. In the entertaiment world there's GIRL BANDS and BOY BANDS. 

2) I don't like to recruit 20 idols to have 3 groups, I really want small groups. One of them I called 3E-Girls but I have to keep it with 7 girls in it before I start a new group, that's a little annoying. 

3) Boy bands, please, just imagine, the female public playing this game, recruit some handsome and cute guys for a boy band, flirt with them, dating them, IDK MAN. I fantasize about it since I bought the game, WOULD IT BE SO COOL.

4) More places to buy, I know the game is in beta, but more places to put in the building will be great too. For example in kpop entertaiment, the company keeps all the girls and boys in the same roof, I mean, in one building, they share rooms, live together and that could bring some drama too! 

5) KPOP  AND CPOP. It will be great if you choose the place you want to start your company, Korea, Japan or China.


If you want boy bands go make a mod


what's wrong with having boy bands as a feature?


On the kickstarter page, it mentions that if we want boy groups, we have the option to add them via modding. The game is about managing Japanese girl groups.


Hello! Ive been working on a mod for about a week now and have suggestions that lean more on the technical side.
Ill try to give some use cases so the non tech ppl reading have something they can read.

I am write a series of events and dialogs and have trouble controlling the 'can be trigger randomly'.
I feel some things are missing. like conditions based on time, or custom boolean flags.
I feel like being able to limit event to X number of days from the game start as a condition would be great.

I have string of events and dialogs that go like this.
Idols and staff complain about the Studio WiFi.
You can: Ignore them(Spend nothing), buy some half assed replacement(Spend next to nothing) or Upgrade it(Spend Lots Money.)
If you Ignored or didn't do much a flag is set.
Now your WiFi is hacked, and a devious hacker Attemps to extort you for money.
He tells you to give he money(A LOT OF IT) and that the cops cant help you.
You can: Give him the money, Call the cops, Ignore Him.
If you don't pay him, he start leaking Idol and Staff information online.
This generates scandal points. These events will pop up randomly.
He will eventual randomly contact you again.
You can: [didn't call cops]Pay him(A lot of money), [called cops]Pay him(Crap Tons of money), Ignore him

at first glance this seems simple.
but it actual is a lot of flags.
Flag1 (I call it 'freeWifi')
Has the event ever happened? freeWifi !=0 and !=1
if true trigger WiFi event.
You didnt spend much or anything freeWifi = 1 else =0
if freeWifi==1 randomly trigger Haker dialog, at its end freeWifi=0
Flag2 I call it 'hacked'
Flag3 I call it 'scornedHacker'
if you dont pay hacked = 1
if you call cops hacked and scornedHacker = 1

random events:
Idol personal information leaked
Idol personal photos leaked
Idol texts leaked
Staff emails leaked
And so on.
All these random events involve one random idol or staff, and the have 2 or more options.
One to do nothing(Generate Scandal points and Idol Mental Stress), Do something (Spend money, Generate few Scandal Points, no stress.)

lastly have the hacker come back as a random dialog asking for money
options and text dependent on if you called the cops
{Side note: the cops do nothing.}

Tech Talk:
Currently events and dialogs have condition based on Resources, Variable and Fan total.
I'm finding it problematic that conditional formula and variables are only numeric in nature (Or at least seem to be the Documentation was not clear for meta vars).
Would it be possible to add condition based on vars with types and flags defined by the modder?
Flags as in simple Y/N or True/False.
Vars with types like String, boolean, int, float and such.
If given its own page for set up in the Event Editor these could be pulled in to the drop-downs after being setup.
This could also allow for custom flags or vars to be add to things like idols and staff as well.
This could give more options for meta data association when setting up events.

I'm finding it complicated to work with a system that I can make pseudo flags with 1 and 0

aVariable = 0
aVariable = 1
but lack
aVariable = not set
I currently cant check for null. or if i can the docs to tell me how.
So im doing this to check if its unset-
aVariable != 1
aVariable != 0
I'm not even sure if that works as write since im not sure how the formulas are converted...
I mostly work with java but I have experience with Unity (C# & Javascript)
if 'aVariable' was never set can i even check for it with out throwing an error?
if its javascript converted will 'undefined' work?
I cant think of any C# ways to define and/or convert this...

TLDR: I mostly just want to do this (aVariable = true), (aVariable = false), or (aVariable = null)

Im going to stop with this one, request since if I start talking about another this post will be several miles (or km) long.


I wish there was some mini games for the each jobs that managers get for the idols

(2 edits) (+3)(-1)

I've been playing this game quite a bit over the past few days. It's very addicting! So this is basically a review of my experiences. 

Early game is a fantastic challenge!! Because of the challenge, it's very satisfying once you figure it out. Loans might even be a little too forgiving.

The late game is extremely tedious. Money becomes a complete non-factor, which makes things much simpler (in a bad way). I'm sure it will be sorted out in future balancing though.

I find that contrary to real life, first gen members in the game are generally trash. In game, not only can you find better girls later on in big auditions but you can promote them extremely easily with an army of managers. In real life, successfully producing a new younger group, or promoting a new generation of members is extremely difficult. So the game kind of has it backwards in this regard. Perhaps low fame members should have much greater weaknesses, or graduations could have bigger penalties to fame and fans. Anyway, as it stands, money being effectively unlimited in the late game trivializes most of these challenges.

Also I love the scandal points system! It should be more severe in my opinion, so that the tough choices (fire staff vs. fire idol vs. accept the scandal effects) would be more impactful. Then again, effectively unlimited money distorts our view of what's impactful.



I’ve had this idea in my mind for quite some time now... I was thinking that maybe you could implement albums and songs to the game.

So, as of now, all of the songs we create are singles. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have to different sections? Like, we’d have singles and songs. Singles would work exactly as they do, while songs will only be released with an album. An album is unlocked after you release three singles. You make an album with a similar structure as single production, but like: concept, cover, material and how it’s gonna be released...

As for sales, an album would sell for 30 days, and the sales would increase or decrease based on your activities. If you promote a group or perform a song, it would increase a bit, while if you don’t do anything for the whole month, the sales decrease as people would lose interest... 

With the release of an album, it would allow the group to gain popularity (especially if they promote the album properly) and allow other songs from the album to rank, not only the single. The revenue from the other singles released before the album wouldn’t count as album sales but as individual sales.

Maybe you could even add Album of the Year at the Award Ceremony. And have another Charts just for the selling albums of the month. And I was thinking that a group would have a limit of album they can release. Like only one album every six months.

Now onto singles... It’s common for single albums to have the official single followed by another song. With the song making thing I mentioned, it would allow the group to have a discography and better sales. Or not. For example, if the single is really good but the other song is terrible, it could decrease the sales for a single.

About the song making thingy... Songs could take longer to be made, even though wouldn’t need marketing, because they won’t be promoted as the single. Song quality would depend on the idol’s vocals and producer’s skills. Something along those lines. Or maybe the level of the, I don’t know what that is called, but for example, my producer has a high skill, but I make a pop song with Pop only being Lvl. 1. The song isn’t great, but it isn’t good. Just meh. While if have a producer with good skills, a high level, but terrible idol vocals, the song could be just as bad, or even worse...

I hope you liked it! Thank you for making such an awesome game<3


Maybe with an album, a member of the group could come to you as an event and say that they want to try and compose one of the songs, or perhaps it's an ambition of theirs. Depending on their skill, and relationship with the other band members, it could be a huge boost to fame, or it could lead to their rep tanking.

Deleted 282 days ago

Discovered this game a week ago and I'm loving the direction it's going.

Couldn't find any info on the mature content planned, so the only thing I could say is, no trafficking please. I saw it  mentioned as a request somewhere, but I'd really prefer if it's not in the game. Aside from that I do have some ideas that've come as I learn and play.

  1. Band members with production skills (lyricist, composer, instrumentalist, etc.). Some bands really come into their own when down their career they start flexing some creative control and write/compose their own music. I think band created songs could have positive/negative effect on their fans, even some possible inter-band camaraderie/conflict as creative personalities clash. This could be more of a mid to late game thing, or you can slowly have them develop their skills over time. A successful band member who composed a song could start to want to have a solo career.
  2. Solo careers. Maybe if a member decides to graduate from the band, they could choose to have you manage their solos career if the relationship is high enough and their happy with how you managed them. This could branch into hiring a publicist to manage their social media, AMAs, etc. and the skill level of the publicist. This could lead to events such as book deals, a documentary, themed concert, managed/engineered relationships, etc.
  3. Boy Bands. I know this has been requested previously, but I think it could be cool if the opportunities existed for relationships between them (causing conflict or support inter/intra band), scandals depending on who's involved and what happens.
  4. Album Themes. Maybe a band has been being hit by bad reviews, scandals, or even their morale is low, they can decide to release a "rally" album. It could have power songs saying they're "better than all of the hate", etc. Could have negative/positive outcomes on their fans, could possibly remove a scandal mark, a boost or drop in popularity, etc. Themes could also be based around times of the year (Christmas album, Valentine's Day album, etc.).
  5. Renting Production Space. I think it was requested, but I'd really prefer to not have to own my own recording and dance studios to cut a single. Being able to contract out to a Recording or Dance Studio would help out in the early game. They could have a higher one-time cost per song for production as you're hiring the space and engineer together. Quality could improve as you work more together, as the engineer becomes more familiar with your band. You could also run the risk of maybe a relationship possibly happening which could positively or negatively affect the production time, production quality, or the band's opinions of their member.  Some Recording Studios actually gain reputation if they helped to produce a huge single our album. This could then lead to either a discount as the studio sees the benefits of partnering with the band as they rise in success, or they could raise their rates as they feel they actually made the song/album successes. If you want to get crazy, studios could also have rankings based on equipment, recording space, and engineer. Same thing with a Dance Studio as the Recording Studio.
  6. Upgradeable Room Sizes or Room Levels. Instead of starting with a fully decked out recording space, maybe you could start with a small room with cheaper gear and acoustic treatment. This could also lead to the quality of the engineer they could hire. Want the best engineer, they need the bast gear and space. But it would also allow for expanding recording space to accommodate several engineers, more band members at a time, maybe different song types, faster production time if more of the band members can record at once, etc.
  7. Album Art Design. This is more of a nice-to-do than a need-to-do. I once played a game a long time ago, where you were a movie producer and you could design the DVD cover art by drag-and-drop art assets, add text, set background colors, etc.. Maybe something like that could be done with Album art.
  8. Band Web Site. At some point the bands could need websites for their promotional and fan related advancement. Perhaps each band member could be required to write a post on the site, albums/songs could be purchased from the site instead of a third-party distributor. This could also lead to building you own distribution platform to sell music from not just your own recording label, but other bands, Indies, etc. Then you're not just worrying about managing the bands promotions but also your own platforms promotion.
  9. Relationship/Dating. I know this is planned but I haven't been able to find out where any details had been specified yet, so I figured I'd toss some ideas out here. Currently the idea of me (as the manager) dating a band member seems odd. I'm not sure if it's a common thing or not. What may help is to know how old my character is, so maybe adding the ability to set/see their age. This could then tie into possible scandals or positive publicity if it gets out or depending on the age difference with the idol, and the factions in the game finding out and their reaction to it. Other factors on the relationship and its impact on the agency could be the Idol's temperament (she could be attracted to the manager, or feel it's inappropriate. This could then determines if she hides the relationship or talks openly. Which could then require the manager to ask her to handle it in a certain way to maintain popularity. She may only want to have a relationship to further her career, or she may feel that she needs to leave the band but wants to keep dating. Could eventually progress towards marriage with its own problems with publicity and within the agency), the reputation of the main character in the community, who initiated the relationship, etc. I'd also like to see options of dating venues, depending on the desired level/amount of exposure desired. Depending on how things progress, if her career is accelerating she may desire to not their relationship be public, or depending the the manager's reputation it could be the reverse.  I just want there to be some involvement in the relationship on the Idol's part, as this is something that could/would drastically impact their career.

Just some thoughts I had so far. Great game, and I look forward to see it progress.


Solo careers would be great. The option to offer a graduating member a solo contract would make so much more sense than offering them a job working for the company.

So many great suggestions in this thread, I hope some of them can be implemented in the future, especially the possibility of releasing albums.

All very good suggestions. I would love to see these implemented into the game 

About boy bands; I probably wouldn't ever play as one, but I think the game would be much better with them in. I think the main constraint on having them, though, is that I'm pretty sure neither of the people working on the game was responsible for creating the artwork, I'm pretty sure they contracted it out to an artist, and I'm not sure they have the money for much more, and having boy idols would need a complete set of new assets. They might not actually be able to afford to include boy bands no matter how much it would improve the game and the number of people interested in the game.


To me it's gross to think of managers dating the idols who work for them.  But I like your ideas about how it could be done semi-realistically in game.

Like I said, I agree with you. I personally can’t consider dating any of the idols if they’re younger than 23 or 24 at least, and even then it feels a little skeevy. I hired them as talent, so that’s just a big ol’ red flag right there. That’s why I think a risk system is critical. Personally I think it shouldn’t be allowed under 18 at least.

I've heard of performers dating their managers in real life, but they were in their 20’s/30’s.

I’d read dating was planned from the beginning, and just figured it would be good to get the idea out that dating an idol from your roster is a big risk (personally and professionally).


I recently bought the game, and I figured I can provide some feedback.

- I might be in the minority to want boy idols as some groups have them irl. I don't know how integration works, but I consider maybe making it an unlocked feature if one idol happens to have a boyfriend. You can probably make them a singing duet depending on if the boyfriend has any talent or not. It might be interesting how that feature plays out.

Okay, minor nitpick aside, I honestly like the variety of genres you can make in this game. My favorite genres happen to be R&B and Enka, but I like how you can do research on all of them. It's a nice touch.


Another thought I had was for Music Videos.

Similar to point 5. Renting Production Space in my last post, you'd need to hire a director, have them work with a choreographer (either one on your staff, or one hired based on reputation from other talent agencies), screenwriter if you want a storyline, special effects team, and post-production team to handle the video editing, and then book a Movie Studio set. This could then require us to select the theme, which would then affect costuming, special effects, choreography, etc. to match it (think BTS Mic Drop, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, etc.) 
You can decide is it just a straightforward music video of one of the singles that could release simultaneously, or is it where it's nearly a movie in its own right, just with a few of the groups songs carrying it through. Some of the idols could want to have lead roles, or have ideas on the script (a la point 1. Band Members With Production Skills).

Additionally, this could result in reaction videos of the music video, which would provide bonuses or penalties to popularity for the band and individual idols. Look at KDA Popstar, everyone was talking about Soyeon's rapping, Jaira Burn's free styling, etc. In a situation like that, could also lead to companies similar to Riot reaching out and asking to book the idol for a time to record in their own video.

(2 edits) (+4)

Can you add the ability to launch albums and pv? It will be more realistic.

I think also having the possibility to make sub-groups or teams and choose a leader in your group.

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Here are some ideas that would be great along with some suggestions for better playability

1. Would be great if the day was part of the date like Fri, Jun 10 2019. Also the day progress bar doesn’t have a visabile end point so you don’t know when the day will end

2. When dragging idols to the stylist it would be great if the idol thumbnail was at 70% opacity so you could see which style you were over. 

3. Is there any location where you can see the total weekly drain on stamina when  an idol has multiple weekly stamina drains from advertisements and shows etc.

4. Would be great if the navigation on the left had indicators like on the singles/shows/events when one or more of them is ready to get the next staff member to check the box needed. And/or how many are currently in progress. Just like number indicator on an app on a phone

5. Consider combining the trend screen and the single style/genre screen. I had to flip back and forth several time trying to remember which ones to select

6. It would be great to collapse the individual idols so I only see their stamina to see more idols at once. 

7. Would like to be able to queue performance, promotion, and spa from the activities window much like the status window.

8. When I max out the friendship with an idol would like either deactivating the small talk option or some text saying friendship is maxed out. Also would be great to see friendship level level in the idol window

9. Would be great to get an end of the month summary of finances, accomplishments,etc. It would help give a mental sense of progression of what was accomplished in a month or plus/minus on finances

10. Could we get a flip all on the audition screen?

11. Would really love to be able to change the idols facial expression and outfits. 

12. When showing the singles chat would be great to auto focus on the highest released song by the player. Or reset to the #1 song every time. Also if there is no song that week released by the player to have some sort indicator/message so I don’t have to scroll up and down the list to check. 

13. Would be great for singles to have declining number of additional sales for say 3 weeks. 

loving the game so far!


You can see the weekly stamina drain in an idols profile under the jobs tab, although it's split between contracts and shows. You can collapse the individual idols' profiles and just see their stamina if you go to view on the idol sidebar and choose compact (this is a new addition though, you used to just see their faces). Like your ideas, lots of small things that would increase playability.

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For Idol Manager I think it would be cool if we could have a survival show for rookies (and also for the ones that are not rookies). So it would boost their popularity and they would get some new skills.

Maybe if they are good enough they could also be promoting in a temporary group and with their own group (temporary groups like I.O.I and IZ*ONE)

For every episode they last we could also get a little bit of money? For example when your idol is against some other idol and you win you move to the next round, get new fans, gain a little bit of skill and you get paid some money.

Edit: also it would be cool if we could have contracts with idols like 7 years or something I don't like that idols are telling me when they want to graduate. Because then I can be prepared to train new idols better. When they say they're leaving in like idk 3 months I feel like I don't have enough time to train idols who are below average.

That's why it would also be cool if we had a category "rookies" who only train and wait for the debut.

Well these are just my ideas. I hope some of them are good enough to be added in the game one day.


Thanks for the updates. Especially for adding the potential of idols, it improves something I produce the idols.

But I think the problem is still existing.

I don't have enough stamina to do the training. I know training has been changed to cost 3 stamina points per day. It's great. But the point is my idols can't even get enough stamina to work. Let's say, in the early game, all my idols work hard for the money. I need lots of bussiness proposals until  I release 5 singles to unlocking the concert. That's why I can't get enough stamina to do the training because lots of bussiness proposals costs lots of stamina. Well, I won't complain about the stamina cost anyway, and here is a simple way to improve my problem: add the "disabled list" to protect some idols from random bussiness proposals.

You may refer to this post:


Hey this is what I did I bought just my office, and office for bussiness. Don't buy dance or music studio. Also buy the doctor's office. Do modeling jobs, then when you have like 300 fans make a radio show. Maybe 1st episode you won't have any profit. But the next episode you will have the profit. That's what I did, and I had 3 radio shows + modeling jobs. Then the idol with less stamina was in the doctor's office.

Buy music and dance studio after you save enough money and not before because you can't make a single right away 1st girls have to model ot get more money, and like I said a radio show and if you buy the dance room and the studio even if you have no workers you have to pay rent which is bad at the start for you. I hope some of this maybe helped. I'm a new player as well.


Thanks for your advice, but I think you misundertood what I meant :P

I got no problem with earning. I just need enough stamina to do the training in my early game.  Yes, I can make lots of money in one year, then train the idols without worries. But it doesn't make sense. It should be training the idols, they get better, they make their debut,  finally they succeed. It's the principle of sequence.

Ah I see I misunderstood it then. Good luck with training idols ^-^

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Hi, this is my suggestion and ideas for Idol manager

So, I really like group with large numbers of people.My main group is over 30 members, I hope I can hold an audition for specific group I'm really lazy to scroll down to the bottom every time to send them to sister group. I also hope that there will be more than 10 places in the general election and more than 15 places in single.

I hope that idol can have concurrent position in two groups. [I don't know why I want it lol]

Double center ? Or triple, quadruple center  xD

[Sorry for bad English and grammar]


So I've played the game a 100h since I bought it and I adore it! Really a great game keep going! But the only things that bothers me is a lack of diversification in the gameplay. I've started  with 3 different group. One with 5 girls, the other one with 10 and the third with 20. 

The group with 5 girls did so bad. It was hard to keep floating financially without tiring them to death and eventually it failed.

10 girls: Was easier to maintain but the physical Stam. of the idols never went higher than 30. and all the money I made by releasing singles was already gone by the time I release the next one. So I was playing but didn't feel like I was progressing so I essentially give up...(maybe I play wrong and there's a way to manage it really well, tell me if there's smth that could help me )

20 girls: It was the most easy play because while some members where working the other were resting so it was an endless cycle making progression very easily. I wasnt struggling with the group at all. I created asister group with even more idols.  And frankly it became a piece of cake because none of the idol were tired and I could keep this cycle and gaining fame and money quickly . 

So my point is maybe tweak the game to make the possibility  for player to enjoy  smaller group . ( and again maybe I'm missing something crucial and the game let you produce something else than a nuclear-AKB48-like group)


I've been loving this game so far, and I've seen pretty much everything I want to see implemented suggested already, so I just wanted to point out something I noticed that may or may not have been intentional!  On one of my save files, two of my idols started dating, only problem is one was 21 while the other was 14, which seems......... questionable, at best. Not sure if the ages of idols/age gaps are programmed to be considered when it comes to them dating one another, so I figured I'd at least make note of it!

Am pretty bad at coming up with names so it would be great with a randomize button.


I just have one main, one medium, and one small idea. 

1) More in-depth audition process. 

Instead of clicking on our character to start an audition and then only having three options, I'd personally like a more interactive menu/choice. Maybe in the same menu where there's the option to do tours and elections, there can be a tab for auditions as well. Then, we can select what kind of audition (Local, Regional, National) and also how many girls we get to choose from (5, 10, 15). The more girls and the larger the scale of the audition, the more expensive. 

The only problem I'd see, is how the game determines when we can hold each type of audition. My idea for that is to have us gain "audition points" or some other generic name. We could gain the points every week or every day; Similar to how we have to wait a certain amount of time to hold another regional or national audition, it could take that long (and that many audition points) to do a 5 member audition of that scale. So, if you don't do auditions that often, you can save up your points and do one big audition once a year (which is what I prefer to do). For the beginning of the game, maybe the player will have infinite points, so they can freely get their beginning group going. Another thought would be maybe we'd have to research the larger auditions. 

2) Medium idea - Seeing the election results before they're announced

I can't tell if the election results are completely based on total fan count for each girl or if it matters what type of fans (hardcore vs casual), but I just think it'd be nice to see who's going to be announced before hand so when I put in a girl I'm trying to push up, I'll know if I even have to. 

3) Small idea - skippable concerts

I just want to have the option of skipping the whole random chance bottom right circle thing. 

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 I recently played the game and I realy enjoyed! (Sorry my english is not that good).

Here the suggestions :

- For the Theater, when suscribtion is enabled, I tried to put the minimal cost, few days after that I had 30 000 suscriptions. After I tried to put the amount at  1 000 000 or 100 000 Y. The problem is : I didn't lose all my suscribers at once and after a week I had more than 13 billions w (in normal mode) ! Even satisfaction didn't decrease a lot (from ~85-80 to ~65-60.) So maybe you can place or limit the cost of the suscription and make the fans a little bit more dissapointed.

- The same goes for the concert, with hardcore fan you won more (~x2~x3) money if you put ticket at max (it's 100k Y I think) with 5% attendance than 100% attendance, satisfaction don't decrease that much in normal mode. What prevent players for doing that ? Then maybe "nerf" a little bit the cost of the tickets and "the declining satisfaction" or perhaps it's just me and I should play in difficult mode...

- Recruitment : It's realy hard to get platinium Idol (each 90 days it's realy long). That's why I think maybe you can "up" a little bit the drop rates for the Idols depend of level(Production/influence) of your producer. There are no differences between Producer lv 0 and producer lv 4.  For exemple : Producer LV 0, nationwide recruitement Platinium Idol rates = 1% / Producer lv 4 (2 influence, 2 production) : Platinium rates 1,25/1,5 % and it's stop at 5% when your producer is Lv 20.  The same goes for regional with gold and local with silver. In my opinion, it's more realistic, if you start to be famous as producer more idols want to join you.

- Add Rival groupe event, once a year one/two/three idol groups can challenge you in "concert contender". Refuse : fans will be disapointed (in hard/normal mode) but if you win you will win more fans. They are like, five songs, each song will demand a certain stat (cute, sexy, smart etc.), You choose your idol and you have an accident rate like concert or something else. Maybe you can implement older cards and new cards. For instance : Accident rates for other group idol + 5% etc.

That's all, thanks for your hard work patience and care!


2 ideas :

Being able to disable all pop-ups

Being able to release full albums instead of just a single

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After playing for a while I also thought it would be cool if once game is finished we could see updated sales, for example fans can also buy album later, not just on the month when it's released. Like we can see popular groups can still sell their debut albums years after the debut.

And this makes me think if we for example don't release just a digital single but an album and we print like 40k albums, after a while fans could demand us to print more albums because albums are out of stock. I think it would make the game interesting, we could also lose fans if we decide that we won't print the album again because maybe we are broke.

Also it would be cool if we didn't get accused about singing about political songs when we actually didn't even release such song. For example it happened to me - I only did photoshoots, I didn't even release any singles yet and I got accused that my group was singing political lyrics, it would make sense that this only happens when we actually release such song.

And for example when we release a physical single we could create album cover or pick an album cover. Maybe if album was cheaply made fans could be mad at us.

And maybe it would be cool idea if we could somehow give news to the fans that we need help (like makestar project where fans donate money for a comeback) otherwise the group will disband because we are broke.

Maybe we could even decide how many seconds of lines some girl gets and fans could praise us when the most popular girl gets the most lines but others could be mad because we treat some unfairly. And because of that I also got another idea, we could also just have the rapper of the group, a vocalist a sub vocalist (so we'd give girls positions) and if fans complained we could tell them "this member got less lines because they are the visual/rapper." 

I'd also like if we wouldn't have to bring the girls to our office every time when we want to interact but sometimes they could also visit us by themselves when they are bullied for example or when a snitch wants to tell us something. 

Also maybe we could have fan meetings and girls mess up and they tell something they shouldn't and we must make situation better with our reply to the public. And for paying the girls idk about Japanese idols much but some Korean ones for example don't get paid from the start because they must pay off the debt, this would be really helpful at the start for us as a ceo.

And also 5 to 7 year old contract and idol can not leave, if they do we can sue them (I sound like an evil ceo) but I really hate it when someone says I will graduate before I turn 23 because that doesn't tell me much, they can graduate when they turn 20 because that's before 23rd I'd really like to control how many time the girls will stay in the group so I can prepare new idols to join. That's why I think it would be cool if we had a "rookie" category and for example they can be rookies for 2 years before they join a group so we can train them well... because some idols that want to join are so untalented lol)

Anyway I hope that some ideas are good enough to end up in the finished game. 


Two of my idols began dating so I decided I'd have them do a duet, though stats were crippled with no defined center and the song flopped. I would like to see them able to do a duet together without a defined center and perhaps a shared stamina drop for concerts almost like the talk breaks.


Hello guys! 

The game is hugely imbalanced in the revenue (income VS expenditure) part. The expenses are automatic, but the revenue are action based and often requires a lot of time and action before being just available, i'm not even talking about the lucrative part yet lol...and really it's not lucrative at all compared to the expenses that you quickly pile up lol

I would suggest at least a way to set up your secretaries to automatically chose and negociate or not negociate the contracts and doing so based on the higher/ lower revenue and/or by fame level of each idol. Sometimes I want to promote the ones that don't have lots of requests or fame, and sometimes I just want more money haha!

also a way to repay the loan as we see fit, not in a lump some once. for exemple I want to give back more this week but not completely pay back the loan. And maybee a good backlash if I fail to give back money lol might be over, death by yakuza haha

also a way to negociate loans through a dialogue with a banker or the investor. if you fail the dialogue, you get the normal loans, if you win, you get more money or no interests. something like that. So we can at least start the game with enough to stay afloat.

Also, at first I thought that the investor was ultra sleazy and would ask me stuff like using my idols for human traffic so i never agreed to his loans especially as they have no interest....then i tried once and realize there were just nice interest free loans haha! 

The part where you can reclaim the idols after they graduate and make them work for you as staff is genius. But I feel it lacks either a more substensial bonus or a more fulfilling status for the idols. They are supposed to go for a better deal and you get them back for a worse one lol...either they need to really help boost your overall business, because so far, everything is trying to put you down to the ground lol (great perks as staff or really fast level up or income stream) or they need to come with a hefty price (have to match the other deal they had or surpass it in order to get them with their super perks). 

take your time if you like these ideas. i'm okay having to wait a V2 or a second game. please, just give me a lower price though haha!

I have a simple suggestion. For some reason, music in games ruin my immersion, so I usually play with the music off and the general sounds with the Max volume possible. 

I noticed that the current build has the staff's typing sounds together with the background music. It would be nice if you guys could separate the sounds!

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I have played this game for quite a long time now. Overall, i quite happy with it, but i have one suggestion, can we have a graduation concert?
Cause i feel this game have inspiration from AKB48 concept, so whenever a famous member graduate, can we have a option to thrown a graduation concert for her?

And also, a contract for at least 5 year sound like a good idea, cause there’s time when my idol graduate so soon, before i can do anything with her. 


throwing a graduation concert would be so great. I do it “unofficially” but sometimes it messes up my plans, because you only know a member’s graduation date 3months in advance.

Ideally the graduation concert wouldn’t affect the 1 month cooldown period for a normal concert. 

I second this!

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Sooo, I already did a post like this, just moved it here. I don't know  if these ideas are floating around already, but I couldn't get myself to read all of the suggestions, which I think are awesome as far as I read them. Here are my two cents.

1. Stats for staff - former idol

    I would love to still be able to see the stats they graduated with, their earned money, accomplishments etc. 

    I think it adds a lot of depth to the staff. 

2. Dating staff - former idol

    Still being able to interact with the former idols, like going on a date would be great too, so you don't disconnect from your favourite idols.

    Having additional lines as staff maybe?

3.  Coaching / Styling skills - former idol

    Having their coaching skills depend on the associated skill they had as an idol, so they can pass their knowledge on instead of starting from scratch, because they feel kinda useless in the long run.

    I haven't encountered a former idol as a stylist so I don't know if that's even a thing, but if not, I would love to see it implemented.

    I think separating the styles would be nice. Regular staff you can hire could simply have two of them at the same level, so it wouldn't change that aspect.

4. Motivation score

    Maybe idols could start with high motivation, as new idols and lower it over time until 50% or something, because they become accustomed to their new lifestyle.

    This could be accompanied with new traits, which impact motivation gain and loss.

   Could actually impact if a graduating idol wants to stay with the group.

5. Punishment for minimum wage

    I guess that's a beta thing, because I haven't seen any impact for them being unsatisfied.

    Let idols provoke scandals, because they're underpaid.

    Or even quit for good if the payment is far too low or over an extended period.

    Maybe combine with my previous point and lower their motivation, or increase it to a certain degree with high payment.

6. Filter Songs in Concert Setup

    Having the option to filter for fan satisfaction, stars etc. would be nice, because the song list becomes quite extensive after a while.

7.  Sister Groups as opening acts

    Maybe add the option of having a sister group as the opening act with a seperate setup to promote them.

8. Calendar

    A calendar would be great to properly schedule tasks, concerts etc ahead of time.

9. Special event preparations

    I think being able to prepare multiple special events in advance should be a feature, so they can launch after cooldown has reset.

This game is already great and has so much potential to grow.  I look forward to the next update and will keep playing until then^^ 

* Structured and added some points.


You can add "Push a unit" as a function, just like pushing single idols.

When some idols are pushed as a duo or trio, if they stand close in a single, or if they host a show together, they can attract more fans.  Also, their relationship can grow or worsen depending on their fame gap.


I really hope we will be able to disband a group in the full game or a future update.


my 24 year old member was dating a 13 year old... I kinda wish such old members weren't dating kids or I wish instead of "break up" we could tell them  to stop dating kids or something. Or maybe we could get both of them in the office somehow and make the older girl apologize so we'd tell the young girl to be more careful next time. Sorry if I'm thinking into this too much but yeah. 


Since the player is not allowed to date underage idols, I can only assume this is a bug.  I think underage idols should either not be able to be in relationship, only be able to have some sort of 'special friendship' with another idol (kinda like a relationship, but less blatant), or just be able to date other underage idols.


Personally I think a slight element of randomness would be nice when it comes to singles, rather than everything being very formulaic all the time. It feels like there's some kind of strict numerical formula determining how many singles we sell, aside from the "trending" genres/lyrics. Maybe there's a 1/100 chance your debut single will go viral and rocket your group to fame, or maybe a single will "flop" once in a while and actually make fans leave the group - it certainly happens with real groups. 


Would it be possible to have an assistant once you reach a certain fame level? Someone who can do the concept/lyrics and pre-production and all that stuff, so my player can focus on the idols or getting xp and such.


Once the office manager has max proficiency in both of her skills she can do concept, lyrics, and pre-production  instead of the player.

haven't gotten that far,thanks!

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