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Since no other bugs have been reported yet, I went ahead and created a new release build fixing this issue. I didn't increase the version number since the issue was fairly minor to begin with. The new build should be available later today or early tomorrow.

A known bug that was reported to me from somewhere else:

A Ren'Py error may occur during an event on the first day of Act 3, should the player choose to partner with Kagami. You can ignore this error without having any lasting effects. (It happens because of a bad ATL transition call, so you may not even see it if you are skipping text.) This bug should now be fixed in the development build, and the fix should eventually be rolled out in a patch. (Timeframe to be determined by any further bug reports.)

(1 edit)

If you've played everything except the hidden ending, you should have all of the bonus content available except for some scenes and a CG in the gallery pages. If you're having trouble finding the "Aftermath" content, go to the title screen and check the bottom-right. If you've finished at least one true ending or the normal ending, there should be a new button there.

As for the hidden route/ending itself, the requirements aren't necessarily intuitive. Here's how you get there:

  • You must have seen the true ending for each of the three character routes. (They must appear in the ending list.)
  • From a new game, spend exactly one "date" event ("spend time with") with each girl and two events alone. Partner events ("partner with") don't affect this route.
  • If you meet these requirements, an alternate infirmary scene will play at the end of Act 2. From here on, you're locked into the hidden route.

Hopefully that helps you find the last ending. Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll try to help.

Thanks for taking a look at Eldritch Academy, I hope you like it!

For this game, the "PC" build should work with Linux, from what I'm told. (The Ren'Py distribution builder says that it should work on both Windows and Linux. When it packages for just one or the other, it uses "Windows" or "Linux" as the build name.) That said, I have no Linux devices to test on, so it could be helpful to hear if this is true.

Eldritch Academy
(click to go to the game page)

Solana Academy is a prestigious all-girl boarding school in a remote corner of Japan. Despite its distance from major cities, it never wants for students or funding.

However, the ideal school life at Solana Academy is disrupted by the sudden appearance of grotesque monsters from the formerly sealed-off old dormitory. A chance discovery of magical “petals” leaves four students as the only line of defense against this threat. But as the girls investigate the old dormitory for a way to be rid of the monsters, they begin to uncover a sinister truth regarding their school…

Eldritch Academy is a Romance/Paranormal Thriller visual novel. The choices Yue makes during her investigation determine who she becomes closest to; leading to friendship, romance, or heartbreak.

This thread is for collecting bug reports in one place. If the game crashes or a glitch occurs, this is the place to bring it up. Before you post, it's a good idea to see if the issue occurs more than once. Bugs that cannot be replicated are difficult to fix.

I can't figure out a way to hide potential spoilers from others who look at this page, so I'll have to leave some of my comments out. Overall, I like the premise of the game. The pacing is a bit uneven, though, with the ending in particular seeming more ambiguous than I think was intended because of that. (Even just rewording the last few lines or adding another line might help with that one.) There are also some typos that might need to be addressed, though I didn't think to write them down. (A lot of them were misused homophones rather than misspellings.)

The short play length made it hard to fully differentiate between the characters, but I don't know there's much that can be done there. I have some thoughts about the character who I feel got the most development, but it may be a bit too spoiler-heavy to write here.

As for the content listed in the warning, the level of detail does feel a bit gratuitous. However, that might well have been intended, as a sort of Corpse Party-esque guro. It makes me think of slasher films, so I think that sort of audience would be the best target audience.

While I mostly focused on pointing out negatives and opinion-based things, I think it was a solid game for the most part. Going into the game, I expected a sort of supernatural horror story but instead got a more sci-fi or even cosmic type of horror story. It feels kind of like a B-movie due to the limited character development and graphic gore, but it's the good sort of B-movie in that it's still interesting to play.

If you make versions past v1.00, I'd recommend maybe looking into some of the typos and the final few lines. Also, it might be a good idea to prompt the player to save as the final scene begins, to keep people from losing a lot of progress by not realizing you can save during the scene.

At any rate, I hope some of these comments help, or are at least interesting to read. If there's somewhere where I can comment about the game without potentially spoiling new players, I also have one or two specific things I might have some thoughts about.

Glad to hear you liked the game so far! I'm particularly glad that the lack of character art wasn't too upsetting, since I've been too busy with my other project to try to get the character art made for this game. (Hopefully I'll be able to get everything finished for this game eventually, but I'd like to get my main project done first.)

It's also nice to hear that the Android version is getting some play. Part of the original design goal was to make a GL romance game for Android, since there was next to nothing of the sort on Google Play in 2017 (aside from a few PC ports of other Ren'Py games).

At any rate, I hope you like the rest of the game.

Demos v1-v4 were submissions for last year's Yuri Game Jam. (Demo v5 was a later update.) Demo v6 and onward are the submissions for this year's jam.

I'll take a look into that bug again. I'm a little confused how it keeps coming back... At any rate, thanks for letting me know about it.

I'm glad you're liking the game so far. There's no real plan to continue the stories after the current endings, but future updates may include some additional scenes for each character during the main game. Update content is a bit subject to change at the moment, so we'll see what happens.

I'll do what I can to try to get the art and update content back on track, but I'm also nearing completion of my main project this year, so that will likely take priority.

Thanks for the input, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game!

After hearing about a number of student couples forming at her school, Himeka Uchida decides to look for a girlfriend of her own. As she gets wrapped up in the daily lives of her friends and classmates, will she find the romance she seeks?

This game is developed with Android phones in mind, but can also be played on PC.

Game Features:

  • Free (with optional donation)
  • 6 love interests
  • Friendship and romance paths for each girl


  • Himeka Uchida, a second-year high school student. Cheerful and friendly, but is sensitive about her height.
  • Izumi Kawano, a second-year high school student. The reliable captain of the volleyball team, though she doesn't share much about herself.
  • Kiyomi Ito, a second-year high school student. A track team member who always wears a jacket or hoodie.
  • Nanami Kobayashi, a first-year high school student. A bashful member of the cooking club that tends to minimize her achievements.
  • Atsuko Aoki, a first-year high school student. Blind in one eye, and doesn't socialize much with others.
  • Kiku Moritani, a third-year high school student. She looks younger than she is, and is known to be skilled with many musical instruments.
  • Shiori Goto, a third-year high school student. She has a regal figure and reputation, particularly due to her long hair.

Download Link


This is a game I put together for this year's Yuri Game Jam. The current demo is fully playable from start to finish, but is missing art that I hope to have before I consider the game finished. Feedback or comments on the game would be appreciated!

Known issues include a glitch with the week counter, which will sometimes be higher than it should be.

I hope people enjoy the game!

Current Progress (Nov 15, 2017):

  • Demo v4 released! This includes the first full draft of the script. All events/endings are now playable.
Current Progress (Nov 5, 2017):
  • 19/19 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi, Nanami, Atsuko, Kiku, Shiori events
  • 4/6 Kiyomi events
  • 6/7 endings

Now that the game jam is over, I'm going to start moving development updates to this thread. To kick things off, I'll start by including today's progress report.

Current Progress (Nov 4, 2017):
  • 17.5/19 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi, Nanami, Atsuko, Kiku, Shiori events
  • 4/6 Kiyomi events
  • 5/7 endings

Finished most of Atsuko's events, so the script is nearly complete now. Still won't make it in time for the official jam deadline, though...

I really like the art style and animations for the NPC. If I ever did a 3D game, I'd have to look into that style myself. (Incidentally, how long does it take to make a 3D model of this complexity? I never had the patience to model in detail, so it's not something I'm familiar with the timeframe of.)

The one thing that looks a bit odd to me is the band around the elbows for both characters. It looks like they're meant to be shadows built-in to the texture, but since there are unshaded parts between the bands and the clothing for some animations it looks like a glitch. I don't know how easy that would be to fix, especially if the characters are pieced together from multiple sub-models during runtime (like one game I modded once), but I figured I'd point it out. Then again, you probably already noticed it yourself...

A question I have about the gameplay: Based on the introduction information, it sounds like you have to raise "affection" before you can actually hold the NPC's hand. How do you raise affection? Are there interactions besides simply moving the hand?

The original devlog for the game is linked below. Since I've been mostly posting updates there, I figured it would help to direct people over there if they're interested in update news.

(1 edit)

If everything worked well, Demo v3 should now be available. The game is probably about 70%+ drafted now.

Progress numbers:

  • 16.5/19 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi, Nanami, Kiku, Shiori events
  • 0/6 Kiyomi, Atsuko events
  • 4/7 ending

A list of things added since Demo v2:

  • Nanami and Kiku events and endings
  • Most outlined weekly events now drafted
  • Minor fixes to some lines

I hope people like the new demo! Just a little bit more to go, and the first draft of the script will be complete.

(2 edits)

Not quite ready for a new demo build just yet, but Kiku and Nanami's routes and endings have been fully drafted now. Because of this, I went and updated the game page to include their information.

Progress numbers:

  • 13/19 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi, Nanami, Kiku, Shiori events
  • 0/6 Kiyomi, Atsuko events
  • 4/7 endings

Edit: As a side note, the game script is currently at a little over 10k words long, with a projected final word count of at least 15k. I probably won't quite finish the game before the end of the jam. I'm not sure if this is scope creep, or just unrealistic expectations... At any rate, I'll do my best to finish the game anyway. The characters had already been around for another project before they got cut from that project, so I'm glad to see them get a story to be in thanks to the jam.

Edit 2: Instead of posting again so soon, I went and updated the weekly events number (4 to 13). It's now possible to reach Week 12 (out of 17) without seeing placeholder text.

Okay, so I decided to release another demo (v2) despite not having many new full events being drafted yet. However, this demo includes my attempt at the randomized weekly events system and the first two endings, as well as being fully playable from start to finish. It also includes little snippets of the outline for each event.

The progress numbers now:
  • 4/19 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi, Shiori events
  • 4/6 Kiku events
  • 0/6 Kiyomi, Nanami, Atsuko events
  • 2/7 endings
A list of things added since the last build:
  • Izumi and Shiori ending drafts
  • 2nd through 6th Shiori event drafts
  • 4th Kiku event draft
  • Randomized weekly events, with outlines for unfinished events
  • Placeholder text for 7th+ mini-events for each girl

That's all I have at the moment. Let me know if there are any comments or questions about the game. I'm a bit curious what people think of the idea so far...

This seems like it could be a cute story. I also like the title pun, now that I've figured it out. I'll need to keep an eye on this.

Maybe it could be added back in later on, after the jam, if it seems like too much for now.

They key behind having something like timed choices would be to make the player feel rushed and a bit uncomfortable, while still actually allowing them to make the choice they want. In the examples I used, Alpha Protocol is a spy thriller with high stakes, while The Walking Dead is a survival scenario. So that's another thing to keep in mind when you decide whether to keep timed choices or not.

Personally, I'd be interested in seeing more well-made examples of timed choices and "silence" options. In Alpha Protocol, sometimes it was fun to simply stay quiet and see what people would do if they talked to someone who wasn't willing to answer any questions (especially during one of the interrogations). In The Walking Dead, there are some scenes that involve people arguing that you can't prevent, so it's nice to not need to get involved if there's no way to resolve anything. So having a whole game mechanic based on not answering (like the shyness mechanic you mentioned considering) could be really interesting.

I haven't read everything here in detail yet, but I have some comments about the dialogue choice timer. While a potentially cool idea, you'll want to keep some things in mind with that. For instance, the more successful uses of that kind of system (Alpha Protocol, Telltale Games' works) tended to be voiced, had short tags for the options rather than the full dialogue, and often were clear enough with the lead-up and choices that you could potentially choose the moment the options appear. The first one may be difficult for a game jam project, but if you expand the game it might be good to keep in mind. The second one you seem to already be doing. For the third, you'll have to craft the lead-in to choices carefully to make sure everyone has enough time to make the choice they want.

A thing to keep in mind from a technical standpoint is that you'll need to allow for missing the timer being a choice of its own (like in School Days or The Walking Dead) or have a default choice (Alpha Protocol). Even if the default/timeout choice is just silence from the PC (making an NPC talk next instead) and doesn't affect the plot, it's something that needs to be there in order to have timed choices at all.

I hope I didn't say too much of what you've already known or thought of, since that would be annoying. Just keep some of those things in mind. If you're worried about slow readers, I'd suggest having a pop-up show up before a choice is going to be made to warn the player, maybe forcing the player to click on said pop-up to show the options. Something like ["Make a choice!"->click->options->selection->result].

I went and drafted all of Shiori's remaining events (6/6). I wrote most of them on my computer, as opposed to my phone (like the original set of events), so they're a bit longer. I might have to extend some of Izumi's events to compensate...

Also, I'm starting to get an idea on how to potentially include the "side couples" feature. I always planned on having them triggered from weekly events, but wasn't really sure how without having everyone take Himeka's advice on dating. For at least one of them, I'm thinking of having 2-3 events where someone comes to Himeka asking for help Himeka can't provide, and if Himeka sends them to someone they're compatible with they might end up together.

Example: Nanami needs help with preparing a recipe she's trying for her club. Himeka doesn't know about cooking, so she can suggest a few people she thinks are good at it. (For this example, Atsuko/Kiyomi/Shiori.) Atsuko is still annoyed at Nanami for what happened in their intro event, so this choice can't get them together (and may hurt their chances if there is an event to get them together). But if Nanami is sent to one of the others, they might get closer and end up going out.

Another idea for a "nice to have" feature is having randomized weekly events. Aside from the intro events (Weeks 1-4) and the finale event (Week 17), maybe weekly events could be randomly picked from a list. This could add some replay value as well as allow for additional content to be added after the game jam.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably finish up Kiku's events next, since hers are already started. I'll also want to release another demo after enough new stuff has been added, but I might need to start on the weekly events before I do that...

This looks like an interesting premise to make an interactive story from. I've seen (and written) cases of this kind of story (a hospital stay with potentially deteriorating relationships), but I've never seen a version where the outcome is up to the player.

From the sound of things, am I right in assuming all of the choices are made in the dreams, and the daily events are based on stats? That sounds like another interesting divergence from the usual, since normally waking moments are where choices are and dreams are not interactive. I'd worry a bit about those kinds of expectations if I were writing the story, but hopefully you'll manage to make it feel natural enough to accept as part of the premise of the game.

I understand the desire to make sure getting a good ending isn't so easy that it can be done by accident, but I hope it doesn't end up too hard to get good results. There are enough stats that this looks like it could easily end up with requests for a walkthrough. Good luck balancing the stats, too; I've always had trouble with making the numbers in a game do what I want them to. Hopefully your spreadsheet helps with that.

At any rate, I hope your project goes well!

I've uploaded a WIP/Beta version to get some feedback on the idea, if possible. It's here:

What's available so far:
  • 4/17 weekly events
  • 6/6 Izumi events
  • 3/6 Kiku events
  • 1/6 Shiori events
  • 0/6 Kiyomi, Nanami, Atsuko events
  • 0/7 endings

I thought I'd try to make something for this year's Yuri Game Jam, since I ended up losing motivation to do so last year. I worry a bit about the quality (since I need to focus on my major projects, like Eldritch Academy), but I wanted to try to get something done during a set timeframe like the kind used for game jams.

My project for the game jam is tentatively titled "Blooming Nightshade", and is part of the same continuity as Eldritch Academy and some of my other recent stories. It's planned to be a short, simple game that can be easily played on an Android phone (as there are so few GL/Yuri games on Google Play). The story is fairly basic: after hearing about several other student couples forming at Solana Academy, Himeka Uchida decides to try to find a girlfriend of her own. The game is split into weekly events that introduce the characters and their relationships to each other and weekend events where the player can choose who Himeka spends time with. To put the features into list form:

  • Free
  • 6 love interests
  • Romantic or friendship paths for each girl
  • (may not be implemented) Pair up some of the other girls with each other

For progress, I'd say the script is roughly 25% drafted at something like 3k words. I've also been messing with the new Ren'Py GUI for the first time to try to get something that looks good on a phone (in portrait mode) without needing a graphic designer to make custom GUI. I've also put up a recruitment thread on Lemmasoft to look for a character artist for the portraits.

While the game is mostly fully coded when it comes to progression (with most of the actual events being placeholder text for now), I do have a few issues I may need to address:

  • It's currently possible to start a romantic relationship with multiple girls with no acknowledgement or consequence. I might need to add breakup events or have the player choose which ending to get during the final event (which would also need breakup events for dumped girls).
  • It's currently possible to keep spending time with a girl that has no events left, but there is no generic "spend time with" text. I'll need to either lock off girls with no more events or make a generic event for each girl once their story is finished.
  • If I include the feature to pair up the other girls with each other, I'll need to decide how that works in game mechanics. Should this prevent the player from starting a relationship? Should it be allowed if the player is in a relationship with one of the girls?
  • If the player doesn't have a love interest at the end of the game, what should the ending look like? I might have a generic friendship ending, but should it include everyone or just the people the player actually spent time with?

At any rate, I hope I can pull this off during the game jam time period. Eldritch Academy takes priority, but I want to be able to participate in something like this every once in a while.