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As a further update, I've finished the first draft for the Orino scenes that were fully outlined. With not enough material to bang out the rest of the route, I'm starting to consider leaving a "To be continued" at the end of the current content again, even though it meant resurrecting some deleted code.

In addition, I'm really iffy on the BGM placement in the game thus far, and I'm very close to simply ripping the music out until I can take the time to do it properly. I've not committed to that plan, but it's in consideration. (Other factors that helped create this idea include the fact that I usually do testing with sound muted unless working directly on audio elements, and my growing interest in finding a new source for the music tracks.)

Overall, what is left for Demo v4, at a minimum, is:

  • Revision pass on Kiku's route
  • Revision pass on Orino's route (so far)
  • Art implementations for Orino's route (so far)
  • BGM placement or removal

I'll try to post another update when more of these are finished, but we'll see how things go.