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Hello, is there a way for gog/itch players to play with the mods in the steam workshop ?

No answers uh.. not so surprising but quite disappointing.

"Steam codes for the full game being released to Kickstarter backers (and those who joined the beta after the Kickstarter" I suppose you're including playerbase(basicaly us >.>), but will have the full release or will it become another of those drm steam exclusive ? 

Hello, i saw the same red headed character in a new rpgmaker game on steam(survivor dieland), i first thought it was an original character because of the artwork (wrong way of thinking, i know)

Thank you for answering. i don't dislike turn based system(quite the opposite in fact) but i like them when they're polished or offer a few gimmicks. 

A demo is a nice addition, at worst it will help promote your game ! You should made it available on steam ! 

Not an answer in almost four days(week days) for something which you released yourself less than a month ago is a bit too much.. But anyway, Bewitched 1 was a game with nice characters, a good enough scenari to support them and this awful rpg maker basic battle system.

It was good for it's price range. However, this one Cost 10 Dollars, which is another category entirely where huge load of really good indie game can be found ; That's why i do think that my question is pretty legitimate and as much as i liked your past characters, i won't give ten buck blindly.

In term of content, how much is it different/lenghty to Knight Bewitched ?  (It cost almost twice as much as Bewitched 1)

And did you fine tune the game system, because for all the love i have for your past games(except bewitched 2; didn't like the visual), the basic RPG Maker system as is make the games tedious and boring.

Hello, why is the game "in dev" here while it isn't in EA on steam(which is akin to the "finished" status)

I'll take a look. =)

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well, i can only speak for myself but there are people like me who just wait patiently wait for the release to play it then comment. (and if it's well written like luxaren then it will be good =)

Thanks for answering but what do you mean by 'Final game' ? The game status is "released", or am i misunderstanding something ? (anyway, i'll wait for a proper gamepad support)

Hello, is the gamepad support a planned feature ?

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Hello, when you say "playstation controller" you mean native support or do i need to use x360ce ?

edit : and for which pad, ds3, ds4, ds5 ?

Hello, any news about this project or is it dead ?

I can't download it atm, mega ask me to buy a premium account due to the file size. Is it possible to cut the file in 3-4 parts or simply use as a host ?

Hello, any news ?

Not making the game available on the platform who helped you gain some visibility isn't really nice to stay courteous.. 

Almost the same problem, with the exception of overland, all the games in the bundle won't show as owned (i can't download them on the game page)

Thank you, this will give me an excuse to play it again, i really liked the characters/story.

Could you give the update changelog ?

Hello, when will it be available on ?

You could make another installer like on the other platform. Well, i suppose player base isn't big enough to make it worth the trouble.

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Thanks, it works and i tried the game on steam yesterday, it's really fun to play and i really love the pixel art+artistic direction !

i bought the game but the download buttons are grayed and marked as "preorder" (except for the soundtrack), isn't the game released ?

Any news about the release or the state of dev ?

Good for you, i really hope it will be successful !

However i won't participate as i backed way too many scam/abandoned project.

I'd like to know if the game will be available on when released ?

I would like to know too,  it would be nice if you could answer.

Hopefully it was a joke because it's almost a copy past gameplay-wise of those games : RE190625, RE221441, RE183414, RE204021

La démo envoie pas mal de rêve, un système sympa, une direction artistique au poil avec des animation simple mais efficace.

Je ne parlerais pas de l'équilibrage au fraises(normale pour un accès anticipé) 

Je suis plutôt déçu par le choix des Boss, deux demie-humains et un humain peint en vert.. J'attendais plus exotique de la part de maître de donjon.
Egalement, leurs améliorations sont pas folichonne(j'utilise le centaure comme référence), générique et complètement inutile, elles n'apportent pas de sentiments de progression.

Globalement du très bon, continuez comme ca et bon courage !

Le jeu sera disponible à la vente sur ?

No news and obviously no updatessinces ages.,I usually don't care when the game demo is free but here it's just a scam.

Idol Manager community · Created a new topic Bankrupt


First thing first, thanks for you hard work, this update log was quite impressive(and welcomed >.>)

Now i started a new game (last time i played was in 0.6) and got bankrupt a few month later because my office worker couldn't get me "enough" proposal.. (sometime none : two month straight of failed attempt)

Bug, incredible bad luck or new % ?

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Thanks for answering !

"Keep your eyes out for it on Gog, Steam, Xbox One and Ps4" Does it mean we won't be able to buy it on ? (and i don't mean as a proxy for a steam key)

I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask and you shouldn't excuse yourself as it's really well done for a prototype !