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Almost the same problem, with the exception of overland, all the games in the bundle won't show as owned (i can't download them on the game page)

Thank you, this will give me an excuse to play it again, i really liked the characters/story.

Could you give the update changelog ?

Hello, when will it be available on ?

You could make another installer like on the other platform. Well, i suppose player base isn't big enough to make it worth the trouble.

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Thanks, it works and i tried the game on steam yesterday, it's really fun to play and i really love the pixel art+artistic direction !

No problem, it won't hurt me to wait =)

i bought the game but the download buttons are grayed and marked as "preorder" (except for the soundtrack), isn't the game released ?

Any news about the release or the state of dev ?

Any news ? (still waiting and hoping >.>)

Good for you, i really hope it will be successful !

However i won't participate as i backed way too many scam/abandoned project.

I'd like to know if the game will be available on when released ?

I would like to know too,  it would be nice if you could answer.

Hopefully it was a joke because it's almost a copy past gameplay-wise of those games : RE190625, RE221441, RE183414, RE204021

Thanks for the video

monsters that appear one "atter" another || "atter" the game is cleared 
"atter" =>  "after" (you could say "once the game is completed")

"save the magic power and make it a powerful magic" => "Use your power  to unleash powerful magics"


Could you show us a gameplay video ?(or a link to one)

La démo envoie pas mal de rêve, un système sympa, une direction artistique au poil avec des animation simple mais efficace.

Je ne parlerais pas de l'équilibrage au fraises(normale pour un accès anticipé) 

Je suis plutôt déçu par le choix des Boss, deux demie-humains et un humain peint en vert.. J'attendais plus exotique de la part de maître de donjon.
Egalement, leurs améliorations sont pas folichonne(j'utilise le centaure comme référence), générique et complètement inutile, elles n'apportent pas de sentiments de progression.

Globalement du très bon, continuez comme ca et bon courage !

Le jeu sera disponible à la vente sur ?

I'm curious about their arguments to not release it outside of steam.  Being a niche indie game it's clearly detrimental to stick only in one place. Exclu are still useful but when you're big or well known.

No news and obviously no updatessinces ages.,I usually don't care when the game demo is free but here it's just a scam.

You couldn't release it on .. ?

I mean, you had a dedicated page, with comment and video on itch, but it's not even available here.. thanks for them.


First thing first, thanks for you hard work, this update log was quite impressive(and welcomed >.>)

Now i started a new game (last time i played was in 0.6) and got bankrupt a few month later because my office worker couldn't get me "enough" proposal.. (sometime none : two month straight of failed attempt)

Bug, incredible bad luck or new % ?

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Thanks for answering !

"Keep your eyes out for it on Gog, Steam, Xbox One and Ps4" Does it mean we won't be able to buy it on ? (and i don't mean as a proxy for a steam key)


I wanted to know if your next project will be on too or steam only ? (i bought Tenth line on steam but i didn't knew about itch back then)

I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask and you shouldn't excuse yourself as it's really well done for a prototype !

"Fixed: idol's wish to be in a single doesn't get fulfilled after the single's release" I got this but for a wish to be the center at a concert, was it the same root or another problem entirely ?

Thanks, that was it !  

I don't remember this character being in the policies event, is it new or did i just forgot her ?

Quite a promising gem, i really like how the combat feel! Is it possible to start/switch the game in a windowed mode ? Also Is there a way to access any kind of option/menu ?(sound mostly as it is quite loud)

This name is awesome !

Of course, i always start a game with two manager, a doctor and sometime a beautician  (my two cent of wisdom, high level doc is life =).  As for the lack of information, i suppose the tutorial priority is quite low as all the core mechanic are yet to be completed.

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In the previous version the moment the staff asked the policies questions could happen after a while has passed(a few weeks usually which is quite long already). In this new version it just doesn't happen anymore ; i already have  many idols and a few months already have passed but i can't change my policies because until the event the button stay grayed.

Great ! I'll wait for the release :)

Hello, i hope it's not dead as it was really promising, could you confirm it ? 

Allowing each office worker to each search for specific business opportunity : 

office 1 - photo  

office 2  - drama


After changing policies for the first times, most of them won't change again. They do appear highlighted in the droplist but the change isn't reflected at the root. 

Ex : i first changed idol salarie on "low" and later came back to make it "satisfied" but the change wouldn't work how many time i tried andit was the same for most of the options.

Thanks again for replying. 

I forgot about the producer.. 

Keep up the good work as they say ; the management show promise and the pixel-art is beautiful (more models to reflect characters arts and more animation to make the whole building more alive, would be great)

Thanks for your answer, 

I didn't think a choreography was necessary for a song, my bad. 

That's good to know.

Maybe you could include some basic information at the start of the game (nothing as big as a tutoriel)

Another question, is there a way to know how many contracts an idol possess at any moment ? If not, a right click which give the option to see an idol contracts information would be nice and a great help.

Hello, i can't figure how to make a single, could you tell me the prerequisite ?

Also i sometime lose money but it's neither the end of the month or an activity pay (as far as i can tell), anyone have any idea ? 

Thanks for answering, 

i will wait.

Hello, will you implement card payment too or only paypal will be available on ?