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Hello, Any news ? (even a simple "we're working on it" is enough, really, there is too many projects who are going from silence to canceled )

This is a really high(shocking even) number and would explain a lot. 

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I really liked Nagai Yamiji  and would have bought this one to support you if you're planing to make another platform/action.

However i couldn't help but wonder why Bound : Satori cost 3.00 usd here and 10.00 on dlsite ?


I didn't play long (around 45mn right before going to work :s) but I'm already charmed !

However there are some little change that could really improve the flow :

-Could you set up a key to activate a "running" mode instead of holding shift ? or maybe speed up the base walking speed ?

-Is it possible to use the cancel key to continue a dialog(because pressing accidentally the key at the end of a long dial and having to cycle it again is kind of a pain >.>)

-Like the other two it's a user friendly suggestion but, in the menu can you make it possible to go from the upper option to the down while pushing "up" instead of having to use the "down" key multiple time ?

And one thing who is a little more on the serious side :

-LGD use around 65% of CPU... that's quite a lot (even skyrim doesn't use that much.. >.>) is it a particularity of the engine  or the problem lie within my computer maybe ?

Anyway, Congratulation on the EA release ! (i'm seriously hyped, as much as i am with "Crosscode", if you don't know, take a look at it)

HCK Productions : Sorry, i was a bit on edge and my reactions was a little too much(way too rude). However because : you don't see the point/have the same problem doesn't lessening it for others. For myself it isn't trivial mostly because i do like to sort things(sorry i don't know how to convey the idea, english isn't my main langage)

Mminit : That's what i was thinking, but couldn't hurt to ask. Thank for your time.

Btw i can't really say how but i do have the impression that the flow of battles is a little less fluid than when it was the old v4 demo (or maybe it's a wrong impression due to my memory) 

Mminit : I already saw this post but i didn't think it was related enough, good to know. Is it possible for me to transfer the key right to from humble ?(i doubt it but maybe i'm wrong)

"This doesn't really bother me", the same kind of lame answer you can see in most problem/bug related thread where someone has to come saying "don't cry because for me everything is fine". Get a life, nobody care if someone else problem doesn't bother you.

Hello, i bought your game (congrats on finishing it !) but instead of having it registered within my account i got it  on my humble bundle .. is that normal ? 

If it is then please think of a way to warn people, as i would have really liked to now this before buying the game.

(i Really dislike that btw..)

Well it look a lot like thunderforce 4 on genesis.

That was really nice. Short and sweet.

Thanks for answering, good luck on your studies.

Did it stopped working after you uploaded it the first time or before ?(i already know the answer >.>)

(suppose it was after) On my first try i had the old version inside the same root folder so it should have used the res from it at last once. Or maybe it won't work with compiled files ?

I didn't know the hug was this powerful ! I'll try to save some ap on the previous fight.

As for idea, i may have a lot who will make it more deep gameplay wise and i don't know if you really want it, it's a game made for a game jam after all.

-many class for the fighter, ex : monk -different instead of strenght + and speed + => speed++

-maybe some combo within a frame limit, ex : execute e->h->k within 3 sec = one more bonus for the last command

-each x fights add a camp (ref : darkest dungeon or dragon crawn) but suppose some random fights

- a story mod !!

i know that as little the idea may be, it will require many hours of work but i can help you with the test part if you want.(i didn't program for years so i may be a little too rusted for this )

Yep that made the trick!

what did you fix ? (i'm curious, i used eclipse some years ago)

There wasn't any problem i could notice this time. (until my death that is, this third fight is hard >.>)

I'm a little curious, which ide is it ?


The game won't start since the update (can't say much as nothing happen when i try to launch it)