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Fight your way through the ruins of an ancient facility. · By Team D-13

will the DLC come out on

A topic by christmascheer created Dec 26, 2019 Views: 1,087 Replies: 11
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what my title says. plus, if it will come out here: when will it arrive? thank you


I would like to know too,  it would be nice if you could answer.


Would be good, but I haven't found any good way for itch to handle a dlc.

oh; thank you for replying. that's a shame

You could make another installer like on the other platform. Well, i suppose player base isn't big enough to make it worth the trouble.

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It's really a shame though. Players usually come to buy here to support creators, but we get a somewhat "inferior" game. And just to be clear, I'm not blaming Team D-13 here, I guess it's something that Itch should look to improve. The size of the player base should not be a reason to not work on a way to implement a dlc feature on this platform.

Hey there; there is no good way as far as I know. But take a look at how TowerFall handled it with their Dark World expansion:

Essentially, they packaged the expansion files separately, put a big disclaimer on the expansion page that it's not stand-alone. Once purchased, there are instructions on how to apply the expansion to your existing Towerfall installation (basically just copy, paste, and overwrite some files).

Please consider releasing the DLC here and not making your consumers second class citizens. :)


The problem is that the DLC is not separate files, it completely overrides the original game, importing the vanilla saves the first time you run it, but otherwise maintaining a separate branch from it. The only way to make it work is to make the base game a prerequisite for getting the dlc, which is what itch doesn't have.

I mean, is there a way to make the dlc a butler patch, but lock that patch behind a paywall?
It'd work basically the same as DLC if you could get it to work.

Just do it the way Dungeons of Dredmor handled DLC. Update the game to look for the DLC folder and activate the DLC if the folder contains the right files. Then sell the DLC as a zip that you extract into the DLC folder.

Well GOG has the dlc and it's all DRM Free like itch. The DLC is a separate install.

Well, did not know that a dlc was out there since I have the game only on itch. Gonna get it on steam as well I guess, you guys deserve it.

Hope that itch will provide devs a simpler way to manage dlc.