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UGHAH! Right in the feels!

This was really nice!

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Wait! Sheit! Moxie turned 23 like, a fortnight ago! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOXIE!!!

It's what I'm here for.

Boi, You can choke on literally anything solid.

Welcome! Any time.

I just looked and OMFG my mind is blown!

Where I live, 18 is the legal age.
They should all be able to drink!

I believe she gets people to help her translate, but don't quote me.

August? That's my birth month! I can't wait!

Perhaps this can help!

Some tips?

For it to get released on PSVR, it would have to be released on PS4, and that seems extremely unlikely.

You're welcome!

This was really fun! I think I missed one of the pokes tho...

OMG That's perfect! We've been blessed!

I made a video on this game!

It's a good video, I promise!


If you attempt to stab him with a spoon, he starts doing the Harlem shake.

I haven't tried, but just go to the website version and download it there. The itch app attempts to open the game as if it's an .exe file. If the game opens some other way, then itch might not recognise it.


This is perfect!

The only issue I have is that the moment that I get hit, my eyes refocus because of the red fresnel effect. Is there any way to fix this?

The controls were a little hard to grasp, but I had a blast playing it though.

But I must say, That title screen was actually good! It was minimalistic and it actually had a character on it doing stuff! That was better than most games on this site!

This was good, but it was a little short. I have a couple little things that I didn't personally like, but chances are, you already know about them, so theres no need to repeat them.

I'll give this game a solid 3/5. Was a little short.

So, I played this game and

This game is perfect despite all of its flaws!

You can't convince me otherwise!

I played it! It's fun! It's awesome! I guess I can crash...


Welp this game is old, buggy and very short, but is still worth playing!

I finally decided to play this game on my channel!

Please enjoy!

If your tool is turned downwards, it means you have to spin the turn table that the pink object is on.

Just spam the action button.

Space for keyboard.

A for controllers.

Yeah I figured.
Thank you though!

Like all rewards on Patreon, The rewards are only available to those who donate that amount monthly or per project. It doesn't add up.

The email has been sent.

Did you send me a message on Youtube? I've searched all over my account and I can't find anything of the sort. Can you please send it again?


15 seconds is the time to beat for the gold medal, and this guy ain't giving it to me!

Probs a bug.
Also on the topic of bugs, sometimes when I'm in the sewers under the red town, when I try to jump back up the pipe, I just fall back down, and I'm unable to jump again until I restart the game. help.

o wait the paper bag man says something about destroying the graves soz


AAAh I was gonna letsplay this but I wanted to test to see if it worked and OMFG where did the time go! Hahaha!

I do have one question.
How da heck do you destroy the wooden graves. I've been wailing on them with my sword and shooting the heck out of them with my blaster, but nothing seems to work.

Oh! And my game seemed to drop the FPS during the Tower section with the massive crystal, and it didn't seem like dropping the graphics setting did much. I was still getting sub 30FPS is some places during this part, despite the fact that the game was on it's lowest setting.

Also, Just a few more things I'd like to say, and they're about the health system.

I find it easier to manage my health if I can see it with a short glance, so perhaps give the HUD a health bar, or give the player the ability to earn/find one, kinda like in Kingdom Hearts. The numbers don't need to go though, they're still very helpful.

Another thing is that I don't look at my health enough, and I think I died twice because because of this, and even though you have visual queues to help players know when they're about to die, I think your players would appreciate it if there was also some kind of audio queue, kinda like in the Pokemon games!

It would be highly appreciated if you included these, and I can't wait for the full version.

Woa this is interesting!

Had a lot of fun!

What even is this supposed to be?
Like, It looks cool but..
What did I just see?