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So, If you haven't played this game yet, STOP READING THIS AND PLAY IT DAMNIT!!! The comments are full of spoilers and this is something that shouldn't be spoiled for you. All I'm going to say is that this instalment is great and worth the time it takes to play.

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You should be able to, just hit the "Download now" button and then hit "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

This isn't exactly a game suggestion, but a comic panel of your characters playing the Another Piece of Candy TCG in the web comic would be really sweet.

The concept of this game is really cool, and it's also awesome that you were able to fit it into an incredibly small file size!
So, I actually wanted to ask, is there any particular way that you generate the names? Is it just a random assortment of letters with varying name sizes, or do you actually have a list of names?

Pretty sure they're the real Temmie.

Ah, alright. I'll look forward to that!

Get Markiplier on the phone ASAP!

Did Nami forget about something?

I bet no one expected for me to rear my head here, now did we?

This game really does show promise, but lacks a certain amount of "Polish".
I found that the game seems to break very easily.
The textures of the two characters seem to have parts clip off of on occasion.
The movement with both methods is a little bit clunky.
I barely tried, and I broke out of bounds.
Also just personal preference, but I think that the mouse buttons should be flipped.

Though, I didn't hate everything.
The artstyle is adorable with it's low poly 3D models, pixel art textures and paper like characters and environment pieces.
With what story there was, I really wanted a full game to play. While I was "Boundry breaking" I figured out that you had a few area tags that the player shouldn't have seen. Things like the mysterious building and the nest.

Taking into consideration how old this game is, I doubt that you are still working on this game, but a response would be extremely nice!

P.S. Sorry for tearing your game to shreds. I can't help it.

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From memory, you need to combine Treat with Moxie, then combine the result with Mochi, then add Trick.
EDIT: Yup that's right.

Another great game to get inspiration from is Wipeout! They're kinda similar to F-Zero, but I'm not very familiar with F-Zero.

Okay, I've given your game a little bit of a shot, and I think I have a few things to say.
I think the idea of letting go of the accelerator to help steer is a little bit flawed. Maybe you could implement an air brake system of sorts. As an  Example, LT would help you steer left and RT would help you steer right while pressing both will slow you down for the more delicate steering areas.

There's also a long stretch of road that the finish line is on. It allows the player to get to the max speed of around 235MPH, and if I crash at this speed, I kinda just bounce off the wall like a rubber ball. Not sure how hard this'll be to fix, but eh. Now you know.

Hey, I did a thing.
I'm not very good at it, but I did a thing!

This game enjoyed beating me...

Person with a name of assorted colours.
please settle


I had another look, and apparently the itch client had created a new "user?" in the Users folder. I needed to give permission to access the folder, so maybe that's why performing several system wide searches for terms such as "Besus" and "FireWing" and "FW64" didn't give any results.

Is there any way I can completely 100% make this game forget I've played it?
I wanted to play it on my channel, but while testing the game to make sure I could record it well, I started it and now I can't get the intro cutscene to play again.

Can someone please help me?

Right! Being a wannabe game dev, I totally understand the struggles. You are doing great!

As the games get more and more complex, are they going to take longer to make? Honestly, I don't mind if it takes you a while to make the next game, but I would like to see it in my lifetime.

Well... I guess there is a witch town literally next door.
I'm sure they could find out something.

I sometimes jump when I've let go of the jump button.
Ahaha well it was a good attempt.
At least it didn't bug out.

This game was very interesting.
Honestly I don't want to say anything else or I might spoil this, but if you've tripped over this game, play it.
It's short, and won't waste your time.

I did a lot of sacrificing!
Did I do a good?


This is actually very fun! I started getting stuck at Lv 8. That line's just a little too thin and fast. Hahaha!

Have you tried extracting it with Winrar?
You can't run .rar files without extracting them first.

OMG this game is so beautifully crafted! Even more so than the previous games! Now I see why it took so long to create! Honestly, I highly recommend this game, but if you haven't played the first game, play it! You'll need it! Also the 18+ comic adds a little backstory to the events in this game, but you can get along without it too.

I'd like to thank Nami for not only releasing this game, but for making it so bloody great!

also can people plz stop posting spoilers they arent fun

You're welcome!

It's the least I could do.

Hey, Nami? Is it okay if you make a downloadable version? It seems like most browsers are actively trying to stop this game from working. UwU

So, I tried firefox, and it failed to boot the game, and there doesn't seem to be any settings that allows me to change this.
The only browser that this game currently works with is Internet Explorer. If you're desperate for this, then maybe you should try it there.

Just as I thought!
Chrome is being very difficult to the point that not even plugins can save this.
Maybe Firefox might work, but I don't usually use it, and I don't endorse the use of Internet explorer.

It looks like chrome is a little broken at the moment...
I haven't tried this, but you might need to install a plugin of some kind.

I'd help you, but it just stopped working for me too...
I'll update the instructions when I fix it.

UGHAH! Right in the feels!

This was really nice!

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Wait! Sheit! Moxie turned 23 like, a fortnight ago! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOXIE!!!

It's what I'm here for.

Boi, You can choke on literally anything solid.

Welcome! Any time.