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So, a few bugs/problems to mention, and even a possible fix for each!

  • Alone by day 2. Both of my buddies were gone. First the girl, then the guy.
  • Quite a few too many enemies. When I finally died, it was because I got swarmed by 6 red foxes from the front, and god knows how many from the back.
  • Floor tile texture doesn't tile properly.
  • Grass follows direction of camera, including the up and down tilt.
  • Door is finicky.
  • Foundation hard to get onto, but this might just be because I set the height as high as it would go.
  • Camera is able to flip up and down infinitely.
  • Able to walk off the edge of the map.
  • Jumping off of rocks seems impossible.
  • "T" is a weird place for the crafting.
  • Took me a while to realise that the text at the bottom of the screen wasn't a tutorial.
  • Able to see inside yourself.

For the fixes!

  • For the first issue, try to make some form of UI popup that tells the player that a friendly NPC has died. Extra points if it mentions the NPC's name and how they died, just like how Minecraft does it!
  • Try placing a limit on how many enemies can exist around the player at any time.
  • Fixing the texture tiling issues shouldn't be hard. If you designed the texture to tile, then try checking the 3D models UV map.
  • Try locking the rotation of the grass in the X axis, so it stays upright.
  • It seems like the door needs to be pushed open by running into it. Try setting a button prompt to open it.
  • Now, I don't exactly know what kind of collider you are using for the player avatar, but if you aren't using a capsule, try swapping to it. Another thing you could do to help players get onto the foundation is to allow players to place foundation stairs next to a foundation piece, no matter if it's intersecting the ground or not.
  • Try clamping the up and down rotation of the camera.
  • With the map, you may feel inclined to place four large lengthened cubes to stop the player, but I've had too many issues with this approach. Just like the camera, try clamping the players position! Stop them from moving too far out!
  • Since it's impossible to jump off of rocks, it might mean that you're ignoring it in the ground check. Try adding it!
  • When I started crafting, my finger automatically pressed "Q" and "TAB". Try swapping the button to one of those!
  • Personally, I think that the crafting options should be inside a menu instead of written at the bottom of the screen in a way that makes it look like a subtitle, but you've already mentioned that you're adding menus later. Please let this be one!
  • Try moving the camera right in front of the character model's eyes. You'll also have to tilt the head on the character to match the up and down rotation too.

I know this is getting long, but let me add a few things!

  • With the crafting, allow the player to place multiple objects before closing the menu. Also allow the player to swap what item they're making without having to close the menu first.
  • Try making the character collider slightly larger to help with clipping issues.
  • Attacking shouldn't be used to destroy buildings. Perhaps try forcing the player to be in crafting mode to do so. Also I wasn't able to destroy the floor after placing it.
  • Try setting the attack range up on the player.

I know this is a long list, and it might be a bit of a headache to read through, but I hope this helps!

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Thank you, it's really impressive !

I’m gonna fix everything I can, some of the problems are temporary until I redo entirely some systems, like the movement, the UI or the nsfw. As you guessed some bugs are because a lot of stuff isn't implemented yet or only in a rough form. But step by step it's getting better !

I'll try to publish an update as soon as possible based on your review, thank you again ;)