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Thank youuuu! X)

Something like this UwU Maybe not that low but you got the idea!

Hopefully this month, I'm working hard on it right now UwU

Thank you! I'm working super hard on it!! X)

Yes, I just did it today UwU 

The outfits are always displayed, only the sex scenes have an alternative sfw version :3

Ooooh thank you !!! :3

Jump in the next plane for Hawai 

Thank you for your feedback that’s awesome! :3

You can produce more units and you'll have plenty of gay partners UwU For the moment it's not a priority but in the future maybe if I have the opportunity X)

Yes I realised too late it’s super effective against computers XD

Usually I wait to receive feedback from Linux users and if it works I let this version online. I prefer to let the (not tested) tag cause I didn't tried the game myself on Linux UwU

I already tried a few months ago and it's impossible to do this for the moment, because it needs a lot of work, a ton of time and loads of money to perfect it, and I have none of them for the moment XD

Oooh thank you that's adorable! I actually never bought nsfw game neither UwU I mean beside the big licensed with soft sex in it like Witcher and all this kind of stuff X)

Muchas gracias por su respuesta, es preciosa. Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado del juego y espero que disfrutes igual de las futuras actualizaciones.

He estado trabajando mucho en él durante los últimos meses y me alegro de recibir su crítica. ¡Muchos besos y gracias de nuevo!

Wow this is super adorable thank you a lot! I'm happy you like it X) I hope you'll love the next updates too!!

Sure why not! X) Always happy to meet new people!

Ha ha I try thank you X)

If you're looking for a solution you must provide more informations about your issue or your computer.

Soon I'm still writing the devlog and working on the game UwU

No! I tried but it requires a looot of work and it’s not currently possible UwU

Well very unlikely for saving cause the game is supposed to be kinda quick for the moment, and cause a saving system might need a looot of work not before a lot of months :O And for the infitine days I'm already working on it, just need more optimization to support it UwU

Thank you for your comment!!!

Hello and thank you for your feedback! I think these are issues between Unity (the game engine) and Window, and I have no clue how to solve it :/

I'm using C# in Unity. I'm not gonna try to do multiplayer anymore, it's too much work and I don't have the money nor the time to do it UwU

The game will be probably too complicated to make it into an Android version, plus I'm pretty sure the Android market place won't allow me so sell a NSFW game UwU I mean killing is fine but all the love part will get me banned for sure! I'll stay with for the moment :O 

And yes I'll start a new project after this one, but it's gonna be in a loooong time I guess!

Thanks for your comment!!

I tried but it was way too much work for one person UwU

Yes I do I posted each ongoing build on patreon UwU But the update shouldn't be delayed more than a month. I just have a lot of art assets to make X)

Thanks for your kind comment it's adorable!

Cause it’s not playable, the game won’t work and hundred of people will start to complain or insult me in DMs like for the first version UwU

I wanted but I added a bit too much stuff and I'm gonna be late.

People asked for lore stuff so I had to create moooore content and assets, and it's a slow process ^^' That's a good idea for the game but I need more time to finish it properly.

 I'll do a official post to explain it soon UwU 

Thank youuu! Well you'll have plenty of stuff to unlock in the next version UwU I'm glad you like it even if it's still a a bit rough!!!

I'm working on it! ;)

Thank you very much! I'm working hard to improve the current gameplay UwU

That super sweet thank you!! OwO

Sorryyyy! The last update lacks a lot of balance ^^' I've been working on it for the last months, it's gonna be way easier

Oooh thank you that's adorable!!!!

That's totally planned UwU Since I'm working alone it's just slow to make all the art but basically everything you mentioned is in the work! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for your feedback!!!

I love minecraft OwO !

Damn that's badass :O

Oh I spent a week after the game jam to add achievements and the boss UwU Thanks for your feedback!!

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Well so far it's meant to be a simple arena experience for short games :3 I never really thought making it into an open world! Thanks for giving it a try and for your feedback!!