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Thanks for your feedback :) I limited the velocity so hopefully no more dunes flights, I also tried Google Chrome and it was fine for me :/ I'll add another option for the controls sensitivity soon.

OwO thank youuuu ! I'm trying to improve the game, make it less insane and more player friendly ~ but a multiplayer ... hum ... tough but not impossible I guess ... maybe in split screen ...

Thank you ! Oh that's a good score, you did 2/3 of the game (and the last waves are hell) ! I took the time to solve these issues for the not-so-far update :D Thanks for your feedback it's really helpfull !

Thank you <3 ! Yeaaah I took the last days doing it ^^' I agree that was a bit insane !!!

Thank you I'll try again then ! :D

I fought only one snake then I couldn't play anymore because of an epileptic animation followed by a black screen for all the next fights :'( But the few seconds I played were fun. I wish I could really play the whole game without any crash

Reaaaally cool game ! Hard but super fun to play actually :D But I couldn't get over 4th room :3

Wow that's some ncie game !! Once you're into the story and you understand the gameplay that's reaaaally cool !!

Oof I'm insane now ... really cool game, I wish I could finish the damn last meters somehow :'(

That's a really catchy game once you understand how to play, love it ! Really satisfying :D

Ha ha so true ! I should add scorpions then, sweet revenge >:D

Thank you !!  Only one attack you're right ! She's a cactus, she throw cactus related stuff only XD

Thank you !!! Hum you're right it didn't realised how fast it was ^^' now I see it X'D

I think it's a decent score :p 

Nah they never did :l I kept dying of thirst game after game. Bad scorpions ...

I love the gameplay, there's so much cool stuff that could be done with this ! Well the art is a bit ... okay, on the other hand the sound design is really satisfying XD

I died and died trying to play sooo many times and ...  suddenly ... the first point is the oasis ... finally some justice !!! X'D

I used my graphic monitor, it's not precise with the pen but faster to aim. Just had to click 10 times to kill each character X'D

So I kinda gave up after 44 Waypoints :/ it's kinda impossible to find the last ones without visiting again and again the whole map

Oof 248 !!! It was intense in the end X'D Actually with some progression and score system that would be a nice hyper casual game for mobile.

In the project's option, on, you can toggle fullscreen mode for browser games, that should solve some issues :)

But I don’t give up, I’ll try that damn level tomorrow ! I must succeed ! XD

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Oof this is insanely difficult ! You should add some auto-aiming feature to help or bigger collision, it's impossible to shoot at this tiny cubes while falling and moving :l I can't do more than 2 swings and I tried my best :3

Edit: Okay I made it to the second level but still reeeally hard :D

Strange ! I'll release a desktop version tomorrow then !! Thank you for the feedback :3

Oh you're right that's becoming insane at some point ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed the game !!!

Thank you that's super kind :3 !!

Wow good luck then ! You should be exhausted :D

Ooh I truly understand, first time I was completely overwhelmed by the deadline XD

Uuuh ... is this normal ? I think I can't play the game, mainly because you split the game in two files (the pck and the exe) but after that first challenge, it seems the assets are missing. I think you should pack everything in a single .zip file :)

Wow that's tough X'D but I really like the gameplay ! Got 135 :p

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I did it ! Damn, it was tough X'D Nice first game then, I really enjoy it ! It just miss some sound effects, so better feedback, and a better menu (with instructions and infos for the controls)

Nice job ! There's only 9 waves and the last ones are insane so 5 is a good score <3 The game still need a lot of balance I agreee X'D

I think it's way more difficult to achieve a neat and balanced gameplay when you're in the unknown, plus with limited time ^^' Oh and I love the art !

At first it was a really difficult, then I realized it's possible to go over the walls. The game became much more easier and fun :p

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Sadly I tried my best (a dozen times) but ...fighting a giant translating and indestructible cube is not fun at all. So if you also had pitts to die and no feedbacks to understand its patterns ... that's just insane. I think, as a boss, it should conclude a few levels made to learn the gameplay and the controls.

Also the minimalistic art direction is nice.

It's fun and there's a lot of potential but the physic is acting strange and there's a lot of momentum issues, I guess it just needs more polish and balance ^^ The art is sweet also !

That was really fun, I love this use of safe areas to rest ^^ The final boss was great but maybe a little to easy !!

A fun and good looking game ! But it's not a learning curve, it's a wall !! X'D

That was a peacefull and calm game to play, perfect to chill ! After 1750L there wasn't any enemies :/ I wanted more green !!!!

Really fun experience ! Short enough for a collecting game and mysterious enough to get me engaged til the end :D totally loved the mood

Maybe the killing water wasn't necessary, I don't really mind but I imagine players with 3 keys descovering its killing property at the very last moment X'D