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Thank you for your feedback that's priceless!! I'm super happy you enjoyed the game X) I'll work hard to improve it indeed!!

Thank youuuu! I have so many ideas and stuff to add XD Very excited!

Oops I probably forgot to update the link!

I absolutely want to add more things UwU mostly planning a more official release in the future!
Thank you for your feedback I'm very happy you enjoy the game, as little as it is X)

I try to stay as far as possible from any gameplay that mixes sex and violence UwU

But I started thinking about some chase mechanics and turns out it was to complicated to develop within a month! 

A new archive? I'm sorry I don't understand  :O

It's a one-dev-game. But if you can do more in "1-2 hours" I'll be happy to play it.
Just a reminder though, every sprite in the game took around 2 to 6 hours to animate. There are something like 80 sprites. 

And that's just speaking of the characters' visual assets.

This game is, maybe, not what you're looking for. If you expect countless hours of dull content, you should look at the big AAA games in the market. Maybe understand these games have hundred of hours of content cause they have millions of dollars to spend. Some were made over decades. I had no budget and no time sadly. Only my hard work and my passion.

So here it is. A no-budget game made by one stupid person in a couple of years.  You can spit on it, insult it, shame it. It's still 10$ for you.

Thank you!! Also you can play in creative mode XD

Thank youuu! 

Espero que te diviertas, ¡eso es lo más importante en este tipo de proyectos!

Absolutelyyyy! X)

Would be a shame to be paid for my work right?

Thank you for your feedback! You can customize the camera in the options X) !!

Very fun concept, kinda hilarious to roll around in a building naked on a wheeled office chair X)

Very cute game !

I hope you'll enjoy the gaaaame! And I have some free (for the moment) games on my page if you want more fun and lewd X)

If you go into the wiki you should find the corresponding keyboard key for building mode UwU

That sounds fun!! X)

The one in the top right corner XD

It's very cute and the mood is delicate and fun, but I didn't quite understood what I was doing :O

I wish I could get more informations about the gameplay, the elements, the buttons themselves. There is so much information and in the end I have the feeling I totally missed how to play correctly ^^

Beside that the characters and story are cute and fun and I could definitely love the mix of building and automatic fights if it was more simple, or more intuitive :3

Very fun gameplay, but it's getting impossible after a couple of minutes. I really enjoy the concept and I'd love to see more creative enemies and spells (as long as it doesn't went the unconsensual route with "you lose you're fucked"). Surprisingly I played a couple of times cause it's easy to play and fast to start UwU

Also it's possible to continue after losing by typing ESC to rescale the time to 1 :p

Very cute little game! I only managed to unlock 2 arts out of 3 apparently, but I really liked the character designs, very creative! It's short but cute and the NPCs are kind X) I wish I could play more and spend more time visiting their world UwU

I also found out a house is missing collisions: 

I really liked the art direction and the mood while it was very short UwU

Sadly I can't play the game, it crashes when I start learning about the cocktails :O

I see a lot of promising mechanics!

The mood is chill and the main character very cute, I really wanted to know more about her and her curse X) I also have the feeling that was a lot of work and ambition for the little time you had for the whole project.

Obviously I'd like to play more about it, mostly cause I'm not overwhelmed by entire paragraphs so the story is easy to follow and seems fast paced, which I enjoy for a visual novel. I'd like to dive more into the gameplay of the sexual intercourses, understand their role in the whole game and how it advances the story. Same for all the characteristics. 

I'm glad you manage to finish a first version and publish it, I hope you'll find some time to show more of your big idea for this whole game X)

It's definitely illegal X'D

Thank youuu! To be honest I prefer to play in Creative mode UwU after some days I just want to make fancy rooms and not worry bout money XD

Oooh thank you! All this month I was worrying about making something way too big so I can definitely understand, next time I'll choose a more simple genre XD

Damn thank you that's an incredible feedback!!!! Now I'm super motivated for improvements and more work XD thank youuu!

Thank you so much for your feedback!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 and thanks for the screenshot that's super cool X)

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Thank youuu for your feedback it's very cool! I'll definitely spend more time in the future extending and improving the game X) !!II I also have a ton of ideas, it's gonna be a huge amount of work 🥰

THank youuuuu! I'm so happy I didn't screw it up, it was very exciting to make X) plus I'll always be happy to play more adult tycoons 🥰

It's a bug, you shouldn't pay for employees on leave :0 !!

You can download the game, way better performance wise UwU

Wait whaaaaaat?

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Unity's webgl builds have a known bug that kills frame rate on some games. That's an official bug and there's nothing I can do for that sadly :(. And the game is 17mo large for a tycoon 3d game, I can tell you it's extremely optimized!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank youuuuu! I'm happy if you enjoyed it, I can't wait to try all the other games too X) so many exciting things!

Thank youuuu! I wish I had time for more like other threesomes or even a foursome, just to try!! XD

Thank youuuu! I'm happy you enjoyed it ❤️

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I limited the minimum money possible, during the testings, getting to -1000$ was too frustrating X)
Thanks a lot for your feedback!!!!

Thank youuu! <3