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I played a prototype a long time ago and really liked the mood! I can't wait to play more following its development UwU The characters are super adorable and sexy and the whole mood is charming. Good luck with your project it's very cool!

Sadly no, the game is done, I have nothing else to add and I'm already onto new games UwU

No a single butt in the game! Totally family friendly (for once)

I'm actively working on it every day!!

It's very kind X) !!!

Fixed, thanks for the up!

I did my best I'd say UwU

It will be put into Daggan 2, the previous one is done and I have nothing more to say or add UwU

Thank youuu! I'm happy if it's enjoyable even in this minimalistic setting :3

Thank you very much for your feedback!!! <3

A few explanations about the pickups and their hitboxes. The closer to a pickup, the more you gain from it. It you just touch the edge it counts as a miss, though it's not a endgame! Overlapping entirely a pickup maximise the gains, and it's important to anticipe the increasing speed and the latency of the reflexes.

So far my best score is 251. I'm still struggling to beat it but I can do it!!!

Thank youuu! I'm happy you had fun :D

Thank you that's very kind! Like I said it's a work in progress and the animation is already in the todo list UwU

Thank youuu UwU

I want to make a sequel a few centuries after this game.

Absolutely UwU  Where I post my lewd comics and the ongoing work on my games!

I'm very happy if you had a great time with the game! ❤️

Nope! While it's easier to use it on Steam, itch takes a smaller fee. But there's not difference for players! Also It's not on sale on Steam (I'd love to but it's super tedious).

Obrigado pelo seu feedback! Fico muito contente por teres gostado do jogo X)

Thank you! I'm currently working on a NSFW management game with a part of the gameplay being closed to a VN system, but beside than I prefer to stick to pure gameplays and try to find stupid ways to make love in video games X) And yeap I'm using Unity for my games!

Fixed, I hide the artpack by mistake a long time ago and definitely forgot about it!

As long as they can stick on a surface, you can move them!

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Are you sure you didn't comment under a post?

You need to enter your Club's name! Then the game will allow you to start!

Thank you for your feedback that's priceless for me! ♥

I read every post many times, especially when they contain these many notes on the issues and bugs of the game UwU I'm very happy if you had fun playing Daggan! I know it's sometimes a bit wonky but I did it with my wonky love!!!

Je cache des drapeaux et références français.e.s dans qq uns de mes jeux! Ody Mos se passe en France et dans Just in Slime y'a un skin FR X)

Absolutely I love that energy!!! Very inspiring UwU

Very nice point :O Thanks for your answer!!!

I will too indeed!! He he he

Thank you that's very kind!

I'm glad these streams are not too boring <3

Interesting!!! Thanks the feedback :O

"Itch should fill the niche between kickstarter and patreon" Absolutely UwU Even more while it's getting possible to get a kind of following here, while they've done lot of progress with the blog posts!

Yeah I'm spending less time on Patreon because of this; and more here. Hence my support for this idea :3

I'd love to! So far I only started to think about it! I don't know if and when I'll start working on it :O

You made my day! I'm so happy you enjoy this silly game X) Thanks for playing and double thanks for your sweet comment!

I'm still learning lot of stuff for a sequel UwU

I was an illustrator first so doing a whole game by myself was a huge challenge. And since Daggan's release I've been studying a lot. So hopefully one day I'll have all the skills for a proper sequel X)

I poured a loooot of work in Daggan over a couple of years I at that time that was the best I could do, and I'm super proud of it beside all its flaws!

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Sadly no save features, I didn't have the knowledge to make a proper one, because of all the stats and procedural stuff going on. And now I won't try to add it this late, I could break the whole game!

As for buying the game, I regularly host sales so you might as well wait one to get the game for a cheaper price UwU

Depending on the web browser, and other settings, the game can behave oddly. There is no fix to that and this kind of issue is dependant of the web based nature of the build. You should get a different experience with the standalone version. 

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Same issue, it's still a loooot of work, you have to build the whole game for multiple computers, which is the work for a big team. And for this project I'm just one! X)

Huuuum, okay! Deal. Just wait the next sales!