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Oh my dog it looks so gorgeous OwO

If you bought it just download it again.

If you get it here there's no point to get it on Steam.

Plus these are two different stores, they aren't linked.

Buying the itch version is only relevant on itch.

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Thank youuu!

I made 7 more levels, and I'll spend the rest of the month working on them and their story illustrations. And that'll be it since the difficulty is exponential.

But the next update will be the release of the paid standalone version (cause I still want some reward too) on both and Steam.

Edit: gonna be a tiny price btw

Ce sont des features du moteur de jeu, Unity, qui peut permettre de développer des jeux VR. Je n’utilise aucunes de ces solutions.

Right now the moment htere isn’t option for that. But good idea actually, some kind of NG+, I’ll keep it in mind if I work on an update UwU

It kind but it’s just a prototype. I’ll update it if I have time and will for it in the future X) for the moment I’m onto other game projects!

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I made them. I posted them on my art accounts on internet as well.

I did everything but the music/sound effects.

My signature is on the bottom of all the arts UwU

That’s very kind of you to keep an eye on that ;)

Thank you! I’m working on 7 more levels for the standalone version, for more stabbing and pain UwU

Alors là j’apprend un truc :0 c’est marqué où?

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Well no it's getting stressful for me :O I really hope you'll enjoy the game!!
Here a hug for you just in case:


Non le jeu ne sera pas disponible sur Android et ne supportera pas de gamepad. Acheter le jeu donne accès au mis-à-jours effectivement et, en fonction des joueurs, le jeu dure entre 30min et 6 heures.
Pour le reste les informations sur la page du jeu donnent tous les détails nécessaires.

Merci beaucoup c'est super gentil!!!

That's adorable thank you!!

Thank youuuu X)


Nope, impossible UwU

No, Steam refuses anything related to outside platforms.

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Nah Steam is really restrictive and my game could be blocked just sharing a a link to X)

So far, this is the main page of the game, here on itch

Thank youuu! I'm glad you enjoyed them X) I work alone so I'm everybody in the team! :3

Oooh I can't wait to see where you're going with that!!!

You can unlock that in the game already! X)

I'm doing my best to make it worst in the future UwU

Never, so far the game is designed for short games plus it's strategy/procedural nature would be hell to make a save system. I have don't have the skills nor the time for it sadly.

I have no solution for this, this error is unrelated to my game, it's most likely something between Unity (the game engine) and your platform apparently :/

Might be easier to play it directly into your favorite web browser :3

Actually I'm spending the month adding more UwU So more to come yes

Thank you deeply for your amazing feedback! I spent some times analysing it to improve the game X) You're amazing!!

Thank youuuu! I sold my soul for this one X'D

Thank youuu! I'm very happy you had fun X)

Thank youuu! I'll try to improve the hints UwU

I paid voice actors for a previous game to make lewd lines, so I'm recycling my own assets! Something I try to do often, trying to work smart XD

I really like the idea, the concept is pretty fun and I love that you're mixing a stealth mood with a kinky topic.  The controls are really stiff, which make the game a bit tedious but I can easily see more levels and more creative adventures X)

Thank youuu! I'm very excited too X)

Thank youuu that's adorable


I’ll release a paid version with more content in the future

I totally agree, I also think some didn't have as much time or experience as the others to develop more their game. I try to be critical but also give a 5 to whoever did a good job, be it a noob level or god level job. Cause if a Pixar artist enters the Jam next time, we'll all get poor ratings X)

It's Gloryhole > Ody > Esther

Superb experience, I really loved the story and the topics, very deep and well developed :O Now I just want to try your other gaaaames!

The art and the musics are gorgeous OwO

Very coool! I could play so much more with this cute synthosaur!! :3