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The concept of this game is really cool, and it's also awesome that you were able to fit it into an incredibly small file size!
So, I actually wanted to ask, is there any particular way that you generate the names? Is it just a random assortment of letters with varying name sizes, or do you actually have a list of names?


Thanks! I often put a little too much effort into being efficient with file size and processing load, though I will admit this little project isn't super well optimised really.

The names are actually not completely random, and are generated using three strings and a randomised integer, plus a character-specific integer denoting the length of the name that needs to be generated and a starting point for the RNG'd integer.

The code is something like

If current_name_length < goal_name_length, generate random number for starting position

It then uses the random number to do a lookup on a string that looks like this:


This is essentially the syntax for names, which gives everything a random-but-consistent appearance, where 1 is a vowel and 2 is a consonant.

So if a character has a name that's 5 characters long and starts at position 10, it pulls a string that looks like this: 11221

It then replaces each 1 with a random vowel from a string of vowels, and each 2 with a random consonant from a string of consonants, so you might end up with something like Aewlo or Iupno or something, which aren't real names but feel appropriately alien.

Hopefully that's a little enlightening! :D

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I love this game you made however it actually surpised me when the one that the game generated for me passed away a few minutes ago. I knew that bar meant something but I didn't expect it to be a health bar. Either away, if you ever update this game think you can make the achievements give a description after unlocking it?