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As the games get more and more complex, are they going to take longer to make? Honestly, I don't mind if it takes you a while to make the next game, but I would like to see it in my lifetime.


yeah that's been the pattern, but i also have more stuff going on in my life than i used to when i started the first one, so i have less dedicated time to buckle down and make them. having a bunch of other work to do has extended the dev time more than anything, honestly. i should be getting some time off in march/april so part 6 will probably be started by then!


Right! Being a wannabe game dev, I totally understand the struggles. You are doing great!

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Hey I don’t care how long it takes because the series has been so great that I’m sure the longer it takes the better it will be so I will wait.

The ending was so sad and a huge cliffhanger it was a great game so keep up the good work!