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Since playing the latest update, I've found a few more bugs/problems, but I'd also like to mention that the fixes you made to Daggan made the game a lot nicer! Here's a few things that I feel need to be mentioned.

  • NPC's tend to flip around for a single frame every second or so when above enemies (I figured this out when I forced my buddies up a flight of stairs). Try locking their rotation on the "Z" axis as a possible fix, or go into the scripts and make sure no code is changing their rotation on the "Z" axis. Honestly, doing both probably wouldn't hurt.
  • Crafting text still says "(T) build a (Insert crafting structure here)". Just go in and add a "AB" to the end of "T".
  • Also, about the enemies!I like the adjustment to the amount of enemies, but they really like to gather around my structures. Probably doesn't help that i'm effectively using my buddies as bait. I think that you simply use a distance check to figure out whether or not an enemy can see a NPC and vice versa. Perhaps you should use a method that can tell if there's a direct line of sight, so enemies don't attempt to run up to NPC's they can't actually see.
  • Also with enemies, the moment they notice a NPC, it becomes their soul life purpose to kill that NPC, and they will completely ignore other NPC's and even the player, even if this mean that they will die. All of the enemies under my house were easily killed because they couldn't tear their attention away from my buddies who were on the top floor. You might be able to fix this by changing the Enemy's target depending on who's the closest, or even by changing it to the last character to hurt them.
  • Also, for some strange reason, NPC's tend to teleport upwards if there's a floor under them, and a roof over them. This might be because you've made their colliders too tall. Try making them slightly shorter.

That's about it! Nothing else is really coming to my mind.

Although those torches would look a little nicer with a few particles. They currently look like light bulbs on sticks. (Hahaha)

I tried to not mention anything I said previously, but this still turned out really long.


Thank you very much for your feedback and all the time you spent for it ! It's super useful and I'm happy you also enjoy the game !! I will fix the issues for the next update ;)

The main issues are about the Artificial Intelligence and the characters movements, two features I did quickly and I have to redo entirely, cause I don't really like the Unity's current AI "but it does a decent job for the moment ". The weird enemies behavior is surely because of their too simple detection system, it's still a work in progress and super dumb X'D but that's something I love to make so it needs an entire week to be done properly !

The next update will be available probably in a few days, if not a week, cause I have to add the survival system and the particles (like blood, fire and resource gathering).

Thank you again you are awesome !

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Edit: Wrote this before I saw that you responded!

Also, just a little comment here! I kinda felt like I wanted to help out a little, so I wrote out some code that would help out with the problem with walking off the edge of the map and falling forever.

It's not an extremely complicated script, nor is it long, but if you're interested, I linked the code here with a few instructions on how to use it.

I hope this helps!


Thank you !!! I will try, I want to add cliffs but a second inevitable barrier is always welcome !