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The problem is that the DLC is not separate files, it completely overrides the original game, importing the vanilla saves the first time you run it, but otherwise maintaining a separate branch from it. The only way to make it work is to make the base game a prerequisite for getting the dlc, which is what itch doesn't have.

Most fun game sofar. Only small issue I ran into is that the cursor (even when big) is so thin it easily gets lost during play.

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Some comments were obviously bad but I got a lot of angry remarks from bark (not to be confused with rebarks from mark), so clearly there were a lot of bad comments I wasn't parsing as such.

ALSO there's the bad issue of new comments scrolling the one I meant to click on upwards, making me misclick and ban an innocent person. That was also an issue.

Literally had no idea how I was supposed to tell what was a good or bad comment, or what I was supposed to do about them. Automod didn't seem like it did anything, and banning kept getting me yelled at.

About 3-6 months.

Would be good, but I haven't found any good way for itch to handle a dlc.

It will hit itch right now.

Try installing lib32-openssl or openssl:i386 depending on what distro you use.

We'll try something in the future, but kind of swamped in work for now.

Run in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Cool game, I found the controls very awkward, but the aesthetics are great. I did encounter a pretty serious bug: the game crashes if you try to jump over a staircase into the wall behind it.

The game is really nice looking, the atmosphere is incredible. I tried to play for a bit but mostly kept getting brickwalled by those giant red jerks.

The game seems really cool; I do think restarting should be a bit faster. Game over is long and seemingly unskippable, and replaying the opening room is less than fun.

The game is exciting, though! I really want to see how it looks when it's done.

Sorry, no mac version yet.

W-whoa. Nice work there man.

Movement is full 360° tho.

That's the shader. The game requires DirectX 9 to run.

We'll add a beastiary at some point, tho they'll also appear in the ending credits. In a way.

You can actually aim without shooting if you only push the right analogue stick slightly instead of all the way.

Yeah, it requires DirectX9 to run.

Someday... maybe.....

If you squint just right.

what is the greatest game in the world?