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You might be able to update your game without having to opt for a complete reinstallation by downloading the app and using it to update your copy of Idol manager.

Steam keys will be available for those who have bought the game through when it officially comes out.

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You can try reading through this thread as a starting point. Basically, what people recommend is either investing in photoshoots (for money) and promotions (for fans) before producing singles, or buying research points to unlock single producing without the need to hire staffers right off the bat. The important thing to keep in mind is that salaries and rent can add up pretty quickly, so avoid going onto the second floor like the plague, and try to stay on the first, rent-free floor for as long as you can. Don't forget that, in the early stages of the game, photoshoots can be a great source of income, and daily promotions are crucial for future sales (more fans on your group = more single sales).

Hey QuickScope0.

Try renaming the following folder: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager and restart the game. If it doesn't work, delete the folder and try again.

Keep in mind that your saved games are stored there (in case you have any), so you might wanna backup the folder before renaming/deleting it.

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I remember reading about producer influence in regards to snatching idols from other groups a while ago. If I remember correctly, among other factors, the higher your producer's influence level, the higher the chance of you successfully convincing an idol from another group to join your own. Keep in mind that this has not been implemented into the game yet, and was/is part of the planned asynchronous multiplayer features. Not much has been said about such features since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, however, so this may be subject to change.

Other than that, all I can see it doing is maybe how easy it is to convince idols to postpone their graduations and similar scenarios, regardless of how much personal influence you may have over than individual person.

Chapter 1.0 is out. You can check it out right here :)

Just so you know, the staffer who works in the recording studio is a guy. Took me almost three whole years to notice that.

Here's a pastebin with the content of traits.json, including all 39 traits' names and descriptions.

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A suggestion: I'd love it if we had the possibility to add traits as conditions for actors in dialogues/events. That way, we could have specific events for idols with specific traits.

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When using 'Meta > Variable' for an event condition, the instruction text states "name = value". However, 'Meta > Variable' for event option effects states that it should be "name == value". Are those correct?

And while I'm at it: any chance we could have an event choice affect all of the group's idols without having to add multiple actors  (sort of like a 'Group > Dance -10')? Another suggestion would be adding a 'Hiatus' effect that could be applied to idol actors on events/dialogues (I think there's an 'Injury' effect available on the editor, but it's only available on Events as far as I know, and I'm not really sure how it works).

Also, a bug I just came across: the dropdown menu for adding story characters as actors on a dialogue seems to be broken. No options appear when I click on 'Character'.

Additionally, do you plan on making dialogue background images, music, SFX and all that stuff available as loose files? Since most of the game's files are now bundled, it definitely makes it harder to determine  how the 'Bittersweet' track sounds, for example.

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Seeing those new triggers that got added to the editor has got me very excited to work on more events and dialogues. However, I had been thinking about a couple of scenarios I couldn't work on because of the tool's limitations, and when I saw the new 'DateTime' variable, I thought I finally had the means to get where I wanted to get with my creations. Unfortunately for me, 'DateTime' is limited to weekend, weekdays and seasons. I would like to know if there's currently a way to set a specific date as a trigger condition for a dialogue/event, or if you ever intend to add that to the editor. Something as simple as picking a day of the year would already be huge, since we could get really specific with special dates like Christmas and New Years, but being able to set a specific day of the week (e.g.: an event that only triggers on Fridays), or a specific day in general (such as a dialogue that could only be triggered on February 5th of 2037) could make things even more interesting.

Also, I would like to know if some of the legacy triggers will be reimplemented in a usable way in the future. Some of those are just what I needed for some scenarios I had in mind.

There is this dialogue between two idols where they talk about this comedy routine they perform, one playing the more serious character, and the other being silly. However, I'd like to know if this dialogue is supposed to trigger even if you don't have a theater. Because I definitely don't have one, and it popped up for me. I don't even have any ongoing shows, so it barely makes any sense for that dialogue to exist in the context of my group.

On the topic of tasks: it would be nifty to have an 'X' button to dismiss any secondary tasks we don't intend on fulfilling, instead of just leaving them there taking space for no good reason.

I'm working on an event that, depending on the player's choice and the outcome, could repeat itself in the future or not. In order to do that, I created a variable called 'goodcoffee', where 'true' means the event will not pop up again, and 'false' means it can reappear in the future. However, I set 'goodcoffee = false' as a condition for the event to be triggered, and that variable itself can only be acquired by the player after that event. My question is: if I keep the condition as it is right now, will the game assume that, if player doesn''t have 'goodcoffee = true', it automatically means it has '= false'? Or will it just assume the variable doesn't exist and never trigger the event in the first place? How could I go about achieving my goals by working with the variables in case that doesn't work?

Additionally, I'd like to ask if it'd be possible to add room conditions to the mod editor, such as 'If player has a break room, this event can be triggered'. And while I'm at it, I'd like to know what that 'Custom' event condition is for. It's not mentioned anywhere in the guide.

During the quiz show, when the host asks us which of the idols isn't a member of the player's group, the correct option features one name, but then the host says another name. So, for example, if I pick "Rika Morikawa" as the answer, the host will say "Anna Yamada" is not a member of the group. The names don't match.

Quick suggestion: how about a click-and-hold, instead of a simple click, for buying research points (kinda like clicking and holding for spending research points)? Especially because the button for purchasing research points is located right next to the staffers' icons, it can be easy to misclick and accidentally end up buying research points (I totally didn't just do that, by the way), and once you do that, the prices are permanently increased, which can be somewhat dangerous.

Of course you do xD

I know this is quite a late suggestion, but working on new, custom events for the game has made me think of something: is it currently possible to create custom concert scenarios using the game's modding tool? You know,  the ones that pop up during concerts, like an idol's heel being broken or the camera being shaky, that sort of scenario. In case creating those isn't possible at the moment, it would be pretty cool if there was a way for players to create those.

Other than that, I'm just rooting for a pretty comprehensible modding tool upon launch, along with an equally comprehensible manual. The software as it is right now already does a great job, but having access to more variables to use in our dialogues and events so we could have even more diverse effects with our custom content would be awesome.

Im not sure about exact proportions, but what I can say is that I have 5 idols on my group, and, out of those, only one is into girls (not sure if homo or bisexual). There is a way to figure out your idols' sexualities by messing with your save files. It's as easy as opening on a text editor and looking up 'Sexuality'. It'll reveal your idols' sexual preferences and allow you to change them if you wish to do so.

It basically toggles between censored and uncensored versions of some illustrations that pop un in-game in romantic/sexual scenes.

Have you unlocked at least one promotion type, music genre, lyrics theme and choreography?


I've always been more attracted to micro-managing a small group with few idols than owning a gigantic company with multiple groups and dozens of employees. I don't really know how viable it is to have a smaller group in the game right now instead of investing in tons of idols and sister groups, but it'd be great if small groups being successful was a thing in Idol Manager. Getting to know your idols and staffers, and bond with them deeply could be just as, if not more rewarding then running a talent agency that's more focused on making money than making human connections. This is what I'm partially trying to remedy with my upcoming mod, with which I intend to add lots of events and dialogues that'll go further into detail about the day-to-day of an idol group, and even the daily shenanigans of a regular person, outside of the wide scope of the show business.

Suggestions and feedback can always help the devs assess what the players want out of the game, but it's important to remember that, in the end, Idol Manager is still an indie game developed by basically two people with a limited amount of resources. Not only that, but the game's already reaching the end of its development cycle, and introducing new features and gameplay systems would be practically undoable at this point. Not to mention the fact that we all have different ideas and wishes for the final product, which may or may not go hand in hand with how the devs envisioned their game to begin with. I, too, would love to see more customization options, more in-depth details for each and every idol, albums, different formation options, so on and so forth. But, like I said, limited time, limited resources, limited personnel. The game would probably never reach the storefronts if the devs were to add every single feature suggested by the community to the game, and that goes for everything in life, I guess. More often than not, less is more, and if sadam and Kuiper won't add more outfits and male idols and albums to the game, either because they can't or because they don't feel like it'd be the right move, then I guess we just respect their decision, as frustrating as they might be to some at times, and either accept it and move on, or work on those features ourselves so they can be implemented into the game via modding (which is quite possible to be pulled off when it comes to male idols, for example).

Hello, filthy weeb :)

Some people have tried modding the game and adding their own portraits and textures, but it seems like the most recent builds of the game have made the process a bit harder. For now, the truth is that no one seems to actually know how to proceed, and the official modding guide is a tad outdated. I'm sure things will be sorted out once we get closer to the game's full release, but for now, there's not a lot that can be done in regards to adding your own textures to the game.

As for idol names, the file you'll want to make changes to is variables.json, typically located within Idol Manager\IM_Data\StreamingAssets\Languages\en\JSON\Misc. There, you can find the list of random names and surnames that the game uses, and make the changes you desire.

Do you hear a sound effect when you press those keys 5 times in a row? Do you have the latest build of the game installed? (Beta 20, Version 48)

Try using Fn+F7 5x to activate the cheats.

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Nope, no male idols will be present in the base game.

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Hello, fellow managers.

I'm pleased to announce that I have officially started to work on a new mod for Idol Manager.  Although the full base game will feature a myriad of events and dialogues that allow the player to choose their own paths, many of them are directly related to the game's main story, and only a handful of those tackle everyday shenanigans of the office life, or extremely bizarre situations that could lead to disastrous consequences to the player and their group. That's where this mega-pack comes into play.

To put it simply, my intention is to create and assemble, with the help of the game's modding tools, a mega-pack with dozens of events and dialogue sequences that will enrich the Idol Manager experience. All events and dialogues will roughly follow the same structure as the game's original ones, giving players the freedom to make their own choices - and deal with the consequences.

So far, work's been done on over a dozen dialogues and a handful of events, most of which will feature custom images to go along with them. There's still a long way to go, though, since the mod is still in its early stages of development, meaning there's still a lot of content to be created, to be revised, and to be fleshed out. There is no release date for the mod as of yet, but, if you're interested in what this mega-pack will add to the game, you can either stay tuned for more news, or... case you wanna share an idea for a single event/dialogue, or a series of events/dialogues, drop a comment with your suggestion and I'll gladly add it to the list if it fits the mod's premise. However,  if you're willing to help me come up with the illustrations for the mod's events, let me know and I'll get in touch with you so we can discuss the details when the events are all ready to be made available :)

Again, this mod is still being developed, and it will probably only be made available to the public after Idol Manager hits the virtual stores later this year. This should go without saying, but this mega-pack will be free of charge, and will be released in English at first, with the possibility of localized versions further down the road.

Remember: this is a mod that is being made with love and out of love for Idol Manager, and, although I might be the one organizing it, this modification should be viewed as a collective effort made by the game's community in order to enrich and expand the Idol Manager universe.

Thank you for your interest, and happy managing!

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If you're on Mac, try using Fn+F7 instead.

I'm afraid the 'Continue' button in the Main Menu might cause some confusion now that we have two game modes. Maybe it could be beneficial to add some sort of indicator that would allow players to know whether they'd be loading a Story Mode save or a Free Play save upon clicking on 'Continue'.

Some group policies can reduce the chance of scandals happening, especially ones related to social media and relationships. Maybe that could be affecting the frequency of your scandals?

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onooooooo ;^; ;^; ;^; ;^;

While the in-game tutorial is not available, feel free to join the game's (un)official Discord server and make use of our dedicated Game Help channel! You'll find some useful links there, and, of course, lots of other players who'll be more than happy to help you :)

That lady is the "manager" I was referring to. Improving your idols' stats shouldn't really be a priority in the early stages of the game if you're seeking financial stability. Personally, I'd rather invest in production than in training, for both dancing and vocal.

Devs are working on a complete tutorial and it will be available when the full game's released.

In order to start making money, all you need is basically your office, an office for your manager and, optionally, a break room for your idols to recover.  You should always keep in mind that there's also rent you have to pay when you start using more than one floor, so you have to be mindful of your space and your finances.

Don't worry, full release will feature a fully fledged tutorial with everything a newcomer, or even a veteran, needs to know about the game and how to play it. It's just something that's being worked on for the final product, so you might have to rely on tooltips, other players, and your intuition to get things going on your end.

Also, about boy groups: the devs currently have no intention of adding those, since after the game's officially released for PC, they'll still have a lot of work ahead of them with the Switch port. Maybe after that they might think about DLCs and expansions, but there's always a possibility that modders will be able to implement the possibility of having boy groups.

The final version of the game will be available in Japanese. I don't think they'll be able to make the Japanese version available until the game is released.

There's no specific release date yet, though the devs are sstill aiming for a 2020 release AFAIK.

Since the player is not allowed to date underage idols, I can only assume this is a bug.  I think underage idols should either not be able to be in relationship, only be able to have some sort of 'special friendship' with another idol (kinda like a relationship, but less blatant), or just be able to date other underage idols.

Don't go thinking I can't see you using my save file mr. sadambober >:3

The final game will be fully translated into French.