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Why thank you! I actually REALLY love the Fifth Element and science fiction space operas with that energy so your comparison was a wonderful compliment! I planned to make a space-faring game with a similar vibe since that and sci-fi anime like Tenchi Muyo!, Cyborg 009 and Outlaw Star were content I was growing up with on Toonami. When Hawk explained why he set up this Game Jam, I knew I wanted to make this scream 90's anime through an Adult Swim lens!

And like I said, Berry and I got into HawkZombie around similar times so it felt like it would make more sense we worked together and make something meme-worthy based on what we both see in his streams. 

It's based on their moment of death. If you see a different death happen (So if you see a burnt Hawk or a Hawk ripped to shreds, then you can see that was their murder methods of choice.)

You are welcome. I just love comedies like these. I gotta try for something like The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog next time too. But probably not use a SHMUP (or else I too can't complete it.)

Amazing crime drama! Honestly was immersed into the mystery 100%! It was good how eventually we found out who the suspect is and it wasn't a weird wacky twist; You actually had clues who it was and it fit so well! Also, Darkson McEdgelord will forever be a favorite of mine. May he continue to do his thing. 

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The credits really was a lot to take in. I always admired Milkienut [Kazu]'s art style in these games but I so far got overwhelmed. Now I know how people feel about so many characters at once in my games. XD There are less characters introduced at once compared to in my games and yet I had that issue of trying to digest so much information at once including what was happening in the background. Having a moving background of everyone walking around the city and doing normal things while something wacky like the two characters I've seen arguing at the beginning kind of jumbled my brain and that says a lot! I would suggest keeping a more static background like in most visual novels to set the mood instead. It isn't a bad thing to experiment with setup for these but it would help a bit to make sure the opening keeps focus on the characters talking and maybe let the credits roll first [or have the credits and the character argument take small turns]. 

The tutorial didn't exactly quite let me work on the example myself and while I thought it would be helpful, the overwhelming energy of everything like trying to read the credits behind the characters was a little too much for me to bear. It's weird but if there was a way to turn off the opening credits might help my brain a little. Didn't think I would say that about an otherwise cute looking game! It would help to go back with how your previous games handled introducing the girls. 

I saw that. I asked because I was stuck in a level and didn't know where or how to get out. 

Thanks! The mascot was hiddenone's idea and I think it works in our favor. Mascot horror was big though I am glad we didn't go that direction. 😅

Maybe Mascot!Hawk might make another appearance again as well. 

It's okay. I think the lighting is just a me thing. I am on the spectrum so muted colors naturally jar me, especially if they are dark (Mauve, and Peuce are my least favorite colors funnily enough). It's kind of why I usually can't sit through most horror games on 3D engines funnily enough.  

But yeah I even joked with someone your game updated my graphics card on the computer I inherited from my Dad (he had it since 2013). 

A voice cue could work wonders but I worry it might feel kiddish doing that since I only heard it in Sonic the Hedgehog games. It might be the only choice I guess. Your voice naturally was nice to listen to before getting into a stealth mechanic like that. 

Also, I gotta be honest the jump from RPGMaker to Unreal was pretty big for you. I kind of have that anxiety if I decide to jump from RPGMaker to RenPy as I still haven't quite mastered eventing in the former. But that jump makes me happy for you as well. You seem to have a strong grasp on it and I hope it helps you improve on other engines as well! 

That's true. I think the game currently with the least amount of characters introduced at once is funnily enough Ava's Spiritual Guidance. That showed a good example of sprinkling characters in slowly into the story even if it was just to make a nod to the small cast found in ZedTechnician's games. 

Thanks for the feedback Berry!

I am on the spectrum too.  I am certain it isn't a 'You' thing at all. I think for me I feel the same way over other indie comedy games, especially if it's referencial rumor. I actually struggle with comedy and do genuinely try to study it (there was even a class about it I took back in college.) 

Also it is okay to rate based on vibes. I actually tend to do that because I am actually pretty judgy as Hell. Though luckily none of these games gave me bad vibes so  giving them a chance is nice! Glad you gave mine a chance despite the room being spooky. 

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Darius and Elizabeth? I think with the RNG, you can get Good Ends where they were the culprits too lmfao.

(Also sorry for the brief response. I actually just cried after playing Flight in the Dark.)

This game legit made me cry. My dog also came into my life during a very dark time and when she died it felt like there was nothing I could do... I think my personal reaction to this game made me give you the score I did even though it gave me a negative one. First Game Jam game to give me these emotions.

This is a really cute game! I am excited I got to play it. Defense was fairly tricky for me but I know more experienced players of an ARPG like this one will have a blast getting through the story. 

I liked it. First time downloading an indie project on the Unreal Engine. I do gotta say though, it REALLY requires you to optimize your computer. Once I did that, the game worked well. Though... It was a little too dark for my eyes. Honestly picked up the gun also and didn't know how to shoot the Feather Dead agents either. BUT what I could see in the darkness led to some good atmosphere. Also seeing the enemies glow really helped. And hearing your voice in this game was a blast! 

Oooh. I had no idea. Might suggest this to my brother then since he has one.

The directions were a little vague. I got as far as the third room. I knew what you were going for, you were referencing a recent game HawkZombie played where we find an anomaly. Though the rooms seemed a little too same-y which lead to me getting killed so many times.

It feels a little rocky I would agree. Unlike the HawkZombie Bookstore MURDER though, the criticism is VERY valid here seeing it's our very first time introducing the girls here.  Fortunately there are plans to make a longer version of this game possibly with a beginning introducing the girls. I still don't quite follow on the inside jokes from your comment on the HawkZombie Bookstore MURDER but I do quite get the inside joke thing here in this game since Berry and I started RPGMaker Game Dev work around the same time (2019) and for a while Berry was one of my big critics. I used to get antsy when he reviews my games and now that we worked together on something I think the fact we've gotten this close might have the 'inside joke' feel.

OMG This is the crime-fighting shmup ever.  

In all seriousness, the writing in here was what sold me on this. I was pretty happy to debunk the Butler's testimony. Wish I can continue more on this, but first I gotta git gud.

Hey Phoenix! Thanks for the response! Honestly, hiddenone and I kind of wish we gave the game more time so we could flesh out these characters. The issue also was that the main 5-some of Oswald, Aimilios, Lumiere, Madison and Heather were all already in a previous Game Jam Game, Psychemis: the Forbidden Archipelago. hiddenone even linked that game on our page for it [which is pretty funny]. 

((Also, there was a cameo of a familiar face at the cafe.)) And it isn't just you actually. It's been a common critique of my games. Finding a good balance though is tricky. 

Also which ending did you get, seeing we have three endings total? [They're RNG unlike Psychemis which was choice-based.]

It's a little tricky to control at first. I feel like something like this should have controller options. Then again, it's for a Game Jam so it's forgivable. Graphics and sound effects were spot on too. Like the John Carpenter's the Thing aspects to the first Hawk enemy you face. 

The first RPGMaker game I played with WASD controllers [I need to learn how to do that for my brother's game.] 

It plays a little bit like Doom, so any people into FPS will get a kick out of it. Still gotta figure out jumping though. Got stuck in a level.

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Started off a little rough BUT The direction this took really went into Resident Evil levels. Won't explain how right away. Seems like the beginning wasn't as polished as the ending. Won't be surprised if this boss fight wins coolest death so far.

EDIT: It's showing up as a virus/trojan on other people's computers so my rating changed accordingly to that.

Thank you again for playing it and thank Gensun so much again for being able to help me bring this game to life! He was especially helpful with the sound design for this game but his coding and spritework really elevated the game from just a game where a bandicoot girl possibly gets her and her friends attacked by a Tasmanian Devil. 

Thanks KV! 

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Awww thank you A.V.! I know it'll be a hurdle to try and top this personally for me but I know Gensun will be making more amazing games like these [maybe make a game even better than this in the future] and I personally will be learning how to make new bust art like Ava's Spiritual Guidance and apply it to non-Jam games. Ava's Spiritual Guidance is one of my favorite games to develop for HawkTober and honestly I appreciate the feedback on this game!

Nice! Yeah, I think that's the fun of games with branching paths like that. Finding an ending that satisfies all types of horror game players is fun and I like hearing about it. I am glad Gensun made the choice to make multiple endings even though it probably was a lot more work on his end! 

A lot of what happens in Ava's Spiritual Guidance primarily is at the Storefront. Though it does lead to a lot of annoying backtracking for inexperienced players, I am glad the game was fun nonetheless. 

Apparently the Golden Ending had a lot more steps than I remembered but it does make me happy that a lot of people also got the Good End. 

Thank you! Gensun mentioned this game is more of a psychological horror game. So the disturbing elements are definitely stress related. 

Of course! This game is fairly safe but if you are concerned of claustrophobia, dark viewings, flashing lights (lightning) or loud noises [especially loud noises] then please look out for that. There is also one 'gory' scene near the beginning of the game so be weary of that as well. 

We've generally kept it tame when it came to visual cues but audio cues on the other hand, range from an alarm (for those traumatized by tornado warnings) to knocking. If you plan to stream all three of our game's endings, then know the bad ending has audio clues with implied masticating/flesh-ripping and screaming. Thank Gensun as well for making all of the audio cues work. 

Tbf, Roulet is a sweet kind and caring older brother AND Ava's boyfriend. If there is bad juju in the house, you know damn well Roulet will say something about it! 😂

Thank you so much! But yeah, the fun thing about it is all you have to do is ONE thing and that leads to the turn of events. Like I said, I think the only time you get the bad ending is if you never had trust issues in your life. 

Thank you so much!