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So far the game is enjoyable, but sometimes while playing with a gamepad, it will switch back to the desktop while the game keeps running or bring up an on-screen keyboard.  Is there some way to disable that in Windows 10?

I get that idol culture is different but I'm kinda off-put by a Sexy stat for 13-16ish year old idols.  It'd be nice to have that capped - if for no other reason then to maybe create a challenge in the game?  Like let's say you've got an idol with great stats for performance but she's too young to really get sexied up and thus you have to manage around it? 

I know I'm probably the outlier here but it's kind of a bad look when you see "age 13, Sexy 55".

Not really sure what I'm supposed to actually do other than practice, socialize, and do tasks. I tried starting a show after unlocking a few topics but after I select a medium, host, topic and cast, the Continue button doesn't turn green. 

I've just started out the game and one thing that kinda feels weird is the use of the full Japanese name in socialization.  Not sure if it crops up elsewhere, but it'd be nicer to get either lastname-san or a first name/given name in the Socialization screen.  So instead of "Kitano Oka shares a secret from her past" it'd be "Kitano-san shares a secret" or "Oka shares a secret."  Something like that.