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is there any plan to cover how to make a city map (hower-clickable map)? cheers 

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beside the rent, the staff's payment and idol salaries i don't have any profit  :,(

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with the new salary system it happens to me too

This is busted braaah

70k just for her satisfaction only be ok not great, my other idols salary is only the 10% of her  s :/

Cool thanks, i'll give it a try!

Thanks for the replay, i had a week or so since the single lunch, but i closed and re-start thinking it was a bug and the concert pop now after a few months i can't produce a new concert, i still have the "In Production" message. 

Don't know if is a bug but the concert/election never star in my game play :/

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I was playing around with the code and i wanted to send as the MC a picture. Is there a way to "reply" with an image being the MC?

The best i could do is put the call in the script.rpy as:

call message("nadia", "Why you don't send me a picture?")

call reply_message_img("me", "what do you think?","graphics/pic1.png")

and put the label in the options.rpy as follows:

label reply_message_img(who, what,img):
    $ renpy.pause()
    hide screen phone_message
    hide screen phone_message2
    hide screen phone_message3
    hide screen phone_message_image
    $ renpy.pause(0.1)
    show screen phone_message_image(who, what,img)

But playing the game the message of the MC still looks as a message of nadia, I know i have to do something in the screen panel but i'm out of ideas.

Thanks for sharing the code, btw :)